All Hail the Cosmic Egg-Blog Against Theocracy 2008

567800-galactus_400.jpgThis is my Second Year participating in the “Blogswarm Against Theocracy,” and I’m happy to be here.

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, do so, but finish this post first (I only curse twice, which I think is an all time low).

Onward, Christian Soldiers-

I am the Lord thy God, Thou shalt have no strange gods before me

Compared to the majority of passages/text in the Bible, the First Commandment is relatively Un-Ambiguous.

In fact, the First Commandment is the Foundation on which the Entire Christian Religion was/is Built.

There Are No Other Gods.


Of course, All Religions, to some extent, have such a Belief as their Cornerstone or there would be no need to have Separate/Competing Religions.

“Our God is the only God.”

If we assume Christians mean what they say, and that they “Literally” follow the Words of God in the Bible, then we must also assume they believe “Their God,” is the Only God.

Unless they are willing to place their Immortal Soul in Peril, They Have No Other Choice.

Personally, I have no problem with such a Belief. For all I care, people can believe we descended from a Race of Extraterrestrial Candy Corn.

As long as you don’t Impose Your Belief System On Others, we’re Cool.

However, as we all know, after decades of reinforcement, those who Rigidly Cling to an Ideology/Religion rarely, if ever, remain Benign.

Over the last seven years, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in the Role of Religion within Government.

George W. Bush (A Biblical Literalist) has gone out of his way to not only blur the line between Government, and Religion, but to begin the process of erasing the line altogether.

In fact, Bush and his supporters make the claim that our Forefathers never intended for there to be a Separation of Church and State.

They attribute the idea of “Separation” to “Atheist Liberals” bent on turning America into a Secular Play Pen where consequences, and morality are non-existent (Ironically, that is exactly how I’d describe the Bush Administration).

Now, I’m not going to argue over the Intent of men who died hundreds of years ago because such an endeavor is impossible (Even for a Cosmic Being). Living human beings have a difficult enough time explaining their intentions, much less Dead Human Beings.

What we do have are the words they left for us in the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

And when a person reads those words, Objectively, there isn’t a modicum of doubt the Bush Administration is Running Roughshod over the very Foundation of this Country because, according to Christianity’s First Law, They Have No Other Choice.

The First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

Proponents of the Bush Administration want us to believe that no such attempt is being made, and that those who say otherwise are either: Paranoid, or Misinterpreting the First Amendment.

After all, our Forefathers were Christians, and they Intended for this to be a Christian Nation, as long as we were accepting of other Religions.


How can we be Accepting of Other Religions when God implicitly forbids it?

Remember, “…For I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God.” (Exodus 20: 4-5)

Apologists will say, “Just because I tolerate other Religions does not mean I accept them as Truth.”

Fair Enough.

But we’re not talking about Individual Subjective Opinions, we’re talking about the “Literal Words of God” or at least Bush’s Interpretation of them.

If the Government is molded within the Framework of Christianity according to George W. Bush, how can it possibly recognize other religions?

God does not recognize other Religions.

According to George Bush’s Christianity, Non-Christians are to be cast into Hell.

There are no Exemptions, Exceptions, or Special Circumstances.

I hope people can understand, I’m not attempting to “Bash Christianity.” I have no problem with Religion or the idea of God. I’m merely pointing out what Christians like Bush say-

“No Other Gods, Case Closed.”

Their Interpretation of the Bible is, the only Valid Interpretation.

So, what’s the Point?

I apologize.

The Point-

Christians such as George Bush cannot believe in Democracy because Democracy is Diametrically Opposed to Their Religion.

Case in Point-

George Bush promised to only Appoint “Christian” judges to the Supreme Court.

Article VI of the Constitution specifically addresses such circumtances-

“No religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

How can he explain his statement?

There’s no way for him to Subjectively Interpret his way around it.

Unless, Bush isn’t following the Constitution, and is, instead, following his Religion.

God would only appoint Christians to the Supreme Court because the Followers of Other Religions are worshipping False gods.

I’m well aware George W. Bush is about as “Christian,” as Chuck Norris’ back is Hairless, but Bush is never going to admit he’s a Fascist, and I’m saying it doesn’t matter.

The Guiding Principles behind Tyranny are irrelevant because the Ultimate Consequences are always the same.

In George Bush’s Christianity, just like everything else in his Life, there is Only One Way.

