Apple Pie and Fried Chicken mmmm Good!!!!

journalism.jpgGrammy winning candidate Barack Obama is on an unprecedented roll.

The foundations of my reality are trembling. No one, including you, can believe it.

Remember, we live in a world where WWF wrestlers and movie stars from other countries become Governators. Why not give the Black Ivy Leaguer or Woman a shot?.

You thought you were the only one that voted for him.

I don’t know, but I think I am allowing myself to get excited.

The thick cloud of cynicism and apathy is starting to dissipate, replaced with a faint mist of hope and optimism.

Barack Obama the much maligned (at least in my corner of the blogosphere) underrated Presidential Candidate is chugging along.

In the past, whenever a black candidacy was announced it was usually accompanied by a laugh track. Everyone in the newsroom knew there was no serious chance of winning a Primary beyond South Carolina.
Most black folks historically regard these announcements with caution. We would never really get our hopes to high. The rhetoric provided by past Black candidates never appealed to a broad audience.
But seriously- Sharpton?
Jackson-all pizazz not enough substance (education).

To many of us it always seemed like a fitting way to measure the black consensus, find out where we are at on the issues. Make it a bit easier to spin us and ultimately earn our vote.

Bill Clinton (the unofficial first black president) reminded us all about that-

The best part of all this is Obama and the classy way he (or I should say his handlers) has run his campaign.

When Obama first announced his candidacy, the national news media and, many of the pundits had to be issued a confidential press release to pronounce his name correctly. I am assuming this because the widespread and annoying mispronunciation stopped abruptly. I also would have done it myself.

I cringed, listening to NPR “well it seems Barrack has a legitimate chance to make some waves”
Barrack?– Army Barrack?

I have a friend named Jamal (Jah-mall) all his teachers used to pronounce his name Jamm-el (Jammle). To this day he still suffers from chronic correction syndrome. Bosses, DMV, no one gets it right.

Simply annoying.

That is soo lame. Just like Barrack.

There seemed to be a slight resistance to acknowledge his ethnicity like he could somehow pass as white.

It is soo important to be acceptable, isn’t it?

The quick and classy move to correct the pronunciation helped pave the way to legitimacy.

In our heart of hearts, we know when we are Anglicizing-at least I would if I were white (at least I hope I would).

Obama’s claim to a post racial society is his self fulfilling prophecy. He knows just like most of black America it is, at best, a concept. But this just in – some Americans have been known to vote for the person not the race or gender-times are definitely changing.

He also knows the balance of political power will instantly swing to the right if he wins the candidacy. As a political strategist he is brilliant he has already courted the evangelicals and according to many polls could beat McCain

I actually heard another asinine exchange on NPR in regards to Edwards withdrawal.

“What we all want to know is: where does the white male in the democratic party go?-who does he turn to”

Despite the media rhetoric the post-racial statement fits like a glove with White America; the only segment of society that thinks racism does not exist.Unfortunately it does.

But guess what?

Their is an equal opportunity for misery and poverty-plenty of room at the bottom.

The cleanliness in this race is encouraging, but it is also indicative of our lack of direction. There is no clear agenda for either candidate.No linchpin issue that will galvanize America.

The economy?

Ready for change?

Oil and Tobacco have run their course; smart money will invest in The emerging green economy. That is, if you look ahead.

For once, making money will be good for the planet.

Good for our lives.

I hope that is the linchpin that galvanizes us all.


~ by barrymax on February 11, 2008.

24 Responses to “Apple Pie and Fried Chicken mmmm Good!!!!”

  1. I too am allowing myself to get excited and even out in the middle of the middle of nowhere where i live, the people are exciteed..i live in deeply hispanic area..but i think that we will not be fooled..that is my prayer.out here there is a pecking order of course but hopefully as rural and radical as pockets of dems are , and green types that pecking order and the formular will not apply – and we will go for Obama as a state WHEN the votes ever get counted…the land of manana does not mean tomarrow…but i digress and yes bottom LINE – I am EXCITED ABOUT OBAMA too !

