A Simple Vote Can Make All the Difference


Pistol Packin DCupI’ve got to get some cranky shit out of my head. Now.

I’m watching MSNBC where spoiled rich guy Willie Geist, pampered hee hee I’m going to play both sides of the fence princess Mika Brezinski and shrill phony-everyman xenophobe Pat Buchanan are literally feasting on the Democratic Candidate version of Rockem’ Sockem’ Robots.

It’s making me crazy because they are just enjoying this way too much.

And while I’m at it, I’ve got to tell you that I’m worn out by the tug of war between the Obama and Clinton supporters on the blogosphere. I can’t read it anymore. I get it. You support your candidate and you’ve got excellent reasons for doing so. But then you probably get sick of hearing about my stupid Spawn, so we’re even.

I voted for Clinton, but I don’t count myself as a supporter of hers unless she becomes our nominee in the general election. I supported Edwards, but he dropped out before our Georgia primary in February 5. No matter what, though, and at the risk of sounding like my mother – which pains me greatly, I will vote for the Democratic candidate no matter who that person is. In that, I am quite simple-minded. Don’t like it? Hard cheese. I’ve got my reasons, too.Drama Queen

Which brings me to the point I really want to make. Please stop with the I will vote for McCain if…..bullshit. Please.

Look, get pissy. Kick something. Down a fifth of bad tequila. Go out and shoot off a gun. But do not vote for a Republican because you’re angry with the Democrats. Think, people, think! How can you forget what you get with Conservative policies. We’re living it every day! How happy are you right now with that?

Fucking hell, people, let’s chat about disenfranchisement.

Yes, the whole Super Delegate thing is chapping my ass. I hate the idea that Super Delegates could overturn the popular vote. I hate it for the same reason I hate the Electoral College. It takes us another step away from the democratic process. I’d love a single same-day primary in September, but I guess that would be hard to pull off. Anyway.

But for those who are putting out the idea that they will vote for McCain because they plan to be pissed that the Democrats dissed the African American or the Vagina American, well listen up! AT LEAST THE DEMOCRATS WILL NOMINATE A WOMAN OR AN AFRICAN AMERICAN.

Did you look at the pasty white men who stood on the stage at the Republican debates? They didn’t even bother to consider a woman or an African American or a Latino.

McCain and BushAnd now you’re going to vote for the Republican nominee – a white guy – because the Democrats didn’t choose the woman or the African American? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? That’s some logic.

The bottom line is that Obama and Clinton are going to run to the middle. Like almost all politicians they are owned by corporate interests and special interest groups. As my favorite NY Times reporter David Cay Johnston says “Their constituents are their donors, not the people who vote for them.”

Yeah. So. That’s a wash among them.

So please, go ahead and write your posts of support. Go negative about the other candidate if you need to. I’d be thrilled if you didn’t throw red meat to the Republicans as you tear chunks of flesh out of each other. That goes for the candidates, too. I hurl invectives every time I hear a rerun of Hillary telling a press conference that she’s ready to be president and that John McCain is ready to be president, but Barack Obama? Well, you’d better go ask him about his resume.

What was she thinking? Holy fucking hell.

When you calm down and think about it, the job of POTUS is singularly unique. There’s only one person with the exactDavid Cay Johnston credentials to be president and that would be the incumbent. And none of us here want that tap-dancing dipshit to have another go at the highest office in the land.

So can we please tone down the inter-party hate? I’m not wild about either Clinton or Obama, but the idea of four or possibly eight years of President John “My Friends” McCain should make your hair your stand on end.

Like our leading candidates, McCain is more of a centrist, but really? Look at how his votes compare to Obama’s and Clinton’s. And here’s the lowdown on McCain from Project Vote Smart

Do not lose sight of the fact that McCain is a Republican with Republican values. That whole maverick schtick is a load of happy horseshit. He’s just another stiff-necked hypocrite with a religious conversion, a divorce after being a playboy, a wife who can’t decide if she’d rather have a botox injection or pop a few pills stolen from a foundation she was working for……….and this dude is superior to either Democrat how?

Please, people, enough with the shrieked threats. If you vote from a victim position and hand the White House to another Republican, you victimize us all.


