In Case You Were Wondering…


fairlane1329.jpgIn case anyone was wondering, I’m still around. Family matters are taking priority over blogging, and pretty much everything else at this moment (I’ll write about it next week).

So, I’m still around, and I’ll be back soon, just in case you noticed.

If you didn’t notice, piss off!

For the time being, I hope my fellow Jonestownians can hold down the fort.

They are more than capable.

* I do want to say one thing. Not to gloat, but you heard it hear first about Roger Clemens, and Steroids.

I told you that Mother Fucker was a cheat!

Predictably he’s being defended by the same Hack Sports “Writers” who had no problem smearing Barry Bonds.

~ by fairlane on December 20, 2007.

16 Responses to “In Case You Were Wondering…”

  1. I haven’t gotten around to sending out most of my holiday cards (fuck you Bill O’reilly), so no worries. It’s a busy time.

  2. i was just telling Tengrain that i’ve been so busy getting everyone else’s holiday cards (yeah, you heard it HERE, O’Rickity) printed out that i don’t know that i’ll ever do my own again.

    i had indeed noticed your absence. naturally, i figured it was entirely personal. i’m relieved to hear it was merely a case of you running off with Roger Clemens and doing steroids together behind the dugout.

    family comes first, dude. best wishes and all that sappy stuff.

  3. I told you that Mother Fucker was a cheat!

    I always said so too. People would get really ticked off at me for insisting Clemens was using “the juice,” but you just have to follow his career.

    In Toronto, he tanks, the trainer with the goodies appears and BAM. Clemens is pitching like a kid again. He goes to the Yankees and the his numbers tank again. The Yankees hire the same trainer with the goodies appears and Bam. He pitches like he’s 21.


    Even Andy Pettitte came clean in a lame sort of way and admitted he cheated but not Roger Clemens.

  4. Yeah, I did wonder and took it quite personally.

    Or I would have, were it not such a busy time here, too.

  5. You were gone?



  6. Family obligations? I’m disappointed in you. I merely assumed that you were hard at work on your plans to overthrow the government using the latest internet technology.

    You let me down, man. Now I don’t believe in nothing no more. I’m going to law school!

  7. No problem kiddo, I’ll see ya when you get back…but don’t blame me if I start putting religious shit all over your blog, you snooze-you lose. 😉

    Hope everything is ok and you survive whatever is happening at home. Take care.

  8. You nailed Roger.
    They just might make roids legal now

  9. I haven’t been but now that I do, I will make sure the guards are notified.

  10. Have a good break man. Forget Clemens, I have always suspected that you are on steroids. No one can blog like that without some serious juice going on…

    Have yourself a Merry little Christmas and if Jesus shows up, hide the bong dude.

  11. Boss!

    Can we assume that you’ve installed the spyware and the surveillance cameras to make sure the staff isn’t fucking around, running with scissors, looking at porn or stealing you blind?

    And I believe I have a deadline due…..

  12. would you just have a great holiday!
    the roid rage can resume next week

  13. You and your family be well, Fairlane and come back to us ASAP!

  14. Just dropping by to see what’s up and to wish you and your family holiday cheer. This is a busy time of year so I think we all sure do understand. Take care.

  15. Stopped by too and glad to hear all is well. Didja notice that everybody you always knew was taking steroids was on the list? Do they get them all on perjury charges? I wish. Unfortunately, the ones that concern me are the Blackwater guys and others in positions of power and authority.

    Ichiro’s not on the list.

    Happy Christmas and keep your head down.

  16. Well I have not been here for ages due to my own insane schedule of late. I hope you are well Fairlane and send good thoughts.

    Fucking Roger Clemens… Grrrrrrr!

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