fairlane’s New Year’s Resolutions

fairlane1329.jpgBefore moving on with my Resolutions for 2008, I would like (With your permission of course) to wax nostalgic about the worst two year stretch of my life.

Let’s Reminisce Shall We?

-On New Year’s Day 2006, I sat in this very spot realizing I’d just broken up with the only woman I ever wanted to marry. To say I was in shock is an understatement. In fact, I was so out of it I actually called my mother for moral support (She promptly told me in that Compassionate Conservative way we’ve all grown to love and admire over the last 7 years, “You need to get over it”).

Thanks Mom.

I have not spoken to said girl in two years, and that decision will go down (Barring Divine Intervention) as the most Asinine, Idiotic, Dumb Shit, Moronic, Life Altering Mistake I ever made.

Fortunately, in hindsight, that was just the warm-up.

Moving on-

-In March of 2006, I lost my job at an Engineering Firm due to a change in the visitation schedule with my daughter (I went from having her 50% of the time to having her 80% of the time, which was cool for me, but not so much for my Supervisor who needed me to travel).

-As a result, I lost my health insurance.

-I then, serendipitously, came down with appendicitis a few months later and almost died (At one point I also owed the hospital, surgeons, their children, and a couple of orderlies around $50,000).

-Four months after I recovered, my cat Hank died in my arms after being my Number One Homie for 13 plus years.

-Oh, I forgot to mention. During all of this, my step-father is battling lung cancer (Never smoked).

Let’s continue-

-I ran into a girl I’ve wanted to “Hook Up” with (Is that wrong?) since my early twenties. Things were going well, and I thought my day was finally coming (Cumming?) after she called me while I was in California to say she wished I was with her at the Wilco show she just attended.

But alas…

Per usual she soon met some Asshole who was the “Next Great Thing,” and not long afterward we stopped speaking completely because her “Boyfriends” never like me. (We won’t go into her issues. I said I wanted to “Hook Up,” not Marry her Co-Dependent ass).

-I invested in an Internet Business that was supposed to take care of my money concerns only to find myself over a year fucking later still waiting for the Mother Fucker to launch the Goddamn Thing!!

-Two months ago some Weeble Wobble looking Fat Ass, in an SUV no less, decided she couldn’t wait the two seconds it would take for me to pass her, and instead went ahead and turned despite the fact I was only three car lengths (At the most) away from her at the time.

Needless to say, it didn’t work out, and the FUCK totaled my car in which I’d just put a new engine (I was waiting for another generation of the Civic Hybrid to come out before purchasing one).

Subsequently, I got screwed by her Insurance Company, and as a result of Her Negligence I received about a third of the money my totaled car was worth.

-My two youngest sisters, including the Lesbian, got married, leaving me as the lone hold out.

-My father was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer (That’s “Prostrate Cancer” for you Kentuckians), and is scheduled to have surgery in February.

-Two days after his last daughter was married, my step-father finally succumbed to cancer. “Passing Away” at my youngest sister’s house ten minutes before sunrise on December 17th, 2007.

All of us were there with him, and if it’s possible to leave this place in peace, he came as close as you can get.

Personally, I see nothing “profound” in Death.

To me it’s the ultimate slap in the face.

I think that’s about it, but if I remember anything else I’ll revise the post.

Pretty sweet run if I do say so myself, and…

*Quick story about “Prostrates.”

One of my former co-workers is married to a Complete Mouth Breather. One night they were watching one of those “20/20” shows, and they had a segment on how eating Tomatoes is good for the old “Prostrate.”

A few days later they were out having dinner, and her husband encouraged her to order something with Tomatoes. When she asked him why, he responded, “They’re good for your Prostrate.”*

Back to the Pity Party…

Now, before you go heaving sympathy on me, I’m not writing this for that reason, so, please don’t insult me. I simply needed to put it down where it’s concrete so I, and you, can look it over because sometimes sharing helps. At least, that’s what my Therapist tells me. She says keeping everything in my head is detrimental to my mental health. Of course, I always counter by saying, “Living in this fucked up world is detrimental to my Mental Health. There are too many dumbasses. I need to be Emperor for a couple of months so I can weed most of them out.” She then revises her statement telling me it’s not necessary to share “All” of my thoughts.

“Use your filter.”

Filter? I’m not a Goddamn Swimming Pool.

I do appreciate your concern, and if you feel the need to offer your naked body as a healing tonic I’m more than willing to listen to any, and all offers. Simply send me an e-mail through the link conveniently located in the sidebar.