~ by dcup on March 7, 2008.

19 Responses to “A Simple Vote Can Make All the Difference”

  1. you do know there is a reson for the electoral college?

    democrats are just as bad as the repubs.

    the whole country has been duped. the single party is here.

  2. Pasty white men are Sideshow Bob:

    “Because you need me, Springfield. Your guilty conscience may force you to vote Democratic, but deep down inside you secretly long for a cold-hearted Republican to lower taxes, brutalize criminals, and rule you like a king. That’s why I did this, to protect you from yourselves! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a city to run.”
    “Bailiffs, place the mayor under arrest.”
    “What? Oh yes, all that stuff I did.”

  3. since i’m highly, highly ambivalent about both clinton and obama (having voted for clinton because, as they say, the knave one knows is probably better than the knave one doesn’t know), i’ll support whomever comes out of this brawl alive.

    the angry people who think they are somehow proving a point, or getting back at the system, by voting for mccain are sorely deluded. look what those people accomplished when nader was running against gore and bush. thanks guys.

    for now, we have to live with the system we have. we all have but our one measly vote. i say, spend it wisely.

    great post dcup.

  4. Randal – I swear, like Seinfeld quotes and Beatles tunes, there is a Simpsons scenario to explain everything! I love your contribution.

    Anita – Thanks. I’m in your camp. Not thrilled. Not even remotely, but I will do the one thing I can to help keep this country from sinking further into the mess created for us by Republicans.

  5. Exactly, exactly, exactly.

    But does anyone listen to me?


  6. There is no worry here. I’m not voting for McCain, and neither am I voting for Nader (again.) That may be a more likely alternative for some Dems, but I’m not screwin’ around on this one. I was in TX and it was going to Bushvomit anyway, but here is a chance for TX to go democratic. I hear that hasn’t happened since LBJ (and I’m not crediting the blogger who wrote that, ’cause it’s been a week and I don’t recall which post I read that in.

  7. Awesome post. I’ll scream the next time I hear an otherwise sensible Democrat say “if Clinton/Obama wins the nomination, then I’m voting Republican”. Because that punishes whom, exactly?

  8. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear I was transported back to the 1970s when my mom’s boomerang shoe would come flying into our living room, whack me and my brothers on the head, and then fly back out. The pain of the shot was always followed by (and this is a loose translation from the original Spanish) “Now pipe down in there or there’ll be more where that came from..”

    The only audible sound after this frequently played episode in the parents of Spartacus household was the screeching tires from the Starsky & Hutch episode on TV.

  9. I couldn’t agree with you more. We all understand the electoral system needs a complete overhaul which won’t come to pass unless there’s a complete collapse of government and all public services. Nobody in their right mind would look forward to that scenario but it doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. I read today in the WSJ that for the first time since 1945 home equity is down to an average 48% and it occurred to me, and not for the first time, that the real news is in the business pages not the political editorial and gossip pages.
    I did vote for Ralph Nader in 2000 because I agreed with what he was saying but the Democrats backlashed the Green Party and blamed Al Gore’s loss on Nader. That was a patent untruth since it was the Supreme Court that handed the election to the current occupant and that was at the behest of the enormously influential corporate masters whose interests were very obviously best served by the devious, pandering Republicans more than the willing to pander Democrats. I won’t vote for Nader this time even though his understanding of the situation remains as clear as in 2000 but because the Green Party has been thoroughly gutted and dismantled. States and districts have been gerrymandered into submission to the two parties that govern the country on behalf of the owners. Everybody with a brain is frightened of what could possibly go wrong next.
    At least Hillary has started to question John McCain’s record and policy plans as of this morning. I don’t really care whether it’s Clinton or Obama who wins this cycle. Neither of them appears to have a solid plan to end the current war, enact a fair healthcare plan, reduce environmental pollution, investigate government corruption, clamp down on corporate crime or any other of the dozens of issues I haven’t named BUT we simply cannot have another Republican administration, Not as President and VP, not as Senate majority, and not as Congressional majority. Our only choice, once again unfortunately, is that lesser of two evilsand votes from this house will go to whomever wins the Democratic nomination.

  10. last time it was anybody but bush, now it’s anybody but a republican.

    it’s so out of control we are voting for any little morsel we can get.


    i say stop voting and throw em all out of office.

