Political Stimulus Package


The man on camera is Rep. John Campbell. He stands as a voice of reason among a multitude of political opportunists. Of course, his plea for fiscal responsibility goes unheeded. If after watching this video, you don’t get the urge to down the Maalox, you probably have your hand out.

Putting it another way, something is being stimulated…ahem….but it ain’t the economy.

“In concurrence with the Federal Reserve, Congress and the White House have been putting together a $150 billion fiscal stimulus package. Both of these measures aim to avert negative growth in the short term, but as ominous economic indicators pile up, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that these actions will have a significant impact on the slide into recession.”

Knowing all that, why do you think duh gubment passed this “economic stimulus package,” anyway? Because it’s politically popular, that’s why. It’s also why “politics” and “reason” should never be mentioned in the same sentence. This is duh….gubment at its best. I think I’ll go vomit now.

~ by johnnywingnut on February 7, 2008.

18 Responses to “Political Stimulus Package”

  1. Mr. Wingnut. I just want you to know that after your post went up so too did our “Evil Rating.”

    We were 2% Evil, and now we’re 3% evil.

    Coincidence? I think not dear sir.

  2. I’m a caveman! I am conservative-man. I’m also a card carrying Republican, or possibly RepubliMAN, even if I don’t act the part given me by those who make paradigms in this country. I think that pretty well explains the “evil.” It would also explain why no one has commented on this thread but you and I amigo mio. Birds of a feather, you know. That’s enough for now. Something about this thread. I’m getting sleeeepy…hey thaaat sea monkey stole my lunch ma..ma.. money…I…mm…wha….ba, bah, buh..dooey…duh….Guh…zzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZZZ

  3. I have no speakers where I currently sit, so I can only comment on the evil thing. That fucker is fucking fucked up. Once I was at 40%, then I put up a post that had at least 3 or 4 variations of ‘fuck’, and it went down to 31. Is righteousness the true source of evil? Hmm.

    I hate to use that check in any sort of stimulating way, but sadly, I need a new washer. Well played, politicians, well played.

  4. I’m against the stimulus package too. It smacks of election year politics/pandering. “Look! See! I voted to give you money!”

    While I don’t believe that the government should be spending more money, it could be spent on better things (infrastructure repairs for one) than more crap from Wal-Mart. The only thing that gets stimulated then is China. What would be great, is if people put the money towards something useful like paying off their debt.

  5. Why not simply write a check to China, and the rich people who live here?

    Cut out the middle man/woman.


  6. I want them to pay for my stimulus package in drugs. It will make the rest of Bush’s term more palatable.

  7. LOL @ Nunly!! 🙂

    Even the Senate version, far better than the Bush-Pelosi version, defeated by the GOP was a band-aid. The stimulus package America needs is the end of the only successful Bush/GOP initiative: No Millionaire Left Behind!!

  8. I can’t resist the urge to say, “Stimulus package??? I got your friggin’ stimulus package…RIGHT HERE, pal!” Okay, I’ll say it again, fairlane; I hate politics. That’s why I waste so much time writing about it, blabbing about it, etc., etc., so on, so forth, and whatnot. Hey, thanks BTW for bringing back the H & C show. Love that premium cracker. Wonder Bread not withstanding, I’m still laughing about that one.
    Stay strong mah friend.

  9. Wacky.

  10. If the government can produce wealth out of thin air, they should use the same magic to produce knowledge and wisdom. We could use a stimulus package like this one for education. Let the evasions roll!

  11. Just another completely fucking stupid idea from a complete fucking waste of a group of politicians. And the DINOs are all on board as well. Fucking idiots.

    And like fucking china needs any more of our fucking money??

    **Note: just trying to do what I can for your fucking evil-meter. Even though I do actually fucking talk like this.

  12. Just thought you’d like to know, fairlane. This post got picked up by the OpenCongress Blog for Rep. Campbell. They have posted a blurb and link back to this site. Kinda cool. Also, I’ll be contacting them so they can pick up my url with the original posting of this piece over at mythoughtworld.com.
    Okay then, I’m off.

  13. How serendipitous, I just changed the pics in the sidebar to naked Barbie Dolls.

  14. Sorry, JWN, you’re now playing on my home turf. I’m a capitalist and a believer in fiscal prudence and monetary neutrality and also a progressive, which means thatI believe you use fiscal stimulus in times of low or stagnant growth AND low inflation. I also believe you have to be very careful with how you tighten and loosen the money supply. Generally speaking, caution is the watchword. 25 pips here, 25 pips there as needed but certainly not every week.

    If I haven’t bored you yet, good. Because now comes the argument. The USA didn’t get into “this problem” because of an excess of private borrowing. It got into “this problem” because of an excess of GOVERNMENT borrowing to finance a WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST which produced an on-going OIL CRISIS, which has inflationary effects and tends to retard growth, producing the worse of all possible worlds: STAGFLATION.

