Wy, Wy, Wy, Wyld Thang!!

797panimage15.jpgOur Marine Homie, Wyldth1ng, is at long last home from Iraq, and He needs a Beer Quick.

If you’ve never visited, do so. If you have, visit again.

Wyld is a Good Dude, and as evidence I present to you that in less than one week Home he already has a date with a Hot MILF.

Go, Congratulate Him, Wish Him Well, Do Something, Don’t Just Sit There on Your Ass!!

This is Important.

Other Welcome Wagoners-

Fran, DCup, MathMan, Spartacus, FriedaBee, DistributorCap, Jan, Tengrain, Diane

Special Thanks to CDP at Aunt Dahlia.

Now, get the Fuck out of Here!!!

Semper Fi!


~ by fairlane on February 8, 2008.

12 Responses to “Wy, Wy, Wy, Wyld Thang!!”

  1. Yes, indeed fairlane! Thanks for joining the WyldTh1ng welcoming committee. Now I’m getting the fuck out!

  2. Very glad to hear Wyld is home safe. Hope the wrist heals up very soon and that we’ll see him around Jonestown again.

  3. Welcome back, buddy. Me, I’m a pacifist but I know how much pride there is in being a Marine. Believe. Four very important men in my life ARE Marines (none younger than 50).

    If they try to send you back, however, I may have to have you kidnapped and imprisoned behind the walls of a mansion in the nice section of Medellin with a Southwestern exposure and a door that leads right onto the 9th hole of the golf course of the country club, with two gorgeous daughters of a narcotraficante as your own personal “jailers”.

    Best wishes,


  4. Holy crap, I haven’t been around for awhile- love the new look!

    And yes WELCOME HOME WYLD! Great post for a great man.

  5. Fairlane, you are fucking awesome. Thank you.

  6. Wyld, you are most welcome.

    Thank you.

  7. I have not been aware of this Wyththing blog or all that’s been going on. I must have been asleep? Anyway, I am glad to hear of his safe return and look forward to reading more of his blog.

  8. I knew you had a soft spot in you, Boss.

  9. I did what you said and welcomed the Wyththing home. I was not aware of that blog either. I miss so much living down here under this rock. I really should get out more.

  10. You’re a wild MF Fairlane. Do you actually sleep soundly like a baby at night?

    Thanks for the link to Wyldthing – the pedicure with mom is great.

    Anyone 3% evil is probably Satan with camo. But hey, what do I know?

  11. GMan- Everyone has their niche in Blogtown.

    The truth is, this blog is harmless. If you want to see something truly disturbing, visit one of those “Theme Blogs” where they post five times a day about the “Scourge” of Islam or the “Invasion from the South.”

    I visited one recently. Essentially the same post every day with 50 comments from the same people, saying the same damn thing.

    Those are the honest to God crazy people.

    Or maybe oneday I’ll post a few of the comments the Trolls leave. Quite a cornucopia of Nutbags.

    White Supremacists, Religious Loonies, “Tough Guys,” and your run of the mill Stalker types.

    fairlane is just a character. My imagination with no constraints. The irony is, some people think I need therapy because of what I write, but to me, what I write, is therapy.

    By the way, I gave you props the other day, and you never responded.

  12. Wyld is building up quite a supply of brews.

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