Barry Bonds, Steroids, and Why It’s Okay to Cheat if You Love Jesus


Barry Bonds and SteroidsBarry Bonds was indicted today on 3 counts of perjury, as well as Obstruction of Justice.


I’m perplexed why people give a shit, I really am.

Who cares?

I guess I’m just a “Moral Relativist” because the only thing about steroids that bothers me is the fact it increases people’s dome size to Lynn Cheney Proportions, and I find that absolutely terrifying.

(Just look at that Fucking Thing, will you? Remember, she’s about five or six inches shorter than Darth)

And that’s just one of the many awesome side effects of steroid abuse.

“Damn dude, that Zit on your shoulder is bigger than one of your shrunken balls!”

Seriously, if Bonds, and the many other Steroid users, are that Fucking Stupid, then I say, “Bully for You, You Dumb Shits.”

But how does Steroid Abuse in Baseball affect the price of Peanuts?

Before you wind-up, please spare me the “Sanctity of the Game” BS.


When people talk about the “Sanctity of the Game,” it reminds me of those who talk about the “Good ol’ Days.”

I have yet to find those mythical days of Yore when people never lied, used drugs, cheated, committed adultery, killed, robbed, maimed, or any of that other good Shit we do in “Today’s World.”

Old people know we have history books, don’t they?

I’m no Baseball Expert, but I remember a couple of things about the “Golden Years” and some of the game’s “Great Players” that makes the “Outrage” from the “Old Timers” seem disingenuous at best.

-The 1919 Chicago “Black” Sox threw a world series. (In fact, after the turn of the century, betting on baseball, and throwing games was a fairly common occurrence).

-Babe Ruth bragged about playing Drunk, and was a notorious misogynist.

-Ty Cobb, aside from being a drunk, believed blacks are inferior to whites. (Oh, he also was involved in several violent incidents, including charging the stands to assault a handicapped man who had the nerve to heckle him).

-Mickey Mantle drank until his Liver was nothing more than Scar Tissue, and then bypassed people on the Organ Recipient List even though Alcoholics are supposed to be prohibited from receiving Liver Transplants.

-Amphetamine abuse was Prolific during the 1980’s as a way to combat fatigue, and to increase alertness. Why no asterisks alongside records from that era? (I’m pretty sure Amphetamines were just as illegal then, as they are now).

I could go on and on annihilating the “Sanctity of the Game” argument, but it’s pointless because this isn’t about “Purity.”

This is about two things.

1) Barry Bonds is a Prick


2) Barry Bonds is a Black Prick

Americans just don’t like “Mouthy, arrogant, Negroes” who are indifferent to our Demands.

Nope. We just don’t like it all.

Barry Bonds should be kissing our feet for the opportunity to make millions playing a game.

Unfortunately, Barry disagrees, and he’s going to pay for that egregious error in judgment.

“Oh come on, everything isn’t about Race,” you say.

You’re right it’s not, but some things are, and this is one of those things.

I listed some of the reasons above.

Have you ever heard anyone bad mouth “The Babe” for being a drunken womanizer? Nope. He’s the “Greatest Player” in the Game’s history, and one of it’s most important “Ambassadors.”

How about Ty Cobb? Where’s the Scathing critique of who he was as a human being? Why wasn’t he kicked out of baseball for his numerous assaults? (At least Barry never stabbed anyone or beat up a man who had mangled hands).

And let’s look at some modern era players.

Why is Jason Giambi still playing again? Didn’t he confess to using Steroids? Why are his home run totals, etc still on the books? Is it because he didn’t break any records? So, it’s okay to cheat as long as it only makes you “Really Good” and not “Great?”

Buy let’s forget Giambi, he’s small time. Instead let’s turn to one of the Game’s biggest “Pricks.”

Roger Clemens.

Roger Clemens’ name has come up several times during the “Steroid Scandal.”

Several of the criticisms leveled against Bonds also apply to Clemens.

1) Clemens is noticeably more muscular now than he was ten years ago.

