The Billary Tagteam Tiptoe


There appears to be this edgy sense of tiptoeing around on the part of Obama’s “rainbow people” and the inwardly frantic disciples of the Clinton Dynasty. Each camp is desperate for some unflattering sound bite about the other, but not one so biting that voters might remember it in November.


The Billary fan club seems increasingly stiff and confused these days, as does Billary him/herself. One minute they’re offering to make Barack Obama their VP; the next they’re accusing him of Ken Starr-esque chicanery. The ever-fluctuating tone in their public rhetoric about Obama is puzzlingly incoherent, yet understandable. Should their opponent prevail, the Clintons surely will back him in the general election, as will their followers–loyal adherents to the “The Soccer Mom Doctrine.”

It’s unlikely that Obama supporters share the kind of party loyalty–almost a sub-patriotism–that grips their Democratic opponenents.  A large number of them are registered Independents; they were apolitical before Obama’s charisma wowed them out of civic hybernation, and will go right back to sleep as soon as he stops talking.  That brand of voter seems more likely to vote Republican–or not at all–than mainstream Clintonian liberals, who pledged decades ago never to check any ballot box that contradicted their shiny blue “Proud To Be A Democrat” buttons.

In other words, many more Clinton voters will “settle for” Obama than the other way around.  By nominating her, the Democrats sacrifice a larger number of votes.  As I stated months ago in “Swing Voters are Meatheads”: Hillary won’t win a general election.  It now looks like the only way she’ll even pick up the Democratic nomination is by exploiting a dirty political loophole that whiffs of Bush v. Gore, 2000.

Who would want that kind of victory? (Hint: 1.5 candidates come to mind, give or take.)


~ by Matthew Frederick on March 11, 2008.

19 Responses to “The Billary Tagteam Tiptoe”

  1. but not so biting that voters might remember them in November.

    i will have to disagree FV, just ask George Allen — the world of the internets and YouTube has changed that rule (and Billary is looking to change a lot of other rules) —

    everything Billary has said in the past few weeks (shame on you, Barack Obama, calling him unqualified to be president etc.) will come back to haunt her or Obama this fall — dont think the trash talk posse of Ann, Rush and Sean arent keeping these sound bytes, clips and the like to use and abuse for months.

    she has been arrogantly floating out the HRC-BHO ticket (which will happen when I CAN AFFORD $5500 for a call girl) because she knows that a ton of Obama’s supporters would never vote for her.

  2. That triple talk the Clintons have been spouting will probably come back to haunt them. The best think hillary could do for herself and bow out gracefully. She is better suited to be Senate Majority Leader.

  3. I’ll add yet another category, in which I happen to fit: the “give me anyone but a Republican” category. I am an independent who has closely followed politics since just before Bush took office and sent us to war, and am sick and tired of this Administration’s antics. I see that McCain is slated to be a continuation of many of these problems, so I will vote for whoever the Democrats nominate. I think I prefer Barack at this point, but will vote for anyone with a (D) after their name in the general election. Therefore, I don’t really see the need to get involved in the primary process, and I think there are many others like me – people who are just waiting on the sidelines, ready to provide our support and our votes for anyone but McCain.

    I’m just sick of Bush’s failed policies and all of his ridiculous cheerleaders (Hannity, Coulter, Rove, Limbaugh, etc.), who continue to spin all of the bad news to be someone other than a result of Bush’s incompetence. Our economy is tanking, the dollar is weak, the National Debt is ballooning, we’re stuck in two wars with no end in sight, Al Qaeda is resurging in Pakistan, our moral standing in the world is free-falling, the line between church and state is fading, etc., etc., etc. I’m sure many of you could name plenty more problems about civil, human, and individual rights abuses or environmental problems.

    Just give me a Democrat.

  4. dcap, don’t you still have that barrel of crude? You should be able to afford an entire prostitution ring!

  5. Hello, Fairlane.
    It seems to me that Hillary is very much the Tonya Harding of the Democratic Party.

    Experienced, yes, of course; and on Day One she can assume office (ie coronation) fully prepared to be venal, reprobate, spurious and maladroit.

    The Clinton/Harding ticket does have a bit of a ring to it– enough of a tinnish din of a ring to appeal to her half-cocked nitwit supporters.

  6. I’m with you on all of this one bro – and stole the Billary photo too. A Canuck friend asked me what I thought of these two. I like Barack better because he stirs my 60’s soul, and that allows for better LSD flashbacks. On the other hand, if either of them win – it’s an strong argument for evolution. From Bush to human in one reproduction! (Okay, with Bill there it may be a half step – just ask them in Kilgali..)

