China Harms Americans with Evil Fiery Footwear Plot

penguincoffee.jpg Johnny Wingnut

China harms Americans with evil fiery footwear plotStill reeling from the “lead painted (in some circles ‘lead tainted’) Hot Wheels/toys scandal,” Wal-Mart has been caught selling, yet, another hazardous product made in China. But instead of toys, this time we’re talkin’ footwear, the flexible, flippery, floppery kind. It turns out Wal-Mart has been selling (you won’t believe it) tainted flip flops. Wearers of the fiery footwear have reported experiencing chemical burns as a result. Who knew? I’m glad you asked, because Wal-Mart, Ho Chi Mart, whatever they’re calling themselves these days, apparently did receive complaints on the nefarious foot apparel and continued to sell it anyway.You’re, no doubt, wondering why they continued to sell the flip flops? Because with the many millions of pairs Wal-Mart has sold, they claim they only received ten complaints. However, Wal-Mart’s assertion is being contested by Kerry Stiles of Oklawaha, Florida. Stiles has, herself, suffered from severe chemical burns subsequent to wearing the flip flops and has a web page dedicated to telling her story. She also has numerous well documented accounts of people who experienced chemical burns as a result of wearing the flip flops.

When the story finally broke in the press, Wal-Mart allegedly removed the offending footwear from the shelves.

Aside from Wal-Marts effrontery, maybe now my friends will understand why I check the “Made in…” labels on my purchases, and why I don’t buy anything made in China if I can help it. My “forward thinking” economic global-Nazi friends used to laugh at me for being so anal about this stuff; but they’re not laughing now, and you know why dear reader…most of them are flip flop wearing Wal-Mart worshipers, or at least initiates into the cabal of free trade.

For those of you who may have forgotten, allow me to remind you why globalism is “good” and why free trade with China is even “better” for America:

  1. Deindustrialization
  2. No longer self sufficient
  3. Loss of National Sovereignty
  4. Devaluation of the American dollar
  5. Loss of jobs
  6. Further weakening of Social Security and Medicare
  7. Increase in public pressure for federally funded national health care
  8. Eroding of agriculture (farming)

And you thought “protectionism” was a dirty word.


~ by johnnywingnut on January 15, 2008.

15 Responses to “China Harms Americans with Evil Fiery Footwear Plot”

  1. Thanks for pointing out only 8 reasons the usa is in a steep decline.

    I’m feeling a little wobbly as it is! ; (

  2. “tainted” flip-flops.

    well, i mean, graphic mental images aside, if you’re trying to wear them there, then no wonder why you’re feeling “flippery floppery”

  3. 9. Continuing instances wherein we found ourselves calling upon cash-rich China (and Saudi Arabia, among others) to please ‘bail out’ yet ANOTHER major US financial institution.

  4. I am sure you remember the movie “Fight Club” do remember what the lead actor’s job was?

    That explains corporate America.

  5. I’m right there with you holmes. Wal-Mart, although just one of many, is a perfect example of what’s wrong with “Free Trade.”

    We, meaning the average schmoes, get fucked from both ends, and apparently many people don’t mind so much.

    America is not a Capitalist country. It’s a Corporatist country. If you already have money, and power, you’re cool. If not, too fucking bad, enjoy your lead tainted toys, and your napalm coated flip-flops.

  6. Reminds me of the latest catchphrase from Hu Jintau Mart: Flip Flop All You Want…They’ll Make More.

    Like I said, homey, yer average Ameri-Can has this metality: “I couldn’t care less if my hard earned shrinking dollar is propping up a rogue communist regime with a rap sheet on human rights violations longer than the Yangtze. I don’t care if my money is helping to build the war machine of a country which is hostile toward Old Glory. I don’t mind purchasing ten percent of China’s GDP while they, in return, purchase two tenths of one percent of ours. And so what if the net result of our globalism is we’re no longer self sufficient; I’m getting cheap electronics. Yipeeeeee!”

    I think I’ll go puke now.

    Chow, homey.

  7. I never got into wearing flip-flops, I always thought they were dangerous and ugly, too boot. What really pisses me off about Walmart, the worse the economy gets, the more business THEY get because they sell cheap shit.