But let’s not lose perspective, too much.

I’m still here. Despite his best efforts, Whitey hasn’t brought me down just yet. He gave me one Hell of a Fucking Gut Shot, but I’m a tough Son of a Bitch, and being a Perpetual Optimist, or just plain Hard Headed, I don’t give up easily.

Interestingly enough, this blog, which was birthed out of boredom, has helped me weather the storm. The blogosphere (Stupid Fucking Word) gives me a place where I can discard my “Filter,” and say whatever in the Fuck I want to say (My friends, Therapist and family will probably ask, “Don’t you do that anyway? Isn’t that something you actually need to do less?”)

But what do those Schmucks know?

Blogging, because I rarely watch television or read newspapers, also keeps me connected to the “Outside World.”

If I didn’t work on 9/11, I probably wouldn’t have know about the attacks until who knows when. Thank God too. I had this routine planned out for a Yankee’s fan in my office about bombing Yankee Stadium.

Anyway, I’m still alive, still kicking, still running off at the Fucking Keyboard, and despite it all, for some Unknown Reason, I don’t feel half bad.

Damn, I’ve already written almost 1200 words.

I guess I better get on with it.

Studies show that Americans have very limited attention spans.

fairlane’s (Yes, I use a small “f”) 2008 New Year’s Resolutions (In No Particular Order)

1) I promise to use parentheses more often. Side notes, tangential thoughts, and inane internal banter are key to my Blogging Success.

(Who doesn’t love a good parentheses?)

2) I promise to curse way Fucking more. People simply do not curse enough, and I feel it is my duty, as a Patriot, to pick up their slack.

Lazy Mother Fuckers!

3) I will finish my book.

It’s like pulling teeth from a Fucking Rabid Crocodile, but it must be done, and it will be.

So help me Gandhi!

4) I will make money off of the Internet Business in which I invested.

Either he is going to get his Shit Together or I’m going to Sue his Monkey Ass for a cool 1.2 million (I’m so Fucking sick of Monkey Fuckers).

One way or Another…

5) Somehow, someway, my ex and I are going to meet up, and something good will come from it.

I’m not saying we’ll get back together a la “When Harry Met Sally,” but we were too close to go without ever speaking to one another again.

That’s stupid.

You just don’t meet many people in this life you truly love.

Remember that one kids.

6) I will continue to enjoy my daughter who is, without a doubt, the coolest Fucking Kid in the Entire Son of a Bitching World.

And like her father, the Girl is a Damn Genius.


7) I will finish the painting I started as a Tribute to my Step-Father, before the end of the month.

Although we were never close, he was a good man, and did the best he could.

I’m mixing his ashes into four five paintings; one for each of my sisters, and now myself.

Here’s what it looks like thus far- (Let me know what you think Susan. Do I have a future or should I hang up my brushes?)


I still need to tweak the colors, straighten a few lines, put in the details, and start the fifth canvas (My sisters insisted that I add a painting for myself), but that’s the basic design.

Eventually a circle will go in the center intersecting all of the paintings, which is why some patterns are not aligned.

7) I will, at long last, make my living solely from Art.

When I lost my job at the Engineering Firm, I vowed to never work for another person again.

Unless your last name is Hilton or you’re a Fucking Mooch, you must have money in this Country to survive, and I can’t think of a better way to make money than through Art.

8) I will enjoy my 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid (Yes, I got the Mother Fucker!), and I promise to make all the payments.

9) I will do a better job appreciating my family.

I tend to be a loner, and although that will never completely change, I do need to spend more time with my people.

Fuck, we’re getting old!

10) I promise to discard my “Filter,” which means I will continue, but with more bluster, to say what some (Many?) of you think, but do not say.

Of course, you are free to do the same.

11) We, and yes, I mean you DCup, Dash, JWN, Suzi, MFV, and Dave, will continue to provide quality entertainment, insight, and the general insanity to which we’ve all grown accustomed.

I used to think blogging was Gay, but now I see it’s usefulness, and despite my bias, I have yet to find a blog quite like this one on teh Internets.

I’m very proud of the group we’ve assembled-

Three Cheers for The Jonestown Clan (Super Team)!!!!

I guess that’s enough for now.

I actually have about 25 more things I want to accomplish, but I’ll be lucky to get through three or four on my current list.

I hope 2008 is the best yet for each, and every one of you.

