Now Hear This You Mugs!


fairlane1329.jpgSorry for the brief disappearance. I’ve rediscovered painting, and was busy reacquainting myself with my long lost love. (If I had to choose between writing or painting, I’d choose both).

Enough about me.

Our dear friend, and Seriously Sexy Nun of Many Hats and Avatars (I’m not joking about any of it especially the Seriously Sexy Part. Damn! But alas…she’s the married type. Just my luck lately. I think I’m paying some Karmic Penance for my early, mid, and late Twenties…oh, and early Thirties as well. What can I say? I love Women). Anyway, we already said enough about me, didn’t we?

Where was I? Yes…

Mary Ellen at The Divine Democrat is having a live Blogging Session tomorrow during the Democratic Debates in Iowa. If you’ve never visited Mary Ellen, Get Your Fucking Ass Over There!, and if you have visited before, Get Your Fucking Ass Over There!

Here’s the Link with all the Info.

Tomorrow Jonestown will return to its regularly scheduled insanity.

Johnny, sorry about your post man, but this was more pressing.


~ by fairlane on December 4, 2007.

7 Responses to “Now Hear This You Mugs!”

  1. This is very cool. We’re going to the polls in the next months, I’m pretty sure and I’d love to try this during the debates. It ain’t scheduled nicely here, but this time may be a vote of non-confidence and a fallen (about time) government.

    I can’t join this one and can only get NPR online anyhow, although I could open it and then open… oh well, I could do it if I was free.

    Go patriots go!

  2. Painting can be very relaxing. And infuriating. Just like writing!

  3. No worries, mate!

  4. I tried painting once and I’m telling you that is not my talent. I need to stick to the old paint by numbers if I want to produce something that anyone will understand. I do like art and Mr Pop and I have have lots of pieces by local and statewide artist.

    As for the debate today, I’m in too good a mood to get bogged down in that. I know who I’m voting for right now. Fired up! Ready to go! 🙂

  5. Twas so much fun to blog in real time. the debate was well attended. I’ve heard things Joe, I’ve heard things.There’s rumblings of a chat room for the next debate. whooo hoo! everybody speak!

  6. Thanks so much for this plug, fairlane! Thanks to you, I had plenty of bloggers and lots of fun. I would recommend it to anyone who has a blog…the total comments by the end of the day was over 250!

  7. What sucks is, I missed it. I had to go deal with my car.

    Cars! Fuck Henry Ford, Nazi Asshole! (Although I’d never own a Ford, I dislike Henry Ford, and any opportunity to call him a “Nazi Asshole” is too good to pass up).

    ME, you are most welcome.

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