The Easter Bunny Lays An Egg

797panimage15.jpgIn honor of the Easter Bunny, who goes around giving Strangers Candy, and such, I decided that Today is the Perfect Day to go against the Grain, and do a little giving of My Own.

As you may or may not know, I’m not a Big Fan of Memes. Yes, it’s nice to be recognized by others in Blogtopia, and Yes, such, and such, and so on, and so forth, and Razzmatazz, but-


One of the Guiding Principles behind Jonestown (Ha, bet you didn’t know we had any “Principles” did you?) is,

No Kool-Aid.

What does that mean?

Jonestown (The Name) is a Metaphor for American Society.

Everywhere you turn it’s, “Buy This, Don’t Buy That, Think This, Don’t Think That, Act This Way, Stop Acting Like That, Follow, Assimilate, Conform, Give In, Give Up…”

In Other Words-

“Drink Up Bitches”

I have, and have always had, a Deep Aversion to Kool-Aid.

I don’t want to Follow, and I don’t want to Lead.

I just want to Live My Life without the Incessant Interference.

Maybe I’m Anti-Social, although, in my Defense, Anti-Socials rarely spend much time “Wondering” why they are the way they are.

They Don’t Give a Shit.

Some of it is Attributable to ADHD.

As anyone with ADHD can tell you, feeling Disconnected is a Constant Companion.

It’s difficult to Engage in the World, when all the Fucking Flashing Lights, and Loud Noises are pushing your Mind to the Brink of Overload.

But I’m not going to put the Blame Squarely on the Shoulders of ADHD.

I think, for the most part, it’s simply my Personality.

I’m Intelligent, Individualistic, Questioning/Challenging, and I tend to be more of an Observer than a Participant.

And what I Observe, often times, makes little sense.

I just don’t get the “Drink Up Bitches” Mentality, and I find myself Resistant (Sometimes out of Sheer Defiance) to the “Join Us” Meme that is, American Society.

If I join, it will be on my Terms, and the Option for Leaving is Always on the Table.

I’m not saying/claiming I should be able to do whatever I Damn Well Please, and if you really Knew Me, you’d Know I’m actually a Fairly Conservative Person (Possibly “Nerdy”).

I drive a Civic Hybrid for Christ’s Sake.

But what I see in this Country, despite the Endless Propaganda, is, we, as a Society, are Hostile Toward the Individual.

Sure, we say We Love Independence/Individuality, but We Don’t Mean It.

This “Philosophy” is our way of Paying Lip Service to some Romanticized Yesteryear when America was Founded by “Staunch Individualists.”

I’ve experienced this Reality, Firsthand, here in Blogtopia (The Last Bastion of Free Thought).

“Think What You Want, but Don’t Disagree with, or Upset Me.”

I can’t tell you (Because I Lost Count) how many people who, at one time visited here on a regular basis, no longer Visit.

Some of them have Legitimate Reasons (I Guess), and some just moved on, as have I, because they’re into different Subject Matter.

But, the Majority (In my Opinion), are nothing but Cowards.

“It’s Hilarious when fairlane Annihilates the Wingnuts, but it’s not so Hilarious when he does the same to Liberals.”

Forget that I’ve gone out of my Fucking Way to Remind People,

“I am not a Liberal. I am not a Democrat. Everyone is Fair Game. I am a Writer/Observer, and Bullshit is Bullshit regardless of what Color Dress It’s Wearing.”

Now, of course I Lean to the Left (Socially), but that’s more out of Self-Centeredness than some Egalitarian Fantasy I have about living in a Care Bear inspired Nightmare.

I’ll do what I do, you do the same.

It’s Self-Preservation.

And of course, I’m not always Even Handed or Open Minded.

But, so the Fuck What?

Who Is?

At least, I don’t pretend.

“I’m not Open Minded. I Think/Believe what I Think/Believe because I’m Right. You Are WRONG. If you were not Wrong, I’d Agree.”


“I’m also Arrogant, and Self-Righteous, but again, So the Fuck What? So are you. Why else Would You Spend the Countless Hours It Takes to Maintain a Blog? You too, must think you have something Very Important to Say or you’d spend your time Elsewhere.”

Johnny Wingnut, and I have this ongoing Conversation (Among Many) concerning, “How can you Claim to Oppose Immorality, while Simultaneously Ignoring It in Those You Support?”

