Whistleblowers Unite!

Barry Max

journalism.jpgHow would you feel if you if you found out you were unwittingly involved in a treasonous plot? You come to work, do your assignments, and one day you stumble upon some unsavory information, files detailing the subversive actions you have been an integral part of.

You have found proof that your company, for whom you have faithfully worked, is engaged in clearly illegal acts on a grand scale against citizens of the United States with the full knowledge of Government officials.

What would you do?

Would you stand there frozen in shock and fear?

Would you tell anyone?

What if no one believed you?

The recent lawsuit filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation against AT&T is the result of someone who acted. Someone brave enough to step out of the herd and do the right thing. You may or may not have heard of this man but he is a true American hero.

Mark Klein

Klein was a peon in the vast corporate network of AT&T Network systems. A hired gun dispatched to a different central office every few months.

Central offices are essentially the same. There is a lot of cable. People, in and out, different equipment- highly classified. There is not a need for a fleet of people to man the operations . The systems are automated.

Mark Klein witnessed the installation of some very powerful surveillance equipment for The NSA and he also noted that a significant portion of the communications traffic was filtered through this equipment.

There were also plans to build similar systems in other large urban areas throughout the United States.

There is a significant portion of techno jargon being omitted from this post for simplicity I want it to be understood, in no uncertain terms, we are being listened to, lied to and when necessary- watched.

In a nutshell, they put in equipment that literally allows the government to access or monitor any digital correspondence from anyone, anywhere within the network, in real time.

I guess we can all rest easy that this technology is in the hands of our Federal Government, after all, when has the fatherland ever betrayed us?

What makes this so stinky is our own congress lacks the balls to protect it’s constituents. Klein himself has testified in Washington and expressed frustration on behalf of our lethargic Congress.

I’ll pretend I’m Klein with a mic in my face after a day of serious testimony: “They really don’t give a fuck.They feel it is o.k. to get snooped on; the overwhelming sentiment is : ‘If you are not doing anything than you have nothing to worry about’.

Klein was disturbed; he felt and still feels that our Congress is covering this up.

He is right ; if we allow them, they will cover it up or maybe just make it legal.

The news media will not touch it. I wonder what multi-billion dollar lobby is employing spin demons to squash this story on every level possible?

What belittling piece of reporting did our national spin doc er’ national news show on the subject.

I admit I gave half a shit when I first heard about the eavesdropping I did not understand the technology they were using . I have the benefit of experience when it come to communications.

The whistleblower did it all for me.

He brought it home.

He put a bow on it.

He wrapped it all up for me.

Congress is doing the rest.

By doing nothing.

There has been very little coverage of this situation. Big Surprise

Strange, surreal- this front page news.

~ by barrymax on November 11, 2007.

16 Responses to “Whistleblowers Unite!”

  1. I heard about it on NPR just the other day. Frontline has an extensive interview with him posted that may interest you (and who are you?).

  2. I read about this as well. Americans are more worried about “Survivor” or if Brittney is wearing panties. (God I hope she is).

    Feinstein, a so-called “Liberal,” is in full support of this action, and wants the telecommunication industry to be let off the hook for any responsibility.

    It’s a Brave New World.

    Scarlett, that’s “Barry Max” aka David Bass Dancy.

  3. Very scary stuff. Thanks for posting this – I imagined something like that was going on but this is proof.

  4. i am waiting for our Reichstag fire……..

  5. As someone who’s never seen a single episode of any of the contest shows and paid no attention to O.J. Simpson, I am uniquely qualified to simplify this post. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS A FASCIST COUNTRY (which is called “Democracy” and came “Carrying The Bible, Wrapped It The Flag.”

    The Executive, The Media, The Church and The Largest Corporations constitute the government. There is a concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay. And God knows how many others we don’t know about. If that’s not fascism then expect the Sun to rise in the West and set in the East today.

    If you are an Italian-American wingnut and are offended by this, PLEASE DIE SLOWLY.

    If you are any garden-variety American at all whose politics are anywhere right of hard-left, PLEASE DIE SLOWLY.

    If you are a self-described “liberal” who was more concerned with “the environment,” what Michael Vick did or didn’t do, what Barry Bonds did or didn’t do, or whether or not I went to see the cockfights at La Gallera San Miguelito than you did your own civil rights, privacy rights, and civil liberties, PLEASE DIE SLOWLY.

    If you are a Bush-button congressperson of either party. Please quit and go home. And DIE SLOWLY.

    Just like the old car commerical: “You asked for it. You got it. Toyota.” Enjoy it.

    I don’t know what the permanent residency requirements are elsewhere, but unless you are seeking political asylum, or can invest USD $200,000 cash or place it in an escrow account for two years minimum, you may not become a permanent resident of Panama, by order of the President effective this past September. You may have a 30-day tourist visa. And then get your sorry fat American asses out of our country.

    Another in a series of OUTSTANDING moves by Martin Torrijos. We do not want you. We are sick of you. We are sick of your voices. And your fanny packs. And your arrogance. And if anyone’s thinking that the military will come down and invade colonize us again to add to your 1000-Year-Reich, please ask Mr. Gates how he would feel about a 1000x tariff for 1000 years. Here’s a news flash, suckers. Parmalat milk tastes just as good as Dairylea. For what do we need Whole Foods when El Rey has an organic department twice the size at 1/5 the price? And is open 24/7.

