Happy Birthday Freida Bee!!

567800-galactus_400.jpgI’m slacking the past few days due to inclement internal temperatures, and as a result, I forgot about our Dear Friend Freida Bee’s Birthday.

It’s inexcusable I know, but I hope this will atone for my Egregious Error.

Happy Birthday

Freida Bee


If like me, you too are a terrible person, head to Freida’s with your tail between your legs, and beg for her understanding.

*Don’t forget to compliment her Moccasin Boots.


~ by fairlane on February 15, 2008.

8 Responses to “Happy Birthday Freida Bee!!”

  1. You have flattered, but have you groveled?

    Thank you for the wonderful promo there and ooooh baby, the pic. You are hot!

    Thanks, Fairlane.

    (Will you still like me even though I don’t have those moccasin boots? That pic was 15 years ago.)

  2. You could always skin one of your sacrificial victims to the pagan deities of Lupercalia and make boots of that.

  3. Happy birthday to FB. fairlane, have you been working out?

  4. Fairlane – Love the tat dude, but the body spray is a bit over the top.

  5. Dang it! Boss, if I knew you looked like that now, I would have come into the office more often!

  6. Freida- This is the best I can do, I am the “Devourer of Worlds” after all. I can’t go around “Groveling,” it’s bad for my image.

    I would love you even if you wore high top Reeboks with Velcro.

    Randal- That’s true, but then she’d be setting herself up for a PETA protest.

    Scarlet- It’s unnecessary for me to work out. Remember, I’m made out of pure Cosmic Energy. In fact, I can’t even show you pictures of my real body because it’s beyond human comprehension (Careful with that one:)

    Sparty- The body spray makes me feel pretty.

  7. Happy Birthday, Freida…..and love your boots.

  8. I sent her some crazy ass hot dog cake picture but then have been somewhat absent from the intertubes.

    I do so love me some Stereolab – I do indeed.

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