I Might Be Wrong

suze.jpgSuzi Riot

I’m still working on my drug policy series. But in the meantime, let’s look in on Circus 2008!

While the MSM is practically orgasming on-air over the Clinton-Obama “race war” (as John Stewart mocked last week – sorry, don’t have time to find a link), the really interesting story is Fuckabee’s (it’s just too easy) strange political strategy. He’s abandoning his appeal to moderates, which we saw in Iowa, and embracing the conservative religious base. If his game is to get the nomination, I don’t think that threatening to re-write the Constitution to bring American law more in line with his god’s law is the way to go. Sure it will get him the base, but unlike the election trends that kept Congress in control of the GOP for over a decade, current voting trends will not work in his favor. We’re all aware that the Christian base is alive and strong; but the center is going to decide this election. The center does not support the war in Iraq, but still wants to be protected from terrorists and Muslims. The center does not want a non-Christian president, but still favors the separation of church and state. The center does not want a constitutional ban on gay marriage, but still does not want states to allow gay couples to marry – maybe civil unions. The center wants to play it safe. That’s why they’re called moderates. Moderates in this election do want “change” from the destructive follies and policies of BushCo, but they don’t want too much “change.” A black conservative Democrat or a female conservative Democrat might be just the center’s speed.

Maybe I’m being uncharacteristically optimistic. But even ultraconservatives like my father are repelled by the speeches Huckabilly is giving. Does this seem like the language of Christian kindness?

“If somebody came to Arkansas and told us what to do with our flag, we’d tell them what to do with the pole. That’s what we’d do. ”

This quote was from a speech he gave in Myrtle Beach, SC on Jan. 17. He was referring, of course, to the Confederate flag. Very nice indeed. Raw Story has a link to an article detailing Huckabilly’s relationship with the Council of Conservative Citizens, which is a present-day incarnation of the White Citizens Councils.

Let’s not forget other Huckanuggets of wisdom, such as his desire to ban miniskirts, his statement that women who dress provocatively are responsible for whatever happens to them, and his warning that we must monitor our borders for any unusual Pakistanis entering the country.

As one of my favorite Radiohead songs says, I Might Be Wrong. With the MSM ignoring Huckabee’s fanaticism, even moderate conservatives might vote for him if they’re not paying too much attention. But despite my own cynicism about the electorate’s ability to make good decision, I don’t think many people are going to buy what this crazy, racist, hate-filled, sexist sack of holy crap is selling. I hope that America has at least learned that much from the past 7 years.

~ by Suzi Riot on January 21, 2008.

19 Responses to “I Might Be Wrong”

  1. And speaking of Radiohead, this is what you get when you mess with Kelso (Thom Yorke another in a series of short-men who kick ass in the music world–big time short-pride here as everyone’s enjoying IDENTITY POLITICS so very much):

    Huckabee can fuck himself for a simple reason. It is very hard to amend the U.S. Constitution. It is very easy to amend the word of “a living god.”

    For example, here was a mid-term question from my freshman year philosophy class: “Nietzche said ‘God Is Dead.’ God said ‘Nietzche is.’ WHO WAS RIGHT AND WHY?”

    There, I just turned over Huckabee’s and 95% of the world’s apple cart. And as homophobic as the USA is, they do not have a PRAYER of getting an anti gay marriage AMENDMENT into the U.S. Constitution.

  2. I was glad the he didn’t win S. Carolina, but I understand from watching Joe Scarborough this a.m. (reliable source?) that McCain won with the greatest support from Independents rather than Republicans. Does that bode well? I’m thinking he’s still a dangerous contender.

  3. Err… I just realized that my post didn’t show up with my name and avatar. I was in a hurry. Sorry. FYI, it’s a Suzi Riot rant.

    Kelso, you crack me up. As a short American myself (5ft, thank you very much!) let me just say that I feel your pain. Hmmm… I wonder if THAT’S why we both support Kucinich?

    Dcup, if Huckabee keeps making such boneheaded decisions, like letting Chuck Norris speak for him, I don’t think he’s going to be much of a contender any longer. But like I said, I might be wrong. I sure hope not!