Unless you’re an Uber-Schmuck, and then may you develop a horrific case of Scabies accompanied by raging shingles with a couple of Bot Flies in your ass for good measure.

One last thing.

In case you forgot or didn’t know, Dash is going through the Shit, and he could use a kind word or two.

(1900 something words)

Take care, don’t forget to write, and…


~ by fairlane on January 3, 2008.

30 Responses to “fairlane’s New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Pana:

    2005-06 were my “years in the barrel,” yet even as recently as last week as my father and I drank the night away waiting for the completetion of my mother’s surgery we had to discuss some hard, hard things.

    There’s so much I wish I could write not to compete as to who’s had it tougher but to let you know that I am available to share my experieces with you with regard to love, women, sex, success, failure, losses personal and financial, and the unfairness of it all. Unfortunately, what I’d share with you is beyond even your generous filter and would not be suitable in any way for blogging. It might even include some ways of extracting maximum value from your internet business. It would have to be man-to-man over skype or over the phone. I have a cheap cable calling plan, btw. And if things ever got really hairy, I got way more apartment than I need here down in CdP.

    I never say “look on the bright side,” because often things just suck and continue sucking for no good reason. That said, 2007 was not a total minus for you. You built Jonestown into a force. You have a personal artistic goal. You can spend lots of time with your daughter. You are alive and sentient. You’re a bright guy, which is good in a way because you have the means to express the pain and rage, and bad because you have to feel them a little more.

    At any rate, I’m around. And I’ve been around the block a few times. We all try to blog without filter, but my friends’ confidences are sacrosanct.

    Be well, friend.


  2. I agree, getting shit out of your head and into the air is good for you. That’s why I wrote my Christmas stories, not for pity but to get them out of my memory and into the sunshine. Once I wrote them, they were no longer the burden they once were.

    No resolutions here, just trying to continue to hang in there, even when it goes against the odds.

    Happy New Year and let’s hope this one comes to a better end than others have.

  3. You can’t make up a year like the one you’ve lived through. It’s the stuff of nightmares.

    They say losing a relationship and a job carry greatest stress only surpassed by a death. You’ve hit the stress trifecta.

    I don’t believe in God so I can’t suggest prayer. But it looks like nothing more can happen to you so maybe it’s time to buy some lottery tickets or gamble a $1,000 in Vegas? You deserve a win and some better days.

    Not being pollyanna-ish but, at very least, the Motherfucker from Midland will be gone this year and the Bush/Cheney junta will come to a close. Take heart in this and the knowledge you survived them.

  4. Good grief, Fairlane, or I guess it’s fairlane, you and I have the same kind of luck. I hope this is the year my begins to turn around, too.

    Is that really your daughter in the photo? She’s adorable! What a dear, sweet face.

    Most of what I say is parenthetical.

  5. Life’s a Bitch sometimes, isn’t it?

    While still married to my Mom, my dad was looking up an old beau from way back when. He eventually married her (she’d already been married 5 or 6 Xs). Uh, he got divorced about 10 yrs ago.

    I thought the lady I married was the one. When my son graduated and she came out, she was nary a trace of who she was when we met. Go figure.

    Although once tempted to look someone up I never hooked up with,although close friends for many years (she was beautiful and also a ballet dancer) I figured I wasn’t good enough so left it at friends and am glad I did.

    Anyway once can only go up from where we end up after things like this.

    Hang in there Bro! Cheers!

  6. holy moly fairlane, a tough couple of years to be sure. my own REALLY bad years started from 2001 and continued pretty much unabatedly until just recently. so i can definitely, uh, hmmm … feel your pain. i’m glad, though, and this is very important, that you can continue to laugh in the face of it all. i really believe that if you can keep yourself laughing at the absurdity of it all (or have people around you who can KEEP YOU LAUGHING, which i do and it seems that you do, too) one can overcome just about anything without being (excuse the cliche, i can’t help myself) “too much worse for the wear.”

    one note on cats. i lost my 15-year-old friend, boysingly, the thanksgiving before last. he, too, died in my arms. i’ve since gotten two new kittens, and while they will never replace The Boy (who was with me throughout what i consider my most “formative” adult years and, sadly i feel, bore the brunt of some bad times), they are very sweet and are wonderful companions.

    all the best for your new year, fairlane.

  7. Fuck man, that’s some hard shit. But trust me, swearing more will fucking help, and even though you won’t make a living off of the creative process – because if I can’t, you can’t, muahahahaha – you have your daughter, who’s cute as a button. I’ll stop before we end up in sappy territory, which doesn’t help support our internets personas. Hope you have a great 2008, my friend.