  7. I always wonder why the Obama supporters are in so much of a hurry to get Hillary to bow out of the race. For one thing, the longer Obama is in the race, the more often we are seeing him lie, flip-flop, use race, etc. Also, all those who are claiming that Hillary should step down, should also remember that there are still a lot of voters who would like to make their own decision on who should be our nominee. Since Obama can’t end this primary with the amount of delegates needed to win, just as Hillary can’t…let it go to the convention. What is Obama worried about. In fact, since he thinks that it wouldn’t matter if those delegates that Hillary won in FL and MI wouldn’t make a difference, then go ahead and seat the delegates! What’s he afraid of?

    Really, if Obama wants to win this nomination, he has to earn it. Not to mention, I want to see what comes of this Rezko trial. Why give the nomination to the guy, only to find out in the National election that he’s tied to corruption? We already know that his judgment on who his friends are is lacking, let’s see HOW lacking it is!

    Sit back and enjoy the race, I am.;-)

  8. Progressive traditionalist:

    The Clinton/Harding ticket does have a bit of a ring to it– enough of a tinnish din of a ring to appeal to her half-cocked nitwit supporters.

    It’s a shame that you have chosen to use personal insults toward Clinton supporters to make your point. It just undermined everything you said. Use intelligence, not name calling…grow up.

  9. Hi Mary Ellen-

    Don’t you think Hillary’s supporters would be just as vocal as Obama’s, if she had his lead (twice as many states and more widespread appeal). Some of them even hinted it was over after Super Tuesday, that Obama was naive to think he could win, and needed to shift his focus to becoming her VP. There’s no way he’d still be in it now, had his twelve-state winning streak been a twelve-state losing streak.

    I’m with you on the Rezko point though. It is unsettling when a candidate has questionable mysteries in his or her closet. I want to see Hillary’s tax returns as well, don’t you?

  10. would someone please do a post showing me in flying colors why they think Obama is so fucking progressive because I must be blind and I just can’t see it!!!

  11. Personally, I see this election as a monumental moment in our nation’s history. After eight years of the worst president imaginable, you’d think Americans would at last be fed up with the status quo, but apparently that’s not the case.

    As far as I’m concerned, Mc Cain, Obama, and Clinton can all Piss Off. We need another corporate bitch about as much as Chimpy needs another dead brain cell.

    Do Americans have a proverbial “Bottom,” or can we keep taking shit until there is no more to dish out?

    On a lighter note.

    Could we not call names in the comments?

    I know people get really passionate when it comes to political candidates, and there needs to be a discussion, but name calling is un-necessary. You can curse, use bold print, or even Italics for all I care, but don’t disrespect our regular readers or the other writers.

    Many of the so-called “Liberal” blogs are deleting people’s comments if they dissent, and we’ve even had several people delete Jonestown from their blogroll because someone (I won’t mention any names) had the “Audacity of Hope” to make fun of Obama (Along with Hillary, Mc Cain, Chimpy of II, and Bjorn Bjorg I might add).

    How Gay is That?

    Pretty Fucking Gay.

    Jonestown is all about Dissent. Sometimes just out of Spite.

    Let’s keep it that way.

  12. Hello, Fairlane.
    I wish to dissent.

    Have I not already specifically stated that I support Ms Clinton? And specifically due to the fact that the Edwards supporters (and you know who I’m talking about) would be Abner Louima-ized by a Clinton administration?

    I’m all for Harding/Louima 08!

    My head is spinning.
    Altbier, mind you.

    Nevertheless, this is not only an election for the next figure to place on the rosary (yeah, you wish…), but for the direction of the party.

    At this point, my party is pointing slightly north of Dusseldorf.
    But that aside…

    I would rather see Zack dela Rocha as president– not that it’s going to happen.

    Am I rambling?
    I thought so….

  13. UPDATE:
    The party has taken a decidedly southern turn, down around Munich way, via Paulaner.
    Thinking some very un-Franciscan thoughts over here.

    It reminds me of how fvched up the political christian movements (left and right) are in this country.
    Why don’t they brew, as God intended?

  14. PT- I wasn’t singling you out. Honestly, I was trying to head off a possible blowup at the proverbial (That’s twice I’ve used that word today) Pass.

    This Obama Vs. Clinton debate is starting to get really nasty, which, in my opinion, only further proves neither is good for this country, but I digress.

    I just don’t want Jonestown turning into Little Green Footballs.

    You are more than welcome to return as often, and as intoxicated, as you like.

  15. M.Frederick- Sorry, I meant to get here sooner, I’ve been really busy on my blog. I don’t think Hillary is hiding her tax forms, she said they would be released on or before April 15th. That will be before the PA primary, so I don’t think she has anything to hide.

    Regarding Hillary supporters being vocal, I’m not sure what you mean…vocal in a good way or the nasty stuff? I don’t think you would see this hatred coming out like I’m seeing from many of the Obama supporters. I’ve never been called a racist until this election and that was from an Obama supporter. It’s not just a difference in policy, it’s personal hatred, nothing I’ve ever seen before in an election between Democrats and I’ve been voting a long time.

