Hey, Hey, Hey It’s Blogroll Amnesty Day!!!

fairlane1329.jpgWhen I started this blog, I had no idea what in the Fuck I was doing or if I honestly wanted to do it.

My friend “B” suggested I start a blog because I love to write, and because getting published in the “Real World” is damn near impossible these days, unless you’re already published (Makes perfect sense).

So, after a few days of debating whether I had the time, and/or the inclination, Jonestown was born.

At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted Jonestown to “be,” (Still not sure) or if anyone would read my Profanity Laced Tirades, but I made up my mind I was writing how I wanted without worrying about “Offending” anyone.

Initially my “Plan” didn’t seem to be such a great idea. In my first month, and a half, I think I had 1000 visitors, and being the Impatient sort I was about to say “Fuck This.”


One of the first bloggers I linked with (Reasic- who unfortunately shut down his excellent blog) passed on my name to the Illustrious Blue Gal.

Long story short, within a month I had a post passed onto Crooks and Liars, and Jonestown was on her way (Relatively speaking of course).

During the 6 months or so since, I’ve “Met” some very interesting, funny and talented people (Some of whom now write here at Jonestown), and although I don’t blog nearly as often as I once did, I’m glad I decided to stick around.

The point being, Blogging is not a way To Get Rich, but it is a Great Way to exchange Ideas, and to Meet some Very Interesting People.

With that in mind, let’s proceed-


Apparently, today, February 3, 2008 is “Blogroll Amnesty Day.” I won’t go into the Sordid details of how such a day came into Existence, but if you’re interested you can read all about it at Jon Swift’s or at Skippy’s House.

The essentials are that today is a chance to share the Love with some of the “Smaller” blogs in our Circle of Insanity.

Again, “Smaller” is relative. I remember thinking 200 hits a day was “Big Time,” until I realized the “Big Boys/Girls” get several hundred thousand or even a million plus hits per day.

Perspective altering to say the least.

Before I share my choices, let me give a special Whoop Whoop to Tengrain at Mock, Paper, Scissors who’s linked to several of my Vitriolic Rants, and never once has he threatened to wash my mouth out with soap or to tell my Mom.

Thanks dude, and next time I’m in Cali, which I hope is soon, I’ll let you know.

While you check out the links, enjoy a little reading music from the one, and only Jeff Beck (I’m no fan of the Chevy Camaro or “Peeling Out Dawg!”, but Jeff Beck is the shit, so, the guy can’t be all bad).

Scarlet W. Blue at The Invisible Women– If I have an Evil Female Twin, she’s it.

She’s one of the Funniest People I’ve encountered thus far, and she’s Fucking Smart…Damn, she’s Smart.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we were engaged a few days ago.

Gary at Withinsight– Deep, Clever, and I think he’s truly concerned for my well being.

And- he mailed me a “Giant Fucking Bug” from one of his many Adventures Abroad.

Wyld at Wyld’s Q and A– Wyld is currently serving in the Armed Forces (Hopefully on his way home), and is one of my favorite visitors here at Jonestown.

We don’t always agree, but that’s not important to me, what’s important is- Do you have the Courage to not only Disagree with Others, but to accept others may Disagree with you?

The “A” to both of those “Q’s” is a Resounding, YES.

Coffee Messiah at Coffee Messiah (Funny how that works)- Coffee is an honest to God nice Man.

His posts make you stop, and think twice about writing another post Viciously Attacking your Enemies (Not saying it always works, but…)

And he always has some interesting music or recordings of conversations he’s had with Regular People living/succeeding in a world that is Fucking Insane.

Truly one of the Good People.

Dynamo In a Box– Dynamo (Or “None”) writes exclusively about what it’s like to live with ADHD.

Reading his posts is, at least for me, like reading from a Ticker Tape if it was coming out of my ear.

If you have ADHD or want to understand what ADHD is Really Like, check him out.

Freida at Freida Bee– Freida (‘ei” not “ie”) is filthy, and Damn I love her for it.

“My cat is like a magnet to me when I am peeing, because I sit there and pet my pussy and he knows I will. (Did I say that? Well, it’s true.)”

But she’s so much more.

Great writer, Funny (I love Funny Women, in case you didn’t know), Bright, and Fearless.

Kelso at Kelso’s Nuts– What can you say about K-Man?

Sometimes I get lost reading his posts because he’s talking about People and/or Events about which I know nothing.

One of the most Intelligent People you’ll encounter on Teh Internets.

And he loves Punk.

How can you go wrong?

Susan at Phantsy That– Susan is a very Talented Artist, and to top it off she’s also an Accomplished Writer.

Her posts are hopeful rants from the Heart of a Cynic (Everyone knows Cynics are actually Reformed Optimists, right?).

Christ, I apologize for the cliches Susan.