  8. Fairlane, I feel ya and admire any and all efforts to cuss more. My mother is very ill from a rare lung disease (CVIG, actually not a lucg disease, but it severely damaged her lungs before her diagnosis and the prognosis is grim) and my uncle was very recently diagnosed the the colon cancer that has spread to his liver and heart and see I really feel ya and appreciate your comments ’cause I’m such an ungrateful bitch that I half the time want to leave my pretty good husband and that would be just about the dumbest thing I could do. I just need to get laid more and maybe my resolutions can take care of that and I offer my naked body in comfort from afar as well, ’cause I can without a goddamn fucking consequence in the world and maybe it’ll help ya for about 6.5 seconds. Best of luck and even more so skill in this new year. I’m jealous as goddamn fucking hell of your hybrid. When I get the big teacher bucks, that’s what I’m gettin’.

  9. Yeah, I’d say that year fucking blew for you, fairlane. As requested, sparing the pity and saying I’m curious about the book (and good luck with it). If you’ve already blogged about it, my apologies, I’m still new to Jonestown.

  10. The painting is awesome. What a kick-ass idea.

    I think we all could use a better year. Haven’t even begun to think of any goals for the new one but I did vaguely think about really focusing on the art. so okay. I’ll go w/that one.

    Happy New Year!

  11. Talking about my life, bad experiences is like shitting after drinking a bottle of Tobasco.
    It has to be done at some point.
    The painting is good the writing is good, your daughter- beautiful.

    Life is good.

  12. You can’t have my naked body as a healing tonic. Your not my type. I have no soothing words to help ease any emotional pain you may have. And I hate to tell you this but you can’t have the coolest daughter in the entire sonofabitching world because I have the coolest daughter in the entire sonofabitching world(or maybe they could share the title).

    But for what it’s worth I really enjoy reading your stuff. Peace. Happy new year.

  13. To quote the GOP handbook, “Bad things only happen to bad people.”

    OK, I just made that up.

    I’m glad you’ve got all that in your past, fairlane — so the only way things can go is up. Your daughter is cute, so I assume she takes after her mother. Get over yourself and give that lady a call.



    Ps – I would have never guessed you were a loner…

  14. Geez fairlane, when you let it all hang out you really do a great job.. if pain were pleasure you’d be blown across the universe in clouds of ecstacy by now. Maybe I’ll see you out there sometime.

    Although I like your painting you’d have better luck writing for a living. I’d definitely enjoy reading anything you wrote. Believe me, dealing with galleries and art collectors is no fun but maybe you could harangue and insult them enough that they’d make you a star. Jackson Pollack managed fine and he mixed into his canvases every disgusting thing you could imagine.

    Meanwhile, let me agree with DBD. Your daughter is exquisite. The car is nice. Get in it and go find the lady. Peace.

  15. fairlane, what the fuck man, this is fucking genius fucking brilliant. It is the fucks that are fucking gratuitous, not the fucking praise itself.

    I feel like I am doing a goddam public fucking service by writing like this- you said you wanted more cussing. And frankly I fucking cuss a lot more here than any other motherfucking piece of shit ass blog. (and people i love your motherfucking piece of shit ass blogs!)

    In all seriousness, I must agree with Susan above. The painting is good, but the writing is fucking great. You have skills man, mand skills.

    You’ve had quite a time and yet you carry on in your own fairlan-ian way. I admire that. And you know what – you have reached out and helped me when you saw some shit going on. I respect and appreciate that, more so now.

    And your daughter- incredible. It is not just the beauty, it is what is in her eyes. That must be you.

    signed, fran the fucking motherfucker shit ass catholic

  16. Well, that blew dead pigs, didn’t it?

    Or should I say it sucked the puss out of an ass-boil?

    Either way, love your beautiful daughter, drive your very cool Civic, write your excellent book and have a Happy Fucking New Year, fairlane – you deserve it!

  17. can i just say

    hank is looking down on you and will take very good care of you in ’08……..

  18. Great post. Make that: fucking great post. And you have a beautiful kid. Kudos. And here’s hoping that 2008 is a better year. Hey, it could happen.

  19. I’m impressed with both your willingness to share these things and your ability to do it in a way that’s neither apathetic nor self-indulgent. (Your daughter is beautiful, btw.) Meaningful words, meaningful resolutions. Thank you for this cool meeting place that Jonestown has become and thank you asking me to be part of it. I’ll try to do my best to help make it what you want it to be. Especially the insanity and the cussing.