I mean, any Democrat in the World can tell you Every Single One of Chimpy’s Fault (And Fuck, there are Too Many to Count), and a Republican can do the Same with Clinton.

But, can they see those same Faults in the Eyes of Those They Support?

In my Experience, I must say, the Majority Cannot.

Or more Accurately, They Can, but They Ignore It because they “Drank Up,” and now they are Bound to those They Chose to Follow.

“If I criticize Clinton/Democrats, I’m, by Default, Criticizing Myself, and there’s no Fucking Way I’m going to Look at Myself. Fuck That!!!”

How many of you have heard this-

“I don’t care who the Democrats/Republicans select as their Candidate because I’m voting for them No Matter What?”

That is, Fucking Stupid!!!!!

Why Vote at All?

Why Even Make Such a Statement?

Instead, why not say-

“I’m a Fucktard, and I’ll do whatever you tell me to do because I gave up thinking for myself years ago?”

I may be Arrogant, Self-Righteous, and even an Asshole, but at least I’m an Honest Asshole.

If you have a piece of Spinach on your Teeth, I’ll say, “Hey Dude/Dudette, you have a piece of Spinach stuck to your teeth.”

By not speaking up, you’re allowing that person/friend to look Foolish, and that’s Not Fucking Cool.

I’d hope my Friends would do the Same.

(Don’t even ask how we got from there to here. I haven’t a Fucking Clue)

So, here we go-

I decided to come up with my own “Meme/Award,” in honor of those who are not afraid to Be Honest, to Speak Out (With words, pictures or both), and who are even willing to Lose “Friends” if keeping them means Compromising what They Believe.

There are no Rules, other than what I made up about Fifteen Minutes Ago-

1) You do not have to hang said Award on your Sidebar

2) You do not have to pass this award to Five, Six, or even Ten other people. Keep it for yourself.

Sharing is not always the right thing to do.

3) You do not have to write some Self-Deprecating Post about how “Honored” you are, or how you don’t really “Deserve” such Acknowledgment.

4) If you want to ignore any of the previous three rules, that is fine as well.

Drum Roll Please-

The Semi-Annual “Drink Up Bitches” Award Goes to the Following Person/Persons-

(In no Specific Order)


1) The Jonestown Super Team-

-Barry Max
-Suzi Riot
-Johnny Wingnut
-M. Frederick Voorhees
-distributorcap NY

All I can say is, Thanks For Being a Part of this Madness, and Drink Up Bitches!

2) Samurai Frog– Dude, you are a Frog after my own Heart.

Keep Railing, Keep Ranting.

No one is going to ever listen, but what else can we do?

3) Kelso’s Nuts– You may be the only person in our Little Circle who’s Pissed Off more People than I.

Quite an Admirable Trait Indeed.

4) Little Country Lost– Jen, quite possibly, wrote the best post during the Iraq War Blogswarm.

If you have not read it, you should.

Here it is, Uncensored.

5) Tengrain– Despite the occasional Crybaby, Ten refuses to Cave Into Peer Pressure.

And, he let me have the keys to the Bentley this past Weekend!!

6) Mary Ellen– Mary has dealt with a Ton of Bullshit because she’s a Hillary Supporter.

But despite the Withering Criticism, she Stood Her Ground, and said, “No, Fuck You!!”

(I know, I know, I’ll get around to your Meme, I promise).

7) Progressive Traditionalist– Not only has PT had his comments deleted, he’s actually been Banned from other Blogs because he has this Crazy Idea he should be able to have his own Opinions.

What a Maroon!

8) Scarlet– Yes, she’s my Empress, and I know I’m always giving her some kind of Award Thinga-Ma-Jig, but-

She’s my Empress.

And I wouldn’t select just anyone to hold that Honor, regardless of how Hot they are.


If you’re not on the list, either- you need to spit out the Kool-Aid, or, more likely, I’m saving you for another day because I have to go be with My Family Now.

Apparently, even in Hell, they celebrate Easter.

Until Next Time-



~ by fairlane on March 23, 2008.

28 Responses to “The Easter Bunny Lays An Egg”

  1. This is an honor indeed. I have have to redsign MPS just for this one.



  2. I think I may have pissed of or turned off some people with my last Jonestown post. I thought I may have even pissed you off. But maybe you understood that I was not saying “watch your mouth” but “think about what you’re saying.” And it’s not about party loyalty. It’s about the fact that both Democratic candidates kind of suck in their own special ways, but that’s our own fault for not choosing better people as our leaders, and don’t pretend that your favorite candidate is either Jesus risen to save our sorry asses or the savior of all women who will use her amazing powers of compromise to bring the country out of the pit of despair. Neither of them are going to do that.