Randal at L’ennui mélodieux– Randal speaks that Fancy French, and he’s not afraid to Tell you about it.

A True Wise Ass, and Very Talented Writer.

He does like Heavy Metal, but who wants Perfection?

I’d rather have a couple of “Mother Fuckers,” and a nice Ale Chaser.

Randal has both, and much more.

The Cunning Runt at Little Bang Theory– CR is one Hell of a Cook, Photographer, and I imagine if I were a Nicer Person, I’d want to be more like him.

He’s gone out of his way, several times, to Cook Up something with my Vegetarian, Picky Ass in mind.

Oh, and he’s also a Hell of a Writer.

Jen Clark at Little Country Lost– Jen writes some of the most Insightful Posts in the Blogosphere.

When she covers a Subject/Topic, she puts a great deal of Thought, and Feeling into it.

In many ways, and I mean this as a Complement, she reminds me of Dashiell with her Thoroughness, and her Ability to say Exactly What you were Thinking.

Spartacus at My Saturday Evening Post– Another Really Nice Dude, but with an Edge (Seems to be a recurring Theme).

One day Sparty is writing Breathtaking Poetry, and the Next he’s Talking about the Rough, and Tumble Streets of NYC (I guess there’s a Connection).

And he’s Patient. If you witnessed how he treated a Certain So, and So many of us were dealing with, you know Exactly what I mean.

Omnipotent Poohbah– I’m not sure he qualifies as a “Small Blog,” but I don’t care because if you’re not reading him, then Shame on You.

Poohbah is great with words, and his posts are not only Funny, but he always nails the Shit/Shitheels (From Both Sides) right between the Eyes.

Phy from Phydeaux Speaks– Phy, and I first encountered one another from my Post on C and L.

We don’t visit as often as we once did, but I consider Phy to be one of the Coolest Cats out there in the Wild Blue Yonder.

His writing style is Unique, Entertaining, and after a few sentences you know (Despite his claims to the Contrary) you’re reading the words of a very Bright Man.


I think that’s enough for Today-

If I didn’t Include you, I apologize. Some of you were already mentioned in the other posts I read, and I attempted to list Blogs that are missing from too many Blogrolls.

Just know, for what it’s worth, if you’re on my Blogroll, you’re there for a Reason. I may be Fucking Insane, but I’m not Stupid, and Jonestown don’t link to Bunk.

I shouldn’t have to mention this, but I will. If you have yet to link to the Blogs of the other Contributors here at Jonestown, I suggest you get on it ASAP.

Remember, I know where you live.

One more thing-

Anyone interested in exchanging links, just ask. I essentially have no policy when it comes to Links other than-

1) No Dipshits, unless you’re Funny.


2) You must be able to Write. And I mean “Write,” not “write.”

Don’t let my posts fool you. I know my Shit.

(Hell, who am I kidding? If you link to me, I’ll link to you. I’m a dude for Christ’s Sake).




~ by fairlane on February 3, 2008.

27 Responses to “Hey, Hey, Hey It’s Blogroll Amnesty Day!!!”

  1. Ooooh, a Nod ‘o Filth,/em> from the filthmaster himself.

    (I like it when you misspell my pseudonym.)

    And thanks for putting me with such great company!

  2. “But not too bright. That’s one of the things we like about that Frieda Bee,” –Esquire Magazine

  3. Freida- Old habits die hard. At one time, and may God forgive me, I was an English major.

    From now on, I’ll do my best to spell your name correctly.

    What do those schmucks at “Esquire” know?

  4. Don’t make me give you my metal face, ya bastard. Thanks for the link and undeserved words of praise. Now I have even more blogs to check out. You fuckers are going to keep me from doing any work – wait, I wouldn’t have anyway.


  5. From someone who’s still happy to get 2 hits a day, thanks for the list and the great pocket descriptions of what sound to be some very interesting blogs.. the ones that aren’t regulars on my list, that is. I don’t get around that much either since the painting, reading and full-time crappy job keep me far too busy but I will check them based on your recommendations.

    You were the first visitor I had after Gary’s introduction and also the one who told me to keep going when I was considering bagging a few weeks later. I’m pleased to have fallen in with such fascinating company and delighted you added my site to your list all those (few) months ago.

  6. Please make Randal give his metal face, Fairlane. Please, please.

  7. I can’t tell you how flattered I am. It’s better than flowers! It’s better than jewelry (not that I would object to any jewelry)! (And, I hope you’re not biased just because of the engagement.)I am defintely going to check out all of those links just because You said so, and You once told me You were in the top five of all the smartest people on the Internet or something like that.

  8. If I read this correctly, you only link to blogs that rank higher than yours?
    Could be just a difference in approaches, but I link to people that I like. Seems that this is the spirit that you adopting one day out of the year. Why not make it a year ’round deal?

