Bill Clinton Steps Up

suze.jpg Suzi Riot

Bill Clinton pisses me off about as often as he does something of which I approve. I’d say the same is true of Hillary Clinton. Yesterday at an Ohio campaign event, Bill Clinton took on an anti-choice heckler who was spewing some bullshit pro-life hypocrisy. He didn’t make some stupid joke in an effort to diffuse the situation or laugh it off. He didn’t stand there smiling like an idiot while security removed the problem. That’s what most politicians – both Democrats and Republicans – do in these situations. No, Bill fucking stepped up and took that asshole on directly.

Here’s an excerpt of what he said. Text and video h/t to feministing.

“We disagree with you. You want to criminalize women and their doctors and we disagree. I reduced abortion. Tell the truth! Tell the truth! If you were really pro-life, if you were really pro-life, you would want to put every doctor and every mother, as an accessory to murder, in prison, and you won’t say you wanna do that, because you know that you wouldn’t have a lick of political support. Now, the issue is, you can’t name me anybody presently in politics that did more to introduce policies that reduce the number of real abortions, instead of the hot air putting out to tear people up and make votes by dividing America. This is not your rally.”

My problem with Senator Obama is that he consistently backs down from fights on issues. He doesn’t want to take a strong position on anything. The only recent exception to this is his vote on NSA spying; Senator Clinton did not vote, MUCH to my disappointment.

The MSM is, naturally, spinning this as another example of how Bill Clinton can’t control his temper. That he is “lashing out” and “losing it.” Bullshit. You want CareBears and Rainbows, motherfucker? See what that kind of presidency gets us: a Republican in 2012. Even if Obama wins the general against McCain, a feel-good and don’t worry about actually solving any of our problems presidency is not going to help anybody. I don’t hate the guy and I’ll be voting for him if he is the nominee. But please… FUCKING STEP UP AND TALK TO US LIKE WE’RE INTELLIGENT ADULTS. That’s what I’d like to see from Obama.

I would have liked to have seen President Clinton act with that much defiance and spirit over many, many policy and legislative issues while he was in office. I’d like to see more of it from Senator Clinton. But as I said in my comments on fairlane’s CareBear Commentary, people don’t want that. They want to Cry, Cheer, Feel, Hope, Wish. They don’t want to Think, Solve, Act. Let’s just all keep looking at the pretty, pretty rainbow and remain calm while the world falls apart around us.

* Jen from “Little Country Lost” is blogging live tonight during the debate. If anyone would like to participate, I’m sure she’d love to have you.

This is a great opportunity to check out her blog as well.

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~ by Suzi Riot on February 22, 2008.

13 Responses to “Bill Clinton Steps Up”

  1. The thing that pissed me off the most about this is what you said in your last paragraph. Every fucking politician who ever shows some sack will always do it when they’re out of office or not running for anything.

    Do it when IN office. This is America. We like a fighter. Trust me on this. If the beltway zombies get the vapors, fine. The people won’t.

  2. My first issue with Barack was when he abstained from voting when Congress was in an uproar over the ad about Petraeus.

    That piece of legislation had to be the most idiotic in my lifetime, and Obama played it safe instead of making a stand.

    This is now a recurring theme. Play it safe, don’t rock the boat.

    How in the fuck do you transform the world when you’re main focus is on pleasing everyone?

    Instead of running for President, maybe Obama could try out for the role of June in the remake of “Leave it to Beaver.”

    We don’t need another coward in the White House.

    As for Bill, Bill was the best Republican President of the last 50 years, but most Wingnuts are too fucking dumb to realize it.

  3. I think this might be the first post I semi agree with you. Fucking amazing.

  4. And why the fuck is it that Democrats are eviscerated for showing temper or passion and Republicans are applauded for it?

  5. Looks like Amerka is going the Hope, Dreams and ‘Let’s All Get Along’ route this time. I’m very bored and it isn’t even March yet.

  6. Sorry Suzi. I know what I’m about to say hasn’t got a thing to do with the topic of your post. I confess, I really couldn’t help myself on this one. That’s why I’m apologizing now. But you already know there’s no hope for the wingnuts anyway (unless Mr. O gets in, then there’ll be enough hope for all of us)…So, I’ll just throw my non sequitur in and damn the torpedoes.

    What struck me was not the fact that Clinton took on a pro-life heckler. It was that he took credit for reducing abortion more than any other individual presently in politics. I’m interested ascertaining the truth or falsity of his statement….much more than I am in the fact that because he has a microphone he can steamroll anyone he disagrees with. When it’s someone we disagree with, it’s all wine-n-roses and “way to shut those idiots the hell up!”

    Aside from that, the issue isn’t “political support,” or criminalizing “mothers,” “doctors,” etc., and he damn well knows it. The issue is identifying what is we’re killing, and beyond that, whether the action is wrong. All he did was prove that the man with the mic always wins and that a lot of well meaning folks don’t have a sense of propriety.

    But at least Clinton will acknowledge the fight even as he side stepped the entire issue with his “tell the truth” B.S. ‘Cause you know he’s a beacon for truth, integrity, and if I may borrow from fairlane, “Scrumpdiliciousness.”

    At the end of the day Bill’s little display doesn’t impress me anymore than Obama’s flowery language of hope. One man has teeth and no substance; the other has no teeth and no substance.

  7. JWN- I tried to find evidence for Clinton’s claims, but all I found was demagoguery. I will say, there’s no doubt he adopted many stances of the “right.”

    He is correct in saying that women would be arrested if the “Pro-Lifers” had their way.

    Whether that’s the motivating force or not is irrelevant.

    It’s true.

  8. GREAT post Suzi Riot, which is no surprise. I am so not happy with Hillary – for reasons similar to your own and then some. However Obama leaves me cold.