2) A great deal of Clemens’ success has come at a time in his career when most players are in decline. (Especially power pitchers).

*Forty three percent of Clemens’ wins came after the age of 35. He’s also won four Cy Young Awards during this same period of time. That’s pretty fucking strange, and when you take into account he was considered “Washed up” in 1996, after his last season in Boston, it’s really fucking strange. (In contrast, 39% of Bonds’ homers have come since he turned 35).

3) Clemens is associated with known participants in the “Steroid Scandal,” including suppliers.

(Giganticus Cranium Syndrome)

But we don’t hear much about Clemens and steroids do we?

“He never tested positive,” is one of the most common apologist claims.

Yeah, neither did Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire or Jose Canseco. (Canseco not only confessed to using steroids, he wrote a fucking book about how much he loved using Steroids).

*Designer steroids were created to evade tests, and to this day no adequate test exists for Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

“He never tested positive,” is a weak defense.

Why the difference in treatment and view point on these two player’s places in history?

I know Bonds supposedly tested positive, but no one knew that until today. He was convicted years ago.

One reason for his early conviction is that Bonds made the mistake of pissing off “Sports Writers.”

Sports Writers reside one slot above those two dolts Marcy Sugar, and Kathy Mitchell (“Annie’s Mailbox,” an Insipid “Advice” column) on the Hack Totem Pole.

Sports writers are so Fucking Cliché, it’s Cliché to say they’re Cliché.

And talk about an “Inferiority Complex.” Just looking at them you can imagine how they sat at the edge of the Field as young boys cursing their Leg Braces or their Mothers who wouldn’t let them play sports because “It’s too dangerous.”

Yep, Bonds is their whipping boy, and man do they love lashing his ass. He’s everything they resent.

However, Clemens is also an Arrogant Prick, and he’s Worshiped by most Sports Writers.


I guess that leads us back to the “Black thing.”

I hate being the constant Bearer of Bad News, but this is complete Bullshit America.

You don’t have to be a minority to see what’s going on not just in the Sport’s World, but in our Society in General.

Racism is like that Piece of Shit Husband the woman at work can’t seem to Dump.

We know it’s wrong, we know it hurts all of us, we know it’s anti-thetical to everything we supposedly believe, but we just can’t let it go. It gives us Comfort.
We don’t mind “Successful Negroes,” as long as they don’t act “Ghetto” or, even worse, like they don’t give a Shit.

We want Gratitude.

I find this Funny.

“Those Goddamned athletes would be nothing without us Fans, and they need to show some Fucking Respect, and sign our Nipples whenever we ask.”

(You know what? A lot of Fans would be “nothing” without the Sports Heroes through whom they vicariously live out their Childhood Fantasies).

To use a local example, far too many people in Louisville still consider Muhammad Ali “Disgraceful.”

Ali didn’t just save the Neanderthal Sport of Boxing, he impacted our Entire Society. He was always generous with his time, and money, and he did something most people would never do, He Stood on his Principles in the Face of the Power Structure and said, “Fuck You!”

Ali is a huge figure in American History, and most people would be proud to achieve even a tenth of what he has in his lifetime.

But no, he’s a “Coward,” and in some circles an “Uppity Nigger” who used Religion to Escape Viet Nam. (Funny how these same people don’t mind that Darth and Chimpy found ways to Weasel out of “Serving Their Country” I Fucking Hate those Fake Ass Keyboard Patriots).

To contrast.

There’s another local Sports Figure that is worshiped like he’s some kind of Demi-God.

Bobby Knight.

Knight is a Bastard to the Nth degree. He assaulted his players, including his own son, he assaulted University Staff, he cursed out an Old Woman, he threw a Chair across a basketball court on National Television, and he generally behaved like a complete Asshole the entire time he Coached at IU.

And to top it off, he had the nerve to Lecture People on how they should behave.

Yet, there are thousands upon thousands of people in this region who would pay whatever Knight asked for the Honor to Smoke his Shriveled up Pee Pee.