    But I disagree with you that it’s stupid to vote for a party rather than the candidate you really want. There ARE candidates bad enough that would exclude me from voting Democrat, and I’d vote crazy radical liberal third party in that case. But I don’t think any damage Obama or Clinton might do comes close to what we would see with President McCain. To me, voting for the Democratic nominee is about risk management. And yeah, we need to speak up about the fact that we give ourselves crappy choices. But I’m sick of this whole Clinton/Obama thing and nothing important is being said anymore and I’m over it. But, hey I might be a complete idiot about all of this. I don’t think I’m right about everything… or anything, really.

    Ummm, what was my point? Oh yeah. I’m surprised that you included me in this award because I thought you might have interpreted my post as the very things you are ranting against. So thanks for not kicking me off the team.

  3. Faced with living in a country where our imagined freedom can be wiped out in a second by sickness, natural disaster, crime, or simply having made a bad investment most Amercicans have decided to ‘drink the koolaid’ by lining up in their opinions with their church, their family, their employer, their club or their gated community. Anyone who says they have a solid opinion about anything other than how they might manage their own life is admitting they have given up thinking and have joined a hive mindset.

    Yet any single blog post is a very small space indeed for getting into truth telling and personally, I’m having more fun with the allegorical aspect.

    I agree with Suzi that what we’re looking at during the current electoral process is crisis management much more than choosing an acceptable world leader. Frankly, I think we all understand there hasn’t been much chance of that in any election cycle in recent memory and it’s only gotten worse.

    Wondering the other day about how is it there can be so many decent people in the world and yet we’re always in the midst of tyranny by the few, I was reminded that in nature there are always a very few predators and many dumb beasts.

  4. I am SO hanging that award on my sidebar, even if I only got it for being hot in Blogtopia.

    I am NOT passing this meme on because I do not want just anybody with a Drink Up Bitches award.

    I don’t “speak up” so much as sort of babble.

  5. Huh. I wondered if you had heard of the Guyana incident. Head-banging sure is destructive.

  6. I was in complete agreement with this post until you got to the part about how we shouldn’t bother voting at all if the candidate we preferred was not running and then I slammed on the brakes. If you think I drink kool-aid because I will vote democrat come the general election, regardless of who wins the nomination, then I guess I drink the fucking kool-aid dude!!! But I happen to care deeply about the future of this planet, in part because I have kids and grandkids who will be here long after I am fucking dead and I don’t want their future lives to be a living hell. And sure, the democrats are not so fucking great: especially HRC and Obama, they sure are not my first fucking choice or my second or even my third, but I’d rather vote for them then let the republican party continue to fuck this country up all to hell and back. Am I pissed? You bet! No political process is perfect and no one is going to get everything they want in this deal, you have to learn to compromise some or you won’t get anything. That is just a fact and since I live in this real (yes, fucked up) world I have to deal with it and hey, so do you, and so does everyone. I’d rather get a lousey democrat in office rather than let another scumbag republican in office and I ain’t gonna apologize for it. I guess by your standards that means I have kool-aid all over my fucking dress.

  7. I’m glad a couple of you got angry because you should be angry, but not at yours truly.

    The “I’ll vote for (Insert Party Name Here) no matter what” mentality is why we are where we are.

    The Two Party system didn’t suddenly become a sham last month, or last year, or even ten years ago.

    It’s been this way for decades, and what we are seeing now is the natural consequence.

    Before a single ballot was cast in the primaries, people were already giving up on the candidates they supported.

    “I really like Kucinich/Edwards/Whomever, but there’s no way he can win, so, what’s the point?”

    Now, compare that to the Republicans.

    Christian Conservatives are in no way a majority, even within the Rep Party, but look at the power they wield.

    How? Because they demanded it, and said, “Either pick a candidate we like or lose our support, period, end of story.”

    “Liberals,” on the otherhand, conceded defeat before a single shot was fired, and the Democratic party counts on this.

    The Democrats consistently take their support base for granted (Minorities, women, environmentalists, etc), and time after time, they spit in their faces.

