The Human Disconnect


Warning: If you are concerned about risks to your health due to exposure to cynicism, please move to the designated Non-Cynicism Area.

Based on my own observations, people don’t know what the hell they believe. Meaning two things:

1) they are not really that familiar with the specifics of the ideology/religion/whatever to which they claim to adhere and

2) they are not really that familiar with the opinions/thoughts/gibberish they express.

Take the Christo-fascist (I’m in no mood to be nice or tolerant, so yeah: they’re fascists) who protests at the abortion clinic. They’re doing this not because they have themselves spent years studying the scripture of the old and new testaments, examining and analyzing the meaning of the legalistic edicts in comparison to the messages of forgiveness and humility taught by Jesus and the apostles. They do it because Pat Robertson tells them too. They don’t know what the fuck they believe. They don’t think about the fact that the chapter in Leviticus that calls homosexuality an abomination also instructs that you must stone a farmer to death for planting two different crops side by side.

Take the Russian woman I heard in an NPR interview the other day who said that Stalin did great things for Russia. “People say he killed hundreds of thousands of people. But look at how great he made Russia. He did incredible things for his people. He was a genius. He had to do what he did for the greater good of Russia. I think Putin has that greatness.” So, Putin is just like Stalin and that’s a good thing. I wonder if she has really thought about what she’s saying and the implications of what she claims to believe. My guess is, no.

And take this story, about Saint Reagan and the 2008 Republican primaries. Go read it and then come back. I’ll wait…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Okay. See what I mean? Maybe if we didn’t have this retarded two-party system, people would feel they have a little more space in which to examine their own beliefs and figure out what their chosen candidate really represents. But it’s Red or Blue, elephant or donkey, lower taxes or higher taxes, bloodthirsty or bleeding heart, hawk or dove, values or hedonism. We don’t leave room for debate in this country. We don’t like it. If the primary field lacks a clear front runner, the media makes sure one is fabricated because heaven forbid if any of us had to sit down and think about who we want to vote for too hard. It’s not only Americans, though. Humanity craves simplicity. That’s why Marx called religion the opiate of the masses: we crave a clear path, an obvious choice. It’s soothing to be told what to do and it makes us crazy to have to make a choice based on our own judgment and form our own opinions. We don’t want that much responsibility or accountability.

Humans have a disconnect between reality and perception. Reality is primary. Perception is secondary. We ignore the primary because it requires analysis and processing in order to make sense of what we are experiencing. We prefer the secondary because it’s already been processed and interpreted. The work is done and we don’t have to think too much. We can just regurgitate the talking points and feel smart. I think this explains why not much in the world makes sense to me. I’m guilty of relying on secondary information, too. But I hope that I really try to get to the root of it, the reality. It’s important to me to get to the naked truth because I don’t want to be a dupe. I have control issues. I react violently and viscerally when I think somebody is trying to control me. Since I live in my head so much, my biggest fear would be that my thoughts are not my own. And since I’m not naive, I realize that to a certain extent they’re not. My thoughts and opinions are informed by my experiences and my environment. Sometimes I’m looking at the cave and sometimes I’m looking at the tree. But when and how do I know the difference? I believe in absolute reality/truth, but I don’t know that we can really experience it completely. But I do think we should still try.

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~ by Suzi Riot on January 11, 2008.

9 Responses to “The Human Disconnect”

  1. “But learnin’ is hard work, I know that.”

    This is why Republicans keep on getting elected even though fewer agree with their idiocy than with our idiocy: it’s just easier not to think. Discard differences, march in lockstep for a common – read: corporate white male Jesusery – good, demonize EVERYTHING else as The Other et voilà, electoral victory.

    This is a massive oversimplification but we either:
    1. have a bloody revolution so there is a sea change in society OR
    2. we adapt their tactics and pander to emotions alone.

    Otherwise, it’ll ALWAYS be harder for the non-lunatic to win. People are just too fucking stupid and lazy, even the non-evil ones, to put thought into much of anything.

  2. and try we do

    suzi, you are fast becoming one of my favorites…… people dont like to think, act or decide — they like it all done for them…..hence masses sitting and watching mouth-farters TELL us about the election without telling us anything…..

    lazy, stupid and arrogant– the perfect recipe for the fall of the roman empire….

  3. You know Reagan was a Democrat first. I would vote for him if he was running. Maybe that is just one, but at least I vote.

    I protect that right and yours.

  4. What D-cap said… Seriously Suzi, this is GREAT.

    This too is a big, big thing for me. Even thinking people do not always think.

    Honestly, some of the worst things in this country today are due to a complete lack of critical thinking skills, fear and an environment that depends on such vacuous bullshit.

    That brings me to the topic of christo-facists and other assorted types. Now I can’t pretend to know the mind of God as I understand him/her, but I can tell ou this. I would not be able to deal with any God that I thought was more vested in punishing me and making me sweat everything.

    Not to say it is all one big open door policy but I can tell you this… In the very Jesus-y New Testament there is a total lack of being told (by Jesus that is) to not have gay sex, and there is a real void about abortion and something so unclear and amiguous about divorce (of which Baptists have the highest rate anyway!)… However, Jesus does spend a lot of time advising people to get rid of their wealth, feed the hungry, aid the sick, care for the poor, visit those in jail (that is visit not visit and proseletyse your ass off)and so forth.

    Like that.

    Which makes me wonder about all those folks in front of the abortion clinic… couldn’t they be f*cking feeding a hungry kid at a shelter for a better result instead?


    Signed Catholic and Angry!

  5. This is a great post. You’re absolutely right about the lack of critical thinking and the fallback position of because I say so in answer to everything. There’s plenty of authoritarianism in this country to go around.

    Schools are now embracing the idea of authoritarianism. Silent lunches, no recess, little social time, kids always lined up and marched around, constant test taking and evaluation.

    We’re raising a generation of people who won’t have a clue what to do if there isn’t a parent or person of authority standing over them with step by step instructions and lots of hollow praise to heap on them.

    The less we collectively think, the more dangerous this place becomes.

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  7. Thanks for all the comments. I promise that I’m not ignoring everyone, but the internet access has been down at my house for two days and may not be fixed until next week. I’m doing this in a hurry at a friend’s place.

    fairlane, thanks for covering my AWOL ass by posting this!

  8. Amen, Sister!

  9. Suzi –

    I agree wholeheartedly. But I’ll add a nuance, too. Besides not thinking critically, we (Americans) mostly lack the ability to discern between cause and effect — and so we go after the affect without ever addressing the cause. I’ll give an example:

    9-11 was mostly an effect of our middle east policy (which is mostly the cause of 9-11), for instance.

    I don’t mean to lecture – I’ll stop now.



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