  9. Randal- I’m supposed to ask you to do your “Metal Face.” I have no fucking idea what that is, but go ahead. Just don’t hurt anyone with your “Head Banging.”

    You know I have to dis Metal Heads in order to keep my “Punk Cred.”

    And yes, Galactus, for I am the Destroyer of Worlds (Or some other Grandiose Shit):

    Susan- I’ve thought about giving up countless times. To be honest, without the other writers, Jonestown might have to be changed to “Ghost Town.”

    However, I’m glad you decided to stick around.

    Freida- (That’s “ei,” not “ie”). You see that I asked him. It’s all up to him now, but he’s probably busy watching the Stupor Bowel.

    Scarlet- Of course I’m biased, but it’s not because of the pending nuptials, and potential Hanky Panky (Wink, wink), well, the potential Hanky Panky is part of the reason, but not all of it.

    You’re awesome (Like totally), and your posts crack me up.

    Not many people, other than myself, make me laugh.

    And I said, “Top three” not “Top five.”

    Going- I’m not sure where you got that idea, but you are definitely reading it wrong.

    Out of the 80-90 blogs on my roll, maybe 6 or 7 have a higher “Rank” than Jonestown (I’m assuming by “rank” you mean Traffic).

    Jonestown is a small blog, and the only “Big” blogs to whom I link are still small potatoes when compared to the truly “BIG BLOGS.”

    Another factor I look for is, if it’s a “Big Blog,” and I leave a comment, will they respond? The people I link with will respond, and they return the visit.

    Tengrain is a great example.

    I know some treat exchanging links as though they’re giving up their virginity, but I gave that up long ago.

    I’ll link with anyone, even Wingnuts, as long as they’re not racist/xenophobic/homophobic (I guess that excludes most Wingnut blogs, huh?).

    If you’re interested in exchanging links, let me know. If not, thanks for the visit.

  10. Great choices and a great post.

  11. Great list. We hang with the coolest people. Dang, I need to post here, don’t I?

  12. Thanks for the linky love fairlane… It feels almost as good as sitting next to a die hard Pats fan while watching the Giants win.

  13. Thanks for the Link, Fairlane – no one capitalizes on Capital letters like you, dude.

    Best regards,


  14. Now this is getting just creepy because I, too, have been known to laugh at my own jokes and my own posts. In fact, the other day, my little Obi-wan told me I laugh “all the time,” and I didn’t have the heart to tell him it’s hysteria.

    Potential Hanky Panky? Like, two avatars doing it in Second Life on a vitural bed in a virtual yard sale while other avatars stand around and type “LOL” repeatedly?

  15. getting published in the “Real World” is damn near impossible these days, unless you’re already published (Makes perfect sense).

    All too true. “Show me the money,” is the rule of traditional publishing these days.

  16. A very stellar list there. So right on the money about Coffee.

  17. I’m not sure if this is real world publishing or not but the other day a new visitor suggested I publish the old ‘baby days’ at lulu.com. You email your manuscript, decide on size, binding etc. then it’s a print on demand by buyers. Yes, it’s vanity (they like the term self-publishing) but when I wiki’d I learned ‘Joy of Cooking’ and a few others started that way.
    It won’t be me but for what it’s worth..

  18. Lulu is not traditional publishing. They’re one of the many new outlets for authors to self-publish. I’ve run into many in the “old guard” of publishing who deride all of the self-publishers, print on demand (POD), etc as mere vanity press. Personally, I find the attitude elitist and completely ignorant of the fact that fewer and fewer new writers are afforded the opportunity to get published through the traditional publishing houses. While it’s true that there’s plenty of crap getting published this way (POD et al), it ignores the fact that plenty of good books are as well. Shouldn’t the attitude be, “Yes, get more people writing! It’s less time they’ll be spending in front of TV!” If self-published authors are really successful, it enables agents and the large printing houses to “see the money” and select those authors that will earn them big bucks without having to take any risk.

  19. Pissed- There are so many really good blogs, it’s impossible to keep up or find them.

    I think this is a cool idea.

    DCup- We do, don’t we.

    Yeah, a post now and again would be nice. But don’t let me interfere with your vacation or anything.

    Sparty- No problem. I wish I had more traffic to send your way, but at this point “Props” is about all we have.

    I’m no Giants fan, but NE are the Yankees of football (Shit, you probably like the fucking Yankees don’t you?).

    Ten- Other than my mother, no one has ever said anything about my use of Capitalization.

    I have no idea why I do it, but it seems to work, most of the time.

    And thank you for the link.

    Scarlet- If our avatars are going to get it on, I think I need some kind of device. The only thing a pair a Chucks have that are even remotely close to useful, are shoestrings.

    DED- No doubt. Show me the money, and “Who’s your agent?”

    Nothing wrong with using Lulu. Who has the money to hire an agent.

    An agent is just another Parasite who profits from your work.

