Shoveling Money to the Rich

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NY Times reporter David Cay Johnston has a new book out titled How the Mega-Rich Treat Our Treasury Like a Buffet (And Stick You with the Bill)

Last week, Amy Goodman, of Democracy Now interviewed him.

Read the transcript here. And just try not to lose your shit over it.Gold Toilet

The biggest welfare queens in this country aren’t driving Cadillacs. They’re being driven around in big black pimped out in a country club acceptable manner SUVs. And they, by jolly, don’t think those working stiffs who do their driving deserve one whit of assistance, even in the meanest of times.

Welfare is welfare …..whether you’re buying groceries or stadiums with it.


~ by dcup on January 21, 2008.

10 Responses to “Shoveling Money to the Rich”

  1. Where is my fucking welfare? Oh, I teach kids that actually need me. Not those rich bastard money children.

  2. Yup, our government gives money to sports teams to build big stadiums in their States, and the cost of that giveaway is stuck on the taxpayers. Not the rich taxpayers…they have loopholes and exemptions that the middle class and poor don’t have, so they don’t pay a dime towards those stadiums and sports teams–it’s the middle class and poor who are paying for them.

    Then to add insult to injury, the fee to buy tickets to go to the games are so exorbitant, the middle class and poor can’t afford to go to the games in the stadiums that they paid for through their taxes!

  3. MathMan – You mean your pay isn’t some form of welfare?

    MaryEllen- Good point. I know we can’t afford an outing to a ball game. And I don’t get to pull a non merci when it comes to paying those little sales taxes that add up to the billions those bastards get of our tax dollars.

  4. The book is on my “To Read” list. I can’t start a meaningful comment on this because it will turn into a rant, which will turn into a post. So I’ll just say, great topic and I’ll let you rant for me on this one. 😉

  5. No shit! I’ve been working on a lesson for the Gilded Age, and just finished reading up on the railroads (and not just them) and how they milked the government for subsidies and lined their own pockets and slipped some back under the table to the Congressmen. Oh, but that doesn’t happen now.

  6. I feel so deeply ill.

    This country has a love/hate relationship with money. We love money and we hate the people who have it but we long to be them.

    Well some of us do. Or did.

    The American psyche says be good to the rich… you never know when your winning lotto ticket will come in and you’ll be one of them too.

    A nation of rich wannabees living in the throes of debt and despair.

  7. I want a stadium. Fifteen-hour rock shows, motherfuckers. For free. How will I pay for it? I’m going to invade Uzbekistan and steal THEIR oil. Hey, already worked in Iraq.

  8. Suzi Riot – Me, too. I really need to read this book. You rant? No way! Well, okay. Go ahead. Rant. I like it!

    Scarlet – It never ends, does it? I was just helping my oldest study that period of history and I learne quite a bit of disgusting info about the railroads. What’s more, we still have a puny passenger rail system and no real prospects for anything to fix that.

    Fran – Wouldn’t it be nice if we call all just be satisified with just enough? What a nice world that might be.

    Randal – Sounds like a plan. Let us know when we should plan to visit Cleveland!

  9. Welfare is welfare …..whether you’re buying groceries or stadiums with it

    I completely agree. Back in the 90’s, the CT state gov’t bought into the stadium bs. They wanted to lure the New England Patriots to Hartford with a brand new stadium paid for with tax dollars. The team, owned by Gillette magnus Robert Kraft, would get to keep ALL the proceeds from the stadium’s ticket sales. Yet, businesses in the surrounding area were supposed to benefit through increased revenue by fans before and after the games. I was pissed. But fortunately, Kraft backed out of the deal complaining that the stadium wouldn’t be done in time for the 2002 season. I rejoiced.

    What’s happened since? The Patriots have won 3 Super Bowls and Governor Rowland went to prison on corruption charges.

  10. DED – Great story! I did not know about that almost deal.

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