The Caveman

journalism.jpg Barry Max

Someone has to say it. The GEICO Caveman must go. I have to bring up this discussion, because this sentiment has been festering in the minds of many people I know who have felt the sting of racism or , in the caveman’s case, cro-magnonism .

Every time I see a step n fetch it negro ‘yassa bossin’ to the benevolent master or I see a clip from Birth of a Nation, I cringe from an existential meltdown.

My individual ego clashes with the group dynamic every time I see these cartoonish rap videos.
I know this feeling is not exclusive to black people , but one can draw a lot of parallels based on our experience here in America. I am not sure I am ready to laugh about it.

I cringe every time a commercial with mostly black people in it is accompanied with church music, or hyper-vibrato singing.

I cringe when I see a children’s programs and the black woman is always sassy with her hand on her hip, but never nerdy.

Face it we need this imagery.

I want everyone that reads this to understand , underlying all the phony (seemingly real) designations that we live up to according to race therein lies an indisputable truth: We are all from the same shit.

Point Blank

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~ by barrymax on November 9, 2007.

9 Responses to “The Caveman”

  1. I haven’t seen the commercial since we gave up on television completely 10 years ago but I’ve read about this and another case apparently a show about a Neanderthal family in middle America. You’re right about the racist element and just how sickening it is that the media is continuing to promulgate these simplistic images and memes of other.

    A book I read recently had a long section devoted the fact that MTV is seen in countries all over the world and just how gross this makes us appear to other cultures. How can white people be proud of an accident of birth?

  2. Excellent post…I never thought of these cavemen in a racist sense, but it’s a very good point. I always thought the commercials were stupid and when I heard they were going to have their own sit com, I just shook my head. TV really sucks and I spend very little time watching it. Other than Keith Olberman and sports, there isn’t much of interest to me.

  3. Remember those McDonald’s commercials that were targeted to black audiences? Everyone dancing and singing and it was obvious that a bunch of white advertising guys were sitting around and thought that it was hip.

  4. My issue with the “Caveman,” has little to do with race, and more to do with, “Goddamned, how fucking stupid is the average American that they think a show about a commercial is a good idea?”

    Then I remember that millions of people think Jim Carey is funny, and it all makes sense.

  5. yo fairlane, the force is still strong with me. i’m in a transition state…. sorta like the time when luke trains to be a jedi with yoda on dagobah (i’m such a geek). i will be back though, thanks for the support 🙂

    as for media-driven racism, i just read a book called “media unlimited” which delves into media running our lives and becoming our (inter)national pastime. it explains how we perceive it as reality and base most, if not all, of our ideologies from its “information”. after all, it is the information age. the time of questioning and reading (especially books) is disappearing, especially with today’s youth. i know i’ve mentioned ipods (i call them iRobs), but most media-based gadgetry promote the world agenda of “think, hear, speak no truth” and be a dummy plugged into the bullisht. this is one of the reasons i’ve been on hiatus from blogging. it is simply one more bar on my jail cell of mind freedom… that is unless i use it to promote consciousness and change.

    your concise and powerful post is an example of why i will continue to blog (maybe not as much though) so i can help with awareness and let people see that orwell’s 1984 was only twenty years early. on with the “two minutes of hate”… down with the caveman!!

  6. I have to agree with Fairlane here. A show about a commercial is just more evidence that just when you think Americans have hit bottom, another chasm opens beneath us.

  7. Actually, the nose would indicate that this caveman is more Neanderthal than Cro-Magnon, so that would explain why it’s about as funny as a Jerry Lewis routine.

  8. Morse- I have to give you a “Blogosphere” high five on the Jerry Lewis dig. Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

    My dream is to direct a movie with Lewis, Jim Carey, and Chuck Norris.

    That’s so much bad acting, and not the least bit funny in one place, it might actually turn out to be pretty good.

  9. It is not so much about the guys who came up with this idea where smoking some really good herb.

    While discussing this great idea someone (probably a minority) said “You think anyone will be offended”
    “Dude…there are no more cavemen”
    “Yeah, I guess you are right”
    secretly that guy/minority was thinking of all the stereotypical bullshit he has to deal with on a day to day basis and decided not to elaborate.
    What really struck me about the ad campaign was the whole talkshow format; i had an Al SAharpton Nightline flashback.
    Individual ego clashing with bizarre media dynamic

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