Of Miracles and Desperation

Pistol Packin DCup


I took this picture yesterday along the highway I drive to work when I take the backroads. Take a look and then tell me… Does this not illustrate our nation’s current state of affairs?

House for Sale

That’s it! We’re selling the house because we’re desparate. We can’t spell either. Thank goodness No Child Left Behind will take care of that in a generation.

Today, crabby and worried about money with the holidays coming up (oranges in stockings are almost as good as XBox360s, right?), I woke up to hear two things about perception that just about sent me over the edge.

#1 George Bush can call the Mideast Summit a success because he got grown men who represent countries with avowed hatred for each other to come together in one room where they agree to eventually agree on some things.

#2 According to some poll, more Americans agree that we are finally having military success in Iraq.

 Well, cupcakes all around, fuckers! This is super news!

Let’s just go ahead and give George Bush yet another pass. His life has been full of them, after all.   Wouldn’t want the Boy King to have to adjust to accountability, would we?

The average American is wondering how to pay the mortgage, the car payment, the ever-increasing fuel costs, buy groceries and still perform Christmas miracles with the aid of WalMart. And the media gives George Bush sweet, sweet love because he finally has invested twenty-two minutes on peace in the Middle East?

This year for Christmas, the Boy King might get his wish. Or at least the illusion of his wish. Yes, shoppers, we might just have witnessed a real Christmas miracle after all. As if by magic, we’re enjoying victory in Iraq. Have you seen the polls, Santa?

Seems the media got the message loud and clear. Enough with those downer stories about people being blown up and killed in Iraq. Give us some good news. And so they did and now Americans are regurgitating the good news back to pollsters.

Dandy. But ask a few military folks, well, former military folks, about their view of our progress in Iraq and you get a slightly different opinion…..House for Sale in fact, this occupation is going so swimmingly that the Army can’t keep its Captains without a $35k signing bonus.

No matter. The media, the pollsters, the pundits. They want you to know that today all is well. George Bush did his job. Not only did he finally win his bonny adventure in the Mideast, he also achieved peace in the middle east.

XMas CupcakeHave another cupcake.

As for domestic issues, well, anything going wrong there is the fault of Congress, states, municipalities and you. If George Bush wished for something good, the media would produce the perception of it. But since he’s already taken care of the people who put him in office, well, there just ain’t much mojo for things that are cluttering your world and causing your angst.

George Bush’s America crumbles because we need weapons, not infrastructure. George Bush’s America is parched in places because sound environmental policies for conservation would be too inconvenient for corporate America.  George Bush’s America is being foreclosed on because regulation is so passe.  George Bush’s America is bleary-eyed stupid because we want the youth to be educated in creation and abstinence, but tested on science and math.

Nevermind that. The holidays are here and the economy needs you to call Citibank or Capitol One and increase that credit limit. Because paying down those credit cards enough to actually use them? Not happening this month. Again.

After you’re done begging the banks for more credit, be sure to stop by your eye doctor for a quick check up. You’ll need to be able to read the labels on those gift packages closely. You are worried about lead poisoning your kids, aren’t you? In case you didn’t know, our government is not in the bidness of protecting you and your wretched brats. You birthed ’em, you’re responsible for their brain damage.

I understand that there will be special kool-aid for the miracle month of December. It’s called egg nog. If you really want to witness a miracle, put a shot of it in your rum. 

And don’t pay any attention to those repo men. They’re just a figment of your………..


~ by dcup on November 28, 2007.

12 Responses to “Of Miracles and Desperation”

  1. Okay, would all you blogging fuckers quit with the quality rants? Some of us have to resort to fucking swearing a lot.

    There will never be accountability for these fucks. Ever. Assuming he leaves office – ha, ha – he’ll ride off into the sunset with lots o’ Iraqi oil loot, the Dems will wring their hands then join theirs to the media and us little people will hear the chorus of letting bygones be bygones in the name of healing. And once the military-industrial-media complex tires of the relative peace and prosperity and is jonesing for a fresh influx of taxpayer warbucks, the American dumbass will listen to the talking hairpieces about the newest edition of bullshit, elect another Republican, and we’ll have part four of Nixon, Reagan and Bush.

    Eventually we’ll nuke ourselves so at least there won’t be a part seven or eight or nine.

  2. Ditto!

  3. Funny how that whole “culture of life” thing does not apply to anyone OUTSIDE of the womb.

  4. “If George Bush wished for something good, the media would produce the perception of it. But since he’s already taken care of the people who put him in office, well, there just ain’t much mojo for things that are cluttering your world and causing your angst.”

    Now there’s a line that screams.

  5. The Goal of this administration is to pass of the responsibility of being accountable for anything it does onto people that can not possible control said situation.

    NCLB is the perfect example. Sure teachers and schools can get better. And I don’t think our education system is design for all students to suceed but who is really responsible for student learning?

    The student and their parents.

  6. DCup-did ya hear that Oprahbama praised Bushy for his efforts to bring peace to the M.E.? Praised him. I shit you not. Maybe Georgie boy is looking to bolster his tarnished and battered rep because, after all, isn’t that why one runs for President? Shit, I can’t wait for his library to open up.

  7. So, let’s see if I have this straight. A week ago everything was pretty chill. Clinton looked totally jam-up for President. We were done with Obama. Bush had the good sense to keep quiet about the legal problems of the defining baseball player of the last three generations. More Republicans had retired from Congress.

    I spend ONE WEEK ignoring the news,operating a bed-and-breakfast-of-the-damned down here and what the fuck’s happened? Bush is a peacemaker. “We’re” winning the war? Obama’s come back like a bad penny behind La-Fifty-Pounds-Of-Crack’s ill-gotten billions? Not to win because he can’t but just enough to un-jam-up Clinton’s jam-up?

    Shit. Clinton’s behind in the head-to-heads against EVERY Republican except Ron Paul? I thought I could depend on everybody to lace ’em up, get on the ice and kill off the penalty. This is no good at all. No, this is really bad. This won’t do at all.

    More crap for me to try to wrap my little mind around. Let’s see…I’ve already come to terms with being a Native New Yorker and seeing 9/11 expropriated by LOS ASQUEROSOS. Fine. I’ve come to terms with being Jewish and seeing Israel expropriated by LOS MALEDUCADOS. What’s next? Never mind. I know EXACTLY what’s next. The Mets have been seized by eminent domain and moved to Wyoming to be reincarnated as the Laramie Dicks.

    Please just make the Giuliani/Obama ticket President for life by fiat and be done with it. That sure would add some clarity to my life.


  8. Some days it doesn’t pay to pay attention. This is one of those days. Sadly, so was yesterday. And tomorrow isn’t looking good either. What will it take to make people pay attention? I guess they won’t until they have to put up a sign with the word desperate on it.

  9. Welcome back, Gurrrl. Welcome all the way back!

  10. … I’d like another cupcake please …


  11. There’s no place like Mars. There’s no place like Mars….

  12. Bush is a genius, he saved ALL the good stuff for his last year…..

    hey its xmas — time to go shopping, fdon’t worry, be happy, the media knows better….. no time for anti-american thoughts….all is well in the US, we are safe from terrorists, Huckabee is the new man of the moment, Laura Bush is a good driver, move along……

    i just cannot believe what i see sometimes.

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