What did Bobby Knight ever do that impacted Society other than make Sociopathic Behavior more Mainstream?

See, I know this is hard to accept, but we don’t mind Assholes so much, as long as they look like we do.

Imagine what would happen to a Black Coach if he Kicked his Son on television for the Entire World to See.

Everyone say it together now, “You’re Fired! You’re Finished!”

Back to Bonds. (Sorry about the tangent. I guess it would help if I actually thought about what I’m going to write before I started writing it. Yeah right. Where’s the fun in that?)

Someone right now is thinking, “But Bonds is not just an Asshole, he’s a Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater as well.”

I must admit, I don’t understand why Steroids are illegal. The motivation for Professional Athletes is to be the “Best” at their chosen Sport.

Steroids obviously make you better.

“But Steroids are dangerous, and it’s not fair to those who don’t want to use them.”

Tough Fucking Titties.

They just don’t have what it takes to be”Real Men,” and should probably take up Knitting.

Do you really think a person who has dedicated their entire life to playing a Game, at the expense of everything else, wouldn’t be willing to use the “Clear” if they knew it was on the Up and Up?

Jose Canseco, despite being a complete Fucking Meathead, said that the use of Steroids is far more Prevalent than people know or are willing to admit, and his accusations, thus far, have been Dead On.

(Talk about a GIANT head)

Who knows how many professional athletes used/use that Shit?


Look, if people want to fuck up their livers, brains, and shrink their gonads just so they can hit a baseball or run faster or jump higher, let’em. It truly is a victimless crime, and who doesn’t like watching one of those mutants crush a ball, and hit it out of the Stadium?

“But fairlane, what about the kids?”

I forgot, the “Kids.”

How about legalizing Steroids for Professionals, and keeping them illegal in College, and High School?

“That’s not fair.”

Don’t we tell kids, “It’s not okay to drink alcohol until you’re 21. Once you’re 21, you can get shitfaced every fucking day if you want, but not until you’re 21?”

How is that any different?

“But kids will find a way to get their mitts on Steroids.”

Yep, and they get their mitts on Old Milwaukee too, and then go out Date Raping, and Crashing their cars into Telephone Poles.

(People should be sentenced to death for drinking this shit)

I don’t think we’re ever going to stop young people from acting like Morons.

And they get them now, while they’re illegal.

Nope, America doesn’t mind cheating so much. In fact, a recent study showed that many Americans will cheat if given the chance, particularly those who love to talk about “Morality.”

I’ll conclude with my conclusion (Pretty cool how that works isn’t it?)-

If Barry Bonds was white, and said he loved Jesus, the Cleveland Indians would sign him to a contract for next year even if he received HGH from his… Dentist?


~ by fairlane on November 17, 2007.

23 Responses to “Barry Bonds, Steroids, and Why It’s Okay to Cheat if You Love Jesus”

  1. Too funny, man. I couldn’t agree more. I know that spirit well: You can criticize me, just don’t criticize my heroes…don’t mention steroids either, unless you got some. Damn fine post.

  2. wow
    great stuff

    first —- the whole sports worship thing is out of control — these guys are entertainers —- no different than Bette Midler or Britney Spears — just they do it will a piece of ash instead of with their voices or fat thighs. (tho some of them have fat thighs). many of them, including Clemens and Bonds are just pure assholes. —

    is there a double standard with Bonds vs Clemens — i am sure there is. It does seem “heroes” like Clemens and Lance Armstrong get a “free” pass but Bonds, Marion Jones, Carl Lewis don’t. Racial component – big time

    i could give a rats ass about sports. but sadly these guys are role models for youth. role models like Alex Rodriguez who demonstrate that $200 gazillion dollars ISNT enough and he needs more. and we wonder why we have fucked up people who run Tyco and Merrill Lynch.

    americans CANNOT get enough of their entertainment — and will pay very dearly for it. hence the writer’s strike and the broadway strike being so front and center — but teachers, health care providers – oh dont get me started

    back to steroids — they should just open all sports, including the Olympics to steroids and let everyone have the same advantage — dont want to take them – then don’t.