    For good or ill however, I think it is over for Hillary.

    I did call her office last week, as her constituent, when she missed the telecom immunity vote. It was a most unsatisfying conversation with a staffer.

  9. Noyce, SuziRiot!

    I had read about “Bill Clinton’s uproar” and wondered what it could have been about. Now, I know. It was a great moment for him and it certainly put the two parties into stark relief and surely left Obama dangling. Maybe that’s why the media spun it the way it did.

    I agree with both you, Fairlane and FranIAm. Bill Clinton was the best Republican president the US ever had. I took extreme objection to his welfare “reform” policies, telecommunications decontrol, his signature of the Effective Death Penalty Act, his signature of the Defense Of Marriage Act, and both NAFTA and the Balkans War were close questions for me. I liked the idea of NAFTA in principle but it lacked the necessary labor and environemental teeth, and while I was a tepid supporter of it, I am not for its repeal and for the elimination of CAFTA and against all deals with Colombia, Panama and Peru without fairness and with “enforcement” mechanisms on BOTH sides. As a Jew, I was kind of hard-wired to reflexively support the Serbians because of WWII. Milosvic was a bastard, though, and I believe Clinton did the right thing. Had it been a direct confrontation between Serbia and Croatia, however, I’m still not sure how I would have felt.

    Welfare “reform,” for me, however, was the WORST thing he did because of its very heartlessness. Not in Ronald Reagan’s wildest fantasies would he have tossed 20mm children off of welfare in an economic boom. It was bad. I agree. Really, really bad.

    Politics in the US, however, have moved right of Bill Clinton, right of Al Gore, right of Ronald Reagan, right, apparently, even of Hillary Clinton. This leaves us, I guess, with a choice of Obama or McCain.

    For me, Fairlane, the day the wormed turned on Obama was his speech at the 2004 convention. It scared me. I heard in that speech the Church Police coming. Obama’s ducking the Petraeus vote was real bad, as was his ducking the Terry Schiavo vote.

    Rainbows and Gumdrops mean surrender. It saddens me that so many “progressives” can’t look past a few legitimate disagreements with HRC’s foreign policy votes and views. I can. I’m willing to accept a candidate that’s 60% good. I don’t know how good or bad Obama is because he ducks so many votes and his rhetoric I find a little WEIRD. I’d actually feel more comfortable if he were running a pro-Black campagin because I can find more than 60% of agreement with that. Unfortunately, I see it not so much as Obama or McCain as Obama AND McCain.

    And where the hell does Obama stand on choice? Is it in his health plan?

  10. I should say that I am FOR the repeal of NAFTA…or more to the point, I am for its temporary repeal and for a renegotiation when Mexico’s crude oil power levels the playing field a little

  11. Randal: I don’t know. Have you ever been in a meeting or in some group setting, listening to some Asshole spewing complete crap, and everybody around you knows it? You want to stand up and say, “Hey! You’re an idiot and you’re full of shit. You don’t deserve to be standing here talking down to all of us because you’re completely unqualified and your opinions are RETARDED. So FUCK OFF!” Nobody does that. Because it would cause DISCOMFORT. It would be AWKWARD. Don’t rock the boat – that’s what we’re indoctrinated with when we’re young. Don’t make waves, don’t cause problems, , don’t make a scene, don’t do anything to challenge the status quo. I think Americans can sometimes be fighters, but I think most of the time we allow ourselves to be frightened or shamed into submission. And we allow our representatives in the government to to do the same.

    fairlane: Sorry to give you yet another one word response, but all I can add to your excellent comment is WORD, BROTHER.

    Wyld: I’m genuinely pleased and honored. I’m very glad to see you around again and hope you’ll comment even when we completely disagree, because I always like to read what you have to say.

    Dcup: Because when it’s evangelical conservatives doing the yelling, it’s called “righteous indignation.”

    Susan: I have to admit that I’m so bored I’ve almost stopped paying attention. I already voted in my primary, so I’ve been trying to increase my focus on local politics and have pretty much tuned out the presidential campaigns at this point. Boring and frustrating.

    JW: Actually I think your comment has a lot do with my post. That’s exactly what frustrates me about Bill Clinton – his fucking ego. I know you’ve got to have a LOT of confidence and self-love to run for president, but he just gets more full of himself the older he gets. It’s always about BILL. But, as you said, he ACKNOWLEDGED THE FIGHT. That does matter to me, because I am SICK of politicians just awkwardly and politely backing away from the challenge. Also, I echo what fairlane said.

    fairlane: Again, fuckin’ WORD. They would imprison women and girls who seek abortions and force them to complete their pregnancies. Probably in jail.

    Franele: Thank you! Doesn’t it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to be dismissed by the person you’ve chosen to represent you? Sorry… the STAFF of the person you’ve chosen to represent you.

    Kelso: While I disagree slightly with you on NAFTA and Serbia, very close to my own summary of and feelings about the Clinton Administration. I do agree that NAFTA could possibly work as a positive, but only with MUCH tweaking.

  12. Yes, this is the Bill Clinton I voted for twice and wish I saw more often. Instead, I’ve been treated this season to the Bill Clinton who will say and do anything, without thought to how it poisons the well of political dialogue.

    I say, look around people, George Bush isn’t running against us this time. Keep your powder dry until you really need it–or Karl Rove sticks up his ugly, melon-shaped noggin out of the trash heap.

  13. Damn it Suzi, you know I hate being late to the game with comments. Shit. This post is so spot on. The fact is more anti-abortionists could not give a shit about the “lives” they are saving, once they are saved. Because once they’re saved, it’s up to them to finds the Lord’s salvation to stay alive… naturally, one must wonder if the Lord is powerful enough to stop the abortions in the first place, but who says arguing rationally was ever an option?

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