Jonestown Delivers an Important Message to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin

Hey Kevin!


How ’bout them Apples You Cheeky Bastard?!!

Can I get an Amen?


~ by fairlane on January 29, 2008.

12 Responses to “Jonestown Delivers an Important Message to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin”

  1. Dang it Fairlane!! Ever since Bush’s speech, I’ve been thinking, “What an ass!” Now you have muddled my perspective! 😦


  2. AMEN!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think I know her

  4. Great. Now I’m permanently warped.

    If I end up strangling or beating or raping or pillaging or razing or bombing, it’s not my fault.

  5. I just saw the “Fuck” documentary on HBO. Martin’s a dildo of the highest order. Excellent post.


    Priceless and I’m inspired to do a similar post with a gay-theme.

    Owe you, Fairlane!

  7. fairlane!! you PROMISED that you wouldn’t post any of those pictures you took of me!! so much for being a “man of your word” …


  8. Anita, you know FAIRLANE’s a slippery eel.

  9. Nudity at Jonestown? Well, Boss, you just opened a whole new can of worms……..

  10. Oh my. Things are going to get very interesting at DCup’s place.

  11. Tom- Looking at that picture may remind a man of “Bush,” but it sure as fuck ain’t the George W. kind.

    You’re welcome.

    Spart- And Halleluja.

    Dave- What a coincidence, me too.

    K- Find a picture of a woman with a great ass, make fun of a wingnut, and there you go.

    Chris- It’s my pleasure.

    I look forward to seeing your take. In a “heterosexual, I’m interested in other people’s perspective” kind of way.

    Anita- I assumed you’d heard that, “No, no, I’m keeping this for personal use only. I’d never put this on the Internet, I swear” line before.

    What can I say? You have a great ass.

    Listen to Kelso.

    DCup- Fucking Hell.

    Pissed- As long as it’s at DCup’s place.

    We already have “Dick Smoking Mommas” or some shit linking to us because of one of her posts.

  12. i was hoping for a picture of Pickle’s ass

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