    I’ll tell you this, if the Obama supporters continue to use race as a tool in this election, it’s going to backfire. I just saw an article in a paper (can’t remember which one, I’m sure it will be all over the blogosphere tomrrow), that said the 3 a.m. ad was racist. For the life of me, when I read the headline I couldn’t figure out what would be racist! Then it said that because the little baby was blond and the mother was white and they didn’t see any black babies in the ad, Hillary was trying to make people afraid that black people is what they were afraid of…black people hiding in bushes. I’m not kidding! This is what the idiot said who wrote this thing! It turned out that he didn’t watch the ad very closely, Hillary’s campaign pointed out a small black child sleeping in the ad. Oooops! But this is the level of insanity that they’ve reached, and it’s pissing off many of the white voters! I’m not saying that to be racist, it’s showing up in the polls.

    According to a poll I just saw, Obama is losing the white vote in many of the southern states, including Tennessee. He also lost the white male vote in Ohio. I can see this thing dividing down racial lines, and that won’t bode well in the general election. It looks as if our country has gone back 40 years in the civil rights movement. This isn’t good…not good at all. I don’t believe in picking a candidate based on color or gender, but obviously, this is a small flame that is beginning to get stronger as this election is going on. Having Jesse Jackson strong arming black Super Delegates isn’t helping either. The more this stuff gets out in the news, the more likely we are going to see some riots at the convention. It’s the 60’s all over again.

    If you want to see freaky, though. Go to Obama’s website blog. I’m not kidding, they’re really strange. They start out their comments with…

    YES WE CAN! (They always do this stuff in 3’s)

    Then, a bunch of them have decided to use the name “Hussein” as their middle name. I’m not kidding. There’s Suzie Hussein Hartman, and Joey Hussein of California, and Lovee Hussen Obama girl” etc. Creepy. One guy said that Obama was chosen by God to be our leader. Yikes! Oh, and they do this mantra (in 3’s) “We are the one we we’ve been waiting for” or ” we are the one”. It not only doesn’t make grammatical sense, it’s scary as hell.

    If Hillary was ahead in the race and I saw Hillary supporters saying shit like that, I’d run like hell to the nearest bar and stay there until the election was over.

  16. Just a disclaimer: I’m not saying all Obama supporters are creepy like the ones on that blog…just a few. My husband is an Obama supporter and he hasn’t called me any nasty names. Well, not because I’m a Hillary supporter, just for other reasons.

    I love all Obama supporters as long as they don’t get in my face.

  17. i find it amazing how the democrats — with the incredible divide among Hillary and Obama supporters, a divide getting worse and being fed by BOTH sides and candidates — are walking RIGHT INTO THE KARL ROVE trap.

    this insidious divide and conquer strategy of rove, rush, ann etc is working — and almost guaranteeing a mccain victory.

  18. I’m kind of with FAIRLANE on this. I’ve slightly favored Clinton after coming in as a Kucinich supporter, and I happen to like the fighting. They need to fight each to be strong enough to fight McCain. I’ve gotten such a sensiment bounced off a pro-Clinton blog. Right now, wouldn’t you think an AMERICAN MALE pro-Clinton comment would be like gold or something?

    Well, whatever. And this is why I agree with Fairlane. Combine Clinton’s new drill of “commander-in-chief” this and “ready-for-our-enemies that,” and Obama’s “get-past-the-partisanship-new-politcs-and-everybody-loves-Jesus-and-hates-queers,” with John McCain’s plans for Nazi/Stasi, and I just don’t see a candidate but Cynthia McKinney on the Green Party. She MIGHT get my last vote as a citizen, if I even feel like bothering.

    Did this Spitzer thing teach Obama and Clinton nothing at all? Apparently not. Well, if you run under the Democratic flag and you’re all about punishing, and hating, and prosecuting, and religion, and the death penalty, and ESPECIALLY THE PATRIOT ACT –everything Democrats should be against — don’t cry when it bites you in the ass.

    Spitzer’s a horrible villain for a zillion reasons that have fuck-all to do with whores. It is sweet irony that his beloved PATRIOT ACTS which are, as D-CUP wrote about on this site a couple of weeks back, that which caught him. No PATRIOT ACT, then no one would be watching whether he was spending his money on hookers or Hydrox cookies.

    I can only assume that all three main candidates, all supportive of the PATRIOT ACTS, have nothing but malign intentions for all Americans and everyone else besides.
    You got it right, FAIRLANE. America wants 4 more years of the same and will get it with any of these three.

    And as I posted on my vastly unpopular blog, the truth is as long as none of them blow the world in two, all are helping me make money at the average American voter’s expense.

    I love living outside the USA. No plans to return.

    My work is done here. I’ve tried my best.

  19. Add Geraldine Ferraro to the fray.

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