Why Is Hell Suddenly So Cold?

suze.jpgSuzi Riot
That’s because my mother and father informed me today that if the general election is between McCain and Clinton, they will be voting for Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton.

They swear that they came to this conclusion before they heard about Crazy-Eyes Coulter’s vow to campaign for Hillary.

I don’t know who I am any more. My world as I knew it has ended. A new world of horrible promise and uncertainty has replaced that which I have always known to be true: my parents are traditional, conservative, Clinton-hating Republicans. And I mean HATE. My dad is an extremely intelligent person – we’re talking IQ way over 160. But his hatred of the Clintons has always been irrational. My experience of the 90’s was defined by father’s complete and vitriolic loathing of both William H. and Hillary R. And now he’s not only saying that he would vote for her, but that she would probably be a good president. Even more of a mindfuck is his assertion that Bill Clinton’s economic policies were… wait for it…

good for this country.

I kind of want to make my dad recall all of the things he said ten years ago about how Clinton was the worst president ever, that he was destroying America. But I’m not going to. I’m going to wait and see how tomorrow turns out and take it from there.

I do think that it’s strange that so many conservatives perceive McCain as liberal. Look at his policies. Examine his voting record. He’s anti-abortion, pro abstinence-only education. His immigration policy is almost exactly like that of Bush. He’s pro corporate welfare. I know the GOP establishment is still pissed at him over McCain-Feingold. And I know Hillary Clinton is perceived as being conservative. But look at the voting records and the policies – she’s not a progressive and she’s certainly not my first choice for president. But she is liberal as compared to ANY of the Republicans, even McCain.

My parents are good people. I was pretty lucky in that department – they’re crazy and they’re conservative, but they’re NOT the christian, gay-bashing, abortion protesting type of Republicans. But they have seriously tripped me the fuck out with this one!



~ by Suzi Riot on February 5, 2008.

16 Responses to “Why Is Hell Suddenly So Cold?”

  1. And the Giants won a Super Bowl no one picked them to win. Hey Suzi. Stranger things have happened.

  2. On the way to my sister’s wedding, my mother, a lifelong very involved Wingnut, said, “You know, they say when you get older you become more Conservative, but that’s not true. You actually become more Liberal because you just don’t care about that stupid shit anymore.”

    Maybe that’s not exactly how she said it, but it’s close.

  3. I don’t see any sane individual, as aiding & abetting the Clintons in their de facto end-run around the 22nd Amendment: Bill Clinton running for a third term as president. Does a leopard change its spots? Women such as Hillary are also nothing new. They’ve been around as long as there have been Kings. We will have a woman president someday; I just don’t think it will be Hillary. Why? You can’t judge a book, by looking at the cover: http://theseedsof9-11.com

  4. Great Suzi, you’re attracting Wingnut Conspiracy Theorists.

    The link she left as her origin, is dead, non-existent. She actually came from one of those “I hate Hillary” blogs.

    You know what I hate?

    Theme blogs.

  5. Suzi, can you have your parents talk to mine then? The Clenis is still Satan Incarnate and Billary is a bitch with endless ties to nefarious criminal elements and I think she killed Vince Foster with a special Lesbian Dildo.

    fairlane, come on man, I expected better from you. Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – know that Hillary’s breasts singlehandedly brought down the twin towers, and that the black baby he fathered years ago brought down no. 7.

  6. Holy cats. Am I the only liberal who hangs around this place who isn’t spawned from conservatives?

    Anyway, I’m glad to keep company here. I guess I’m lucky to be able to call my mother and start a conversation with ….”did you hear what Bush said now?” and she jumps right in and starts bashing away with me.

    It may be the only thing we agree on.

    Suzi, I’d be watching the animals for strange behavior. Don’t they usually tip us off to oncoming calamity?

  7. I figured we could split the difference.

    I even gave you the better song:)

  8. My mother told me the other day that she voted for Romney in the primary (Michigan), but she would vote for McCain in the general if he won. I asked her if there was any combination of the candidates left that would get her to vote Democrat. She said “no” and she also said she thought that “no conservative would vote against McCain. He’s a war hero. If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate, everyone will get behind McCain.”

    I used to think that the only thing that would unite the now-in-shambles Republican party was the prospect of another Clinton presidency. Good to know your parents are proving that wrong. You should just hug them and tell them “welcome back to the light.”

    All that said, I would have prefered Edwards or Kucinich.