  11. Brave Sir Robin – I’m listening.

    Freida – 2000 was weird. This time we know what’s at stake. We have the last 8 years of experience to point us in the right direction this time.

    CDP – It punishes us all. That’s the shame of it.

    Spartacus – I guess this is my way of telling the whiners to pipe down.

    Susan – It’s definitely the lesser of the two evils. I hate it that it’s so. But still. McCain? No way!

    Jesse – If only we could. But not voting isn’t the answer. That just gives up the election to the Republicans.

  12. . That whole maverick schtick is a load of happy horseshit.
    yes it is — and it becomes more and more apparent

    i would never vote for mccain under any circumstance — then again like someone said — i wouldnt vote GOP ever again — no matter who is running. it is not only 4 years of more bush – it is the supremem court and congress and a whole host of other shit.

    problem is hillary is really playing with fire in her “win at any cost” routine. she is setting herself up for failure under any scenario.

    yes she will have my vote, and yes i am not a huge fan of Obama and yes they ONLY care about their corporate interests..
    and yes i need another drink

  13. I have a couple standing rules: I won’t ever vote Republican AND I won’t sleep with one either. (Not that I am allowed to sleep w/anyone but my husband…)
    I was an Edwards supporter too and the fact that I wrestled w/who to vote until the second I did should say a lot. I am still second guessing my choice now. Never fear though I will be voting for a Democrat.

  14. great post, dcup! when someone starts that bullshit with, if x doesn’t win, i am going to stay home on election day, i begin my 2-word mantra, SUPREME COURT, SUPREME COURT, SUPREME COURT…..
    you might get stuck with someone you don’t like for 4 or maybe 8 years, but that is far better than more scalias and robertses and alitos for the next few decades. think of the children….

  15. In the past I have voted for Repubs if I thought it was the best choice, but that was before the party was taken over by the vicious cowards that run it now. Now I wouldn’t vote for a Repugnican for dogcatcher. I only hope I live long enough to see the Repugnicans bcome the Whigs of the 21st century.

  16. hey, they’re all war party right now anyway.


    welfare and warfare go hand in hand . so clinton, obama, mccain. not that many degrees of difference. they are centrists. this is where bipartisanship is taking us. it’s a fancy word for uniparty.

    two party system just gives us something to bicker about while the powers that be continue to give us platitudes, rhetoric and more of the same.

    repeal and decntralize. bring the troops home. let me keep the money i work for so i can focus on my home and hearth and the community i live in.

    alas, inflation will rise, tazes will rise, and foreig intervention will dictate our domestic policy.

    best of luck to you all.

  17. I am a bit late to this party, but what a post. I agree completely. But then as you know I got “de-listed” from a blogroll for daring to question this behavior, let alone question the great Obama.

    It is really pathetic.

  18. Yes. Yes. Good post, DCup.

    Obam-ites are messianic sorts. Glazed eyes, hands in the air, praising Him Who Comes Bearing Change.

    Hillary. Hmmm. Confused about Iraq? Never forgave that one.

    Will vote Dem. Of course. Wanted Edwards, too. Not his time.

    A vote for McCain is insane. That said, I am equally baffled by Dems who vote for Ron Paul. I don’t care what he says or plans to do. The guy is a GOP and he votes along party lines 79% of the time. (I checked his voting record when a friend of mine started going to his rallies.) If Paul is an Independent Libertarian, he should declare it by running as such. Quit the coy “I’m not really one of them” crap. Wasted votes. But then, is voting your conscience wrong? Why are Dems consistently backed into the same voting for the lesser of two evils corner? Ah, well.

    Fwiw: I quit posting about politics after NH. Life is too short. Although, I thought about posting today, after receiving a letter from a worried Dennis Kucinich. Seems he might lose his seat in November. They’re trying to McKinney him. 10,000 GOPS changed their party affiliation in order to vote against him.

  19. @morgan wolf
    “I don’t care what he says or plans to do”
    well then….that’s your problem right there.

    “If Paul is an Independent Libertarian”
    so you don’t know?

    so remember folks, as wolf says, “don’t vote GOP, but vote your conscience?”

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