fairlane’s Sunday Morning Sermon- Praise Jesus!

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Paranoid Android


So, lately there’s been a great deal of Lecturing going on in Liberal Blogdom.

People whining about “Negativity,” being “Fair,” “Embracing Hope” and other such Blather.

You know, the kind of Bullshit 21 year old Sociology Majors talk about after reading a couple of passages from some Dimestore Edition of Karl Marx’s Writings.


It never ceases to amaze me how seriously People take Blogging, and more importantly, how Seriously They Take Themselves.

Sure, what’s going on in this country, and the world, is incredibly Important, and possibly our Collective Futures are at stake.

But let’s get a Fucking Grip.

Writing about “Hope,” and a World Filled with Rainbows may make you feel better (Even Superior), but it’s not going to change Jack Shit.

Although I am definitely a Romantic at Heart, I am also a Realist, and the one thing I know for Certain is that Humans don’t do Shangri-La.


(Marx had capitalism Dead to Rights, but he Missed Human Nature by a good Country Mile).

We just don’t do Shangri-La.

Humans are simply Too Selfish.

I’ll be the first to admit, I Am Selfish!

When I was in the Hospital last year, there came a point where I seriously thought I might Die.

My first surgery went off without a Hitch, and I was feeling Great considering the situation. In fact, when the Nurse asked me if I needed anything, I said, “Yes, I need Pizza.”

But that all changed very quickly.

Ten hours after my surgery I started puking every 20 minutes, and I mean like Fucking Clockwork.

“What the Fuck?”

Next thing I know, I’m headed for another CT Scan (Nothing quite like being Injected with Barium Sulfate. That shit made my teeth warm).


After she finished looking at Muh Innards, the Technician wheels me into a waiting room where I continue to Puke off the side of the Stretcher into a Garbage Can.

At this point, my memory (Not unlike my Intestines) is Murky, and all I remember are a few Nurses standing around me trying to help, an Indian guy lowering a Mask over my face telling my to “Breathe Deep,” and this Voice in my head-

“Don’t let me Fucking Die.”


It’s true.

Not once did I think about the War in Iraq, Chimpy, Pickles, Dennis Kucinich, Chuck Norris, Wayne Gretsky, Steroids in Baseball or even the Poor Starving Babies in Biafra.

“Fuck That Stupid Shit, Don’t Let Me Die!”

I know, I’m a Horrible Person, and I’m sure a “Good Liberal” would continue to Pray for World Peace, an End to Global Warming, and for all the Homeless to have a Nice Hot Bowl of Soup for Dinner.

Fuck Them too!

Here’s from where I think the Problem Stems; People believe that by Admitting They are Selfish, they are somehow saying, “I don’t care.”

Idiotic, pure and simple.


So we plaster our blogs with Pictures of Fuzzy Animals, and Picturesque Landscapes singing the Praises of “Bliss on Earth,” and “Goodwill to all of Humankind.”


Maybe I’m deranged, but “Humankind” Pisses Me Off, and I find far too many people to be Boring, and Redundant.

I was watching a Comedian last night, and the only part of his routine that was Funny was when he was talking about how we have an Overabundance of Mediocre People.


He was talking about the Guy in Line Asking Insipid Questions, Holding Everyone Else Captive, as he attempts to sort through the Complexities of Making a Simple Fucking Decision.

“Stop making that Guy!,” was the Comedian’s Solution.

Hear, HEAR!

What, you don’t think the Same Thing when you’re out, and about among your Brothers, and Sisters?

You never think, “Jesus Fucking Christ, how can a person be so Damn Stupid? Did their mother Nurse them from a Paint Can?”

Sure, sure, I bet you’ve never thought such things.

“fairlane, I’m a Good Person, and I’d never Judge one of my Fellow Human Beings. After all, we’re all just trying to make it through this world one day at a time.”

You know? People like that are Fucking Mentally Ill.

Seriously, They are Mentally Fucking Ill.

And They, Ironically, are part of the reason Shangri-La is Impossible.

What, how can that be? How can Peace Loving, Rainbow Humping People be the reason the Human Race cannot live in Eternal Bliss?


Simple, they’re lying, and they’re attempting to Suck You into the Fantasy World They Created For Themselves.

A few weeks ago I was reading a comment on another blog where the Commenter was Chastising people for “Name Calling.” According to them it was “Damaging” our message of “Unity,” and what not.

So, being the Curious Sort, I followed them back to their blog, and Lo and Fucking Behold in one of their posts they refer to our Chimperor as “Chimpy.”

I guess what’s good for the Goose ain’t good for the Gander, huh?

But that’s not really a Proper Example because there are plenty of Chameleons who are far more Adept at Concealing Their Disorders.


Here’s the Facts Folks-

We are all Damaged in one way or another. Life Hurts, and “No Gets Out Alive.”

All we have that’s for Certain is “Me, Myself, and I.”

You want to control me? You want to Control your neighbor, girlfriend, boyfriend, your Congressman?

Good Fucking Luck with that, and See You in the Loony Bin.

Can’t you understand that the “Let’s All Hold Hands” People are really Appeasers/Control Freaks? They’re the Dogs who lick at your heels, as they Secretly Plot your Death.

Appeasers are not trying to “Save the World,” they’re trying to Save Themselves at the World’s Expense.