    So, people are yet again forced to bite the bullet, and vote for the lesser of two evils, promising “Next Time…”

    “Next Time” will come, and…

    One day, if things don’t change soon, we are going to wake up in a Fascist country, then what?

    It’s like a hurricane. You know it’s coming, but instead of getting the fuck out, you “Hope” it will pass without doing any real damage.

    We’ve been living that way for decades (If not longer), and now, the damage is beginning to accumulate to such an extent that even a strong breeze can blow our house down.

    And let me add-

    Welfare Reform
    Billions of dollars in budget cuts for Social Programs
    Our two new Supreme Court Justices
    The Iraq War
    The Patriot Act
    Granting China Free Trade Status
    Increased defense spending
    Tax Cuts for the Rich
    Corporate Welfare

    On, and Fucking on.

    All supported by the majority of Democrats in office at the time.

    I guess letting this nightmare continue is easier than admitting we were duped?

  8. fairlane, I’m not angry at you. And like I said, I agree with you that it is all our fault. I voted for Kucinich in 2004 and would have voted for him again if he’d been on the ballot. I agree with you that things won’t change unless we change them.

  9. of course you have good points. democrats do take advantage of us, I completely agree but…ok, do you really think the religious wingnuts got what they really wanted? they want abortion outlawed, they want illegal immigration stopped, they want gayness itself outlawed: has any of that happened? hell no! sure they got a couple of bones thrown to them so that they didn’t jump off the bus but it wasn’t what they wanted, not completely and totally. So who got what they wanted out of the repugnant party? the fucking rich got everything they wanted, the fucking corporatists got everything they wanted, and the fucking fascists got everything they wanted too! Most of that list you just named off happened when the repugnants controlled both houses and the presidency. it wasn’t until 2006 that the democrats got even a small majority in the house alone and Nancy had to take impeachment off the table to even get that. So, yes, I am mad, not at you but I do still do not agree with this post. I will continue to read here though because it is thought provoking and it helps me get clear about what I really think and why and that, Fairlane, is a fucking compliment, OKAY?

  10. FAIRLANE: You’re fuckin A I’m putting this honor up on my sidebar. It is the only one I carry.

    While I hope the Democrat beats McCain, I agree with you. If I bother to cast my last vote as a citizen, it will probably be for Cynthia McKinney if she’s the candidate of the Green Party. There are philosophical reasons for this and material ones which will be the subject of a forthcoming post.

    Thanks, Buddy

  11. Scratch that. Am disenfranchised. Foreign resident aliens are allotted NO ELECTORS.

    So, I leave it in all of your capable hands.

  12. Hello, Fairlane.
    Thank you.
    I’m going to put this on my sidebar. I don’t do that stuff to be ego-centric, but because I respect the people that those awards came from.

    I’ve been looking through McCain’s voting records. Here’s the avg figures for McCain for two years (’05 & ’06) on three policy areas as given by The Almanac of American Politics:
    Social– 55% conservative, 38% liberal
    Economic– 58% conservative, 41% liberal
    Foreign– 56% conservative, 43% liberal

    For all the rhetoric, McCain is only slightly right of center.
    Just saying, the “four more years of Geo. Bush” talk is all Kool-Aid.
    Ever notice how Kansas gets identified as right-wing maniacs, when the same intelligent design debate was going on in Pennsylvania, which also gave us Rick Santorum, and yet you don’t hear half of the bad-mouthing against Pennsylvania as you do Kansas?
    Have you ever noticed that the more well-educated white collar professionals with their so-called “progessive” social agenda are consistently at odds with the traditional Democratic base of blue collar workers and minorities, and yet the former see no inherent injustice in displacing the latter’s voice in representation? It makes me question anything they might say about social justice.

    I could go on, and I was tempted to, but I don’t want to.
    Really, what I want to say, more or less, is thank you for providing an open forum to express my views, and the exchange of ideas. You deserve that award.

  13. Fairlane, thanks for the award. But I think everyone takes a sip of the Kool-aid every now and then. But it’s the ones that spit it out and say “blech!!!” that I admire. Yeah, let’s all drink up bitches, but don’t swallow it. That shit will kill ya!

  14. Suzi- It’s all good.

    Liberality- The next logical step for the Christians is to splinter from the GOP, and form their own party.

    Reducing the Two Party’s majorities is the best way to reduce their stranglehold (The Corporation’s Stranglehold) on this country.

