Auntie Meme, Auntie Meme, It’s a Twister!!!


fairlane1329.jpgAlthough I’m still recovering from the recent barrage of “Blogging Awards/Memes,” I decided to honor this most recent Award given to me by none other than The Invisible Woman aka Scarlet W. Blue (My On-line Sweetheart/Soul Mate).

Scarlet is quite possibly the sexiest woman in the Western Hemisphere, and is one of the few people (Male or Female) who makes me laugh. The irony, cynicism, and caustic sarcasm in her words are a breath of fresh air, and I love her more and more with each post.

The Progenitor of said Meme is someone I’ve never heard of (NoDirectOn), and because of that I will not be linking to them. If they want to get pissy about it, they can talk to my friend Guido who serves as my official Mediator.

Guido (above) packing for a Business Trip

Guido is an expert negotiator, and is more than willing to do house calls in case you want to file a complaint.

I will give NDO credit for the description of said award not because I think it’s profound or anything, but because after reading it, I couldn’t help wondering if Scarlet has ever actually read any of my posts (Say it ain’t so Scarlet).

“It is intended to be a sign that says: this blog is cool & crazy, and the blog owner is not afraid to admit it. They are running their blogs to be a true reflection of their own personality and they stick to it. They are providing an atmosphere that makes their visitors feel welcome as members of their blogs’ community. They manage to use the right tone of voice, write about an inspiring choice of subjects and treat their visitors and their fellow bloggers as friends. And they all do that without taking themselves or their blogs too serious, in spite of all the time and the crazy hard work they put into it.”

Clearly Scarlet does not know me as well as she thinks.

Here’s the Award-

Thank you Scarlet. Awards are so much nicer than Hepatitis and/or Scabies (Easier to treat as well).

I will not be passing said Award onward however, simply because it’s impossible to pick only one or two worthy candidates from my list of fellow blogging lunatics.

You are all worthy.

Okay, I was planning to write an actual post, but when you’re in a relationship sometimes you have to sacrifice for the greater good (The needs of the many, and all that “I Love People” bullshit).


I promise (In case you care, and I know you do) I will be writing a real live post soon.

Until then, remember…

One, or both?, of these men is/are currently living in the White House.

One was fried in a Floridian Electric Chair, the other has been fried since the early Seventies.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

*Sorry I’m not getting around as I once did, (Damn that sounds like the conversation I had with one of my Ex-girlfriends recently. Mother Fucker getting old is a Bitch!).

I still love each and everyone of you in that “I don’t really know anything about you other than you have a cool avatar” kind of way.

I won’t promise you a rose garden, but I’ll try to get around from time to time to say something completely unrelated to your post, sarcastic or both.


~ by fairlane on December 29, 2007.

16 Responses to “Auntie Meme, Auntie Meme, It’s a Twister!!!”

  1. Your proclamations of love inspired me to go check out the Invisible Woman’s blog. You’re right: she is wickedly smart and funny. Thanks for leading me to yet another great blogger.

    And you are very Cool and most definitely Crazy.

  2. I second the award to you and agree with your assessment of the Invisible Woman’s blog. You are both most cool and likely not so very crazy.

    I hope it’s a new love that’s claimed your attention – not just the one I know you have for all mankind. I love mankind too – it’s people I can’t stand.

    Take it easy and keep smiling 😉

  3. Nice that your invisible girlfriend gives you awards, Fairlane.

    Just stay away from sharp objects, ‘K?



  4. fairlane
    you are one of the cool kids at the cool lunch table.

    and as for being fried……

  5. Memes and various other internets-ery are good because you can write up a post, see it on the screen, and fulfill your daily quota. That’s how I look at it. All you fuckers do the politics better anyway, so I’m just going to sit in the corner and get drunk.

    I think what we can all take away from this post is that if you’re a vile, murderous fuck, you’ll smile a lot. Everyone, go kill something!

  6. congrats on yet another award, meme-meister. i hope you have space in your sidebar. geez!

    okay, well, i’m off to kill something. with a smile!

  7. Holy shite that pair of photos scared the living bejesus out of me and the dead bejesus too!

    This was well deserved, you cool crazy fucker you.

  8. sheesh … all the good ones are taken.


  9. Hope all is well with you and your daughter! ; )

  10. Dude, are you drunk blogging? I’m just jealous… of your, uh, award.

  11. Suzi- I think as of late my “crazy” is overriding my “cool.”

    And yes, Scarlet is great.

    Susan- Unfortunately, a new love is not on the current agenda.

    Right now the agenda is a tad fucked, but I always was a stubborn bastard.

    Ten- Are you comparing Scarlet to an inflatable doll?

    DCNY- I never once sat at the “cool kid’s” table.

    I did, however, sell the “cool kids” weed.

    Randal- True, memes etc do provide an easy out.

    It is strange how cold blooded killing, and smiling seem to go hand in hand.

    Commander- Until I started this blog, I don’t think I’d ever won anything in my entire life.

    Fran- Right back at you, you cool, crazy fucking Catholic.

    Anita- Ain’t it the truth?

    Coffee- Thanks, me too.

    Frieda- Maybe “honor” is a better description.

    I never drink, and blog. I have too many fucked up ideas in my head that might spill out if I’m intoxicated.

    Jonestown is a testament to my restraint.

  12. Oh, I was incoherently implying inappropriate jealousies re: you or Scarlet or both, rather than attempting to diminish your honor by calling it an award. I will turn the tables on myself and ask why do I drnuk blgo frmo wokr at 9:30 on a Sunday morning. I hope even one person thinks I am joking about something in this. Great Blog ya got here. Is that what I wanted to say?

  13. Then I’ll hope that all works out soon.

  14. I AM an inflatable doll. Only I’m full of laughing gas. Or some gas of some sort. I tend to hover near the ceiling anyway.

    Ah, Fairlane, you silver-tongued devil you. Don’t stop.

    Seriously, I’m flattered. I make FAIRLANE LAUGH! Which is cool because Fairlane makes me laugh so hard, I have tears in my eyes after most posts.

    Blog on, Fairlane. I’m going to check out more of Suzi Riot….

  15. You know, I’ve been thinking about the fact that you put W and me in the same post. I’m a little creeped out about that. 😉

  16. Frieda- You can say whatever you want.

    Sometimes sarcasm gets lost on teh Internets.

    Scarlet- Yeah, I apologize about the Bundy vs. Bush picture. It’s simply uncanny how much they look alike, and I try to put it up whenever I can even if it’s unrelated to the post.

    You know I think you’re dreamy.

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