  2. I can go for Obama or Clinton. I’ll be okay with either one. I like when the Democratic Party offers us actual choices.

  3. I’ve read this post over and over again, Dave, and I have to say that while you and I VEHEMENTLY disagree over the choice, I have to respect your choice because it’s actually based on quite a bit of thought and in the areas where it felt like a tossup to you, at least based upon a comment you left on my blog you gave a very direct, honest and wry answer: “fuck it, let’s give the Black guy a chance.” I have no problem with that.

    Just to catch anyone up on my polemic with Dave, I am strongly for Clinton, with two caveats: Kucinich was my first choice and while I may well be a racist (who among us isn’t?), I’d vote for Barbara Lee over Clinton and Obama in a heartbeat.

  4. YES WE CAN!!

    Yeah, I know it’s just a catch phrase, but this white chick caucused for Barrack and is daring to be a little hopeful too ;).

    E-mail me off list and I’ll send you a little video snippet of the caucus I attended. Intoxicating!

  5. Just want to echo what Kelso said.

  6. Still looking for a spot on your blogroll. Feel free to tell me to FOAD.

  7. PolCat- You’re there. I accidentally put you under “P,” but now you are under “T” where you rightfully belong.

    If it’s not showing up on Technorati, I don’t know what to tell you. They are screwing up everyone’s links. I guess I do know what to tell you; Technorati is a piece of crap.

    And Dave, I’ll comment on your post later. I be sick, and shit.

  8. Things are looking good for Barack Obama.

    He’s ahead in the delegate count (shhh, don’t tell CNN!) and his campaign is awash with donor money. He looks poised to sweep the Chesapeake state primaries today, too.

    The only fly in the Democratic ointment is the super delegates. These pesky mealtickets just don’t want him to be the nominee. They decided long ago that they owed Hillary Clinton the coronation and damn it, this upstart Barack Obama has to take his turn. After all, he is too inexperienced and must wait his turn.

    If the super delegates decide the election against the will of the American people, expect a battle royale to take place. Some say the Democratic party will split into two distinctly different parties and Howard Dean will be forced to step down.

  9. Proud Pro- Rock on! I also live in a semi-rural suburbanopolis in Upstate New York, yet there are few Obama placards in places i would never have thought.
    Imagine my surprise when I spot the Obama sign on someone’s lawn in Verona N.Y.(dairy farmers). Yeah- i was driving close to eighty but i know what i saw.
    Invisible Scarlet- It is refreshing to see a new face on leadership. Whether a woman or Black man. What I still am concerned about is our status quo. The standards they Hil or Oby will be encouraged to live up or down to. I have found myself getting involved with local politics and that is the result of frustration from Washington…It seems, sometimes the local tether to federal Government has broken…we simply have no say.
    Kelso- I hope he wins, serves two terms and then gives his wife a crack at it. You would vote for Michelle si 0 no?
    C.J.- Exciting, intoxicating optimistic- words never associated with a Presidential Race.
    Suzi- Let’s start a riot!!!

    Fairlane- I mentally channeled your reply but if you wanna share-feel free.

    Chris- Stay on top of it.

  10. Who would’ve thought that over-the-top scene in The Running Man would’ve contained TWO future governors. Disturbing.

    I’m too cynical to buy into any kind of hope, but it’s nice to have a choice between a black dude and a chick for the nominee as opposed to the Cracker Geritol party over there.

  11. I’ve been flip-flopping a little BUT I finally did the deed moments ago and chose Obama.

  12. I’m sorry, Fairlane. I’m not the sharpest tool in the box, sometimes. Dave? I want to point out that the same people who couldn’t pronounce “Barrack” Obama’s name have absolutely no trouble pronouncing Ehud Barack‘s name. Obama, in a speech, once said that his name came from the same root as the Hebrew Baruch, meaning “blessed.” Damn, you got me hoping, which always scares me.

  13. Dave- I want to believe, I really do, but…

    I can’t help being skeptical of Obama, and we already know Hillary is in the back pocket of corporate America.