“If people would just stop killing innocent baby Seals, I could finally Live in Happiness. I have to stop them from killing the Baby Seals, No Matter What!”


Now before Jenny Puddingpainties gets herself all Twisted in a Knot, I’m not saying we should be Killing the Baby Seals or act Indifferently to their Plight.

Of course we should care, but get some perspective.

Imagine if people spent as much time working to Save Themselves (Honestly, not vicariously through a “Cause” or “Other People”) how much different this World Would Be.

What if instead of Heading down to the Court House to Protest Chimpy’s Presence or Chaining Themselves to a Tree, People spent 30 minutes a day Honestly Talking to Themselves or Writing Down their Thoughts (No Matter How Heinous) in a Journal or on a Blog?

If People were more Aware of Themselves, about 90% of the World’s Problems would simply Disappear into Oblivion.

True Rebellion has nothing to do with Large Crowds or Chanting Slogans or Holding Signs, True Rebellion is Embracing your Own Humanity in a World where Humanity is Going Extinct.


You, me, Chimpy, are all Flawed, and We Will Never Be Perfect. We will never Agree 100%, and We Will Never Reach a Point Where We All Walk Off into the Sunset Together.

Quit Trying. Leave People Alone. Check Yourself, and Stop Worrying About what I’m Doing.

The “Distraction” we all Bitch about has Nothing to Do With Not Paying Attention to the People Who Are Fucking Us.

We all Know Who’s Fucking Us.

We Just Don’t Want to Admit It.

No Surprises












~ by fairlane on February 17, 2008.

39 Responses to “fairlane’s Sunday Morning Sermon- Praise Jesus!”

  1. To explain why I’m commenting so late, I’m drunk. You got a problem with that?

    1). You will never find picturesque landscapes or fuzzy animals on the agenda.

    2). I think one of the main problems with the American society is that we think about ourselves TOO MUCH.

    3). I think controlling people is much easier than you make it out to be.

    4). I agree that people get caught up in their causes and forget why they cared in the first place. I think that’s where “not seeing the forest for the trees” comes from.

    5). As an addendum to 3 and 4, the best way to control someone is to make them feel like they are part of a group or cause. This might include church (hello christian conservative), and politics (hello, rabid Obama fan… yeah I said it).

    6). Finally, I do believe in Shangri-La, although I wouldn’t call it that. I would call it “the ability of mankind to transcend its animalistic selfish warring instincts to become something better.” Yeah… I believe that’s possible. Maybe a million years from now, but I believe it.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go fall asleep on the toilet and probably get piss on myself. God Bless America.


  2. This love letter is turning me on here, fairlane. It’s probably because I was all ready to lay down and masturbate last night and go to bed early (’cause I’m cranky from not sleeping enough this last week) and then I got a call from my ex that our (14 year-old) daughter (at his house this week) was trying to pull some fast ones. “Can I stay the night with so and so? Here is her mother.” (14 year-old gets on phone and then we call back a few times and she blows it because she lets it go to voice mail and now I know her name.) “Well, I’m just not coming home,” is next. We don’t know where the fuck she is. I call cool uncle and ask him to call her. Her dad calls the police to begin the 24 hour thing (again.) Eventually, he gets her… hours later. So, I don’t give a fuck what Chimpy’s fucking up today, becuase it’s likely something big (in Africa, right?) I don’t give a shit what drugs Pickles is on; I’m more worried about my daughter that way, but sometimes looking at their glazy presidential stares, I feel a little better about my life and can blame them instead of myself. And that’s why this post is turning me on. I’m just still horny and need some appeasement.

    Sincerely, Bitchy at work with a Statistics test tomorrow.

    I know, I have my own blog to do this at, but “I’m not blogging today.”

  3. Yes. Just, yes. You pegged it exactly, and it’s exactly why I barely ever cruise the liberal blogs anymore. I’m sick of the martyr attitude. You’re so right on with this post I can’t even begin to tell you. Thank you!

  4. Holy fuck, that was a long fucking post. I aged like three years after that. I am not even sure what the fuck I was going to comment about.
    Oh, where are the 1 million dead at? And technically we have been at GWOT since ’01 so that is like six and half years. The war on drugs has been going longer but no one blogs that shit.
    And where can we find more people to kill, that way we don’t have to fucking worry about world hunger, we will just
    off them, good fucking idea Fairlane.
    Also I wanted to say that or site definitely looks better black.
    Have a nice fucking day.

  5. Cowboy- Maybe I wasn’t clear.

    There’s a difference between thinking about yourself, and Thinking about yourself.

    Americans think about themselves, and each other, in a very superficial way.

    Changing political parties isn’t going to save the world, and “Hoping” (A synonym for Wishing) isn’t either.

    There’s only one way to create a “perfect society,” Oppression.

    And I disagree that humans are easy to control. We’re impossible to control.

    Why do you think we get so pissed off with one another?

    People simply will not do what we want them to do.

    How does one “Transcend” their nature? We are animals, we are selfish, how do we stop?

    Do we stifle ourselves like the Buddhists, do we stifle others like the Christians, and Muslims, or both?

    When people who desire perfection in the world are given power, they turn into Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Chimpy because, as I said, they’re fucking mentally ill.

