The Jonestown Super Team


fairlane1329.jpgJonestown would like to welcome our two newest members to this world of obsessive profanity, pre-marital sex, terrorist loving, and all around debauchery.

Everyone, please, wish them well, pray they have their shots (Especially for Hepatitis and HPV), and join me in saying-

Drum Roll My Good Man…

For Your Pleasure, Please Welcome (In no particular order)

M. Frederick Voorhees


Suzi Riot

No, it’s not fair, but anyone who thinks I’m about “Equality,” “Fairness,” “Love,” “Kumbaya,” and whatever else they dream up in Cookie Factories has not been paying attention.

I’ll be back in a day or so, and Mother Fucker do I have a lot to say.


~ by fairlane on December 26, 2007.

11 Responses to “The Jonestown Super Team”

  1. Welcome, MFV and Suzi!

    The pay sucks, the boss is a demanding lunatic and there’s never any coffee in the fucking pot.

    But there’s always kool-aid, you can usually find some some mind-altering but low-cal substance in the bosses drawers (desk or otherwise) and your colleagues won’t steal your stapler. They may use it for a sex-toy, but they’ll be sure to return it.

    Oh, and there’s rubbing alcohol in the cabinet where we keep the plastic cups. So. Welcome!

  2. Thanks, D-Cup! I’m honored to be asked to blog with the likes of Fairlane, you, and the other members of the Jonestown Super Team.

    Now I have to actually come up with a worthy post.

  3. Well, by all means “Welcome!” I’m looking forward to your future posts and also looking forward to seeing what is on Fairlane’s mind. I’m just glad I’ll be reading it from a safe place behind my computer screen, he sounds a little irate. 😉

  4. Not familiar with the work of the Dutchman, but I know SuziRiot well and congratulations on a brilliant draft pick there!

  5. Oh it just keeps getting more interesting around here. Where’s my kool aid??? I am thirsty!

  6. What isn’t fair? I don’t get it.

    I have “acquired” a new toy, and I may have to give up blogging to make more time for it.

  7. I meant to say, I may leave the blogosphere to become a full-time scientist. Oh, and welcome to your new members.

  8. good stuff i cannot wait.

  9. Welcome Fredrick Vorhees and Suzi Riot. Looking forward to your posts.

  10. Nifty.

  11. Welcome to the asylum.

    We ate the chef, and the snack machine is out to lunch.

    I recommend brown bagging it.

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