Switch Out Joe Says “No, No, No!”

fairlane1329.jpgJoe “Collaborator” Lieberman, denied he’s interested in running alongside John McCain as his Vice-President. When asked about a potential ticket of Himself, and an 89 year old Lunatic, Lieberman said, “I’m not seeking anything else.”

He did not say, “No, I’m enjoying living here in the House, and there’s no way in Hell I’m going back into the Fields, even if “Mad Dog” is there beside me.  I sold those people out. Who knows what they might do? Fuck that shit!”

Now that we know Joe isn’t interested in Running with McCain, maybe we can convince him to run with the Bulls instead.



~ by fairlane on January 30, 2008.

9 Responses to “Switch Out Joe Says “No, No, No!””

  1. I am very worried the Borg Queen could become the Democratic nominee for president and polls show her losing the General Election when her GOP rival is John McCave.

    Polls show Barack Obama winning the General Election if he’s challenged by McCave.

    About Joementum, never, ever trust him. He may say he won’t accept a Veep spot on a McCave ticket but I don’t believe him. Memba, this is the same asshole who said he wouldn’t run as a GOPer or an Independent and look what happened.

    Joementum is a scumbag.

  2. Ugh! The thought and the pic are too painful to contemplate.

  3. Zell Miller 2: Electric Boogaloo!

  4. Christopher: I must insist you go to your room right now and do your homework. Who is Obama’s mentor in the Senate? If you guessed Lieberman, you’d be right. I’d imagine Lieberman would be Secretary Of Defense in an Obama or McCain administration.

    I LIKE the Borg Queen. And even if I didn’t like her, I’d support her because she’s the only Democrat left in the race.

  5. I LIKE the Borg Queen. And even if I didn’t like her, I’d support her because she’s the only Democrat left in the race.


    Thank goodness someone on the left likes her.

    I get somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 hits a day on my blog and nary a single person ever says they like the Borg Queen.

    What aspect of her voting record and policy positions do you like best? Was it her pro-Iraq war vote? Or her vote against the Levin amendment that gave authority to invade Iraq to the United Nations? Or, her vote to recognize the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a “terrorist” organization?

    When it comes to the Borg Queen, there’s just so damned much to like! Not!

  6. Christopher:

    Kucinich, my first choice, is no longer available.

    Last time I checked the United States of America is a democratic republic, one which grew from a colony who settled there to escape all the awful liberalism of the Anglican Church. Correct me if I’m wrong but in any democratic republic no one gets everything they want out of their president, with the exception, of George W. Bush fans, of course.

    Here is a list of merely tolerable US presidents.


    Were any of their records WORSE than HRC’s, with the possible exceptions of Van Buren, Lincoln and Ford?

    I am under no illusions about her voting record. She is a centrist at best, center-right probably characterizes her record more accurately. The other “Democrat”? Please spare me. At the very least, HRC was there to cast her vote at the nadir, when the USA was on the verge of becoming a de jure theocracy. She voted “no” on keeping Terry Schiavo alive because of fucking goyish superstition. Obama? Absent. That would be gin-rummy, Christopher.

    And the Republicans? Terrifying. Every single one of them.

  7. The picture: OUCH!

    Lieberman: Can’t stand the two-faced turn-coat.

    The Dems: Edwards was one. Kucinich was one. Obama sounds like one, but at this point, who really knows how he’ll handle himself in The Big House? And Clinton has a history of sleeping with the Corporate World. I wish I trusted her more, but I’m pretty skeptical.

    And Hey Fellas, is there any chance that we “progressives” can use candidates’ ACTUAL NAMES instead of trying to sound like Baby Ann Coulters with the goofy insult-names? You’re discrediting your otherwise valid viewpoints, and you’re embarrassing the adults.

    Of course, this isn’t my place, so I’m just sayin’.

  8. […] briefly in a spicy tomato and cream sauce, with lots of lightly sautéed onions (except for you, fairlane – fresh baby spinach would be a great […]

  9. CR- I’m skeptical, very skeptical, of Obama. He “sounds” like a lot of things, and as Hillary pointed out tonight on Tavis Smiley, one of the things he sounds like is Bush in 2000.

    If everyone remembers, Bush said the “right things,” (He was a “Uniter,” a “Healer,” he wanted to “Bring America Together,” we needed to end the “Bitter Partisanship,” and one of his favorite words was/is “Hope”), then after he was elected, he completely changed course.

    I’m not saying Obama is Bush, but he’s every bit as ambitious, if not more so because he’s far more intelligent.

    And Chimpy set the bar for all that follow, “Do whatever the fuck you want, and you’ll still get re-elected.”

    I know Obama’s rhetoric makes him popular, but personally I find it disturbing. He knows, for a fact, that the Wingnuts are not interested in “Hope,” “Peace,” “Healing,” etc, and yet he continues to portray himself as the man who’s going to bring it all together.

    Either I’m wrong about him, and he’s actually a fucking moron, or he knows what he’s saying is bullshit, and he says it anyway.

    If “Bi-Partisanship, and Hope” were high on the American priority list, the polls wouldn’t even be close, but they are, and that tells me many Americans, like their candidates, are simply not interested.

    I could on, but maybe I’ll write a post, or maybe I won’t. I’m so sick of this crap, and my “Hope” is that someone will run as an Independent.

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