To Meme or Not To Meme…That’s Not the Question.


Our dear friend Frieda tagged me with yet another Meme.

As previously mentioned, I get tired of these “Memes,” but like HPV the fuckers eventually end up in everyone’s lap no matter how careful you are, and I guess it’s my turn.

I also have a special place in my heart for Frieda who didn’t take sides recently when I got into it with one of the “Popular” Bloggers in our little Circle of Insanity (On her blog no less).

She understands just because she and I are friends doesn’t mean with have to be friends with each other’s friends who are friends with other friends of our friends who in turn are friends of friends.

I fucking hate that show “Friends.”

Enough about you.

Here’s Johnny-

Try to think of one way you and your family can lessen your environmental impact in 2008. You could consider doing something relatively easy–like giving up paper plates and napkins (yup, more dishes and laundry, but oh so worth it at trash-time)–or more difficult–like trying to carpool more (which can be a pain, but saves a ton in gas money, not to mention in saved emissions). It doesn’t have to be hard–it could be something as simple as trying one of those new fluorescent bulbs in your desk lamp. How about it?

Well, right off the bat I can say that I’m the Proud Owner of a brand spanking new 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid.

Isn’t she Sweet? Bella named her Madeline

When I was in California in 2006, I rented a Civic Hybrid for the two weeks I was there, and loved it.

I put 1200 miles on the thing driving down the Northwest Coast from Bodega Bay to Monterey.

As of yet, Hybrids are not very economical (Cost vs. Savings), but I’m getting 35 miles to the gallon in the city, which is 15 MPG more than my crushed like a tin can Camry, and 3 MPG more than my other Civic gets on the Highway (In Cali, I got 40 MPG in the city, but every time I’ve been out West I get better Gas Mileage. I’m assuming it has something to do with the Elevation, and Lower Humidity. Less Drag?).

And she’s a Partial Zero Emissions Automobile.

I’m slowly but surely replacing all the light bulbs in my apartment with fluorescents, and we (Because I hate temperatures above 70 unless there’s a beach nearby) keep our thermostat set low unless it’s really Fucking Cold.

I also worked for a company called “Green Living Ideas.” They have a website that provides a ton of information on how to reduce your impact on the environment, alternative/green energy, and even alternative diets.

Pay them a visit, and see if you can figure out which part of their website is the work of yours truly (There’s a link with a cool picture in the sidebar).

*Oh yeah, I’m supposed to write about something New I can do to help the Save the Planet.


Is suggesting we kill off 3 billion people out of the question?

Dammit, and I had the plans for my Giant Squeegee all drawn up, and ready.

Wait…that’s not Right

Here we go

I have to be honest. We’re terrible at Recycling.

For whatever reason, our building is not participating in the Recycling Program (All the other apartments and houses in our neighborhood do), and we are not able to get a Recycling Bin.

I tried to use a neighbor’s, but they got upset.

I could drive to a Recycling Station, but the closest one is about four miles away, and we’d have to make three or four runs a week because we have absolutely no Room (That’s potentially 138.56 miles per month for you Math Nerds) .

If I had one of those Hunting motif Bins, I could keep the recycling in the alley, but without one the Garbage Man (Waste Disposal Engineer for all you Politically Correct Nerds) picks it up.

This is tricky. Extra driving to save the environment makes no sense, even with a Hybrid, and as of yet we cannot afford to move.


Did I mention the Recycling Program was busted taking Recyclables to the Landfill?


At least I’m saving them another trip.

Are you sure we can’t get rid of 3 or 4 billion people?

Squeegees use Zero Fossil Fuels, and are Emission Free.

Why is that Wrong?


I know!

The Standby Function on Computers, Televisions, DVD Players, Receivers, etc waste a ton of energy.

From now on, I’m going to shut my Computer Off if I’m away for a while, and I’ll make sure the power on my Stereo Equipment is Completely Off as well (I don’t get that little red light anyway. What in the Fuck is it For? If you’re drunk, the damn thing moves back and forth like a Cylon’s Eye).

I’m glad we figured this out.

I was getting worried for a minute.

I promise to keep thinking about my Recycling Conundrum, and if you have any suggestions, feel free.

I have no idea to whom I should pass this Meme. If you want it, have it. You don’t even have to link to this post, which means less time on the computer, which saves energy, which is a good thing.





~ by fairlane on January 8, 2008.

14 Responses to “To Meme or Not To Meme…That’s Not the Question.”

  1. I tried to use a neighbor’s, but they got upset.

    Isn’t that a bunch of bullshit. They’re saying, “I’m doing my part for the environment, but by God I’ll not do a bit more!”

    What about the whole building going in together and taking turns going to the recycling center? Trips there could be planned around going in that direction anyway, so not only would you personally not be driving that extra 138.56 miles per month, but the overall increase in driving for the building would be less.

