U.S. Sells Out Tibet for Ticket to Beijing Olympics

penguincoffee.jpg Johnny Wingnut

U.S. sells out Tibet for ticket to Beijing Olympics

Since the uprising in Tibet, Beijing has repeatedly placed the blame for the revolt squarely on the shoulders of the Dali Lama. They have gone on record to accuse him of masterminding some sort of coup in an attempt to undermine the Chinese government in the eyes of the global community. With that rhetoric in view, I have to ask the obvious question: Who do they think they’re fooling?

This is China for God’s sake. Remember??? Red China?

“The country which detains individuals for exercising their rights to freedom of association, freedom of religion and freedom of expression, including the right to impart and receive information, and other basic rights…Many of those detained are held under circumstances that constitute clear violations of due process. Such violations include lengthy detention without charge or trial and depriving defendants of access to legal counsel.”

And they’ve got the gall to call themselves the People’s Republic? What irony!

And now, we’ve got politicians like Pelosi AKA “ol’ Nantucket” and Bush Jr. otherwise known as “Chimpy of II” mouthing the empty rhetoric of, “Let’s not mix politics and sports” when it comes to the Olympics. As if there never was a political element to the games. We know better, but that doesn’t stop political mastheads like Pelosi and Bush from spewing such mindless blather. And it won’t stop the many Kool-Aid drinking Avian types out there from parroting it without ever stopping to examine whether the statement is substantive.

Trying to pretend there’s no political element to the games is like trying to pretend that the “sectarian” violence in Iraq isn’t motivated by religion.

In fact, the very reason, we aren’t boycotting the Olympics is political. We know which side of the plate our bread is buttered on and a few dead and detained Tibetans aren’t going to get us to switch sides. You see, we only care about freedom and democracy when it serves our interests, like in Iraq. As I’ve said before, if only Hussein would’ve had the foresight to invest in industry instead of yellow cake. He’d still be free to exploit and terrorize his countrymen.

Anyway, who cares about a few Tibetans and their abuse at the hands of mother China? Certainly not our government. We’re far more worried about offending China, owing to our dependence on Chinese imports. Meanwhile, we happily export U.S. jobs to mainland China. Thus, we are producing capital for the oppressors. In return for that, we get cheap stuff. But now that our number one export is the U.S. job market, we really need those cheap products. After all, flippin’ burgers down at the Greazy Spoon doesn’t really pay all that well. So the necessity of China’s “imports on the cheap” seems to be directly proportional to our so called service based economy? It’s all good says Uncle Sam.

And the real kicker? Our money enriches a government which treats its citizens like subfodder. That cozy relationship is what got us complimentary tickets to the Olympics and earned us brilliant sound bites like “[the] games are an event that are supposed to be about the athletes, not politics.” Thanks a lot for that empty, dull, and foolish liberwocklike statement Mr. President. And thanks to the other invertebrate leaders of the free world. You so-called beacons of truth and morality. Thank you, thank you, one and all. Yours is a shining example and a thing of beauty to the rest of humanity.


~ by johnnywingnut on April 2, 2008.

11 Responses to “U.S. Sells Out Tibet for Ticket to Beijing Olympics”

  1. The USA will continue to fellate the Bully Boys in Beijing as long as Red China buys 70% of U.S. Treasury notes, thus allowing the debt-addicted neocons in Washington to mount wars in Iraq and Afghanistans and fund CIA excursions to topple governments in Angola, Iran, Venezuela and Colombia, who refuse to bow down to the great AMERICA.

    Red China has one of the most evil governments on earth. Human rights are virtually non-existent there, body parts are harvested from prisoners on death row and sold to fat, diseased westerners who can’t get a new heart or kidney in the USA, Canada or the EU because of long, long waiting lists.

    GLBT Chinese might was well swallow cyanide and be done with it.

    Child labor laws are on the books but not enforced and kids as young as 5 may be forced to work 12 hours a day.

    I wasn’t the least surprised Red China was awarded with the Olympics. American influece on the Olympic committee helped secure the deal. Well good. I hope country after country tells Beijing to go fuck themselves in the ass without lube and their big fortune cookie production is a financial bust.

  2. You see, we only care about freedom and democracy when it serves our interests.

    That pretty well sums it up.

  3. The USA will continue to fellate the Bully Boys in Beijing as long as Red China buys 70% of U.S. Treasury notes…

    That’s it right there.

  4. of course we will ignore the events in Tibet — we have been ignoring it since China took over Tibet in 1959. And Bush insult the CHinese? puhleeze — and no politics mixed with sports?

    1956 – Hungary and the USSR bloody battle in waterpolo after the USSR invaded Hungary
    1968 – Mexico City demonstrations, Smith/Carlos power salute
    1972 – murder of the Israeli athletes
    1976 – black African nations boycott, Taiwan forced to march under Olympic flag
    1980 – US, Germany, Japan and other boycott Moscow games
    1984 – USSR in return boycotts LA games
    1988 – problems with the Koreas
    1992 – the USSR is kaput — teams forced to compete under the ‘unified team’

    shall we go on? the Olympics lost its meaning long ago

    Our money enriches a government which treats its citizens like subfodder.

    add Saudi Arabia to that list, and a whole of others.

  5. JW – don’t you understand that Beijing has never hosted an Olympics and we should do all we can to correct that injustice? Otherwise, we, Americans, would simply be biting the hand that feeds us.

  6. JWN- Excellent post.

    I applaud your courage, and am anxious to see if you get any backlash at your homepage.

    You’re not supposed to be so direct when criticizing other Wingnuts, just like I’m supposed to Nod, Nod, Wink, Wink when it comes to Moonbats.

    Ah, if only the world had more of us. Sure, it would still be fucked up, but at least it would be our kind of Fucked Up.

  7. Kind of funny you mentioning that, fairlane. I was having a chat with Ted today and we both bonded over this point. It appears that he and I are about the only wingnuts on the block not drinking chimpy of II’s colored sugar water. Nor do we kowtow to the neocon zagnuts. Our hope is that with McCain things will be different in the following way. When he proves to be Bush III (Ted’s words, not mine, though I agree) the true conservatives will stand up and say, “No!”

  8. Hello, Mr Wingnut.
    From my perspective, whenever the topic of the Olympics comes up, I can’t help but think of Jim Thorpe.
    He was one of the heroes of my childhood that shaped my development.

    The whole thing with some supposition of America’s moral superiority makes me sick. Too many times over to even count them all.

    The simplest of gestures is often the hardest to make.
    These days, my version of peace is most often akin to a shunning.

    I have no idea where to go.

  9. Excellent post, and be sure to recycle the headline for future use: US sells out _____ for _____.

  10. JW- “True Conservatives?”

    I think they went the way of the Dodo 😦

  11. Well…we are going that way. There are only two of us left and we’re both men, so there’s no hope of procreating our way back into a fit species.

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