Oh Eliot! How could you?


Talk about great timing.

Eliot Spitzer

You all know the story by now — Eliot Spitzer, the Democratic Governor of New York has been linked to a Washington, DC prostitution ring known as the Emperor’s Club. My first reaction to it was “Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Now what?” Then as I thought about and discussed the matter with some friends of mine, the question became “So what?”

Make no mistake about it. As the title of my post indicates, I am more than a little pissed with Governor Spitzer, and not just because he let me down morally. Politicians are the last people I’d ever turn to for moral guidance of any kind. Your morals are your own. And even though Spitzer did pay for a roll in the hay before Valentine’s Day (and then some), how does that make him any different from any other politician who feels his position entitles him to a little somesome? Say what you will about the guy, despite being caught, he tried to be discreet about his affairs, unlike a certain foot-tapping, wide-stance member of the Senate pretending he was on the crapper. Other bloggers have said this and I will repeat it: apologizing to Jesus and making him your Lord and Savior does not absolve you of anything.

Spitzer didn’t do that, of course, but even owning up to the act, does not make things right. Eliot Spitzer is not absolved of the obligations he has to his wife and children, all of whom are suffering from the betrayal and public embarrassment he put them through. Yes, this sort of thing does happen every day and escort service/prostitution rings are proof of this. But for the most part, these situations are handled as private matters and dealt with in a private way. We really don’t know the dynamics of the relationship he has with his wife and his kids and, quite honestly, that is simply none of our business.

C’mon Eliot! How could you?

The fact is that Spitzer’s let us all down and on a spectacular scale. The last thing Democrats need to deal with is yet another high-profile sex scandal. It’s bad enough that Clinton and Obama are handing the 2008 election to McCain with their bickering over who’s got more Presidential experience, or who would let who be Vice President. I swear, the incredible petulance of those two is so fucking frustrating that it’s an inducement for corporal punishment. And now Spitzer goes off and does a stupid thing like this?

C’mon Eliot! How could you?

He is quite the hypocrite, isn’t he? Eliot Spitzer ran for Governor on his record as a no-nonsense, law-and-order State Attorney General who took on some of the biggest dicks on Wall Street and won. As the New York State AG, he made a big stink about taking down some high profile players, nailing them for prostitution, stock fraud, money laundering, you name it. He even got Richard Grasso, the former head of the New York Stock Exchange to repay a large chunk of his 2003 severance package, “which Spitzer claimed was unreasonable under laws governing nonprofit organizations.” (Quote source: AP)

Can you imagine? A Wall Street big shot having to return money is simply unheard of. Now that’s a political coup, but one that, apparently, came with dire consequences now that we know Eliot Spitzer liked to get his freak on.

Far be it from me to suggest that Eliot was set up by this Elmer Fudd look-alike because he fucked with his stash of cash, but it does seem plausible. It would not surprise me to know that Richie Grasso also has an open tab at the Emperor’s Club to keep his wick wet whenever he visits Washington, but now that he’s out of the spotlight, his “client number” is of no concern to the media. Consider, too, his strong links to the law enforcement community; his former chief of security at the NYSE was James Esposito, a former FBI agent who spent 25 years on the job. It’s a stretch that borders on conspiracy lunacy. I know. But I’m just saying, he could have been targeted.

No matter. My point is that a law-and-order guy like Spitzer should have known better. If he were truly the smart guy we thought he was, he would have either been more careful in getting his somesome or simply not engaged in it all. Given the political climate surrounding the Democratic presidential primaries, he should have known that his status as a high-profile, Hillary-endorsing, law-and-order, I’m-a-model-family-guy Democrat makes him a role model. What an idiot.

In fact, if this country elects McCain as successor to our current 19-percent-approved President in November, we should look back on this moment and thank Spitzer for helping the GOP remain in power. We should look at him and say you’re one of the reasons why our economy will continue to suck; you’re one of the reasons why our sons and daughters in uniform will still be stuck fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan; you’re one of the reasons why future Presidential Democratic candidates will be unable to garner any respect from voters.

Oh Eliot! How could you?

UPDATE: It’s official. Eliot Spitzer has resigned as Governor of NY.  Read it here on AP’s Newswire


~ by Spartacus on March 12, 2008.

13 Responses to “Oh Eliot! How could you?”

  1. In my humble opinion, that of an ex-American who exiled himself 40 years ago, Spitzer’s main crime is neither lechery nor corruption, but hypocrisy. Thing is, that country is so steeped in hypocrisy that it’s hard to distinguish individual cases, no matter how glaring.

    I’m surprised, meanwhile, that anyone is surprised.

    Am I being unfair? I think not. Heretical, perhaps.

    I’d like to invite you to my blog which, given the endless vein of seamy-rich source material, has become a running commentary on the life and times of my ex-country: http://mikebooth.wordpress.com.

  2. Bill told him it wus better than at home any day!….jus wonder who #18 and #27 wus if you turn all them upside down….life wus good!

  3. Hello, Spartacus.
    Sometimes, a great first mate does not make a worthy captain.

    He forgot who he was.
    Now, he will have the torment of remembrance.

  4. Any idea if politicians cheat on their wives any more/less than non-politician husbands? Just curious.

    I find it baffling that any politician thinks that he can’t get caught. And with the moral superiority complex (albeit hypocritical) that pervades American politics, why would one risk one’s political career just to get laid? It must be the “power corrupts” thing.

