Dumb as…

Dumb as….

America is getting dumber again.

Do you need proof?

The New York Post had a transexual woman posing as a man on the frontpage as the first pregnant man.


There he/she was with his/her wife hugging him/her.

I know a few hardworking Americans, middle of the road people who have raised lawyers, own businesses, pay taxes. They saw that photo and that was enough.

“Jesus Dave can you believe that shit”?

I’ll admit I sometimes hang around people who do not read books, newspapers, greeting cards, or checking account balances. None of that has anything to do carpentry, plumbing and drinking beer. I am often the only guy who has, what I consider, an accurate grasp on current events. In other words I am not in the teachers lounge at the university. Therefore there ingnorance can sometimes be confused with naivete.

“So Dave what do you think of that shit”?

“Well from what I know the guy is a woman and never was a man, he/she took hormones and had her breasts reduced.

He looked at me mouth open, obviously shocked.

“No fuckin way.”

We argued over that point for forty minutes until I countered with indisputable proof.

“Dude I saw the interview on Oprah” On a sidenote Oprah asked when she first experienced gender issues. “I was quite a tomboy, climbing trees, playing jax…my mother commited suicide when I was twelve” I’ll skip all the psycho-babble-she had to man up.

Before I descend into my stupid Americans rant I have to remember, despite the pregnant woman posing as a man, we have come a long way.

I have to remember when people used to sign up for military service they could simply use a thumbprint or ‘x marks the spot’ because they were illiterate.

I have to remember reading and writing were not in the list of requirements for law enforcement.

I have to remember dueling was a noble way to solve a dispute.

I have to remember Jesse Helms has not been dead that long(thanks for reminding me dash).

I have to remember the 3/5’s rule.

Pregnant man. Yeah, the dad is Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Anything to sell papers right?

I try to keep a stiff upper lip walk the world as an observer, I rarely get involved with an assigned moral stance.

I live very simply. As long as my food does not come off of anyone’s plate, I’m good.

But I cannot help being a little dissappointed I think we are starting to digress a bit. The ingredients for mass ingnorance followed by mayhem are starting to mature.

My twenty something friends provide the best evidence.

I need to preface what I am going to write with a simple disclaimer. The young clique I hang with from time to time are not dumb by any stretch of the imagination- they are distracted.

I rarely talk politics with this group but I decided what the hell.

Obviously, Obama began to dominate the conversation.

“Did you guys know Obama has six Presidents in his bloodline”?

“No, but I heard he is related to Brad Pitt”

The conversation somehow shifted to Brad Pitt and it stayed there.

We are not dumber- we have always been stupid.


~ by barrymax on April 5, 2008.

21 Responses to “Dumb as…”

  1. A “fair-and-balanced” presentation. I agree, and I also believe that despite all the dsitractions America’s youth has it together.

    On the other hand, there is something to the phrase “there are none so blind as those who will not see.” I have at age 46 lived in a number of foreign ciites: Oviedo, Madrid, London, Moscow and and now la Ciudad de Panama. Spain, England, Russia and Panama all have had periods of far more horrible stupidity on a political level in recent history than the U.S. has had. Yet, there is no kind of “dumb” quite so profound as U.S. Dumb.

    Criminal justice is one of your best topics so I’ll offer up this tidbit. Of the four countries above Russia is the only one that allows capital punishment. Yet, its per-capita frequency of use is miniscule compared to the USA. None of the above 4 incarcerate juveniles with adults. None of the above 4 have a for-profit prison system. None of the above 4 require custodial sentences for possession of drugs. And the percapita rates of both citizens in prison and citizens somehow in “the system” are miniscule compared with the USA.

    All 4 are eating America’s lunch economically.

    In sll 4, literacy is a point of pride. And in all 4, a disagreement on a topic is where the discussion starts, not where it ends. And my pallette of acquaintances in all 4 has been broad indeed.