    Take a little ride through “Liberal Blogdom” one day, and you’ll see that the people who talk about “Utopia,” “Loving their fellow man/woman,” etc, tend to be, for the most part, the least accepting. Step outside their Orthodoxy, or better yet, piss one of them off, and watch how quickly they turn on one of their “Brothers/Sisters.”

    Freida- Whenever life lays down its cards (I love a good cliche in the morning. It smells like…laziness), all of the superfluous distractions (The war, Chimpy, Anne Coulter, etc) fade into the background.

    I wonder why that is?

    Could it be because, ultimately, those things don’t really matter?

    If there is a God, do you think he/she/it expects us to Save the World?

    Frog- Good to see you my brother.

    “Martyr Attitude,” perfect.

    Me too.

    Wyld- Good point about the war on drugs. Maybe you and I should discuss having a blogswarm about that, and what a complete failure it is.

    The suggestion about ridding the world of a few billion people was a joke (Sort of), but the truth is, if we really want to have “Peace,” that’s exactly what we’d have to do.

    We’d have to kill off most of the people on the planet to keep them from Fucking up Paradise.

    Remember, in the Christian story of Paradise, there were only two people, not 6 billion, and even with only two people, they fucked it up.

  6. Fairlane, you are right and make a lot of excellent points. I’ve always felt the same way about Marx – great theory but didn’t take into account Human Nature, which is to be selfish.

    As one of the bloggers who has been calling for more unity, please don’t think I am a romantic pie in the sky idealist. Even though I support Obama because of his message of hope, it isn’t because I think his vision is reality. It is because, cynically, I know from past experience (circa 1980) that a message of realism vs. a message of hope does not win an election. Jimmy Carter accurately pointed out the “malaise” that was encompassing America but Ronald Reagan talked about our ideals and hopes and dreams. Guess who won. Given that Hillary Clinton is much more of a realist than Obama and would be going up against another realist in John McCain (who lost Michigan because he rightly pointed out that the jobs were not coming back), I am very much afraid that she would lose, all else being equal.

    Obama has a better chance of winning because of his message. In my opinion, for what it’s worth.

    Do I believe all the warm and fuzzy rainbows will come true? Probably not. But I do think Obama has the ability to work with people on a one-to-one basis, and has experience in consensus building that Hillary does not do well with. She is a top-down kind of person, he is a grassroots organizer. I think in some ways he is actually quite realistic in that he doesn’t expect it will be easy to come up with universal healthcare without providing the “What’s in it for me?” aspect of the equation. His plan is more about cobbling it together than decreeing universal health care. And I think that is actually more realistic.

    As for the calls for unity, yes, I think it is a very important election and progressives need to stick together. However, I do know if John McCain is elected the world won’t ocme to an end.

    In the end, I agree, there are still more important things; family, friends, life, death. We can’t control everyone else’s actions, we can only control our own. And we can’t get everyone to treat everyone else as we’d like to be treated. But we can treat those in our own circle of acquaintance that way. We can only “cultivate our own gardens.”

  7. Fairlane, looking back over my post, it’s amazingly coherant for how drunk I was last night. You must have stirred something in me. I agree, we don’t reflect on ourselves, we mostly just think about what we can do to get one up on the next guy. This relates to my post about self-deceivers being successful people, kind of.

    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on controlling people. I feel like most Americans are already under control. The Nazis showed us how easy it really can be.

    How do we transcend? Well, that is the question, isn’t it? A complicated one, too… I think ultimately, at least two of the three religions you mentioned when organized seem to drift away from the tenets of their founders. Both Christianity and Islam, when practiced in their purest forms are much less opressive than they manifest today. This could be argued ad nausium, of course.

    I don’t have the answer, hence my “million years” statement. I think it will probably have to get much worse before it gets better. I think trancendance is less about opression, and more about “letting go”. I know, a vague phrase, but what I mean is moving past our selfishness and embracing humanity (and each of us individually) as part of the whole, rather than the center of the universe. easy words to say, hard to materialize. How will it begin? God… who the hell knows?

    Although I don’t know the method, I still believe in the future, and not because some two-faced politician made me believe it. I believe in spite of all the signs pointing us straight to hell. Great, thought provoking post, man. Btw, I did not pee on myself last night. TYVM

  8. Boy, even the reply box is looking swanky. I think the next time someone on the internets asks why I’m such a grumpy cynic, I’m going to direct them to this post.

    This was fucking good, really fucking good.

    If people improved, cultivated themselves, there’d be less idiocy because they would stop buying into the idiocy that’s being sold on the teevee and other such capitalisty type places.

    Sure, we’ll always have the 25% lunatic group that loves wars for oil and wheelbarrows of fetuses, but let them become social pariahs and the subject of our fits of laughter.

