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Happy Gnu Year Boys and


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~ by fairlane on January 1, 2008.

14 Responses to “This Just In…”

  1. Happy Gnu Year to all of you too. 2008 will definitely require some astute and amusing observers and you fit the bill 🙂

    As for me, I’m just going back to painting – a pretty picture now and then never hurts.

  2. Happy-Same-Old-Shit-DIfferent Number Year, Jonestown Crew. Thanks for making me feel a little more smarter and a little dirty every once in a while. The world need more of that, we all know.

  3. And to you and all the fine residents of Jonestown, too.



  4. Jonestown:

    Thanks for being real American patriots and keeping me tethered somewhat to the nation of my birth. It is all too easy sometimes for we Spanish-speaking expats to fall reflexively into a cruelly-anti American way of being and feeling. It’s too easy and too much fun to use words like “payaso” (clown), “asqueroso” (nauseating), “grosero” (vulgar), “maleducado” (impolite) when referring to our former countrymen and countrywomen. Make no mistake about it, despite regional rivalries with Colombia and Venezuela, Panama is very much a SOUTH AMERICAN country and as such tends to take its cues from Western Europe, not from our most recent occupier to the North. We can always tell which Americans here will survive and which will turn tail under cover of night owing their asses to the shylocks: how eager that American is to learn how to speak Spanish. A very strong indicator indeed.

    Still, I remember and have fondness for an America which was not a dictatorship — I mean a country not guided by a “unitary executive”. Jonestown shows me it’s still there. It’s numbers are growing fewer, but it’s still there.

  5. Happy New Year, Boss!

  6. Nifty.
    Have a good year.

  7. Happy new ten months, you raving lunatics!

  8. Susan- I myself recently returned to painting. Although I’m not too good at it, I think I actually like painting more than writing.

    Writing seems like work sometimes.

    Frieda- Thanks for making me one of your MySpace buddies. I still don’t know how in the fuck you found me. I never go there, and when I do it’s only to delete “friend” requests (Or whatever they call them) from “Tiffany,” and her pals from Silicone Valley.

    I joined so I could converse with my cousin, and in four months we’ve never used it.

    Ten- Appreciate it holmes. (I can’t decide if you’re a “holmes” or a “homie.” Do you have a preference?)

    K- We’re trying, but mother fucker it ain’t easy.

    DCup- I haven’t seen anything from you in some time. I don’t remember including vacation days in your benefit’s package.

    Wyld- We (Meaning the seven of us, not the chicken voices in my head) will do our best.

    Randal- Same to you, you crazy son of a bitch.

  9. Happy New Year Fairlane! Hope 2008 is a good year for us all!

  10. Then, I shall demystify it for you now. When you were so kind as to remove a comment I requested and responded by email, your email address went into my address book, which can be searched for matches and your address in my yahoo matched the address of your profile. Anything else you want me to demystify? I try.

  11. Happy New Year to all of Jonestown, too.

  12. Fairlane & Co. (aka Jonestown Superteam)

    A happy gnu year to you all. Now that the team is fully(?) assembled, I expect to see great things from you all. Ya’ know, the same ol’ sheet…write, feed the hungry, world peace, pony up for chinese take out. The usual.

  13. Here’s to hoping by this time in 09 we are all shit faced happy as a result of the 08 elections. I’m tired of getting up after elections and crying in my coffee. It’s time things went our way for a change, a good change. I’m not kidding.

  14. Maui- I have my fingers crossed.

    Frieda- Thanks for the clarification.

    Now, can you undo this curse hanging over my head?

    Scarlet- No special love for your one and only?


    Spart- We’ll get on it immediately.

    DCup said something about ending world hunger with a Milk Drive.

    PoP- I’m with you, and I’m not kidding either.


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