    For me, real change would mean Americans are supporting a Third Party candidate/candidates.

    I’d love to see the Two Parties splinter into different factions, instead of these monoliths that attempt to be everything to everyone.

    I’m tired of saying, “He (and now She) are not who I’d select, but they’re better than Chimpy.”

    Who isn’t?

    However, I’d love to see the economy shift toward Green Technology, and I do think that’s something we can all support. After all, whether you’re Wingnut, Moonbat or Unaffiliated, we live on the same planet.

  14. I share your hope for Obama. I first realized he could actually do this when he won Iowa. I suddenly said to myself, OMG, he could really win! And at that moment I realized I’d been wanting him to win all along but had been afraid to hope.

    I know his road will be hard and that America is still very much a divided country. But I want to vote for the candidate who has a vision of a better America – not one who says “I’m tough enough to take the heat” as Hillary does. I want a candidate who believes we can move on to a better era in our country’s history. Who has a vision for the future. Who believes in our better selves – and that is Obama.

  15. Fairlane you bring up the most important point…The ideological shift, the ability to step outside the norm in an almost radical, unprecedented way will carry us to a third party.
    I think there is ample skepticism to go around. The upside to presidential politics is hard to see. I stopped trusting our government somewhere around The Tuskegee experiment and COINTELPRO. But that does not mean it cannot change…there is proof it has changed.
    Oooops…. gotta check my phone taps

  16. If the dem party splits it would be great, great because of the reasons stated and then some..we need complete election reform..Third parties do not have access with a reasonable requirements. Too much old machinery in place. Set up that way by the founders..Indeed the Constitution may need some tweeking down the road -if the FASCIST power elite are to be relagated to a fraction of our population. Sooo , one thing for sure..IF the super delegates go agains the WILL of the people as its trying mightily to be expressed at the Ballot Box – we may see shades of 1968. Of course its a double edged sword they could help Obaman..of course..Its the DLC and clinton machine i worry about..and did you all see Christophers post where mrs clinton actually says FOX is more fair to her , the msnbc…ok that is crazy talk of a desparate NEO LIB in my mind. I want history to be made and I want it made with Obama. No he is not the progressive’s first choice..but i cannot understand how anyone could go from Kucinich to the clinton machine..nothing personal i just can’t.

    Also bear in mind the cottage industry of clinton bashing..four more yrs of that, i still have not recovered from the last 8 yrs of it. And also more rethugs that oridinarily would not vote – WILL just cause they dislike clinton so much. On the other hand IF Obama is our nominee, MORE people WHO HAVE NEVER VOTED in the THEIR LIVES will be voting…..Also Obama will have a heck of time, thats true but he was a Constitutional Law Professor for 10 yrs. I have a hunch he may have MORE respect for it than madame clinton..yep. (just my opinion) Her record shows some significant collusion with the NEO cons and why shouldn’t she..she is a NEO LIB they are one and the same !

    respectfully, hopefully yours in the stuggle to reel in fascism – proggie

  17. I would vote for Michelle to be sure.

  18. The problem is that Obama’s in favor of UIGEA and if he serves two terms, I’ll no longer be a citizen by then. I would, however, ADVOCATE strongly for Michelle Obama, whom I find a pretty impressive thinker and refreshingly direct after listening to some of her husband’s pablum.

    I actually hope if he wins that he adopts some of her style in terms of presenting his ideas.

    If the Religious Right and its national security state still hold sway when she run, I couldn’t donate any money because I reckon Panama would still be considered a somewhat suspect nation for its agnosticism on the War On Terror, its bank privacy laws, and overall Western European approach to social polity. All a financial contribution from me would cause Michelle Obama is problems. Exactly why I couln’t give Dennis money this time.

  19. Kelso- it must suck to be a financially independent ex-pat.
    Oh yeah, they have sattelite t.v. and hot water down there- it aint so bad is it?

  20. I am with fairlane on this one. I am very excited about the prospects for our country if either a black man or a woman become president. That fact alone would change the way people view the American Dream. They tell you that anyone can grow up to be president, but until someone other than a white man is in the office, it’s difficult to believe.