  9. Wyld and fairlane: Didn’t either of you read my first post in my War on Drugs series? I WAS going to post the second installment today or tomorrow, but NEVERMIND! I have to go write more puke about birthday cake, fairlane.

    fairlane, I like this rant. I agree with your basic premise that humanity is shit. We fucking suck. Honest self-reflection is great, but I don’t think it will get most of us anywhere. No offense to Dancy, as I really dig his stuff and am proud to be his blogging team member around here, but he knows that I’m with Kelso on this Obama hope, yes we can bullshit. Christ, that shit pisses me off. It’s obstruction and obfuscation. “Sen. Obama what is your solution to the very real and very complex issues facing the US in the next decade?” “Just have hope, because yes we can!” What the fuck is that? Give me an actual policy or plan, or tell me that you don’t have the answer. But please don’t tell me that sunshine and rainbows are going to make it all okay. He’s almost as bad as Fuckabee, with “I didn’t major in math in college, I majored in miracles.” Well hot damn, Jesus! If you can perform a miracle of pulling an actual, effective, workable health care plan out of your ass, then you got my vote. Otherwise, shut the FUCK up. What you’ve described in your post is the plague of narcissism that I posted about awhile ago. Look. I work for a nonprofit – sure I’m a dirty exec level manager, but I’m part of something that I see helping actual people in their actual daily lives every day. I love my job, I love my work, and yeah it makes me feel great that I’m not just working to make some rich asshole richer. I don’t believe in that Ayn Rand “fuck the poor” bullshit and I also don’t think that it’s wrong to want to help people. The important thing is that I know that what we do changes the lives of individuals and that has an impact. But I don’t think it’s going to change the world. Even if we all devoted our lives to directly helping people in need, it would not change the world. Change what you can, if you want to. Going to an Obama rally or voting for a black man because it’s an action of “hope” ain’t gonna change shit.

    I’ve said it on my blog before and I’ll say it here again: I fucking hate humanity. I don’t want to have kids, that’s how much I hate and fear humanity. I don’t have some fucking death wish, and I don’t WANT anything horrible to happen to people who don’t deserve it. BUT, I really would not care if we all died tomorrow in some global event. At least we’d all be equally dead.

    “More ranting, less cake.” There ya go, man. Now for the hate mail.

  10. Jeesh- Now, I feel guilty about the cake.

    I am a big advocate of myself to myself to work on myself. There really is no thing else I can do. Sometimes that positively affects other people, but usually it’s just extremely unrewarding. I blog to vent about that a lot. Someone notice I am alert to my own foibles and tell me you still like me ’cause the world doesn’t. I really don’t get that in my 3-D life much. Since “I’m not blogging today,” I hope I don’t come back here and dump a third scoop of crap on ya’ll, but I probably will and then I will go about and try to function in an insane culture. To be contrary to you pessimists, there are a lot of really cool people around doing a lot of cool things. I’m just to busy with my own self-absorbed interests to notice who they are or talk to them. Can the absence of damaging action suffice?

  11. I mean reduction, not absence.

  12. Jesus Christ man! Thanks for putting me off pizza for the next year…

    Nothing like a brush with death to put things in perspective – check out one of my moments here: http://www.redcross.ca/article.asp?id=005036&tid=110

    Whatever we each do with our time, it’s over soon dude. And for those we love and like and those we can’t stand and even hate… Over. Finito… in an effing blink.

    I like what you say about focusing on my own awareness as a starting point, instead of what everyone else should think or do. I spent 10 years as a monastic doing just that … and other than not getting laid, not drinking good scotch and having to sit in a fucking lotus position for hours a day – it wasn’t bad. I now feel like I want to do a little bit of (relative) good in the world and sometimes I enjoy criticizing thugs, dictators, faux democratic leaders, corporate assholes and even our local mayor. I am generous with my stuff too – it’s only stuff.

    But you’re right – we’re not cut out for utopia, especially based on some cracked up religious superstition (all of them). But we can live together pretty well and in some places we demonstrate that – even where I live, for the most part.

    You’re a raw nerve in our collective spirit brother! Keep screaming, but keep laughing and wearing headphones filled with good tunes too.

  13. Yow! I knew you could do it fairlane when I posted a comment about the Plasmatics and so you have. I’ve read all the comments too in spite of the bright sunshiney day streaming throught he back of the computer screen. When I was a kid and we’d be going for a long drive to somewhere like Niagra Falls or another scenic spot and there was no sibling in the back seat to fight with and I got carsick if I read what I did was look at the people in the other cars and wonder about where they were going and what would it be like to be in that car rather than this one. Who would I be if I was someone else? It’s an impossible question with no answer but one I still keep in mind when I find myself being incredibly disgusted with my fellow humans. . which is pretty often. I had a kid when the world and I were both young and the minute they wheeled us both to the hospital door (new mothers weren’t allowed to walk out) I got scared to death of what his world was going to be like. I think you’re about the same age as him and he’s as fine, real and true person as I could ever hope to know. I’m glad he’s in the world (he even sends me a note now and then) and I’m very glad you are too.
    I’m sure you know the story about the significance of the lotus in that it grows from slime and muck to become something transcendently beuatiful. If life wasn’t a series of painful mysteries with comedy breaks it wouldn’t be worth living at all.

    Not sure if this makes any sense at all and I’m not even sick or drunk.

  14. “It never ceases to amaze me how seriously People take Blogging, and more importantly, how Seriously They Take Themselves.”



  15. Well shit-fuck. Now I feel the need to kill the post about kittens and rainbows that I have in the drafts.

    kidding – of course. I am a realist. I get sick of both the overly optimistic utopia shit and the doomsday shit. I just want my fucking country back to something CLOSE to what I recognize.

