Larry Craig Uses the Latrine, and Gives Jonestown the Clap

fairlane1329.jpgWe are rapidly approaching two milestones today, (Actually we reached one), and although I attempt to hide my sentimentality beneath this rugged, masculine, finely toned, chisel jawed persona, I am, in fact, a sentimental fool who loves a good chick flick now and again. Hell, I even like wearing women’s panties, as long as it means their owner is somewhere in my house bare assed nekkid. (Is that one “k” or two? For some reason, I’m thinking one, but a voice in my head keeps saying, “I love Popeye”).

So, what are these milestones you ask, and why should you give a fuck?

Well, the first question is easy to answer.

One) Dashiell’s latest post was Jonestown’s 200th, and what a fine 200th it is. If I were more Left Brained, I’d want to be Dashiell.

B) Jonestown at some point today will reach 25,000 hits.

Not bad if I do say so myself, and I always do.

Those are the milestones.

Why should you care?

Tough question. I can only say without You none of this is possible, Literally. I mean, if no one visited this Tribue to ADD, and Hallucinogens we’d be celebrating pretty much nothing. And even if we did celebrate, no one would know except us, and writing a post about it would be stupid because we already know, and there’s no point wasting five minutes reading something we already know. Ya Know?

I can’t thank you enough, so I won’t even try. (I always was an ungrateful Bastard anyway).

Here’s to you, and to many more posts, and hits, and comments, and Bare Assed Nekkid Women. Oh, and for D-Cup a couple of Bare Assed Nekkid Men, and maybe a woman or two.

Jonestown Loves Each and Everyone of You. (Especially you bare assed Nekkid Women Types).

Everyone raise your glass, and…

Muchas Gracias Amigos y Amigas from the Jonestown Clan!

journalism.jpg Inspectah Deck

pistolpackindcup-1.jpg GZA

penguincoffee.jpg Method Man

casablanca31.jpg Ghostface Killa

fairlane1329.jpg The RZA


~ by fairlane on November 8, 2007.

12 Responses to “Larry Craig Uses the Latrine, and Gives Jonestown the Clap”

  1. congrats…but no bare assed and nekkid Ann Coulters

    may your page views grow exponentially

  2. Jonestown at some point today will reach 25,000 hits.

    Congrats! I remember 25,000 hits.

    The milestone that really blew me away was reaching 50,000 hits. I still remember thinking, “where the fuck are all these people coming from?” You see, I have a non-commerical blog so I just pound away (on the keyboard, that is) and they keep coming, and reading and commenting.

    Wait till you hit 100,000. It gets kinda’ strange then. For some reason, after 100,000 hits, mainstream publications like WSJ, the LA Times and NEWSWEEK start noticing your work. Very strange but fun, too.

  3. Weee! I love celebration parties!
    Hell, I’m gonna get bare ass nekkid just for the occasion. It’s kinda chilly here this morning to get bare ass nekkid, but what the hell.

    Congratulations for all the reasons you mentioned and I want to be here to celebrate all future good things with you guys.

    The drinks are on me. 🙂

  4. I’m here for the free drinks PoP is handing out….

    Kidding. I’m here for the quality writing, quality thinking, unique voice (now voices), entertainment, and ranting. Also, I heard you’re giving away free online boyfriends!

    Blog on, Jonestown. The world needs you. I need you.

  5. Oh, and I’m taking my original last name back. Halloween is over, you know.

  6. *clink* *clink*

    Way to go Fairlane and crew! Here’s to another 200 posts and 25,000 hits.

  7. Whoooo hooooo! I love being a part of this….now about those nekkid bodies……

    Congrats, Fairlane. I’m glad to have Jonestown as one of my visiting places.

    oh, and, ahem…..more kool aid, please!

  8. DCNY- Damn, that made me throw up a little in my mouth.

    Coulter naked?

    Christopher- What’s a commercial blog?

    PoP- You are proof that all the good women are taken.

    Ms. Blue- It is Ms. is it not? If so, my previous comment has an exception.

    Spart- Much obliged homie. Did you ever get rid of your troll?

    D-Cup- We love having you, and look forward to your next masterpiece.

  9. Congratulations! Very impressive! And well-deserved too.

  10. You’re almost too much fun and I’m sure you’ll be celebrating 250k hits any day now.

    Me, I’m happy about my 190 hits even though 175 of them were by by mother 🙂

  11. Yay – nothing like numbers to make it all worthwhile!

    You guys are unchained!



  12. Mauigirl- You think that’s impressive, you should see me naked.

    Susan- Don’t worry, when I first started it was that way here as well. Some of my posts would be my mom, (Who happens to be a “Mellowing” Wingnut), and I going back and forth.

    I think your artwork is brilliant.

    Ten- Yeah, it’s shameless self-promotion, but isn’t that what blogging is about? Like I said, if I wanted to “journal” I’d purchase a leather bound notebook, and a fancy pen.

    And it does allow me to thank everyone who visits here, and adds to the cornucopia of insanity we like to call Jonestown.

    You, for example. Thanks homie.

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