    “Plumbing and drinking beer”? Shit, I had a good time one night hanging out with neo-Nazis in Madrid. And I hid nothing about myself from them. For about five minutes, I was concerned, but I was stuck with the situation for social reasons and it was an enlightening (and drunken) experience all around. They were uneducated racist anti-Semites and with a beer or ten in them it was a pretty funny discussion.

  2. Ok, we have our circuses, where’s the fucking bread?

  3. Kelso excellent points. American dumb is profound, it has evolved into an accepted mixture of mediocre language grammar and no knowledge of history.
    The youth do have it together. as long as the x-box360 is working and jeeves can change the tire.
    What i find refreshing is most of the kids now are starting to have similiar experienes despite race or social class.
    i see more mixture-crossing the tracks.
    The authentic(no pretenses)cultural exchange will ultimately serve us well.
    Racism is big I.Q. killer- it literally makes one dumber.

  4. I can’t top what Pissed said. She’s nailed it.

    It makes the brain hurt.

    We were watching C-SPAN this morning as there was a discussion about how the internet is impacting the presidential primary campaigns. As we began to discuss it, we realized that there are two types of people on the internet. Those who read all the garbage chain emails, take them for gospel and forward them on to other people who will take them for gospel. Those people like to have their info delivered to them and they don’t question it.

    Then you have people who read blogs and news websites. They seek out information in a variety of places. They also treat info more interactively, leaving comments, thinking it through, questioning it. That doesn’t mean that they are right, but at least they are engaged and not just repeaters.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re right or left. We have both types on each side.

    The lazy-brained people far out-number us, I’m afraid.

  5. D-cup- you summed it up perfectly. lazy brained people.
    i listened to NPR interview yesterday in regards to this topic. A woma had written titled The Age of Unreason.
    She had an epiphany of sorts. she overheard a conversation on 9/11.
    Oe guy says “hey man this reminds me of pearl harbor” the other guy replies “what was pearl harbor”? his friend says “It was when the vietnamese bombed us and started the vietnam war”.
    These guys were desribed as 30something proessionals,guys who are somebody’s boss.

  6. Alright- I love this one, for a few reasons. For one thing I can relate this to my edumacational schooling stuffnesses and say that there is the Multiple Intelligences theory, that basically says different people have varying levels of varying types of intelligence. My PhD’d professor pointed out to us last semester that, while, yes, we, as a society, pay her far more money than we might pay an average auto mechanic, if your car breaks down in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, who’s skills are more valuable?

    My husband is a very bright man, but mathophobic. I was glad he felt able to call me the other day to help help him help our third grader with his math homework, which honestly required a teeny amount of algebra.

    It would be very easy to laugh at that as a form of illiteracy, perhaps it is, but (as he is a carpenter and can fix ANYTHING) I could not (well, I am handy and can do some) do what he does all day, which ironically involves the most intricately considered fractional calculations known to The Man.

    I am not sure how much of my “smartness” I would trade to have Britney Spear’s singin talent (could I please reserve enough intelligence to write better lyrics?) or how much I would trade to have my husband’s musical talents, but I can tell you it would be quite a bit.

  7. Freida, you are my hero this morning. I think I feel a post coming on. Thanks for that!

  8. geometry is divine and Carpenters, builders and Masons helped make this country what it is.
    we need to get back to basics.
    another impromptu poll, ask any kid you know if they can read a ruler.I’m sure in rural areas the percentage goes up but not by much.
    a computer network will never be able to build a house or fix one.
    good point freida

  9. The saddest thing about that pregnant man appearance on Oprah was her intro. She absolutely fed into the sensationalism of the story and all I could think was “damn, Oprah. Not you, too”

    with regards to American dumbness- I found out from my daughter that they don’t really teach geography in her school as a seperate subject. It falls under the general “humanities” umbrella. The child didn’t even know where the Polynesian Islands were! I mean, I’m only 20 years removed from her grade and I remember learning that stuff. So the school is not concerned with it, okay; I wonder how many parents are and will step up to the plate and fill in the gaps?