    One good thing I can say for the Bu$h administration – it woke me the fuck up. It is the WORST we’ve seen, however, just read Howard Zinn’s “People’s History of the United States” to know that Good ol’ Dubya wasn’t the first evil fuckwad in power in our country and he won’t be the last. Even the “good guys” did some pretty awful shit.

    Pardon my French.


    #`1) I just want to congratulate you on an absolutely brilliant post and including Radiohead with it.

    #2) I’m writing this comment without having read anyone else’s BECAUSE of the essence of your post. I do not want to water myself down in any way.

    #3) Here goes. If you think you’re selfish, what the hell does that make me? Do you think I give a rat’s ass about “being a good person” or getting along or the poor or Darfur or any of that shit when I’m playing in the 100-100 PLO against Panamanian Bankers and Colombian money-launderers, and I’ve flopped middle-pair with some back-door possibilities and I have to make a $6000 decision which could lead to a $20,000 decision? Not fucking hardly. I’m trying to count my outs, reckon my implied odds, put my opponents on hands, and make the best decision I can. I smile if I win. I smile if I lose. But Shangri-La, not even close? Hurricane Katrina? Are you nuts? It’s an issue of how many cards I’ve seen, how many winners I have and how close to the felt I’m going to have to go and if I take it all down…Am I thinking of how I can give the money to Bono to save Africa?

    Fuck no. I’m investing it or giving it to my son’s trust.

    The best societal good I can do is NOT MAKE ANYONE’S LIFE WORSE, and to follow the Golden Rule, more or less.

    Indeed, who do these innocents think they are? They really think they’re in some way divine, no?

    It’s all bullshit. And it’s way easier to admit it than to try to sort through the cognitive dissonance.

  17. WTF, fairlane. I know I responded to this, but I don’t see my comment [sniffs].

  18. Well,SuziRiot, at least you know you’re not gonna get any hate mail from me!

  19. Gee whiz, Jonestown Clan, how great is it that Fairlane unbelts the unvarnished truth and the comments run overwhelmingly in his favor?

    Well done.

  20. What bloggers are you reading? because I know I just bitch and moan on mine about how fucked we are in this world. it makes it fucking hard to be a buddhist with all this shit out here. sure humanity can suck but we can also be sublime and I’m hoping for that goddamnit!

  21. Mauigirl– I’m all for making the world a better place. My idea of accomplishing such a goal does not involve politicians however. Especially politicians who, not unlike Chinese food, leave one with hunger pangs a few hours later.

    Chimpy ran on a similar platform in 2000. He was a “Uniter,” a man who was going to bring “Peace, and Prosperity” etc, and instead he brought Hell.

    The average American has far too little faith in themselves, and far too much faith in people they don’t know.

    Cowboy– Americans are under control in a way, but look at the ways we rebel, Alcoholism, Wife Beating, School Shooting, Date Raping, etc.

    The repressed rage comes out, but in the wrong direction. People don’t like to be controlled. They may capitulate to control, but somewhere in that Lizard Brain, they resent the Hell out of it.

    Ultimately, the control is self-imposed.

    Randal– Exactly. We can’t stop them from selling idiocy, but we can stop purchasing it.

    Suzi– Your comment cracks me up every time I read the damn thing.

    You don’t hate people.

    I completely agree about Obama who inspired (Along with many of his supporters) this post.

    Don’t piss down my leg, and then try to distract me with the pretty rainbow.

    I forgot about your drug war post because it seems like you wrote it months ago.

    Repost it here.

    I never liked cake, I prefer ice cream.

    Freida– You can rant here all you want. This is rant central.

    Gary– Don’t you think people worry so much about others because they’re attempting to validate themselves?

    “If I fix you that means I’m a good person.”

    But we can’t fix each other.

    Shit, we’re lucky if we can fix ourselves.

    I always have music playing in the background. I couldn’t live without it.

    Susan– Makes perfect sense. I love Lotus flowers, and find myself thinking maybe the metaphor applies to me in some way.

    I spent my time trying to save others, and though I’d never take it back, and I learned a great deal, I’m finished.

    I’m glad you’re around as well, and I’m glad Gary sent me in your direction:)

    I don’t hate people at all. I’m simply trying to be realistic about the human being.

    nunya– Seriously, I mean, come on with that Holier Than Thou Bullshit.

    We’re just “Bloggers.”

    It’s fun, and you meet some cool people, but other than that…

    CJ– Look on the bright side. If the sky falls, we’ll be pummeled by rainbows, and cotton candy.

    Kelso– “Never underestimate the power of denial.” Ricky Fitts (American Beauty).

    Scarlet– I didn’t see it.

    I guess you’ll have to tell me how brilliant I am at a later date.

    Kelso Part Deux– You’ll notice some people who used to comment here no longer visit.

    My “unvarnished truth” telling isn’t so popular.

    For example, me telling a certain “Dr.” he’s a pompous asshole didn’t go over too well.

    Liberality– I agree, but we cannot force each other to be “Sublime.”

    In Buddhism, you change the flow of the water by changing yourself.

  22. Well, bay-bay, what I said was that I wish I had written this. And the choir shouted “Amen,” and all that. Annnnd… oh, yeah…. Peops, in general, take themselves too seriously. I mean, come the fvck on…. I dunno. Did you ever eat Imo’s pizza? I’m wanting it.