    i am so rambling……..but Fairlane as always you nailed it

  3. I love me some sports, but this is spot on. It’s precisely because Bonds is an angry black dude. Period. I’m kind of hardcore about the steroid thing opposite from you Fairlane. I want them 100% illegal. You test positive? Permanent banishment. There are those who DO bust their ass without cheating. Sure, I love an exploding head as much as the next guy, but I don’t think the clean guys should suffer. I also don’t think people should vote Republican and I’m entitled to a unicorn, so there ya go.

    And man, fuck Bobby Knight. What a vile fucking human being. “He gets results.” So do a lot of coaches who aren’t narcissistic assholes. I hate the whole “it was better in the old days.” Cracker fucks.

  4. Great post agree with every word. It was a pleasure to read.

    I compare banning steroids for athletes to banning plastic surgery for celebutards

  5. I won’t get into the integrity of the game stuff, I agree that there’s always been scandal in baseball. The reason why Bonds is getting hit so hard is because he just refused to admit he took the steroids and he knew damned well that he was taking them. Cansenco is an asshole, no doubt, but he didn’t deny that he took them.

    I have to disagree on the racism aspect. Bonds isn’t being singled out because he’s black. If that’s the case, the old cork-meister Sammy Sosa on the Cubs would have been punished more. He was only ejected from the one game and not fined. Also, there are a lot of black players that are admired and respected. I just don’t see the racism here. I do see that he refuses to this day to admit he was aware of his steroid use. It’s like Bush saying he was sure there were WMD. Everyone knows that he knew there weren’t, so only the idiot mouth breathers on Fox believe him.

  6. Well, I usually don’t give a fuck about televised sports (maybe tennis a little or some awesome UT national championship upset,) but some news stories just won’t shut up and this is one of them. I agree that people should not be going back and retroactively taking away tour de france titles and olympic gold medals’cause they were too stupid to catch people in the act beforehand. I really don’t care if people choose to take steroids (unless it’s kids) any more than I care that they are assholes ’cause they’re hungover (that would be a little- good analogy- now I know about baseball greats more than I cared to.)

    The only part of this I really care about at all is that I find it typically, absurdly, hypocritically moronic of Bush to call Bonds a bad example to “our” kids. I’m not sure why that still bugs me, but it does. I should be used to it by now.

    Why oh why can’t Bonds be more like this. I’m just sayin’.

  7. I don’t know him because I don’t follow sports but I think steriods should be illegal in all sports. I still enjoy reading everything you write. Where’s that line of Hallmark cards?

  8. JW- I never understood the hero worship that goes along with sports. I like sports in fact, I’m anxiously awaiting my #6 Louisville Cardinal’s first game this afternoon, but if for some reason they lose, I’m not going to go into apoplexy.

    University of Kentucky fans, on the otherhand, commit suicide when UofK loses. Seriously. There have been suicides linked to UofK losses.

    What the fuck?

    DCNY- Lance Armstrong is another great example. He’s been linked to steroids for years, and tested positive. But people defend him, and accuse the French of “conspiring” to bring down an American.

    Where are those people when it comes to Bonds?

    Also, from what I read, Bonds’ test came during a time when their was no chain of possession in drug testing. In other words, his “positive test” was floating around in various people’s hands. (It is extremely easy to alter a test).

    His attorneys, if that is true, are going to eat the prosecution alive.

    Randal- Yeah, my dad and I go back and forth over the “Good Old Days,” bullshit. Although, for an old man he’s pretty honest about his day. And he cannot stand Bobby Knight.

    David- I don’t get it either. We know people are using them to this day. There has never been a positive test, in any sport, for HGH, and it’s because unless you inject it five minutes before your test, there’s no way to detect it.

    Mary Ellen- I love you (In an Internet kind of way), but I must respectfully disagree.