All other View Points are Invalid.

And that scares the Shit Out of Me.

For more information on the issues that impact all our lives (Including why Separation is Vital to Democracy), please check out First Freedom First.

And definitely check out the other posts in the Blogswarm.



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~ by fairlane on March 22, 2008.

18 Responses to “All Hail the Cosmic Egg-Blog Against Theocracy 2008”

  1. Fairlane –

    You are aces with me.



  2. Blown away. I’d love to just cut and paste this with big, fat, bold letters announcing where it came from, of course, as my blog against theocracy.

    And not because I’m lazy, but because you say it all. There’s no tiptoeing around this issue. The very idea of religious dogma is absolutes and you can’t argue with absolutes.

  3. Hello, Fairlane.
    An excellent post.
    Just a few things to bring up that were not a part of the original post.

    At the time that the First Amendment was ratified, there were several states that already had an established religion. It wasn’t until 1832 or so that there was some Supreme Court case that said that the states had to follow federal law. I remember this as “the case where the states got their asses handed to them;” or if you prefer, the case of States’ Asses v. the Supreme Court.
    Anyway, it was settled a long time ago.

    Of course, the famous, if unratified Treaty with Tripoli which declares the US to be “not a Christian nation.” Around roughly the same time, iirc.

    Now, a part of the neoliberal push toward privatization includes school vouchers and “faith-based initiatives,” both of which are grouped together under the heading of “private sector.”
    Not so bad in itself, if you ask me; but the recipients of such funds should certainly lose any tax-exempt status that they have held. If they want to be private sector, let them be private sector.
    The same with lease agreements between governmental entities and churches.

    Anyway, as standard everything is over-politicized under the Bush administration. Which is rather odd, considering the voting data I was looking at last night. Between Dems & Reps only, Kerry would have won by almost 8 points. But Bush carried the independants by 3 to 1. It was the independants that put Bush in office, so I don’t see how he views that as a popular mandate for his more extreme positions.
    Still, the tide is turning. The fundamentalist movement has almost played itself out. Over 50% of the electorate in recent primaries were registered Democrats.
    I’m thinking the theocracy thing is a bit dated.
    Still no mandatory school prayer around.

  4. I hope PT is right about the fundementalist movement playing itself out, but these are fanatics we’re talking about, so I’m not so sure.

    I don’t think the “theocracy thing is a bit dated,” as he said either. Look at how the current presidential candidates have had to swear allegiance publicly to Christianity in order to survive.

    Fairlane, have you ever read Karen Armstrong? I have a copy of her book A History of God around here somewhere. Very good reading and very scholarly. (Your discussion about the “no other gods” reminded me of her). Just go read it. You’ll like.

  5. “For all I care, people can believe we descended from a Race of Extraterrestrial Candy Corn.”

    Hey!! … that just hapens to be where I believe I decended from. I’ve been keeping it quiet, because, well, you know. people might thing I’m nuts. Which I am, of course. But I say, why advertise it? Just don’t be bashing us Candy Cornians!! We are, as you may or may not know, the Originators of The Missile Shield.

    On a more serious note though, I think you kind of conflate religion and ideology. In my opinion, “religion” is not bad at all. It’s when religion BECOMES ideology that we should lock our doors and hide our valuables. And, in fact, I will take it one step further and note that when, for some (not all) the LACK of DISBELIEF in religion becomes an ideology, as in the, what I call, Radical Atheists, such as Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, the tone becomes equally strident.

    Atheists, Christians, Muslims. Be who ya wanna be. As my father would say, it’s no skin of my nose. Just don’t force any of it down my throat.

    As Oliver Wendell Holmes pointed out, it’s CERTITUDE that is dangerous. Particularly when it comes to religion and/or morality.

    Another great post Fairlane. Thank you.

  6. You said Bush twelve times, so you certainly cursed more than twice. Presenting the universe’s greatest narcissist, god! And hey, didn’t Sammy Hagar tell us there’s only one way to worship? You piss off Sammy, he’ll up and join your band.

    America, the new Via Dolorosa.