    Go jerk off in the shower guys! There’s no cameras, incriminating emails or receipts, or anyone whose story can be bought to spill the beans about your need to have sex with someone besides your wife. Just you and your little self.

  5. I said all I needed to about this matter in a comment to DCup yesterday but what I will say is: I COULDN’T AGREE WITH YOU MORE.

  6. The “so-what?” question was a good one. I haven’t heard anyone answer it yet.

    Stuff like this really hurts America–not the fact that sex feels good, but that our moral limitations require us to vilify consenting adults. Being a husband has nothing to do with being a political leader (though the Rudy’s of the world prove it’s possible to suck at both).

    It’s no wonder politicians are so obedient to special interests and the white-collar thugs on Wall Street. The public can always be counted on for our when good guys sleep around, and for civic impotence against bad guys who have sex with their wives.

    What if we all just refused to acknowledge these stories as newsworthy?

  7. Why not? Isn’t McCavein running as a “maverick” who will “fight” corruption?

    These guys get comfortable saying one thing, and doing the opposite. Just ask “Mr. Integrity” in the Oval Office.

  8. MBooth – Agreed. It’s hypocrisy that gets me. Thanks for posting the link. I’ll check it out.

    Madmilker – I’ll venture a guess and say Grasso was #18 and Joe Bruno #27. Bruno is a Republican State Senator here in NY who was pissed on by Spitzer right after his election the governor in 2006.

    Hi PT! I’m with you on the first mate point. But I seriously doubt Spitzer will be tormented by this event. Shamed…maybe, but he’ll end up on some corporate payroll making a six to seven digit salary for his expertise. This guy will not go hungry and, very soon, this will be water under the bridge for all of them.

    DED – I don’t have any hard figures, but I would venture that wives of politicians get cheated on more. Personally, I don’t find it baffling that they think they won’t get caught. The same hubris that gets them elected is the same hubris that gives them a sense of privilege. It’s just that some are better at covering their tracks than others. Consider, too, that the higher one rises politically, the brighter the spotlight. And jerking off won’t help either. The press will learn about that, too.

    Susan – I saw DCup’s post and your comment. My favorite line?
    I guess we just have to wait for the day CNN captures live footage from the White House lawn of Bush wearing bondage gear while Cheney does the leatherman dominance role on his ass.

    MFV – Your point is dead on. This is a uniquely ‘American” situation, which, quite possibly stems back to our Puritan roots. No other country in the world deals with matters of sexual infidelity by their politicians in this manner, unless it’s so blatant and obvious. Whether or not it’s a big deal to anyone is a personal matter, but the media hypocrisy is blatant here, too. They can sell sex on the one hand (posting ads for the SI swimsuit issue), then turn around and vilify someone who got caught in a targeted sting. The denominator in this equation is titillation.

    JR – I hear you man, but the difference is that when you criticize a Republican, you’re un-patriotic or un-American. It’s part of their press response playbook.

  9. Good write up, Spartacus. But, honestly, who’s gonna and when just legalize sex in all its consensual forms? I find it far more heinous for couples to stay together for the money, for the lifestyle, for the kids, for the political clout…, whatever. It’s quite prevalent and not only legal, but sanctioned by law specifically in a form called marriage. I actually don’t consider that heinous, but more not my business, what sorts of business arrangements people make with each other as long as it’s not on my dollar. And, I am not disappointed with Spitzer, but with the CIA (or police or whoever) for tapping his phone and not George W’s to definitively catch him on some of his shit. I just hope that once again, the muff-diver in the scandal, who likely condoned the whole thing and now stands by his side doesn’t have to be shamed for her sexual escapades too.

    There is nothing scientific or evidentiary in anything I just said. I just think prostitution should not be illegal.

  10. Well said, Sparty. I would add “Oh, Eliot. How could you be so fucking stupid?”

    His career as a prosecutor and AG and his candidacy for governor were based on his promise to clean up corruption in NY state and to make sure the law is applied equally to all. It’s a shame when partners illicitly seek sex outside of their committed relationship. But the sex is beside the point as it relates to his political position. He acted as if he were above the law, having built a career out of going after those who think they are above the law.

    He was going to run for president one day. He imploded what could have been a spectacular political career. And for what? Hooker sex. What a waste. What an idiot.

  11. I read somewhere that Eliot’s problem was that he transferred enough cash to warrant bank reporting, then tried to undo it and send the cash in smaller, nonreportable amounts. Don’t know if that’s the official story or cover, but there it is. I also read (in the comments) at Firedoglake that banks do a check when everyone opens an account and politicians’ accounts are tagged and subject to more scrutiny (makes sense). Spitzer had to know this. The hypocrisy is annoying, but it is his sense of entitlement that riles me more. I’m an important and wealthy man (his family is loaded), so I am entitled to this. Whatever. Your political career is over, Eliot, and I don’t give a shit.

  12. […] I was reminded of the above H.G. Wells quote after reading the comments to Sparticus’s post, “Oh Eliot, How Could You?” The Spitzer scandal draws a clear line between free-thinking dissenters and the “Proud to be a […]

  13. i can get with that, lets just speak in terms of right and wrong and huma beings….and is that Boggy, good taste

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