    I’m glad you’re still going to visit.

    I may have to give you a “Drink Up Bitches” award.

    Most people who get upset, say nothing.

    As for the Democrats having majorities, we know having a majority is not necessary.

    Republicans consistently get their way whether they have the majority or not.

    We do not live in a strict Democracy, and there are rules in place for the minority in Congress to make their voices heard, but Democrats cave instead.

    Kelso- I’ve always voted for an Independent or Green Party candidate.

    And, you’re most welcome.

    PT- The funny thing is, Hillary and Obama are not really all that “Progressive” either.

    I always saw Clinton as a Neo-Con in Neo-Lib’s clothing (What’s the difference?)

    People place far too much importance on Presidential Politics.

    If Americans got this involved locally, things would begin to change.

    It’s like having a Shit Sundae. Replacing the cherry on top doesn’t change the fact that you have whipped cream covered shit.

  15. As always, you give barbie and ken a shot right to the crotch! Both of the two parties of the apocalypse suck, and that goes double for the three stooges that are running for prez…

    Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. I’m back starting with todays post.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


  16. Fairlane –

    The last time I voted for a major party it was for Bill Clinton, and boy did I regret it.



  17. PRGRESSIVE TRADITIONALIST: Please check out who the editor of the ALMANAC OF AMERICAN POLITICS is. Unless, I’m stupid as well as crazy, it’s Michael Barone, who’s not exactly as right-wing as Goebbels, but he’s close. The Almanac is comprehensive, though, and give lots of different organizations’ ratings of the Congress on the L-R scale.

    The one they don’t have is the best one for mathematical rigor. LEWIS AND POOLE’S RANKINGS.

    There has to be some subjectivity to something like this but these professors have no bias and explain exactly how they derive their ratings. You’ll note that McCain’s recent voting record over the last few Senates at least placed him right of Helms and Thurmond and far right of Lott.

  18. “Maybe I’m Anti-Social, although, in my Defense, Anti-Socials rarely spend much time “Wondering” why they are the way they are.

    They Don’t Give a Shit.”

    Sorry Fairlane. I think you are profoundly wrong on that. I am a case in point. I am highly anti-social and if you knew how much time (and money) thinking about, talking about and taking medication to combat the roots and causes and net results of my anti-socialness, I’d probably have a nice hefty bank account or a impressive real estate portfolio. Instead, I’m still anti-social but no one can say I didn’t try. Also, I’m anti-social but I do give a shit. More than a shit. I care a lot.

    So stop bashing us mental defectives, OK?

  19. Clap- Welcome back!!!

    Ten- I almost voted for him once, but I decided to stick with Perot because of his first go round at the Presidency.

    I didn’t particularly care for him too much, but I couldn’t help thinking about the impact his victory would have on the Two Parties.


    anita- I think we’re talking about two different disorders.

    I get the impression, and forgive me if I’m wrong, that you’re talking about anxiety disorder.

    I was talking about Anti-Social Personality Disorder-

    Lack of remorse
    Disdain for consequences
    Grandiose/Feelings of entitlement
    Extreme difficulty expressing emotions (Other than anger)
    Parasitic relationships

    There are other characteristics, but I don’t think that describes you at all.

    My reference to the disorder was in regard to my oppositional behavior.

    If I had Anti-Social Personality Disorder, I’d have very little interest in what’s wrong with me, and would be far more interested in what’s wrong with you.

    There’s a person we all know, who comments regularly at Kelso’s, with signs of ASPD.

    “Anti-Social,” as in “I don’t like being around other people, or I’m afraid of other people,” is far different than, “Other people are objects, and their value is determined by what they can or cannot do for me.”

  20. I think you are right:

    Lack of remorse (not me)
    Disdain for consequences (not me)
    Grandiose/Feelings of entitlement (definitely not me)
    Extreme difficulty expressing emotions (Other than anger) (nope)
    Parasitic relationships (only if my friends thing i’m a parasite, which I doubt)
    Manipulative (ha … not quite)
    Aggressive (only when the grocery line is going to slow)
    Detached (only from reality)

    pheww …. thanks for the clarification. now i can crawl back into my shell …

  21. At least you are an honest git.

  22. yes, most democrats cave in every chance they get, I agree there completely. especially after 9/11 when they started getting anthrax packages in the mail. after that they’ve been completely whipped. so I suggest you start a party that won’t cave and I’ll support you, k?