  4. Thanks for fixing it, fairlane.

  5. I wonder if Yuckabee ever had lunch with David Duke

  6. Suckabee is creepy.

  7. Oh Suzi Riot- do I love you or what? Suzi says…“Maybe I’m being uncharacteristically optimistic.”

    I am hoping that you are right and that we both are being uncharacteristically optimistic. But here is where I get nervous…

    Let’s just say that through a series of events which I hereby dub “God’s Cruelest Joke” Huckabee is the Republican nominee. It could happen.

    DCup was watching the same Morning Schmoe that I was. McCain has real issues with the Repub base over tax hikes and immigration.

    Serious issues. Romney is going to have delegates to trade and he hates McCain.

    I am just saying… God’s cruelest joke(i’m trade marking that one!) then is unleashed upon us.

    And if Huck is the nominee and Hillary is the Dem nominee… The Republicans, Christians included would likely vote for the devil himself before voting for her. That is one of my issues with her. (Lo siento mi Kelsito)

    Do you see where I’m headed? I hate heading there.

    Sorry for the buzz kill. Sheesh- I start out proclaiming my love for you and then this.

    That said- a great (as always) rant from you!! (I am only 5′ tall myself!)

  8. ban mini-skirts? NO WAY !!!

  9. Am I the only person with conservative relatives who AREN’T turned off by Bush OR by the thought of Fuckabee as president? I am truly reevaluating what constitutes intelligence. These fuckers all graduated college like I did, all are parents like I am, are not evil on a daily basis, yet have no problems supporting lunacy. Maybe this is why I’m so cynical. I see fuckers in the same socioeconomic boat (my dad, my sis) but they’re politically insane.

  10. I’m going to contradict what I wrote on my blog. I suppose Huckabee guessed wrong with that speech. He kind of lost an unloseable primary, no? All he had to do was chill. He had the Christian vibe already down pat. Instead, it actually cost him some Evangelical votes.

    FranIam, I’ve always given Huckabee a lot more credit for brains and political skill than the press and public have (I can prove it–check out my review of the St Anselm’s debate), but if you’re worried that HRC can’t beat Huckabee heads-up, then you’re saying all is lost and you’re better off not being a Democrat or moving to P–oh, never mind. The scariest thing I heard was on Meet The Press about Bloomberg’s potential run if it comes down to HRC v Huckabee or Giuliani. Nice fantasy. By my way of thinking he’s far to both Obama and Clinton’s left. And he’s certainly a calmer soul than either of them. He’d be a fine president but I doubt he can win. He WOULD give the race to the Republican to be sure.

    But what is it exactly about her that brings out such hatred? I understand that there are idiots who wouldn’t vote for someone because of their gender or skin color but I just don’t understand what is about HER specifically that people hate? As a liberal, I’m not disappointed by her because I never thought of her as anything other than what she is. I feel sorry for the Obama fans who are trying to deal with the cognitive dissonance that Obama’s image and views present. I feel worse for those who don’t even feel the cognitive dissonance at all. Those people like all of Bush’s fans are lambs to the slaughter.

    But I just don’t see anything terribly unusual about HRC. A good politician. Basic stuff. Kind of a DLC Republicrat, but very intelligent and competant. In a lot of ways she bores me. That’s a good thihg.

  11. If Bloomberg runs, I’ll vote for him in a New York minute.

    I think he could take away votes from both parties, and maybe more so from Reps. He’s popular among both in NYC.

    Many don’t like Hillary because they don’t like strong women. They prefer women like Coulter, and Malkin, who on the surface appear strong, but in truth are frightened little school girls.

    Hillary is confident in who she is, and, sad to say, a lot of men, and some women, don’t like that too much.

    She’s also Bill’s wife, and there is a pathological hatred for him among the Wingdingaroos. Why, I don’t know? He’s the best Republican President of my lifetime, but they fucking hate the man.

  12. David and Scarlett: Yuckabee and Suckabee. I love it. We should start a blog completely devoted to making fun of his name. I wonder how many we could come up with? The possibilities seem endless!

    Fran: Thanks for love and it is so very much returned! Don’t worry, I was still feeling it by the end of your comment. You bring up very valid concerns. Huckabee is not stupid. I think he’s sharp, ruthless, self-righteous, and obviously ambitious. But I agree with Kelso – he took a gamble and he lost. I guess what makes me optimistic is that my dad, who HATES – I mean DESPISES within the depths of his soul in that crazed Rush Limbaugh sort of way – anything Clinton, actually said to me that HRC would probably be a good president if she were a Republican and that he would vote for her before he’d vote for Huckabee. Which means he would just not vote at all, because he’s never vote for HRC. Now what that says about HRC and her appeal to Republicans is a whole other Pandora’s Box!

