Foxes in the Henhouse

fairlane1329.jpgDale at “double flee a” wrote an excellent post about what Fascism really means, and how Americans often confuse it with “The Red Menace.”

Be courteous and pay him a visit.

Somebody’s post about fascism

*Apparently visitors to Jonestown are not “link clickers.” But I’m confident we can do better.

Walk your mouse over the link, click the link, go to Dale’s blog, read the post, leave a comment, move on with your day.

Don’t make me send out the Goon Squad. You wouldn’t like the Goon Squad. No one likes the Goon Squad, not even the Goon Squad. That’s why they’re a Goon Squad, low self-esteem and all.

So, come on people.

Let’s show the world some of that famous School Spirit.


~ by fairlane on November 7, 2007.

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