  8. I wish more people were as aware of this as all of you are.

  9. Yeah, it pisses me off too, mary ellen. It’s getting where the Americans who really care about this issue (write that as those who understand the significance)don’t have much of a choice anymore….so many concerns have the bulk of their merchandise made over there, now. And to my knowledge, there isn’t anyone in power who will do anything about it. Left/Right/middle-o-the-road, it really makes no difference; we’re all basically screwed with this free trade B.S. You can thank your representatives, zagnuts and moonbats alike. You can also thank greedy corporate America.

  10. JW-I hate to break this to you, bro, but China owns the paper on our mortgage. The first Bush started it, Bubba kept it going, and Schrub sealed the deal. Can you say “Ni hau”? (That’s Mandarin for hello.)

  11. Hey man; it’s good to hear from you.

    In light of your “The first Bush started it” comment, I thought you might enjoy reading these quotes from BBC News.

    “The China-WTO agreement is good for the United States, it’s good for China, it’s good for the world economy,” US President Clinton said.

    Here’s another I thought you might like:

    “President Clinton has had to overcome protectionist pressures in the United States Congress, and opposition from human rights activists who are opposed to a deal with China.

    The Congress will now have to repeal legislation which requires a yearly review of progress on human rights before granting trade privileges to China”

    Kind of makes you feel proud doesn’t it?

  12. Yeah, but if you go back even further, you see Reagan really got the ball rolling with massive subsidies to corporations to help them move elsewhere.

    And NAFTA originated in Bush Sr.’s administration. Clinton just finished what Papa Bush started.

    Clinton, by the way, is a Republican.

  13. Hey, I feel you bro, but Sparty’s comment was directed at China, specifically, NOT the North American Free Trade Agreement. I was trying to address his assertion that the China B.S. was put in stone by Bush Sr. It wasn’t. Instead, it was the Clintonistas who came down from Mt. Horeb with the tablets in hand.

    As for NAFTA. It was actually an original part of Reagan’s long term plan for free trade on this continent.

    “The Reagan Administration negotiated the country’s first free trade area in 1985 with Israel. Next followed the FTA with Canada. NAFTA is the next step in the Reagan vision of a free trade hemisphere.”

    But you are correct that Bush Sr. got the assist with Clinton signing it into law 1993. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that our ineffable representatives,in both the House and Senate, voted to send this legislative nightmare to our “beloved” Clinton. And they did it against the will of the American people. That’s what I call bipartisanship. If this is what happens when we/they (liberals and conservatives) find common ground, then we’re all in deep yogurt, here.

  14. Who doesn’t love that DP Action?

    “I look out the front, get it right in the back.”

  15. Reagan had a protectionist side too. He was more of a protectionist than Clinton or either Bush.
    But he advocated protectionism early in his 1980 cam­paign, saying to the U.S. auto industry: “Japan is part of the problem. This is where government can be legitimately in­volved. That is, to convince the Japanese in one way or another that, in their own interests, that deluge of cars must be slowed while our industry gets back on its feet…”

    When he imposed a 100% tariff on selected Japanese elec­tronic products for allegedly “dumping” computer memory chips, he said he did it “to enforce the principles of free and fair trade.” And Treasury Secretary James A. Baker has boasted about the protectionist record: Reagan “has granted more import relief to U.S. industry than any of his prede­cessors in more than half a century.”
    Defenders of the Reagan policies will say that he has engaged in protectionism to open foreign markets. But they cannot deny that one-quarter of all imports are today restricted, a 100% increase over 1980
    The administration has thus far:

    Forced Japan to accept restraints on auto exports;
    Tightened considerably the quotas on imported sugar;
    Negotiated to increase the restrictiveness of the Multi­fiber Arrangement governing trade in textiles and apparel;
    Required 18 countries, including Brazil, Spain, South
    Korea, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Finland, Australia, and the European Community, to accept “voluntary re­straint agreements” that reduce their steel imports to the United States;
    Imposed a 45% duty on Japanese motorcycles for the ben­efit of Harley Davidson, which admitted that superior
    Japanese management was the cause of its problems;
    Raised tariffs on Canadian lumber and cedar shingles;
    Forced the Japanese into an agreement to control the price of computer memory chips;
    Removed third-world countries on several occasions from the duty-free import program for developing nations;

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