Talk to me about abortion

Talk to me about abortion

Only if you also talk to me about:

13 million children going hungry.

More than 9 million children with no health insurance.

Almost a million and a half homeless kids.

More than a fourth of all households headed by women living under the poverty line.


Talk to me about abortion

Only if you also talk to me about:

2 million inmates in the prison industry, with 65% of them black.

Poor and minority families provided with inferior education, inferior housing, inferior health care.

Black youth criminalized and controlled in a phony drug war.

Poor people, many of them black, left to die in New Orleans.


Talk to me about abortion

Only if you also talk to me about:

Women still treated as inferior to men.

The continuous battering and sexual abuse of women.

Sexual assault in the family.

Women demeaned, objectified, and exploited daily in the media.

Lower wages and less opportunity for women.


Talk to me about abortion

Only if you also talk to me about:

Hundreds of thousands of innocent people slaughtered in the Iraq War, including many thousands of children.

Millions of children impoverished and dying of hunger and disease worldwide.

Corporations poisoning out water, food, and air while exploiting and impoverishing Third World countries.

Women and children enslaved in sweat shops so that corporations can make huge profits.

The U.S. practicing torture, secret renditions, and assassinations.

The existence of nuclear weapons, giving human beings the power to wipe out entire nations, and even the entire human race.

Addiction to oil causing catastrophic climate change threatening millions of lives, while politicians deny the problem.


Talk to me about abortion

Only if you also talk to me about

Sexism, white supremacy, hate crimes, homophobia, religious bigotry, corruption, misogyny, racism, fascism, election fraud, death squads, treason, imperialism, and genocide.


Talk to me about abortion

Only if you talk to me about all these other things.


Otherwise, don’t talk to me.




~ by cdash on December 18, 2007.

14 Responses to “Talk to me about abortion”

  1. I am always shocked when I hear those that say we should not allow others to abort a fetus. Who are the we?

    Man cannot have a penny, yet he throws his one cent in on what a woman should do with her body and her life.

    There is a strong wind of Evangelicals that talk about what is wrong in reference to what the Bible has to say. If they really take a course in Religion and stop listening to their Leader translates what he wants and brain wash the followers into false teachings. They to would understand that each person is given free choice and that choice belongs to them not the Evangelicals.

    It’s not my business about a womans decision to have a baby or not that is between that woman and if she allows, her husband or friend.

  2. you forget the wonderful ‘pro-life’ folks who are also ‘pro-death penalty’ — lets talk about that as well….

    what a country

  3. I don’t know what hallucinogens you guys are ingesting, but everything is just fine in America. Just fine, dammit! So, how about those abortions!

  4. What a great post. I love the way you’ve used the repettion of don’t talk to me…..

    This issue is so frustrating for me because, like you, I’m sickened by the hypocrisy of those who’d forbid a woman the righ to choose, but who agree with all manner of injustice, horror, maiming and killing of living people.

  5. The post is a damned thing of great beauty. It’s a killer work of writing and I could not agree with you more.

  6. I’m glad I wasn’t aborted.

  7. Wonderful. Just a great post. I find it a bit easier to listen to those who are anti-abortion if they are anti-death penalty, anti-war and work to support children and their families who are poor. I don’t run into those folks often.

  8. This is one of my “sick to death” pieces. In this case, I’m sick to death of all the pseudo-moralistic rubbish spouted by the anti-women (oh, excuse me, I meant “pro-life”) fanatics who’d just as soon see you go to hell once you are born and in this world.

  9. Please if you choose to include Iraq, also Somalia, Albania, Kosovo, Zaire(doesn’t exist anymore), Macedania, there are more but those are my experineces.
    Really the best thing would be a mass suicide of all human beings then everything would be well enough for another species to take the top role of Earth.

  10. I agree. Let’s get our priorities straight, then we can talk about this.

  11. You know Wyld? Sometimes I think “mass suicide” is exactly what we’re doing, but we don’t have the courage to do it outright so, we do it piecemeal.

  12. Agree.

  13. This is one of the best posts I’ve ever read. Poetic and to the point. Nice work.

  14. another point … don’t talk to me about abortion if you forbid sex education in the schools … high school AND elementary. and don’t talk to me about abortion if you are denying contraceptives and family planning advice to UN- and US-funded aid missions to third-world countries.

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