  23. Fairlane:

    We’ve always been of the same mind on soft-headed innocents like that dude. He’s not worth the bother. Jonestown is invaluable because it provides a forum for real dissent and real ideas and we can argue vigorously without getting mad. And it’s a good laugh. Dave and I can argue Obama v Clinton over and over and over again and we’ll still end up disagreeing on that but agreeing way more with each other than either of us do with our candidates of choice. I have no illusions about what Clinton is and at rock bottom I know Dave has no illusions about Obama. That’s fine. I understand that very well.

    I understand that a politician can sometimes make things better but usually can make things worse. And here’s something every Obama-lover MUST be aware of: NO MATTER WHOM YOU VOTE FOR, THE GOVERNMENT ALWAYS WINS. Disappointments, some tragic, invitably follow. At least I know the kinds of ways that Clinton will disappoint me and I am fully expecting her to do so in short order. If Obama supporter think they’re voting for a savior, they are very, very mistaken and I will feel kind of bad for them when the penny finally drops. Seriously, how is a guy like that, who grew up in an ultra-wealthy family, with strong ties to corporate and Christian America going to “Save” anybody? He’s going to help EXPLOIT a lot of people but who exactly is he going to SAVE?

    I give the sonofabitch a lot of credit from a gambler’s standpoint. He knew that this year was his shot because he only had to worry about beating ONE big-time contender. Had he waited for ’12, he’d face an All-Star Team for the Democratic Nomination: Feingold, Wyden, Corzine, M Warner, Kaine, Napolitano, Siberlius, Breseden, maybe Spitzer or A Cuomo, maybe Ford, Jr., who has Obama’s own vibe, Webb, Wesley Clark, Howard Dean, maybe, who knows? He didn’t know he’d get THIS lucky with the press and the Gumdrop Whites. But he made the right call. I got to respect that.

    But for god sakes’ he’s a politican and not a very good one at that. Look, I self-identify as a Left-Winger, and though I’m not voting out of protest against expat taxation without representation tyranny, if I were to vote, of the center-right corporatist candidate, the center-right-religious-airhead-corporatist candidate, the hard-right populist and the hard-right-militarist, I’d take the center-right corporatist.

    I don’t know. I think the “class” issue is a lot more imporant than the race issue myself but that’s probably because I’m not generations away from my European forebears. I never heard, for exmaple, “America is the greatest country on Earth” at home growing up. I did hear: “this is OK,not as good as it was in Germany during Fredrick II, but it’s pretty good. We’ll see how long it lasts.” The conclusion I draw is that “African” Americans are more “American” than my folk are just for having been in the States longer. So, for all of the suffering and prejudice, there is still a sense of optimism in the community.

    Or maybe EVERYBODY up there in Big Sammy outside a handufl of bloggers is just a bonehead.

  24. Fucking hell. You just keep raising the bar.

    Okay, here goes and it ain’t pretty. Something big is happening, something big and bad. Here’s the order….me first (hey, I can’t help my kids if I’m somewhere else), my kids, mathman, other people I love.

    The rest of you fuckers can fend for yourselves. I believe you’re capable.

    And it you’re not. Well, they call it survival of the fittest for a reason.

  25. fairlane —

    can i thank you for writing everything i have been thinking for 50 years. that basically humans suck and that deep down the only think we really care about is ourselves. if we acted with only 5% of the the amount we say we care this world would be a completely different and better place. forget iraq and chimpy — they are lost causes. i am talking about simple things like even holding the door open, not littering or saying thanks = — we dont even do that – nor will we ever really do it to any extent.

    there is no divine intervention or great messiah sitting out there that will transform people —- and all the platitudes and talk and matyrdom is really a lot of mental and verbal masturbation.

    but yet we do it — why? yet we fight, rant, complain, and attempt to change — despite the overwhelming odds, despite the urges not to, despite the futility of it all

    and i cant figure it out

    i am SO far from a practicing what i preach and i am as selfish and self-centered as the next guy (but a nice one who does like little animals).


    but all i can say it thanks get for getting my going after a lazy selfish indulgent vacation


  26. Nicely done! That’s why I deleted all my posts from a yr ago. None of it made any sense, since in reality, what we do around us everyday is really what counts. Not what we post on the internets.

    Anyway, more dogma, eh???


  27. Maybe I’m dense but I’m trying to follow the leap from journal writing will end global warming, child abuse, cure cancer, HIV and heart disease, as well as poverty?

    I refuse to let the system, call it whatever the fuck you want: globalism, the new world order, or assholism, beat me down and rob me of knowing I can make a difference, however small in this great big world.

  28. Scarlet– Amen!!

    I never liked Imo’s pizza. Creamy pizza creeps me out.

    Kelso– Yeah, he’s a prick for sure (The “Dr.” that is).

    I don’t get the Obama Wave at all.

    Well, I do, but I can’t believe it’s working, yet again.

    DCup– If we don’t save ourselves, who will?

    DCap– Glad you’re back.

    I don’t think being selfish is necessarily a bad thing. It makes perfect sense for us to be that way.

    It doesn’t mean you have to be a sociopath.

    Americans, or at least many of them, act like sociopaths.

    Sociopaths despise themselves.

