Give in to Lust, Give Up to Lust, Heaven Knows We’ll Soon Be Dust

The Smiths

Pretty Girls Make Graves


Big Mouth Strikes Again


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~ by fairlane on November 24, 2007.

5 Responses to “Give in to Lust, Give Up to Lust, Heaven Knows We’ll Soon Be Dust”

  1. My dad got me my first Smith’s album in 85-86? The Queen is Dead. I hid it from my friends and listened to it every night. OI came out of the closet in my twenties and admitted to my friends i had been a Smith’s fan for years.
    Their reaction? What else have you been hiding man.

  2. I spent a good chunk of the 80’s in very horrible emotional pain and distress. As a result, my love of the Smiths was off the chart.

    Morrissey seemed to speak that language better than anyone I’d ever heard before. He was my companion and led the way to being the “heir of nothing in particular”.

    Anyway I loved hearing/seeing this reminder of days that, while I don’t want to revisit in the same way, I shall never forget.

    One day I will get me a scanner and scan in the photos of me going to Pere LaChaise cemetary in Paris to see Jim Morrison’s grave and then Oscar Wilde’s. Oscar’s was smothered in its own Smiths inspired graffiti. “Keats and Yeats are on your side, but Wilde’s on mine.”

  3. Oh Mother,
    I Can Feel
    The Soil Falling Over
    My Head

    And as I climb into an empty bed
    Oh well, enough said

    I first heard of The Smiths in 1984 listening to a local NY (Long Island) radio station, WLIR-FM (92.7). I was hooked on them since. Louder Than Bombs is a great album, but The Queen is Dead blew me away with verses like the one above.

  4. Dave-I know what you mean. But we’re getting old now, and at our age listening to The Smiths is pretty fucking hip if I do say so myself, and as you know, I always do.

    If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been on a Cocteau Twins kick as of late. I love her voice. Well them, and Scratch Acid.

    Nothing quite like following “Lorelei” with “Lay Screaming.”

    Fran- The Smiths are just a great band, and as Spartacus points out Morrissey is an excellent writer. What’s not to like?

    Are you saying emotional pain and distress dissipate as you get older?

    Sparty- Their first album “The Smiths” is also very good.

  5. I loved the Smiths when I was a young, depressed, and alienated young man. Now that I’m an older, depressed and alienated man I still whip out one of their CDs now and then.

    Johnny Marr had some really cool guitar sounds (how soon is now) and Morrissey always cracked me up even when I was down…

    I’d like to drop my trousers to the queen…
    Some girl’s mother’s are bigger than other girl’s mothers…

    I also dug the song meat is murder with the sounds of cows and pigs getting fried. That was enjoyable in my more militant vegetarian days.

    Morrissey also made me want to read Oscar Wilde, although 25 years later I still haven’t. It’s still on my to do list though.

    What I didn’t like about The Smith’s was their arrogance (or maybe it was just Morrissey)–“we’re the greatest band in the world”. Also almost every one of their songs was way too long.

    Two things about Morrissey though…
    I hope he’s finally gotten laid and I wish he’d learn to sing at least one more melody.

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