    Anita: YES! I’ve been trying to find the Newsweek article from last summer where I read that. If I do, I’ll post the quote.

    Randal: My dad’s IQ is above 160, he’s a retired physician and chief of staff, and he graduated top of his class from a very good medical school. And he believes some CRAZY shit. Politically insane INDEED. It just goes to show that intelligence has very little to do with personal politics. I don’t think I’m some freaking genius: my politics reflect what I think is right and ethical. That or he’s just getting stupid in his old age. (I’m kidding, I love my dad and he’s a very good – and crazy – person!)

    Kelso: Good points about HRC. Especially the boring thing.

    fairlane: Bloomberg seems okay to me. I’ll have to look into him more, although I doubt he’ll run this year. You’re right that HRC is an actual strong woman – and she’s usually not afraid to show it. Coulter and Malkin are not even human, let alone women.

  13. No problem Suzi. I even got the avatar to work. That is the one you wanted is it not?

    Did you know that almost every day we get at least four visitors searching for “man fucking goat” or some other variation?

  14. What is really frightening is that he has gotten as far as he has. What the hell does that say about the mentality of our country?

    At least he didn’t take his bus around the track at Daytona speedway like Rudy did yesterday, after he threw a fit because he couldn’t drive the pace car around the track. Rudy’s pathetic attempt to lure the NASCAR dads. I don’t think taking a bus on a lap around the track is gonna do it for that crowd.

  15. fairlane: I think I loaded that pic by accident. But it makes me seem all hardcore, so why not! I get such a laugh – and a scare – from looking through my stat page and checking out the google searches that lead people to my blog. My favorite so far is naked dead girl fuck animal.

    pissedoffpatricia: It IS so frightening to me that anybody could vote for him. I think it says that our country is full of crazy, crazy people. Isn’t there some statistic that says one in three people has a severe mental illness? And Rudy is pathetic!

  16. I think that Ann Coulter is putting everybody on. It’s obvious that she’s extremely intelligent and can argue eloquently if not factually her absurd viewpoints on all issues. Nobody that intelligent could really believe the shit she says. I think her whole shtick has helped the Democrats a lot and in some bizarre way I think she’s got a sense of humor. It’s hard for me to believe anything other than that she’s a liberal Democrat pulling off one of the great satirical acts of all time.

    Michelle Malkin is exactly as you describe her, although I wouldn’t even give her credit for appearing strong at first blush. Go watch the Max Blumenthal video at the Values Convention. She seems like a dumb Valley Girl absolutely devoid of any strength at all. It galls me that she carries that Russian surname, especially considering that Evgeni Malkin is my favorite hockey player and I had a good friend in high school named Jennifer Malkin. Even when he has his helmet and shield on, I can tell that Evgeni Malkin is not Asian. Jennifer was definitely Jewish. What would Michelle “Malkin” take to go back to being Hu Flung Dung? Less than $100,000, you reckon?

  17. I concur K-man. At first, I despised Coulter, but over time I see she is bright, and she can be funny. And…wait for it…sometimes I even agree with her.

    I still won’t buy any of her books, and I’m not convinced it’s “Satire.”

    Malkin, on the otherhand, is the “C word” with a Capital Fucking “C.” (I can’t spell it out because my mom reads Jonestown, and apparently that word causes her to go into apoplexy).

    I do despise Malkin, and can picture her back in the day reminding the Field Negroes to stop “Sassin’ Massa.”

    You can see the bitterness, and self-loathing in her face.

  18. Per Kelso:
    But what is it exactly about her that brings out such hatred? I understand that there are idiots who wouldn’t vote for someone because of their gender or skin color but I just don’t understand what is about HER specifically that people hate?”

    This is something I can’t understand either. Maybe it is because she’s a strong woman, and maybe because she’s married to Bill. It’s hard to say. But even many Democrats can’t stand her.

    The Republicans probably hate her because Bill took their own issues and then co-opted them and won with them. But it still doesn’t explain the Hillary-hatred.

    If Bloomberg runs I think he’d take more from the Democrats and that scares me – especially if the Republican is Huckabee. He is the scariest of the lot.

  19. Sorry, don’t know why it kept it all italics!

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