    – We need to stop listening to that “Dogma,” and start listening to ourselves.

    – Are you saying you believe we can end suffering?

    We will always have diseases like AIDS, heart attacks, cancer, etc. And despite our best efforts, we have more poverty than ever.

    How are you going to stop those things, by supporting Obama?

    I guess I’m dense.

    My point is, the best way to combat many of the world’s problems is to place faith in yourself, not politicians who make careers out of Rooking People.

    If people were more centered within themselves, they’d be much more difficult to Rook.

    I never said, “Don’t try.” But instead of fighting impossible battles, why not fight a battle we have a chance of winning?

    We’ll never end suffering.

    The point about writing is for people to honestly get to know themselves, accept themselves, accept their limitations, and to know their strengths. If we spent half the time focusing on ourselves, as we do Chimpy, Global Warming, War, etc, the world would be a much better place, and people like Chimpy would never be elected.

    Climate Change is an excellent example. What’s the best way to combat Climate Change? Is it going to rallies, donating money, sending pipe bombs to “Polluters” or is it making sure that in your personal life you contribute as little to it as possible?

    By changing ourselves, we enact change on the world. Corporations will not stop until Americans stop.

    We already have a ton of environmental laws, and Climate Change continues anyway.

    The Chimpy’s, Clintons, and Obamas, of the world prey on people’s insecurities, doubts, and unrealistic hopes.

    A Dysfunctional Society will always elect a Dysfunctional leader.

    We are a Dysfunctional Society.

    Look at America over the last 100 years. What politician “transformed” society (In a positive way)?

    I can’t think of one. A few did some decent stuff, but “Transforming Society” or “The World?”

    Regular people do that, not elected officials.

    I’m not religious, but this prayer is excellent-

    God, grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    The courage to change the things I can;
    and the wisdom to know the difference.

  29. I’m gonna have to let all this soak in for a minute or two. I sure as hell try as hard as I can to do what I believe is right. Do I hit my mark every time, nope. But I try.

  30. PoP- That’s all we can do isn’t it?

    I hope you are doing okay, and that Fred is stepping up (I know he is. He has to be the smartest damn cat I’ve ever read).

  31. Damn – awesome comments here!

    Fairlane – we aren’t going to get people to focus on themselves as long as we have the American Taliban telling them what to do, how to think, how to vote, etc. And if they don’t – they are going to hell. Eternal damnation, baby! They really believe that shit.

    Mother Theresa thinks the number one threat to modern society is abortion. I think it’s organized religion.

  32. Brilliant!This is how I feel most of the time. Yet I persist in smooshing it all down and slapping a bright shiny smile on my face, placing a nice strong martini in my hand and pretending everything is gonna be alright. This post is way more refreshing!

  33. Great comments from everyone here, lots of good thinking. I liked this:

    “NO MATTER WHOM YOU VOTE FOR, THE GOVERNMENT ALWAYS WINS. Disappointments, some tragic, inevitably follow.”

    This is so true, and I have no illusions that Obama won’t face the same unbendable situations all politicians do. Government wins. It reminds me of the old BBC comedy, “Yes, Minister.” If you’re not familiar with it, it was about this rather naive, idealistic guy who gets elected a “minister” in the British government (later, Prime Minister) but they have this kind of permanent government employee class that actually runs the government, and there’s this one guy who is his advisor, and every time the new Minister has an idealistic idea of what should be done, the other guy tells him, “Oh, no, Minister! That wouldn’t do at all. You see,….” I’m sure it will be the same here.

    Fairlane, I know “W” ran on the “uniter” platform but did we really believe him? I didn’t think he had much credibility on that front from the start. Obama has a lot more brains and a lot more credibility due to his background – having lived all over and having a more worldly perspective – than Bush Junior. That said, I know it could still be a mirage and not come to pass.

    And your quote:

    “God, grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    The courage to change the things I can;
    and the wisdom to know the difference.”

    …is one of my very favorites. I tell myself this whenever I find myself bewailing some terrible situation over which I have no control. The important thing is to find those things you can indeed change, and actually work at it.

  34. Self-awareness is not an easy thing. It can’t be taught. And it is essential. That said, this is not an either/or proposition. We need to work on ourselves *and* be politically aware and active.
    Some writers compel me to agree with them. Others inspire thought in me, even when I don’t agree. You help me think, fairlane. Great post.

  35. Good rant, Fairlane.

    You shouldn’t be hard on yourself for only thinking about yourself when you felt like you were dying. Self-preservation is a basic instinct programmed into every living thing (Threaten a spider with splatterdom and it will rise up and fight back, even if it’s futile). Overriding it is tough! It’s only when self-sacrifice will achieve some higher goal (the survival of my: offspring, friends, platoon, etc.) that self-preservation is given a run for its money.

    You, me, Chimpy, are all Flawed, and We Will Never Be Perfect. We will never Agree 100%, and We Will Never Reach a Point Where We All Walk Off into the Sunset Together.

    Quit Trying. Leave People Alone. Check Yourself, and Stop Worrying About what I’m Doing.

    True. I’ve heard people on both the Right and the Left try to get everyone to conform to their way of Thinking. And both ends want to use the gov’t to achieve those ends even though doing so would be unconstitutional, not to mention totalitarian. They’re not content to live and let live. Disagreement with them is perceived as some kind of mental illness that needs to be “cured.”