    Canseco only admitted using steroids after he retired. And Paul Byrd (The guy in the last picture) admitted using HGH for a “medical condition.” Strangely though, he can’t recall what the medical condition was, and it turns out he received HGH from his Dentist.

    His dentist? Why would a dentist give someone HGH?

    “You need a much larger head so I can get my hands in your mouth, here.”

    The Indians just picked up the option on Bird’s contract for next year.

    Canseco implicated Roger Clemens, as did Jason Grimsley, but he remains one of the Sport’s darlings.

    Grimsley also accused Andy Pettite who, if he doesn’t retire, is going to be re-signed by the Yankees.


    Bonds was a Hall of Fame player whether he used steroids or not. Steroids turned him from one of the top ten players in history to one of the top three.

    But Clemens?

    Clemens’ career was in a rapid decline in the late 90’s, and then suddenly, in his mid 30’s, he has a resurgence. To say that’s an anamoly, is an understatement. Most athletes are finished by the time they hit their mid 30’s.

    His resurgence made him a Hall of Famer.

  9. Baseball is the only sport I give a flying fuck about.

    It’s pace allows for people to socialize, and eat, and drink. The players look damn fine in their uniforms — especially, their butts. Most of the season is played in the good weather time of the year, so you can sit outside. What is better than a bases loaded grand slam? Try Yankee Stadium when it happens. It feels like a fucking earthquake is raining down on you. Great stuff.

    Yeah, Bonds and steroids. I mean, the guy is talented and he was headed to the Hall of Fame before be decided to turn himself into the Michelin Man. He looks like a freakazoid now and according to his former mistress, his balls have shrunk down to peanut-size and he can’t perform any more. Was it worth it, Barry? I wouldn’t swallow anything that altered my manhood unless it was going to give me more. More less? Hell no.

    The Roid Boyz: Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, Rafael Palmeiro, Jose Conseco, and Ivan Rodriguez, are some kinda’ stupid shits to inject themselves with this stuff.

  10. Oh, but Fairlane, it showed that our brand new Attorney General took immediate action on a VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE!!

    Mary Ellen, I see your point but Sammy’s public image, especially during the home run contest between him and McGuire, was quite different than Barry’s. He was lovable, he had that cute accent, and he could do no wrong. On top of that, people love an underdog and the hexed Cubs were certainly that. It was his public personna. Baseball and the sports writers loved him )and McGuire) because fans came back to baseball as a result.

    Barry, on the other hand, may be all the things the media says he is. His public personna is unattractive, but at least it seems honest. The media despised him long before the steroids because he wouldn’t jump when they said frog. He’s paying for it now. Is it racist? Possibly, even if the very ones doing the attacking would never admit it, even to themselves. He’s certainly being singled out.

    Fairlane, I agree with most of what you said; especially the long list of less than heroic sports figures over the years. I’ve been saying many of the same things for years. Of course I consider myself a San Franciscan and I’m a Giants fan so the response to my rants are what you’d expect.

    Not sure about legalizing steroids though. I’ll have to give that one some thought. I suppose if adults want to abuse their bodies, there’s not a lot we can do about it.

  11. Good writing, Fairlane. I’m sure you’re on to something with that “uppity” theory.

    As a female, I must say I’m not too eager to bring back the good old days.

    As a St. Louisian, I’m sick to effing death of hearing about Mark McGuire. Can we make him go away now? Can we get over it/him? PUH-lease!

    As for Sammy, even St. Louis people liked him. He was just charming and not one bit uppity.

    RE: Lynn–I think it’s just the big hair. Mall hair, they call it.

  12. Powerful post, man. At first glance, I almost clicked off when Bobby Knight came up as I scrolled down, reading the post. We don’t take kindly to any attempts to pierce the armor of St. Bobby. Hoosier grad, you know.

    But it illustrates your point almost precisely except for one thing. And this comes mostly from listening to what MathMan says about the Knighted one. He’s never been accused of cheating. Asshole, yes. Cheater, no.