    But that would require dealing with your fellow building dwellers, and they might be assholes.

    How would you choose the 3 billion to “downsize”? Cause I kinda like that idea. Some sort of Cool Test, or say… a really obtuse pun? You don’t get it, you’re gone. That way, not only would the environment benefit, but those of us who remain would no longer have to deal with the Coulters, Malkins and Limbaughs (and their mindless followers) of the world.

    NOTE TO READERS: If you think the above paragraph is totally serious, you’ll be the first on the list to go.

  2. Every effort helps. Why the hell would your neighbor mind if you put stuff in their bin? We have been recycling for years and years. All the bulbs are now the curly ones and we unplug anything we are not using. If we all give it our best shot, we just might make a big difference. Good for you for what you are doing and I’m loving your car.

  3. I share your pain about memes. Take one of these and see if it helps:

  4. I’m not sure how it works in your area, but the neighbor could have been upset because they may have to pay for the amount of recycling they are putting out. I know in one of the suburbs in Chicago (not mine), they have to pay by the bag to get it picked up. Or…your neighbors are just assholes.

    I do my part to recycle, but it can be a pain in the neck. They’ve made it easier in the last year, we don’t have to separate the paper, cans, or plastic anymore. Getting rid of paint and chemicals is a pain, though. They have to go to a recycling center.

  5. I thought you didn’t drink.

  6. I am behind your killing 3 billion to save the planet, sounds like a brilliant plan. Then we won’t have to can our air.

  7. You are a fucking environmental superman. I love your recycled ass.

    Who did you dish it up with? I am so behind in my blog reading. Drama in the hood.

    Well it wasn’t me, that’s all I care about. I have a strict no fighting with Fairlane rule. Unless you fucking piss me off, then all bets are off.

    I covet your fucking car. What commandments have been broken in the writing of this comment?

  8. It’s never enough about me, Fairlane, but thanks for the niceties, because one never knows how people will react to boundary-setting. Oh gawd, I used that word. I don’t know what’s pc or not pc anymore. I guess meme’ing isn’t, but thanks for another pic of your car. I’m with Fran on coveting it (or is it you for possessing it.) Anyway, I’ll go with my first instinct on your work site and guess it’s the green toy segment. That is a great site.

  9. Been walking back and forth to work for 10 years, don’t eat much, buy what we need (yeah, we need books and video games) – fill the 12 gal tank of our little car about x3 weeks. What else can I do? I know.. I’ll breathe less often – like maybe once for every two and I promise in a few years I’ll just give it up all together. It’s a bad habit. Then you’ll only have to worry about the other 2,999,999

  10. Killing 3 billion people really is the single best thing that could be done in the interest of the planet. I’m not (necessarily) advocating this. Maybe we could just encourage, rather than do everything possible to discourage, birth control. Get the fucking churches out of the baby production business and start passing out fucking condoms rather than fucking bibles.

    Uh oh, now I’m not going to fucking heaven.

  11. As long as I’m not one of the 3 billion, you won’t get any protest from me. 😉

  12. Phy- Once elected Emperor, I would like you to be the “Minister of Testing and Relocation.”

    PoP- I’m not really sure why they got upset. They just took my stuff out.

    Poobah- Thanks. I thought I was the only one.

    Generally, I don’t mind the “Memes/Awards” too much unless 1) They originate from someone I don’t “know” or 2) They get out of hand, which they are getting out of hand lately.

    ME- We pay for the bins, but the not the collection.

    Scarlet- Did I sound drunk when I said that?

    Actually, I rarely drink anymore, but there was a time.

    Wyld- I thought so as well, but apparently some see it as an indication that I’m “anti-social.”


    I have a place in my Cabinet for you.

    Fran- It’s best to keep it on the DL. We’ve had a tit for tat a couple of times now, but I hope this was the last.

    I did something I rarely do, and was direct with them about how I felt.

    I’m trying to be less obtuse.

    Frieda- The “memeing” is fine when it’s from cool people like yourself, but it’s getting ridiculous lately.

    There are at least 10 Memes going around.

    Susan- You’re right, we can do what we can do, but there’s only so much we can do.

    The government/corporation needs to do more.

    Suzi- I get the impression “Heaven” is like the Bate’s Motel.

    There’s no one there other than some creepy dude living with his dead mother.

    Scarlet- Now why would you be on the list?

    You’re hot, brilliant, hilarious, and from what I hear you have a great ass, which is always a plus in my book.

  13. Fairlane, Nice ride dude. I dig the sinister silver tone. But you gotta tell me one thing — could that be my favorite Laverne and Shirley character Squiggy?

  14. Spart- You are correct sir. It’s the one, and only, Squiggy.

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