  36. I believe that this post by FAIRLANE, which to the uncritical thinker could have seemed completely nihilistic and destructive, has resonated with so many people every one of us with a slightly different take on things because he’s written what we’ve ALL been feeling.

    I know I’m goddamned sick and tired of being lied to and told what to think. And thus, with this post, a movement — at least a blog movement — I hope is born. Call it whatever you want. The return of the “tough” liberal. The REAL joining of great ideas of left and right. A shucking away of this American need to be innocent and perfect. The rebirth of enlightenment if we feel like being gradiose.

    Nevertheless, what I read in the original post and all the follow-on comments was a combination of MATURITY and FEARLESSNESS. And I’m just seeing more and more of this sort of thing in this corner of Blogovia. The great collectives of course are Jonestown and Hell but all of our rolls are full of strong, critical adult voices.

    I kind of see Blogovia with this paradigm. You have the MSM and their half-assed blogs and I include the Nation right along with CNN and National Review on this. You have the well-knowns: Kos, Eschaton, Crooksandliars, TPM, Firedoglake, MediaMatters, Huffington Post, etc. They give us the hard news we don’t get from the MSM, but with recognition comes money and power and they cannot take that extra step we do. We can alwayws afford to take chances and always have the right to be wrong. They don’t. They have livelihoods bound up in that.

    So, if anyone’s going to push this out further it has to be us. I still feel we need more perspectives, especially gay, African-American, Latino, military, and both “big C” and little c” conservative.

    If any examples are necessary of what’s cool around here, I’ll give a few. I’ve loved a short back and forth I had with Fairlane on the current day value in worldwide democratic reublics but in Capitalist America especially of the teachings of Malcolm X and Karl Marx. And we’re hardly Black Nationalists or Communists. I’ve enjoyed as an atheist coming to a radical comfort zone with FranIAm on Jesus. I’ve enjoyed everything Wyldth1g has written about the military. I could go on, but I know it’s just this handful of 150 or so bloggers that are taking things in great directions and taking chances and ADMITTING PERSONAL FAILINGS.


  37. CJ– I think the biggest threat to society are the people who make up society.

    All of us, whether we acknowledge it or not, have the desire for control.

    The most difficult thing to do in life is to let go.

    Mary– It’s even better when you mix it with nice strong Martini:)

    Mauigirl– You, and I didn’t believe him, but far too many Americans did. Who’s to say it can’t happen to the Left?

    Obama is very intelligent, which means he can conceal himself better than Bush. Bush was/is utterly transparent.

    Something about him rubs me the wrong way. If I’m wrong, great, but if I’m right…

    I’m good at reading people. It’s a skill we ADD types possess.

    Dash– I appreciate the compliment. I try now and again to mix in a little thought somewhere amidst all the “mother fuckers.”

    I’m not saying people should not be involved, but we spend a great deal of time worrying about things that are beyond our control.

    I remember in my Political Sociology class a girl asked the Prof, after an especially brutal lecture, “What can we do about this?”

    He looks at her for a second, and then responds, “Who in the fuck do you think you are? There isn’t shit you can do about it, you’re just one person. The best you can do is find your place, and hold on. You can’t change the world, and it’s grandiose to think you can.”

    I wholeheartedly agree with his assessment. Find your place, do the best you can, and hold on for dear life.

    Take Obama again. Is he forgetting that there are at least 60-70 million people in this country who cannot stand him?

    For him to “Transform America” he’d have to get everyone to agree. How in the fuck is he going to do such a thing?

    We’ve seen what happens when Governments try- USSR, PRC, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, etc.

    He’s selling a fantasy, and because he is very intelligent, he must know.

    DED– Orthodoxy is dangerous regardless of political leaning.

    Any time people attempt to discourage questions and/or challenges to the Status Quo, I get suspicious.

    I didn’t feel bad about thinking only of myself. It is human nature, and my daughter, my friends, family, dreams, etc won’t mean much if I’m dead.

    Kelso– I worry about that when I write posts like this one. I start to get tired, and I have so many thoughts running through my head 24/7, I worry I’m going to leave something important out, and people are going to misconstrue what I’m saying.

    Dr. Dipshit referred to me as a Nihilist once because he couldn’t understand what I was talking about, so he conveniently labeled me in order to keep from thinking beyond the superficial.

    I’m no nihilist, and I’m very passionate about what I believe, but I’ve grown to understand that the best way to “Rage Against the Machine,” is to keep the Machine from Eating my ass.

    Slogans, speeches, movements fall by the wayside, a truly centered individual is indestructible.

  38. He was talking about the Guy in Line Asking Insipid Questions, Holding Everyone Else Captive, as he attempts to sort through the Complexities of Making a Simple Fucking Decision.

    What about the guy that asks a question just to ask a question?

    That’s my favorite part of some four hour corporate class – the guy that clearly gets it but just wants to pretend he’s interacting with the teacher.

    Very nice post, fairlane.

  39. Dean- Coming from an educated man such as yourself, I am deeply humbled.

    Those question askers are such wanks. I always got the impression Brown Nosing didn’t work so much once you’re out of high school, but I guess it prepares one for a career in Middle Management.

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