“Rudy Can’t Fail?”

fairlane1329.jpgLooks like old Rudy’s “Gamble” in Florida didn’t quite pay off.

Ain’t that a Bitch?

I guess it’s time for Mr. 9/11 to pack it in, call it a day, hang’em up, and generally get the Fuck over it because Rudy-

America just doesn’t like you.

However, all hope is not lost.

At least you still have your modeling career-



Tip of the Cap to my Homeboy Tengrain.


~ by fairlane on January 30, 2008.

13 Responses to ““Rudy Can’t Fail?””

  1. Some time around mid-December I got the impression Rudy didn’t even want it. Maybe his whole campaign was just an ego-stroke. Sort of like the married guy who flirts with younger women, not to have sex with them, but just to prove to himself that he COULD.

    (Of course, that’s not the best Rudy-metaphor).

  2. Rudy was the only candidate who I thought had the possibility to be as bad or worse than the incumbent. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty who could still win it who bother me greatly, but at least I’m moderately confident we’ll have a better president than George W. Bush. Like that’s saying much….

  3. I was never wild about him myself, fairlane. Too liberal for my tastes. But then all the GOP frontrunners are. As for None’s comment of confidence in the hope of a better Presidente than El Georgio “amigo mio” Bush, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that just yet. Don’t forget who’s pulling the strings. The GOP (and the Dems) will just allow the candidates they can live with to be the only “clear” choices for the ill and uninformed electorate. That’s why you won’t see any dark horses, like say, Denny Kucinich or Ron Paul, for example out in front, cause ya know, those guys are just flakes. BUYER BEWARE!!! When the establishment sends these kind of messages about a candidate, it’s a good indicator that the candidate in question really does want change and really does have some fresh ideas. Clinton for a change? Obama for a change? How about McCain, or Romney? These players are part of the political machinery. Never forget that. The only thing these politicians are changing are the guard. Such changes will be in tandem with the volumetric size of their pockets. But let’s not be too hard on them. After all, Franklin, Grant, and Jackson have to live somewhere.

  4. I love what Ed Koch was quoted as to have said when he heard of Rudy’s pulling out of the race: “The beast is dead.”

    My sentiments. Exactly.

  5. i guess there isnt going to be much sex in the Giuliani-Nathan household for awhile

  6. Good fucking riddance to yesterday’s trash. And None, I agree about Rudy. He’s W with a brain. He worried me the most.

  7. Yes, but Rudy has such a winning smile.



    PS – thanks for the shout.

  8. MFV- I’m with you, and that does seem to be how it went. But I wonder if it’s not because he knew he “could,” but because he knew he could not.

    Most of the Reps I know, including JWN, never liked Rudy.

    None- Good to see you around these parts. There was/is something disturbing about Rudy. He doesn’t seem to have any personal morality. Whatever, whenever is apparently his motto.

    Chad- You know how I feel. At this point, I’m considering asking Buchanan to run. I’m so fucking sick of Democrats, and Republicans.

    I wish they’d just merge the parties, rename themselves “Exxon,” and get it over.

    Oh, I left a nasty message over on your side of town, but I’m not sure if it posted.

    Anita- Yeah, good riddance to him for sure, but it’s not like we have a group of dandies left to choose.

    DCNY- Do you think there ever was?

    I thought Wingnuts only had sex to “Procreate.”

    Pissed- “W with a Brain?”

    I thought that was Ted Bundy?

    Ten- He looks like the “Pale Man” from Pan’s Labyrinth getting ready to bite the Fairy’s head off.

    Great movie if you have not seen it.

    And you’re welcome. Enjoy those two hits. Too bad they’re not Bong Hits.

  9. several good hits in a row, fairlane. still enthused about the idea of a lottery of registered voters to be appointed to all federal offices for the usual terms and then sent home with a nice little pension after their stint. i nominate you for president.

  10. If you want to see the essential Rudy Giuliani, try to find a youtube of the police riot he incited during his 1993 campaign against Dinkins. He’s standing on top of a cop car, with a megaphone screaming curses at the top of his lungs. If I’m not mistaken he once or twice employs an “M”. For those of you who are not New Yorkers, an “M” in NYC is worse than an “N”. It is the first letter of the Southern Italian word for a vegetable known in French and in English English as “aubergine” and in Spanish “verejena”. In American Engiish, it’s “eggplant” and you get the point. Giuliani’s a cocksucker and good riddance to him.

    I know mi paisanos Spartacus, D-CAPny, and Anita are hip to this, but when Ed Koch turns against a racist asshole like Giuliani, you know the guy’s real, real bad. Ed Koch was almost as bad a mayor as Giuliani was and only slightly less racist. Bloomberg, Dinkins, Beame, Lindsay and Wagner, Sr., are NEW YORK GIANTS compared to those two.

  11. He would have been the funniest president because he would have attended the Inagural Ball in the finest ball gown with matching pumps. I’m sure Donald Trump would have had the first dance.

  12. Inaugural, I meant.

  13. Scarlet Blue, you crack me up.

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