I’m Taking a Leak, When It Hits Me


So I’m taking a leak, and Pip is sitting in the sink getting a drink. (She prefers getting her “Sips” from the sink because the water is fresher, and cold).


While I’m doing my business, she pops up on the edge of the sink, and starts looking from me back to the slow stream of water coming from the faucet.

I’m assuming she’s deciding somewhere in her little pea brain which is the better choice- Fresh cold water from a sink or Not So Fresh Warm Water coming from my Bladder.

I couldn’t help thinking, “Damn, I wish we had that kind of obvious choice in the Presidential Elections.”

But alas…

All we get is Prettied Up, Warmed Over Piss.

“The most important thing, is the obvious thing that no one is saying”

Charles Bukowski



~ by fairlane on February 2, 2008.

9 Responses to “I’m Taking a Leak, When It Hits Me”

  1. You had me at “I’m taking a leak….”

    Watch that Pip, she’s got designs and she will act upon them.

  2. Stupid cat! Doesn’t she know it’s not polite to watch someone while they’re taking a piss? Fuck. I hate that for you fairlane!

  3. Bodily functions always make nice metaphors.

  4. Suzi:

    You put me in the mind to make some very rude remarks along those lines with regard to Wolf Blitzer and Barack Obama, and Maureen Dowd ad John McCain, but better just to be a gentleman and let it go.

    I don’t think I could relax enough to piss in front of a cat. The produce terrible allergic reactions and castration anxieties in me.

  5. Nice segue.

    My cat is like a magnet to me when I am peeing, because I sit there and pet my pussy and he knows I will. (Did I say that? Well, it’s true.)

  6. every morning George (the cat, NOT the idiot in the White House) jumps into my bed, paws my face and follows me to the bathroom, where he watches me take a leak. he could care less about that — he wants a can of his food.

    since George loves to drink out of the toilet — i have learned to keep the seat down (women would love me for this), but he drinks right from the sink.

    he also watches me take a shower (now i wonder about this cat) since he loves seeing the water hit the glass door.

    you know what, i bet George the Idiot president does the same things.

  7. Baxter loves to come in the bathroom with me as well. He thinks it is a good time to get patted and since the dog isn’t usually in there with us, we can have alone time.

  8. Kelso, that is hilarious.

  9. Dude –

    Thurber J Wolf looks at me when he is peeing, and his eyes say, “Don’t you wish you could pee on main street, too? Your my bitch.”

    Animals got it made.



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