    I agree that not only is the $150 billion “stimulus” useless, it sets a bad precedent. Why not keep throwing more gasoline on the fire (pun intended) until inflation hits 7,8,9%? Good idea while the Fed seems committed to a suicidal policy of looseness! The borrowers have to bear some responsibility and the lenders have to bear some responsibilty and maybe some compromise can be worked out to avoid a credit disaster that will create a country very much like the USA of the late 70s and early 80s.

    That this shitheel Campbell places the blame for “this problem” on “those who pay no taxes,” i.e. the poor, is grotesque.

  15. Kelso, it’s also a myth that the uber wealthy pay 50% of the taxes.

    That number is completely made up. I can only guess he assumes Americans don’t know there are loopholes in the tax code.

    It’s funny how Wingnuts always talk about how there is no “Class War,” yet whenever they get a chance they bring up how the “Poor” are “Leeching” off of everyone else, and how those “Poor, poor rich people” are taken advantage of at every turn.

    The all time Wingnut classic villain “Wealth Redistribution” (Oh no Commies!!) is an acknowledgment of Class War.

    The irony is, many Wingnuts are lower income (Look at voting Demographics), and he’s talking about them, but they think they’re part of the Elite or will be.

    Why else bring up “Illegals?” Who do illegals compete with for jobs? Poor people, including poor Wingnuts.

    The Wealthy don’t need anyone’s sympathy, and while the rest of America watches as their jobs leave, their incomes stagnate, etc, the Uber Wealthy are living fatter than ever.

    Ten Percent of this country controls over 80% of the wealth. A true Capitalist knows such a reality does not bode well for the long term health of this country or the economy, and it sure as shit isn’t Capitalism.

    Another irony, the man most famously linked to Communism, Karl Marx, was dead on when it came to Capitalism.

    It is innately self-destructive as a System over the long haul. The only way a person can perpetually accumulate capital is to crush others in order to Eliminate the Competition.

    Oh, yet another irony. Isn’t “Trickle Down,” which is also a favorite of the GOP, based on the idea of “Wealth Redistribution?” Of course it doesn’t happen that way, but isn’t that what they tell us?

  16. Fairlane:

    I haven’t seen the figures on it but I think if you factor in FICA and the government borrowing against it, you’re absolutely right about that 50% estimate being total bullshit. Furthermore, far from creating situations in which the wealthy MUST pay some tax, the Alternative Minimum Tax has only added more taxes on the middle-class.

    We already know that Wingnuts are morons. The poor and working class get jack-shit back for their taxes and no matter what this idiot Campbell says EVERYONE pays some taxes. It’s like the anti-affimative action argument, how it takes away spots in colleges and universities from “more deserving White students.” Even if that were true, which it isn’t, at worst it’s taking away 5% of spots from “more deserving White students.” Easy solution. If you’re White and you’re applying to 7 colleges or grad-schools, apply to 8 instead. You’ve doubly offset any affirmative-action disadvantage.

    Very, very good point about Marx. I often cite two other Marxist concepts as being useful in capitalist democratic republics: (1) Dialectical Materialism. The clash of ideas and resulting synthesis is always better than one-party rule. (2) The Theory Of Surplus Value. If that’s not a screaming endorsement by Karl Marx of entrepreneurship and small business, I don’t know what it is.

    Your “class warfare” framing argument’s perfect. I couldn’t have phrased it better myself.

  17. F:

    If you like loopholes, here’s a beaut. I’ll use Johan Santana as an example, because I’m totally stoked that he’s a Met now.

    The Veeck ruling in 1976 in U.S. Tax Court allows for sports team owners to deduct the salaries of the players as current expenses and also — because the players and their games are inventory and product of the corporation — the present value of the players’ compensation may also be capitalized and depreciated by the 5-Year IRS ACRS system.

    Yes, Virginia, for a profitable team like The New York Mets, Johan Santana despite making over $137 million in a 6-year deal IS PLAYING FOR FREE because his compensation is being written off twice against corporate profits.

    The really sick thing is that there are Met fans who’d rather the Mets not have Santana because of the salary he’s getting! Not only are they fascists and bigots, they’re also idiots because the Wilpons LOVE getting the 2x write-off.

  18. Kelso, they don’t want Santana making that kind of cheddar because he’s not white. This is first-hand knowledge from a NYer who heard this point first-hand in the barbershop today. Maybe they’re Yankees fans? Probably. But there’s alot of non-white athlete envy going on here.

    As for the main point of JW’s post, you’re all right — the stimulus package won’t stimulate anything. I know lots of people who will be using any money they get to pay down debt, in which case, the money is congress’s way of bailing out the banks and mortgage lenders who are now the proud owners of thousands and thousands of foreclosed properties.

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