A Is for Announcements, Adderall, and Ampersand

797panimage15.jpgReal quick.

Mary Ellen is back Baby!! The Hottest Nun on teh Intertubes has returned, and she is as Smokin’ Hot as Ever!

Go say Hello.

Suzi Riot is also back!! Yeah!!!!! I can’t express how much I missed her Whip, and Boots.

Both have been away because of Life, and it’s annoying Habit of causing Grief.

Wish them well.

Other news-

We have added two new members to our Super Team.

(Damn, this is getting out of Hand).

Truthfully, I’m glad to have them, and the more members we have, the easier it will be to Take Over the World.

(You think the Dark Ages were bad, Shiaaaat Negro, you ain’t seen nothing Yet).

So, let’s give a Warm Welcome to-

Reasic (Non-Blog Having Mug)


Spartacus from My Saturday Evening Post

Is it Fair?

Who Cares?

Not I, said the Mouse.


~ by fairlane on March 10, 2008.

8 Responses to “A Is for Announcements, Adderall, and Ampersand”

  1. Welcome back to Mary Ellen and Suzi – have already stopped by! And congratulations on adding yet more great bloggers to this site!

  2. Thanks for the welcome, fairlane! Hey, how are you getting all these great writers to join your team…I’m all alone over at my place, not to mention, every time I leave, Randal, two crows, and okjimm raid my stash. Maybe I need some of those naked Barbie’s and Ken’s to guard my place while I’m gone, they’re freakin’ scary!

  3. Thanks for the welcome back, fairlane.

    Yay for Sparty! That’s terrific! I am not familiar with Reasic but I look forward to reading his/her (?) stuff.

    Soon the Super Team will rule you all! Bwahahahahaha!

  4. Maui- I almost feel like a Wingnut with the way our family is continuing to grow out of control.

    ME- I’m really glad you’re back, I was getting worried. Several people have simply vanished in the last few months.

    You are free to visit any time you wish, and the dolls are more than happy to guard your place while you’re away.

    Suzi- I’m glad you’re back as well.

    We’re like one of those baseball teams that looks great on paper, but we can’t ever keep our team on the field because of injuries, but our time is NIGH, and the Heavens Shall Tremble Beneath Our MIGHT!!!

    Oh, and Reasic is a boy blogger.

  5. Fairlane, thanks for the welcome. I feel like I need to write an induction speech. Hey, is this microphone on?

    My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes….

    Errr Sorry. That wasn’t supposed to come out.

    What I meant to say that its my honor to contribute to this site, sir and hope that I can maintain the high standards set by my fellow Superteam members.

  6. The more the merrier. It will just be more fun to visit.

  7. Goodness, fairlane, and I knew you when.

    I’m just here to see the Emperor’s new clothes, though.

  8. Sparty- You’re most welcome. Thanks for agreeing, Sucker!!!

    Susan- I’m going to start rationing Kool-Aid.

    Scarlet- No matter how Big I get, I will always be “fairlane from the block” in my heart.

    Besides, you’re my soul mate. Wherever I go, you go.

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