    Bottom line – those who make money for the institution or company get to keep their jobs. That’s nothing new and it’s not just sports. That’s anywhere. You can be one big fucking asshole and keep your job as long as you bring the cash.

    Bonds, though, is a much easier target because of his color. I have no doubt about that.

  13. There is no question that race is a large factor in the Bonds case. Bobby Knight is an asshole but he didn’t cheat (i.e. check Kelvin Sampson.)

    The one commonality that Bonds, Knight, Sosa, Byrd, et al have is they brought big money to the team, university or company. Once their marginal return diminished they became expendable.

  14. frieda- They have definitely worn out this issue, and that’s another thing bothering me.

    According to what I read, Bonds tested positive seven years ago, and they’re just now prosecuting him?

    They let this cloud hang over his head all these years almost as though they were trying to make him crack.

    If you have the evidence, try the person, and let them and everyone else get on with their lives.
    The Feds have too much damn power.

    Even if Bonds is found not guilty, his career and public image are shit.

    Mary- I’m working on my first card right now.

    “So, you say it’s your birthday? (Open card) Big Fucking deal you self-centered asshole. Last I checked you didn’t get me shit for mine.”

    What do you think?

    Christopher- I completely agree. I don’t understand how people can take that stuff. Of course, I don’t understand how people eat dead cows. So maybe I’m strange.

    But they’re adults, and if they want to take that crap, then I don’t see the problem.

    And you’re right about baseball. It is a good game. Not only because of it’s pace, but because of the statistics. I love keeping track of statistics, and baseball has a ton of them.

    Granny- You took the words out of my keyboard in regard to Sosa. He was quite the popular dude during that home run chase with his smiles, and the sign of the cross and all.

    Bonds is just an arrogant jerk, who happens to be really, really good at his given profession.

    I understand you not wanting steroids to be legalized.

    But hell, dominant athletes, in all sports, keep testing positive over and over. Obviously banning them isn’t working.

    Scarlet- I lived in St.Louis during that time, and it was bloody annoying. You’d think McGuire and Sosa were doing something important.

    D-Cup and Mathman- As a resident of the “Ohio Valley” region, I’ve spoken with many Knight fans, and that’s the general response, “He didn’t cheat.” That’s true, although it’s quite an indictment of our culture when “not cheating” is a bigger deal than cheating, but…

    I always follow said statements with, “Yes, he never cheated, at least not that we know of, but he did assault people.”

    He wasn’t just an asshole, he was a physically aggressive asshole who assaulted other people’s children. I’m fairly certain that assault is illegal, and punishable with jail time.

    In the “Real World,” Knight’s behavior ends with a ride in a police car.

    I do agree, Mathman, that IU was completely hypocritical in the way they dealt with Knight. They waited until he wasn’t winning anymore before getting rid of him.

    As for Sampson, how do they justify keeping him? He’s clearly displaying a pattern here, and apparently he’s not deterred by special rules or restrictions.

    I think they made a huge mistake hiring him. I’m saying he lasts maybe 2-3 years and then he’s out.

    *I forgot.

    I also dislike Knight because he made a disparaging remark about Louisville’s basketball players back in the 1980’s. He essentially said they were stupid.

    Of course the real reason is that U of L kicked the shit out of Indiana on a regular basis.

  15. Great post Fairlane. Around here we tend to think the Bonds brouhaha (never thought I’d get to type that word) is more of that: Look Over There!! stuff they use to make Americans forget again about what’s really going on. Why isn’t everybody upset about making illegal war on whoever owns something the Owners want?

  16. OK, right up front I’ll say that I don’t give a rat’s ass about professional sports, except to resent the fuck out of these assholes being paid as much as a thousand hard-working poor people and getting to act like assholes in return.

    And secondly, I don’t recognize most of the names you refer to, except for Muhammad Ali, who is a hero in my book for having the balls to stand on his principles.

    Other than that, I’m sure you’re evaluation of the situation is correct – White Boys certainly seem to get the “benefit of the (considerable) doubt.”