    Panama is merely one Western country of 50 with similar rules. You wanted to wave the flag about 9/11? Feel good? I’m guessing it didn’t feel as good as a half-decent massage and sauna at a day spa. But 9/11 is all you got left. Now choke on it.

  6. Kelso- you can leave your posts on your blog -not the comment section of Jonestown.
    But yea, I like how you write- you are like a smart ass short guy on the bus.
    Not everyone is going to DIE SLOWLY.

    D-Cap – Reichstag was a while ago- six years at least.

    Scarlet- I enjoy your blog very much- hows teaching?

    M-girl- What is cariest is the ability to go beyond The United States and listen to the rest of the world.
    The hu allows the technology to cast a very wide net. Even Kelso can be tagged.

  7. If that’s not damning with faint praise, I don’t know what the hell is. “A smart-ass short-guy on the bus?” Wow. That’s super-nice. I like your writing, too. You’re very articulate. What a uniquely American story.

    But don’t worry. Me voy. Just put me in for “ditto” with each subsequent post.

  8. We are completely and totally fucked. And Mark Klein is a true hero and of course, as such, is ignored by those who should be standing at attention.

  9. Kelso can be tagged but there is no extradition treaty. And if Sam decides to mount Operation Just Cause II to get Kelso, Kelso will be enjoying an Arnold Palmer and some gin rummy at the Jewish country club in Medellin, Cali, Quito or Guayaquil behind razor wire with men with guns on the roof of the clubhouse. Smartass.

  10. Kelso-lighten up

  11. Ah, I didn’t see a name on the post the first time around. Thanks for visiting my blog, Barry Max. I enjoy your posts, too. Ditto the rest of you.

  12. What Fran said. That said, I’m waiting to see if Dodd is good to his word. He said he would filibuster the FISA renewal act if it included telecom immunity. Yes, I feel a bit like Charlie Brown wondering if Lucy is going to take that football away again, but this time I have a plane–if that football is pulled away at the last moment, turn a bit and aim for the head.

  13. With all due respect, Dave, it’s a game to you guys. You know I wish for you individually and collectively to be happy and successful. When you have to DEAL with it in a material sense tell me why I should lighten up. Then, I’ll listen. Until then all it is to me is my reading a very gifted bunch of young writers whose hearts are in the right place but don’t KNOW at a gut level. And it’s so way worse than what you think you know. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be prickly. Christ, as samizdat it’s a game to me, too. My day-to-day life, however, is not a joke.

  14. You are absolutely right Kelso and I know I can benefit from paying attention. I apologize for any unsavory sentiments (for real). I enjoy your correspondence after all Schlitz Malt liquor is my favorite food…pissed off my favorite mood.
    I have to say it is serious and I do KNOW. I grew up in a Petri dish.

  15. Dave, no problem. I’m not offended in the slightest. I merely wanted you to know that I don’t write bullshit here. If you ever have a chance to do some research on Latin American affairs vis-a-vis the US you will understand. I am 46. I’ve lived all over the world and I’ve done some very interesting things. One of those things was to buy a 25% interest in a rave/trance club in Quito. So, do you think, for example, if Bush decided to invade Panama, I could not find my way to the Jewish country club in Quito within hours? Why would I write something like that if it weren’t true? I don’t need to impress anyone. I need to IMPRESS UPON EVERYONE IN OUR CIRCLE JUST HOW BAD THIS IS. I am very sensitive about this kind of internet by-play because I remember commenting on a right-wing blog which was very pro-Irish American. I mentioned that as a student of NY and BOS history I thought that Tweed, Kelly, Curley, etc., got a bum rap by history. I was summarily told to “get the fuck of the blog with your elitist intellectual bullshit.” I don’t know how much you know about the subject but ain’t nothing slightly intellectual or elitist about those three guys. They’d eat 50cent for lunch. If I share experiences or things I know, it’s not to show off, it’s too add color to the discussion. It is against my best interests to show off for a zillion reasons.

    You are going to have to explain that “petri dish” reference to me. Went over my head but it sounds like a metaphor I could steal from you! In Panama we don’t have hangups about race or ethnicity the way you do in the states. It’s all descriptive not normative. A person of African descent with lightish skin might be a “moreno” while a local with darker skin would be a “trigueno.” People call me everything from “Judio” to “neoyorquino” to “blanco” or just by my name. The problem with that is that there are 4 other guys in my general circle who have the same name! So DESCRIPTIVE terms like “Judio”, etc, are necessary but they carry no connotations.

    What ethnicity are you, by the way? And does THAT inform any of your viewpoints on the National Security State in the US. Being Jewish for me certainly does. I hated it up there, which is why I left.

  16. Could you be referring to Boss Tweed’ the whig super man.
    The Petri Dish is a reference to my youth in Berkeley Cal.
    Berkeley was one of the cooler places in America. I emphasize ‘was’, now it is like very other college town. But anyplace you can get sheets of acid for thirty dollars….I don’t know U.C Berkeley has some pretty ambitous professors.

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