  23. I liked this one a lot, fairlane…even without the award. Hope yer holy day was, well…holy. I’ll leave it at that.

    A couple of observations:
    I do find it humorous that several on this thread feel the conservatives are destroying the country (or was that in reference to Republicans? Sorry. I’m getting to where I can’t tell the difference anymore between the major parties. All the confusion is making me a little punchy.) Anyway, why do I find it humorous? Because conservatives feel the same way about you. It’s liberals of every stripe, who contribute to the decline of civilization as we know it. (Did we ever?) If that’s not a kind of perverse common ground, than I don’t know what is; it’s the ultimate example of contra-polliwog in a tree, quasi-bipartisanSHIPness, and like the Titanic, it’s headed for the locker.

    Also, I agree with spartacus that we’re all guilty of, at least, tasting the Kool-Aid. But just so you know, I’ll have mine on intravenous drip for the remainder of the election season. I don’t want those damn liberal cosmonauts continuing to screw the country up. After that, all ****bats are off. (I meant to say that.)

    Thanks for providing a free-for-all forum, fairlane. I still think we’re in the honeymoon phase, here. But I can honestly say, it has been a pleasure to be a member of this team. Even in disagreement, I have found my fellow SUPERFRIENDS, as well as your readership nothing but cordial…even that rat bastard, kelso:)

    Up yours and thanks for all the fish.


  24. Fred the Cat made a rule against meme’s at our site. Gotta mind the head honcho, doncha know.

    If you met me in person, I’m just as I appear in my writing. I respond with my heart more than I do to my brain. That sometimes gets me in a little trouble but not much. I don’t give a shit what others think of me unless I admire them. I do not like anyone telling me what to do unless they are smarter than I am and I’m learning something from them. I hate crowds and will do just about anything to avoid them. Loud moises drive me crazy. But the face of a little puppy will melt my heart and turn me into jello.

  25. One of those Texas trolls has come around to cast aspersions on my award. Some people are so mean. And not so bright.

  26. I won’t get all self-depricating, but I will say thank you. You’re one of the few from whom this means something. I’m glad someone gets it. Keep it up, man.

  27. I’m always late to the conversation damn it. This post really made me think. I tend to be observer myself. I’m not a good commenter because it requires immediate responses and let’s face it, how often are you coming back after you digest a post. Well, here I am. Nothing earth shattering to say except I agree though I will vote Democrat no matter what. I just can’t see things going well otherwise. They may not even if I vote Dem but I gotta try having kids and all. As for the primaries they piss me off for exact reason that my candidate is out of the running by the time they get to my state. If I want to participate I have the slim pickings that the other states left me. It’s starting to sound like I’m absolving myself of any blame for this so I’m gonna check out here. I know I am blowing you away w/all that mammoth thinking.

  28. anita- I’m glad we straightened that out. I was scared for a minute.

    Wyld- Yep.

    Liberality- I don’t understand the emotional attachment to political parties.

    What have the Democrats done in the last 25 years that makes them so worthy?

    From what I’ve seen, they go right along.

    And the Anthrax scare had nothing to do with NAFTA, Welfare Reform, Increasing military expenditures (During Clinton years), cuts in social services, Don’t ask don’t tell, the defense of marriage act, etc, etc, etc.

    Johnny- Of course, we’re all socialized to some extent. How can you not drink the Kool-Aid or at least taste it?

    At most places, all they have is Kool-Aid.

    PoP- You know me, at least ethereally, I like to stir up shit.

    I almost feel obligated to do so.

    And you know you’re one of my favorites in of all Blogtopia.

    You do have heart, and that’s admirable.

    Scarlet- I think I took care of him/her, for now.

    Frog- The feeling is mutual homie.

    Some of the people didn’t accept the award.


    Mary- Sure, we’re being railroaded. No doubt about it.

    But it wouldn’t happen if we refused to let it happen.

    For example, instead of saying, “I’ll vote for whomever they choose, even though I don’t like them.”

    People could say, “Fuck this, I’m voting for Nader/Ron Paul/Chuck Norris!!”

    If all the disenfranchised people did that, the Two Parties might start to get the message.

    As it is, they want to fuck us, and we gladly bend over.

    I’m not pretending it’s that simple, but it sure beats what we’ve been doing for the last 30 plus years.

    They conquered the American people, and not a single shot was fired, in fact, we surrendered.

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