Over the Edge and Far Away

johnny wingnut

penguincoffee.jpg HOLLYWOOD – Movie makers are brimming with excitement over their latest movie release, an adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm called Over the Edge.

Aimed at young audiences, Hollywood is guaranteeing that this will be the feel good movie of the year. “The country is tired of the same old theatrics,” said Viggo Tortellini, Studio Executive for Fox Pictures. “This film packs more of the good wholesome values people have come to expect from us.”

The film which stars government bureaucrat turned movie star, Nancy Pelosi, is slated for release in theaters this fall.

Nancy Pelosi

The story centers on the life of an adorable pig named Nantucket (played by Pelosi) who lives in a gated community of privileged swine, run by a kindly man named Bush (played by Richard Dreyfus). All seems well as day after day Nantucket and her fellow pigs enjoy the good life, lying around all day feasting on the choicest food and drink.

That is, until Nantucket discovers the awful truth. After an evening stroll with an aardvark named Koffka (played by John Murtha) and singing a duet reminiscent of Aladin’s A Whole New World, Nan finds out that Bush is really an evil factory farmer intent on ridding the world of swine, thus solving the international bacon, ham, and sausage shortage. “Soon there will enough pork for everyone!” he says with a laugh.

John Murtha

In a performance that would make Charlton Heston envious, Nantucket demands that Bush let her people go, and after smiting farmer Bush with all manner of plagues, finally succeeds in securing her fellow swine’s freedom. [SPOILER ALERT!] Following a protracted chase across dung infested pasture, Nantucket mistakes the horizon for the promised land and leads the entire swine horde to charge headlong over a cliff into the sea.

The writers of the film are adamant that any resemblance characters in the movie have to real people or biblical characters and or stories is strictly coincidental.. “This movie has a political edge to it, sure, but we feel we stayed true to Orwell’s original vision of Animal Farm,” said Aiden Renownski co-writer of the film’s script. “We tried hard to make the movie as politically neutral as possible, while still remaining true to Orwell.

Animal Farm

~ by johnnywingnut on December 6, 2007.

7 Responses to “Over the Edge and Far Away”

  1. Were there any MSM piggies nudging them on when they got to the precipice?

  2. I’m not being a dick. I really don’t get it and there’s not a bombardment of Hollywood news here in CdP. I know who Viggo Mortensen is. I reckon this is satire, HORATIAN satire, si o no? Other than that, I’m lost. I’m guessing you’re making fun of earnest Hollywood liberals No argument, we need their money as a fail-safe from Nazism but they do make a big target. I’m also guessing you don’t share a point of view with them as regards the 43rd president, si o no? I’m kind of buffalo-ed by the rest of the joke.

  3. Judging by the lack of response on this one, Kelso, I’d say you’re not alone…or perhaps everyone is out Christmas shopping. More than likely it’s the former.

    I’ll just say this: If it has to be explained, well…it’s probably not worth it. Just use this one for TP and hit flush. So be it. I guess it’s better to be buried at sea, than not at all.

    Have a good one and stay strong.

  4. Why does everything have to be so darn complicated? Why can’t piggies just be piggies? It sounds like you’re saying that now I have to separate the Democrats who want change from the Democrats who want to eat everything in their end of the trough.

    Damn. When is the Minnesota primary.

    Sign me,
    Leaning toward Obama.

  5. I must admit, this isn’t a favorite of mine either.

    I’ll take the hit on this one JW.

    It’s been a strange week.

    And Rational, where in the fuck were you? I thought you fell off the face of the earth?

    “Is it safe?”

    Nice to hear from you again.

  6. Ok,I’ll come clean…I didn’t comment on this before because I just didn’t get it and didn’t know how to respond. It’s not that this was a bad post, I’m just not always that quick on the uptake. Sorry. I feel so lame. 😦

  7. Not as lame as yours truly, Mary Ellen. Thanks for playing, anyway. Satire is like that sometimes. You need the annotated version to get all the symbolism (both covert and overt). Read an annotated version of Gulliver’s Travels; you’ll see what I mean. It’s like, “Damn! I thought this was just a children’s story.” What a surprise to find that Gulliver’s adventures were Swift’s way of sticking pins and needles into the scientific establishment of his day. See you next time.

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