  17. Susan- There’s no doubt the superfluous (I love that word) coverage of non-issues distracts us from what’s important. I started the post in that vein, and then kind of wandered off.

    CR- I’m not really into sports all that much either. I enjoy college basketball, and pro baseball, but other than that I’m not much for sports. I just seem to remember things I hear, even when I’m not really interested.

    Of course I have to love Ali, I’m from Louisville.

    There’s no doubt certain players get far more leeway, and a lot of the time they tend to be white.

    One day we’ll grow up as a nation, maybe.

  18. Fairlane –

    Is baseball the one where they use a stick?

    Opiate of the masses,


  19. Best piece of sportswriting on the telegraph wire or on on newprint I’ve seen in a while. Nice work.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing up Clemens. How obvious is that? At age 57, he put up a season with the Astros that was superior to peak Maddux or Martinez. Bonds may be cranky, but at least he’s relatively private about it. Clemens is just a straight-up dick. See Mike Piazza for details.

    The problem with Mr. Charlie and Bonds has a lot to do with skin color but much more to do with social class. And the misunderstanding and fear of the science of psychology and psychopharmacology. Barry Bonds is not only a brilliant baseball player — big or small — but also a brilliant baseball player who grew up A RICH BLACK KID WITH BRAINS TO SPARE. That is why he irks White fans so much. The athletic ability Whites have come to accept but it has to come with a story of struggle from the ghetto and yada yada.

    As for his personality, he’s a depressive and the son of a depressive. That’s a disease not a moral failing. I don’t give a rat’s ass how much money he makes. To be able to accomplish what he did while seeing nothing but gray and doom in front of him is doubly-remarkable. Depression is not something that only affects Brooke Shields, you know. Bonds has had his struggles, too. It just so happens he grew up rich. Again, that’s a state of nature not a moral failing.

    It is not terribly hard to draw the inference that the Williams Sisters of tennis are, were and have been worse abusers of performance enhancing drugs and were CORRUPT besides. Bonds never FAILED to perform for private gain. I can’t prove it but I believe the sisters have tanked many, many matches. I know they practically disappeared off the face of the earth when the Balco story broke. Why do they get a pass when they’re African-American also? Because unlike Bonds they’re dumb as a pair of fenceposts and can’t invoke Jesus’s name enough. That fits the EXPECTED narrative of the Black athlete/entertainer. Bonds doesn’t.

  20. My husband and I were just talking about this this morning – why is the federal government wasting tax dollars worrying about steroids in baseball? Shouldn’t it just be baseball’s problem? And my husband also pointed out that tobacco chewing is also performance-enhancing – nicotine gave them energy – and to your point, amphetamines were used, and all kinds of things. Bonds is indeed the whipping boy, and I agree, why isn’t anyone talking about Roger Clemens? I can’t stand the guy myself and always found it odd that he could be so good and be over 40. But no one ever says a word about the possibility he’s using.

    You’ve made a lot of very interesting and thought-provoking points.

  21. Ten- Yes, they use a stick and a ball. Sports are definitely similar to religion for some people.

    But what else do hopeless people have other than living their lives vicariously through others?

    K- I never thought about the Williams sisters, but you’re right about how they suddenly faded away when testing began.

    For a time, it looked as though they were going to smash most of Steffi Graf’s records, and now they rarely compete, and they have tons of injuries. (Steroids help you heal faster).

    Again, I think if that’s what someone wants to do, then more power to them. I wouldn’t do steroids, but I’m not a professional baseball, tennis, football player.

    Maui- Clemens is loved and admired. Why? because he can throw a baseball, and that’s about it. He’s an asshole, and as you pointed out, it’s awful strange he’s better at 40 than he was at 30.

  22. Racist motherfuckers! Good points fairlane. Keep ’em coming since all the other vanilla shitheads out there don’t have the balls to say it real.

  23. […] I do want to say one thing. Not to gloat, but you heard it hear first about Roger Clemens, and […]

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