    Mary- Coffee is definitely one of those people.

    You know, the nice ones you read about from time to time in Fairy Tales, and such.

    Susan- I’ve actually looked at Lulu. Lulu differs from the “Vanity Presses” because they don’t charge you unless your book sells, and then they take a cut.

    The “Vanity Presses” charge a fee upfront.

  20. Fairlane! I should have known this was written by you! I can never figure out who the author is on the individual posts here – I don’t know if that is unavailable or if I’m just totally oblivious (which is very possible).

    Anyhow, thank you so much for what you said about Little Country Lost. I’m in the middle of my series so I won’t be participating in this round of Blog Amnesty Day, but I guess that is ok since I’m still a little tiny fish in this blogging sea.

    I checked out Dashiell’s blog and I see why you compared my writing to his. What a lovely compliment.

    You made my day. Thanks!

  21. Nothing wrong with using Lulu.

    Nothing wrong at all. Sorry if I came across negative towards them. It certainly wasn’t my intent. I might even wind up using them.

  22. Geez, I could stay up here (and related links) all night long and never get anything done.. not that I’ve been doing that much in the virtual world but I am working on a story with pictures. It’ll be for a future post if it looks okay and not for lulu but maybe if I ever did a dozen of them I’d think again.

    Thanks to you too DED – I didn’t think you came across all that negative and the publishing world has been a bitch to crack forever.. even Gutenberg had to self publish.

  23. Jen- I do my best to tell the truth at all times. Yes, it pisses people off, and we lose links on occasion (Apparently a couple, ironically, may be on my list above), but this world (The Blogosphere) doesn’t even really exist. I made it up one night tripping on mushrooms.

    The nice part is, occasionally, I make someone’s day, and that’s enough for me.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    The avatars are supposed to be the clue, but apparently it doesn’t work so well because others have mentioned not knowing who wrote what or what wrote who.

    Quick Cheat Sheet

    fairlane– Busted up Chucks

    – Busty Babe

    Suzi– Skull and/or Hot Chick wearing Kucinich shirt

    Johnny Wingnut– Penguin in a cup of coffee harvested by 5 year old slave laborers from South America

    – Busted up house

    Dashiell– Bogie sans BeCall

    Barry Max– Quill Pen, and dipping sauce

    I hope that helps. If all else fails, I’m the one who says “Mother Fucker” every other sentence.

    DED- Not at all. I guess my comment is what came across as negative.

    Everything’s cool.

    Susan- Exactly. If you don’t have an agent, you are not getting published.

    And, if you go through an Independent Publisher, and the book sells, they own all the rights if another publisher wants to pick it up.

  24. 100% off-topic, this article reminded me of you and the themes on your blog:


    Money quote:

    Two ways of subduing defiance are to criminalize it and to pathologize it, and U.S. history is replete with examples of both. In the same era that John Adams’ Sedition Act criminalized criticism of U.S. governmental policy, Dr. Benjamin Rush, the father of American psychiatry (his image adorns the APA seal), pathologized anti-authoritarianism. Rush diagnosed those rebelling against a centralized federal authority as having an “excess of the passion for liberty” that “constituted a form of insanity.” He labeled this illness “anarchia.”

    Throughout American history, both direct and indirect resistance to authority has been diseased. In an 1851 article in the New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, Louisiana physician Samuel Cartwright reported his discovery of “drapetomania,” the disease that caused slaves to flee captivity. Cartwright also reported his discovery of “dysaesthesia aethiopis,” the disease that caused slaves to pay insufficient attention to the master’s needs. Early versions of ODD and ADHD?

  25. Ah, and thanks a ton for the link!

    (Now that I’ve not only commented but also read the post….)

  26. Hey, Thanks ( i think), no seriously, I appreciate your words and know they are “real!”

    Am working for the man (conservation dept in a bindery) but I never told you. ; )

    So I’ve been busy, and am sorry I can’t post about whats crossing my desk. There’s been thousands (really) of “pre-treaty) as in Native American crossing my desk to be scanned. Names of tribes I’ve never heard of.

    I digress. Hopefully I’ll get around more on the weekend and read the rest of the posts.

    Stay Well and Thanks! Oh, BTW, I feel your pain with the vehicle post. Been there and hope to never do so again. Another one of lifes big disappointments! ; (


  27. Dynamo- If you marginalize people who won’t follow along quietly, it makes it so much easier.

    Working as counselor/case manager for several years gave me a first hand look. The best part was I was at least as bad as the kids.

    “You can’t say ‘Mother Fucker’ in a staff meeting.”

    “Oh, my bad.”

    Coffee- Good to see you sir. Of course what I said was “real.”

    Are they planning on honoring the treaties or do they file them in a box that says, “Can you believe those suckers fell for it?”

    The car thing sucked, but I finally got the car I really wanted.

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