  9. I do think that it’s strange that so many conservatives perceive McCain as liberal.

    I don’t get it either, but if the polls can be trusted, they’re a (very) vocal minority.

    While I wasn’t a Clinton fan, I was never (nor am I now) a Hater. I thought that the venom and bile spewed their way was insanely excessive. Before the McCain attacks, I thought for sure that if Hillary were to get the nomination then we’d have to endure ridiculous amounts of right wing hate machine noise again (we still might). But if they’re willing to turn on one of their own (McCain), maybe the wheels are finally coming off.

  10. holy smokes. I watched the youtube video of Coulter endorsing Clinton and I thought to myself “what gives?” it must be some kind of dirty trick, I don’t trust Coulter so what in the world is she up to?

  11. I think the real Republican party of the past is so appalled by what Bush did to our country, they won’t trust anyone in their own party for a long time. Personally, I think Hillary will make a great president and I’d be proud to vote for her. She wasn’t my first pick, but I like her much better than Obama. I’d rather be tarred, feathered, and tied to the back of a pick up truck while driven down an asphalt road before I would vote Republican. That’s just the kinda gal I am!

  12. Clinton, Obama and — yes — McCain all moved left for their ’08 runs.

    Their 110th Senate voting records analyzed not by the NATIONAL JOURNAL’s subjective methods but by schoalars.


    Now, their 109th Senate voting record.


    Please note McCain’s position on list. Clinton and Obama are CENTRISTS. McCain is DR STRANGELOVE.

  13. hi … found you thanks to the Blogroll Amnesty … love your stuff! my folks get more conservative as they get older, sadly … it’s like the only memories they’re losing are the ones of themselves voting left-wing when they were my age … *rolling my eyes* … anyway, I’ve added you to my blogroll, as of about 10 minutes ago.

  14. I come from a republican family. Not wingnuts, because NJ actually had moderate/liberal republicans back in the day (remember Milicent Fenwick?). That said, they will vote for the republican. We don’t discuss politics at holidays.

  15. Sparty: Stranger things have indeed happened. Just not to me.

    Peggy: If you’re for real, well I disagree with you but thanks for sharing. If not, Jonestown don’t take kindly to spammers or trolls, but that’s the boss’s call to make.

    fairlane: 1) That is an awesome quote. 2) Maybe Paulie can take care of her for us? 3) Thanks for returning the stolen property – you’re not such a thieving bastard after all. 4) Boss, thank you for providing the staff with such a lovely working environment. The new paint and artwork really have improved morale among the worker bees. But we’re out of vodka.

    Randal: I’m afraid that my parents might end up re-convinced by yours! And don’t knock lesbian dildos as a murder weapon – those suckers are heavy.

    Dcup: You are LUCKY. Politics and religion have been off limits for years – for over a decade, really. I had to tell my parents over ten years ago that I loved them too much to damage our relationship by fighting over that shit. We’re a passionate family. It feels so incredibly wonderful to finally be able to have a rational conversation with them and for them to admit that Bush has made things bad enough that they’ll vote for a Democrat.

    Cowboy: Believe me, if I still lived in the same state as them I would be throwing them a freaking party! I also would have preferred Kucinich – I was really disappointed that he dropped out before Super Tuesday.

    DED: I’m in agreement with you – I was never a HRC supporter, but I never have disliked her as much as some on the left. She’s not progressive enough for me, but neither is Obama.

    Lib: I don’t know. I have ceased to be able to trust even my own judgment when it comes to her. Is she crazy? Crazy like a fox?

    ME: Yes! And that is exactly why my parents are willing to vote for her. And I also agree with you on Clinton. I was never a supporter of hers, because there were other candidates that I liked much better. But I much prefer her to Obama. He’s more conservative, as his voting record and public statements demonstrate.

    Kelsito: Indeed.

    Stringer: Welcome and thanks for commenting! My parents also have followed that pattern and that’s why this is such a mindfuck for me.

    PiNYC: No politics, no religion for the last decade at least. Not if we wanted to be able to stay in the same room without throttling one another. And yeah, they’re on the moderate side too. So I’m grateful that they at least have seen the light even a tiny bit.

  16. We, not unlike the Wingnuts, are completely intolerant here at Jonestown.

    All Trolls will be dealt with swiftly, and severely.

    If you disagree, great, but act like you have a Fucking Brain. Don’t come in here with your “I don’t see any sane individual” bullshit.

    Aside from Trolls, the one thing I have Zero Tolerance for is unintentional irony.

    I do, however, love the nuance in language.

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