  10. I don’t know if it’s so much “Lazy Brained,” as it is “Exhausted Brain.”

    Many Americans are simply worn out, and have no room in their heads for anything beyond “Who won last night on Dancing with the Stars?”

    The Ballerina was very much like that. They (The Ballet Troupe) took an I.Q. test together one night, and she scored higher than everyone, but trying to get her to talk about anything of substance was damn near impossible. She had so many worries, fears, etc crammed into her head, she couldn’t risk opening the floodgates.

    To paraphrase a saying in my former field- Most people will resist being honest because on some level they fear opening up will kill them.

    Not in the literal sense, but on an existential level. Their entire existence is dependent on them maintaining some semblance of control, and if they ever loosen their grip?

    Fuck, who knows what might happen?

  11. One funny thing about most Americans when we talk about OTHER dumb Americans is we forget how utterly fascinated the British, Japanese and French are with their rich and famous. I think this is a human thing, not an American thing at all. As a society has more free time due to economic stability (insert recession joke here) minds are free to either focus on productive philosophy, art, science, DISCOVERY, or on trivial things. Most people choose trivial things, and the providers of our so-called ‘information’ are more than happy to oblige. Did you see ‘Dancing with the Stars’ last night???? OMG!!!!

  12. Cowboy i hear where you are coming from but what seperated us Americans from the rest of the world, besides an intact industrial infrastructure after WWII is football and european scientists.
    our fascination with celebrity is not the issue. It’s basics, like knowing all the Presidents in your lifetime. That is not too much to ask. Unforunately , for a lot of people, it is asking too much.

  13. not only has america become dumber (whether by choice or forced is kind of moot) — we actually HONOR the dumb

    i admit i watch too much JOe Scarborough — i get work early (630a) there aint much on — and it has a train wreck quality about it

    this week he was going ON AND ON about how he will miss george bush — mainly about his dumbness. he wasnt frigging kidding — he actually finds it endearing in a president. problem is SO DO A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE. being dumb is sitting with the cool kids.

    we get to laugh and even more — we can to relate to dumbness. it makes us forget how really the world is around us. I think (in the back of my warped brain) that the reason 25-30% of the people STILL like the sociopathic bastard in the white house is exactly for the reason of this post — he is dumb. and it makes them feel superior. (well a good chunk of that 30% like him for his tax cuts and for his talking to god, but that is another post).

    i swear, we REALLY are becoming 1984
    War is peace
    dumb is smart

    problem is this dumb-worship is not shared around the world, especially in places like India, Korea and China — and that is exactly why they are surpassing us on every level of education and innovation

  14. true D-Cap true indeed…especially the India China part.
    Cool is sitting with the cool kids but is also reliance on war and pillaging

  15. I meant dumb is sitting with the cool…here’s to the pot calling the kettle black.

  16. Dave, I’ve got nothing more to add here that no one else has covered except that the story in the NY Post is the tip of the iceberg with them. While no daily newspaper or other MSM outlet is immune to this type of “human interest” story, the NY Post is the standard-bearer of this form of news reporting. And for $0.25 a day to read about the latest human train wreck (the NY Times is $1.25), how can you go wrong?

  17. OK. I laughed (thanks for that)

    …and then I sighed.

  18. Hello, ??
    Stupid is as stupid does.

    Ok, well, that would be stupid, granted….

  19. Peace be with the reader.
    The time has come, the harvest is ripe.

    The Faithful Witness

  20. What’s the matter you don’t want to be part of the Matrix/Borg?

  21. I had a communications theory professor (I was young, that’s why) who asked the class what would have happened if, when tv was first introduced, the government limited television productions to presenting information on, say, chemistry. The students, for the most part, said that very few people would have bothered to get a tv and watch it. Finally someone asked her what she thought would have happened, and she replied “we would all know a lot more about chemistry.”

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