  7. fairlane…

    when do i get to vote for you and vote the christians off the island….

    you said it alll…. in better words than i could say it.

    i should be happy i live in this island of atheism — manhattan, where religion really isnt as dominant as it is in, say Kentucky..

    sometimes it is hard for me to understand just how deep bush dogma has infiltrated the masses beyond the “elite” northeast

    Fairlane in ’12

  8. Good post.

    Religion has and always will play a role in Government-life. But you seem to focus your attention on Christianity. The United States was founded under Judeo-Christian principles that were popular among Freemason’s .Beliefs that included a respect for all religions especially the Muslim, Christian and Jewish Faiths.
    Unortunately people are not perfect and we get indivuduals in positions who act on behalf of personal interpretations on what is, fundamentally, a good idea.
    Seperation of Church and State.
    We have to seperate humanity from religion first.
    Add that to the list of ‘things that will never be’.

  9. Ten- Right back at ya homie, and thanks for letting me use your crib for a day.

    DCup- I don’t know, Johnny Wingnut, and I argue all the time about “absolutes.”

    In fact, our conversation has been going on for over a year now.

    PT- I’m prone to disagree with your, “A bit dated” comment.

    Talk to people in social services who lost their jobs because of Bush’s “Faith Based Initiative Program,” which diverted billions of dollars from established programs to programs run by religious organizations (Pat Robertson is one of the beneficiaries).

    Scarlet- I will check her out when I get the opportunity.

    Sweat Pea, and I are preparing to paint a few masterpieces.

    anita- I’d say people conflate “religion” with “God.” I rarely see much of a connection between the two, which is why I consider “religion” an “ideology” especially in the U.S. where religion is often used to support/justify political stances.

    Randal- I’m scared now. I don’t want Sammy Hagar joining my band. Is there anything that will keep him away- Garlic, Holy Water, Decent Music?

    DCap- If I run, and win, you’re first in line to be my Secretary of State.

    Dave- I honestly have no problem with God or the belief in one, or many.

    You’re right though, we always have fascists who are not comfortable enough without having the world follow, regardless of how that’s accomplished.

    We see it with a lot of “Liberal Secularists,” as well.

  10. Hello, Fairlane.
    I just want to say one more thing about that famous case of States’ Asses v. Supreme Court.
    It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure what kind of briefs were filed in that case.

    Ok. I’m outta here…

  11. The Christian Right’s interpretation of constitutional law is the same as their interpretation of biblical law: focus on that which justifies their agenda and ignore the rest.

  12. PT is likely correct that the fundamentalists are retrenching and about time too. They’ll never go away but if they’re just left to mutter amongst themselves for another hundred years, that wouldn’t be bad.

    As Scarlet mentioned, Karen Armstrong’s book ‘A History of God’really is a must read for anyone who is intrigued by religion. She’s an incredible and easily understood expert on all matters theological. Interestingly, she was raised as a Catholic and chose to become a nun when she was sixteen in 1962. She studied there and then attended Oxford where she studied English – leaving the Church shortly after (1969) and continuing at Oxford for a PhD. Not only did she stop being a nun but she stopped practicing Christianity. She wrote a book called ‘Through the Narrow Gate’ a few years ago where she describes her experience beautifully.

  13. I do so love that Susan.

  14. Susan, I heard her talking on NPR recently. She’s fascinating, isn’t she?

  15. Great post man. I think that Most religious people (not the neopolitical so-called religious right) are about as fed up with how bad the current administration has made them look as we are with GW’s “I looked into Putin’s soul” Bullshit.

  16. Fairlane & Jonestown Super Team:

    I’ve weighed in with my contribution to the Swarm, not that my religious views were never known. I don’t say that religion hasn’t guided some fine people from Jesus, to some of the Founding Fathers (though very much NOT the Pilgrims), to King to Romero to Tutu to Berrigan to W.S.J. Coffin to FranIam.

    The freedom to believe or not believe what one likes is as important as the freedom to choose what one does with one’s body.

    And I have contempt for Sam Harris’s hiding behind atheism as a means of attacking both Islam (not just Fundamentlist Islam) and all of the High-Church Protestantism of the kind that gave the US a good man like Sloane Coffin.

    But this is a blogswarm against THEOCRACY. That’s completely different from what anyone chooses to believe or not believe.

  17. For some reason, I couldn’t access the comment box on your later post. It kept coming back to this one.

    PT got banned? What on earth for?


    Just letting you know I haven’t left. Just sort of busy plus my computer crashed. And now it’s slow.

  18. Cowboy- I’m pretty sure Putin doesn’t have a soul, and that Chimpy actually peeked into the abyss.

    Ann- Glad to know you’re well.

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