It’s All in the Frasing

DCup Pistol Packing DCup

My son The Actor and I were driving today in our little northwest Georgia community where political campaign signs have sprouted like wild onion clumps along the roadsides.

 “Would you look at that?” said The Actor as we drove by some garish gold, blue and red signs in a row.

 Distracted by my conversation with his sister Cupcake, I just nodded.  This did not satisfy The Actor. We are people who hold multiple conversations and interrupt each other like pundits on Hardball.

“Mom! Did you see that?” The Actor insisted.

“See what?” I huffed.

“That sign. It said faith, family, freedom,” he nearly shouted at me. We’re a tad excitable, too.

“Whose sign?”

“Well , if it says faith, family, freedom, his name must be Mike Fuckabee instead of Mike Huckabee, dontcha think?”

Mike Huckabee Yard Sign

 Faith. Family. Freedom?

That shit might play here in Georgia. I associate in the meatworld with people who will lap that pablum up. I mean, I have regular contact with people who wear tee shirts with Jesus slogans emblazoned across them and skip on their taxes. Natch, they’re Republicans. They are going to love Fuckabee’s social conservatism, but what will they think of his fiscal policies?

Dang it. I should have attended one of their churches this morning so that I could see what marching orders the local ministers are giving. These folks are organized, if nothing else.

I guess I’ll find out on Tuesday what my local community thinks of Fuckabee, won’t I?


~ by dcup on February 4, 2008.

24 Responses to “It’s All in the Frasing”

  1. Even with Giuliani gone and even though I got a little teary-eyed remembering that lovely gown he’s wearing on Scarlet’s last post and knowing he’ll never get the chance to wear it to his own Inaugural Ball.. the only thing that scares me equally is that he’ll get to wear it to Fuckabee’s Inaugural.

    I’ll be quivering in anticipation to hear the results of the marching orders given from the southern pulpits this weekend. Keep your head down.

  2. Fuckabee! Ha ha ha. What a great “Frase”!

  3. that is a good one! fuckabee! people up here are talking about McCain being their man. If McCain wins the nomination I think we ought to emphasize his age and how easily he caves in the hard right.

  4. Hey, we have the freedom to follow his authority. I don’t see the disconnect you’re trying to portray. Praise Hucka – er, Jesus!

  5. His fucking signs are all over the place here too. Fla wasn’t that excited about him last tuesday, but his litter is still all over the place in my neighborhood.

  6. “Fuckabee, Schmuckabee, Fuckamee, Suckabee, Suckamee, Hesashee,” the list goes on, and on, and on.

    Let’s have a contest.

  7. CT’s primary is tomorrow, yet I’ve only seen one sign for any candidate of either major party (And I can’t remember if it was for Clinton or McCain) in my area. It’s a bit surprising as there’s always a hearty crop of signs whenever there’s a vote for anything around here.

  8. I haven’t seen one single Huckabee sign here; I bet they’d get stolen. Not that I’d have anything to do with that, that was a hypothetical. Because stealing those signs would be wrong. If I did it. Which I didn’t. Ahem.

  9. Haven’t seen any here in the Republic of East Texas either. You’d have a hard time seeing them for all the one-time treasures people have for sale in their yards or at the entrance to their community. You can tell when the economy is booming!

  10. Welcome to the Champagne room!

  11. OMG, I know some of those Jesus people who tamper with their water meters!

  12. Hey, Fuckabee. Fuck with your own damn family.

  13. You have a smart kid. Must tell you that here in NYC–well in the village–there is not a sign for any republican. In fact the only signs and/or folks giving out literature that I’ve seen are for Obama. Tomorrow should be interesting, because even though Hill is supposed to take NY there are whispers out there suggesting Obama might take the city. Now won’t that be interesting?

  14. Not to be contradictory to Pissed, but my wife and I were walking this weekend and I actually saw a Huckabee sign. Couldn’t for the life of me tell you exactly where it was, mostly because I wandered for hours in a daze, wondering who the hell could live here and support that fucking douchebag.

  15. By the way DCup, it’s about fucking time you did some work around here:)

    Cavalor- The Champagne Room sounds nice.

    Sorry, all we have are padded rooms, but I do have a shitload of Ativan, and Thorazine on hand to make the stay more pleasant.

    Joe- Welcome to you as well.

    As to your question, Rednecks live everywhere.

    According to my friend in Pakistan, they even have them there. In fact, she says that’s who we usually see on the nightly news.

    “Only the fucking rednecks live out there with all the goddamned rocks, and dirt.”

    Or something like that.

  16. Hey, Boss!!!!

    Okay, my work here is done for today. Love the new art, Sugar. (Is that workplace sexual harrassment? I sure hope so.)

    Now where’s that damn weed you promised me in return for some pot stirring?

    To the rest of the commenters – thank you. I’m sorry I was remiss in responding to you throughout the day.

    Oh, and PiNYC? Can I come live with you?

  17. i saw a McCain bumber sticker the other day… no Huckabee stuff.

    i wish Gus Hall was still on the ballot

  18. The Actor totally stole that from me! 😉

  19. I saw a big-ass Huckabee sign here in the People’s Republic of MASSACHUSETTS.

    Somebody ain’t payin’ attention.

  20. Have you seen the Huckabee Girl video on Pharnygula? As for his name, I think it should be Fuckamee because that’s what he would do if elected.

  21. Just realized this blog runs on Zulu Time.

  22. I nominate Fuckinspree as the president of heaven

  23. At least he can play an instument other than his own.

  24. Joe: Where did you see the Huckabee sign? Are you sure it wasn’t being displayed ironically?

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