    My dad has just been hit with a combination of bad diagnoses. I don’t know how to deal with it yet, but I don’t think writing about it is going to help me. Wish it could. I’m really more of an internalize it, tell people who just want to help me to “get the fuck away from me” kind of person when I’m upset. At those times I get angry and mean, and I don’t give a motherfucking shit about the rest of the world. Hence my blog hiatus a couple of months ago.

    I wonder if having “issues” is a prerequisite for successful blogging, huh?

  20. K- I may take you up on that offer about the business. I really don’t want to sue him, but damn.

    PoP- This is the first time I’ve made resolutions. Typically I avoid any kind of commitment like it’s the plague.

    I’m with you on better times ahead.

    For all of us.

    Christopher- Too bad I didn’t put $10 down on that Trifecta.

    Scarlet- It’s no wonder I love you.

    Yes, that’s my Sweet Pea.

    Coffee- The girl. It’s always about the girl.

    Anita- My daughter really wants a new kitty that’s black, and named Hank.

    Not Hank Jr. or Hank II, plain Hank. But we’re not allowed to call him “Hanker Panker.”

    I’m not ready, and to be honest, although I’d take Original Hank back in a second, I’m in no hurry to get another Shit Box.

    If I ever stop being a smart ass that’s when people need to worry. It possibly means I just purchased a sniper rifle, and will soon be climbing a bell tower.

    Randal- Thanks you son of a bitch (He says, staying in character).

    When I hit the big time, I’ll make sure to give you a shout out from Oprah’s couch.

    And yes, I would go on Oprah in a fucking New York Minute if she’d pimp my book.

    Hell, I’d even act like I give a shit what middle aged suburban white women think.

    Frieda- I’m sorry to hear about your mother.

    Life can be extraordinarily brutal.

    DED- I’ve mentioned the book several times, but at this point I’ve never really discussed the content.

    I’ll just say it’s very personal, which is why it’s so hard to finish.

    Oh, I’m also extremely anal when it comes to writing outside the blogosphere (There’s that fucking word again).

    When I get closer to finishing, I’ll share some of it.

    We’re glad to have you.

    Mary- I’m still a rookie when it comes to painting, so thanks for the props.

    I need to learn brush techniques etc. I waste so much paint, and so much time. Not to mention the fact that the painting looks nothing like my original design.

    I’m very visual. In fact, much of my writing starts out as pictures in my head. I visualize situations, conversations, people, places, and then they become words.

    The difficulty in painting, and with writing, is getting the idea from my head into the world without losing a part of it in translation.

    I wrote my book completely in my head over a two day period. A year later I’m still struggling to put it down on paper.

    I see the beginning, the middle, the end,I even have a movie idea, but I can’t write it the way I see it.

    Dave- I agree. Life is good, but I sure could use a 20-30 year run of smooth sailing.

    Eye- Yeah, every parent says that until they see my daughter in person. Afterward they never look at their own child the same way.

    I’ve witnessed, on several occasions, my daughter lower the self-esteem of another parent.

    I’m glad you enjoy.

    For the record, I visit your blog, but you write a lot of poetry, and ever since I took a Poetry Workshop in College I rarely comment on other people’s poetry.

    Not that I don’t enjoy it.

    Ten- If you ask her mother, Peas looks just like her. If you ask someone who doesn’t have a personality disorder, she looks like me.

    Honestly, the shape of her face is her mother, as is her curly hair.

    The eyes though. All me.

    The girl?

    I think this is the part of the movie where Julia Roberts says, “I want the fairy tale.”

    Susan- I liked everything you said until you mentioned Pollack. Loved his art, but his mangled, drunken death, not so much.

    I should clarify. I consider writing art, and when I say I’m going to make a living from art, I mean writing.

    Although, I plan on taking a couple of classes at a local gallery.

    Who knows?

    My potential is not unlike the proverbial virgin; as of yet, it is un-tapped:)

    Fran- Hell Fran, you love the Punk Rock. It’s my duty to help you.

    For a Crazy Fucking Catholic, you’re alright.

    CR- Thanks homie. We all deserve it.

    We earned it living with the Kegger and Chief for the last eight years.