    However, I unfortunately feel like both of these candidates are not the progressives they claim, and will not change the way business is done inside the beltway. There were two white guys that I thought would have been better at that.

    Like everyone here it seems, I will enthusiastically vote for wither Clinton or Obama, but I am still dreaming of the big changes that bring real equality to our nation, and get the money out of Washington. It’s getting less and less about black and white, and more and more about poor and rich. Whatever your underrepresented group of choice is, if they are poor, the rich and influential will stomp on them with equal fervor.

  21. When did I say it sucked? It fucking rules, national strikes and all. At least they HAVE a union-student alliance here!

    It sucks to not see my son when I want to. And I was surpised that the Republicans would push their bullshit so far as to cripple a home-grown industry and lose some of the USA’s most productive citizens.

    What does this have to do with Obama? Or are you just busting my balls? 🙂


    We’re clear on that now, yes? Good. OK. Despite all that I STILL have more street cred than Barack Obama does! For crying out loud, Mike Bloomberg does, too. Bloomberg didn’t grow up shit and neither did I. Barack Obama’s father was a Kenyan diplomat and on his maternal side his roots go back to the Mayflower. I don’t want to throw a pity party for myself, however. Everything worked out fine. Be glad I still have a social conscience. Be glad I don’t preach at poor people (like some Junior Midwestern Senators I could name) about “bootstraps.” I know how tempting the fast buck is. And how daunting “getting there” can seem. And I know how lucky I was.

    I don’t think you’re serious, though. I think you’re busting my balls for a good laugh and I give you credit for that. Please be aware though, I play a mean game of the “dozens” 🙂

  22. Dave: Gee whiz, sorry, I finally got the connection to Obama. You’ mean that my life will be equally good whether he signs Frank-Porter-Berkley or not but everyone else’s lives will be better if Obama wins. Got it.

    You are right. It doesn’t matter to me if I’m in the USA, Panama or France. I do have to wonder why Obama has pledged not to sign Frank-Porter when the Black Caucus, Progressive Caucus, Business Roundtable and every other liberal,business or liberrtarian organization is for it. Besides, who even knows or cares what UIGEA is? It’s hardly a front-burner issue. I don’t really have to wonder, though, do I? Two words: Pat Robertson.

    So, on a Platonic level, I should be indifferent, as an atheist and a gambler, to Obama’s trawling for Fundies and Funny Fundie Money which would have the effect of my not having the option to ply my trade in the country of my birth. Looks like a double loser for me from where I sit. But a small double loser.

    Although Obama’s effectively telling me how I should live, I won’t tell him or anyone else how they should live. Enjoy the party. McCain’s way worse, and was a prime mover of UIGEA. Make history. Enjoy yourself.

    I was in your position 7 years ago and a bit. The Democratic Party was trying to “make history” for my tribe by shoving a centrist religious freak down my throat on the Gore ticket. I, however, felt revulsion and didn’t drink the Kool-Aid. I drank a big tumbler of Wild Turkey 101 and went out to pull the lever for that other option, the Arab-American, consumer advocate guy.

    I’ll have another cerveza michelada and use my ENCRYTPED cell phone.

    But please remember that the phrase “weaker than church lemonade” didn’t invent itself.

  23. you response will never be considered weaker than church lemonade. You definitely have a doctorate in ‘timely, informative response’

  24. Dave: Thanks for the compliments. I try to live up to your high expectations. You certainly live up to mine.

    You do realize that we’re arguing over Lemon-Lime versus Orange Gatorade here, right?

    Our views — meaning DBD’s and Kelso’s — of war and peace, social justice, criminal law, and I’ll even bet economics are pretty similar and are far, far more radical than what both Clinton and Obama believe or profess to believe. At least, that’s the sense that I get and I think together we could come up with a Green Economy policy that would be comprehensive, socially fair, and rely on government regularion within reason and market mechanisms within reason. And it would be way more robust that what either of these two have come up with.

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