    DCNY- Hank is looking down on me saying, “Ha mutha’ fucker, it’s all ya can eat Tuna up’n dis mug. Whut you got?” (Hank was a wannabe “gangsta” cat. He wasn’t wearing his “bling” when I took that picture).

    Pissed- It must happen.

    Suzi- I just realized I “Spelt” your name with a “y” instead of an “i.” Sorry.

    I’m glad you agreed to join us, and look forward to more of your posts.

    That was a long mother fucking comment. Son of a bitch, I’m giving No Slappz a run for her money.

  21. fairlane fairlane fairlane! What an excellent post. I have to tell ya kiddo, you’ve had your share of shit thrown at you, but you still come back fighting and planning for the future and I really admire that. And hey, if dropping the f-bomb makes ya feel good, it’s a free country, go for it.

    If that’s a real pic of your daughter (I’m assuming it is), she is drop-dead gorgeous! Good luck with those teen years. 😉

    The idea of the painting with your step-dad’s ashes is incredible, and do not hang up those brushes! I may not be an expert at art, but I know what looks good and you certainly have some major talent.

    Ok…I’m not going to continue with the compliments because then you might mistake me for a nice person, and we can’t have that.

  22. “Be who you are and say what you feel because people who mind don’t matter and people who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss

    willis (with a small “w”)

  23. Oh, ME, that reminded me I wanted to say I like the Sylvester McMonkey McBean pic. And, did forget to say that your daughter is a pumpkin! Thank you for the other. Yea. Sucks. There’s today and that’s really all.

  24. profound apologies for negative connotations of Pollack comparison.. my favorite memory of him was from a film documentary where he was in what appeared to be a plane hangar working on a huge canvas. he stood on top of a very tall ladder and flung streaming swirls of multi-hued paint as well as cigarette butts and trash. I liked it.. he was as free at that moment as anyone can hope to be

  25. I’m blown away.

  26. get it out, big brother, and at the end of the day remember that there are lots of people who love you. There’s always an open bed at our house when you need to get away.

  27. Fairlane, I hope 2008 is a much better year for you.

    My bad year was 2005 – my father died, I got diagnosed with oral cancer (OK now thank goodness, knock wood), and my beloved dog got cancer and died within two weeks of us realizing something was wrong. Major suckage.

    Somehow, though, we get through these bad years and I always find that eventually we can smile again. Friends and family help so I hope you have lots of support.

    So sorry about Hank, your stepfather, and all the rest.

    But your daughter is absolutely gorgeous.

    Best wishes for a great year and if you publish that book I’ll be preordering it from Amazon.com as soon as it’s available!

  28. having met the above mentioned daughter, i can vouch that she is breath-takingly beuatiful inside and out.

    the painting brought a lump to my throat.

    and, i am convinced that your mother is so very proud of you that she hardly knows what to say.

    good luck this year and God bless you.

    almost forgot…get that baby a kitten

  29. 1987 was my worst year ever. When 2007 dawned, I thought, Okay you big sissy weiner, it’s been 20 fucking years. Time to get over it! But all year, I kept re-living the events, as each of the anniversaries came and went. But now that 2007 is over, I think I’m okay, and can FINALLY cut the miserable cords.

    All that to say that you have the right idea, you “tough son-of-a-bitch.” Get it out there, share with sympathetic friends, laugh when you can, and love that beautiful daughter of yours. Mazel tov.

    As for why “bad things happen to good people,” I believe that it’s absolutely random. There’s no justice and nothing to understand. It just fucking happens.

  30. ME- Don’t worry. I went to Catholic Grade School, I know how you Nuns really are.

    Willis- Great Seuss quote. One of the best writers/minds of the 20th Century.

    You can quote me on that one.

    Frieda- There’s always tomorrow, until there isn’t.

    Susan- No offense taken. I just pictured him going nuts, and crashing into a tree.

    No more car wrecks for me.

    DCup- You know? I was almost blown away too.

    lit Sis- Thanks dude.

    Maui- What else can we do, but take it, and try to move on?

    Having said that, I think I have enough “character” now to last me a few hundred years.

    In fact, I’m thinking of donating some of it.

    Mom- The kitten has to wait. I miss Hank, but I don’t miss that shit box.

    She is quite the Sweet Pea isn’t she?

    Zelda- I believe there’s a rhyme and/or reason behind it all. Not necessarily “God’s plan,” but life gives us opportunities to grow, and learn.

    Whether we do or not is up to us. However, I’d love to try my hand at learning from success, bliss, etc instead of misery and loss, for once.

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