A Green Plastic Watering Can

Golly Gee Willickers, what an eventful beginning to April. We had death threats, rape apologists, and all around mayhem.

Just like I drew it up some months ago.

i was going to write a post about the Seminars I used to give on Rape/Sexual Assault Prevention in response to a series of comments left by the Rape Apologist, but Suzi took care of that for me (Thanks Suzi), and I don’t think he’s coming back anyway.

So, what should we do instead?

Well, while things were going apeshit over here this past weekend, I spent a little time Trolling a few Wingnut blogs.

I know, it’s wrong, and immature, but it’s also Fucking Funny, and after a few exchanges with Average Wingnut, I find myself completely stumped as to how Democrats keep losing to these people. They can’t organize a coherent sentence, much less a Voting Drive.

My favorite Wingnut Dives are those Anti-Muslim blogs.

There must be ten thousand of them, and they all say the same thing,

“I don’t know any Muslims, and I live in my Mother’s Basement, but, Trust Me on this one; They’re All out to Kill Us!!”

In a Town Full of Rubber Plans

I don’t even attempt to debate them. Nope. I get right to the Mocking.

Johnny Wingnut, and I decided that when you’re debating someone you’d more than likely hate in real life, it’s best to go straight to the “Fuck You’s,” and eliminate the Superfluous Chatter.

It at least allows me to vent a little, and to pay a few of those assholes back for their, “Fuck you Niggers,” and “Die Liberal Scum” comments they like to leave on occasion.

I think I’ve been clear that Liberals irritate me, but Goddamn, the Wingnuts seem to have a plethora of Fucking Morons in their Camp. At least the average Liberal can write a complete sentence, and/or come up with something relatively original.

The Pathological Stupidity of Average Wingnut is beyond Comprehension.

One of the guys (I’m assuming he’s a male because I don’t think women are allowed to be so Fucking Ignorant), couldn’t even come up with his own insults. Instead, he’d cut and paste mine replacing “Douche Bag,” with “Liberal.”

Yep, I was having a “I know you are, but what am I?” argument with a Grown Man.

What can I say?

In my defense, I only started haranguing the Tweezer Penis because he was Cry Babying about being “Persecuted” by one of the members of a Blog Alliance to which Jonestown belongs.

I hate it when people toss around words like “Persecuted,” “Oppressed,” etc.

Being loaded into a cattle car, and getting shipped to Dachau is “Persecution.”

Being called a Hateful Dumb Ass, is not. Especially when you are a Hateful Dumb Ass.

Dave wrote an interesting post about Dumbasses.

I Can’t Help to Feel

I’m not sure where I stand when it comes to the Apparent Epidemic of Mouth Breathing in this Country.

I guess the Father in me wants to believe people are just Worn Out, and/or Lazy because that means things can get better, and that Bella won’t have to grow up in a world surrounded by Meat Eating Dimwits.

But the doubt lingers, and I often find myself agreeing with J.W.,

“You’re right, people are just Fucking Dumb. “

My former Supervisor was a Prime Example of Stupidity Cubed.

He used to come in every single morning, and say,

“Gooood Moorrrning fairlane!”

I Shit You Not.

Every fucking day, like he was Robin Williams, and I was Forest Whitaker (Damn, Robin Williams is Bloody Irritating).

And It Wears Me Out

Wingnut for sure (My former Boss that is).

He was in the Army Reserves, and spent some time in Iraq, which is Admirable,


He worked on a base in the “Green Zone,” and never entered a Combat Area the entire time he was there. But to hear him tell it, you’d think he spent Six Months on Hamburger Hill.

Lying was something of a hobby for him.

One time he had cards printed up that said he was a “Professional Engineer,” and he’d go to job sites handing out his card to existing, and/or prospective customers.

The problem was, he didn’t have an Engineering Degree, and you can’t be a “Professional Engineer” without an Engineering Degree.

I know, who knew?

He did have an Associate’s Degree in “Construction Management” or some other made up Sounding Bullshit.

He was also a Drunk.

I know I’m supposed to have more Compassion, since I used to work as a Counselor with Alcoholics, and Drug Addicts, but-

If a person in their 50’s is still getting drunk every day, the odds are overwhelmingly against them ever stopping. Sure it happens, but it’s an Anomaly.

Ultimately, you have to take into consideration that Alcoholism, and Drug Addiction, despite Gus Rimjob’s claims, are not “Victimless Crimes.”

Addiction destroys families, and the Dumbshits kill people.

Old J-Man used to come into work Drunker than Chimpy after a visit to the Frat House.

He’d waddle in all red faced, eyes blood shot, and his nose-

A Cracked Polystyrene Man

He had one of those Big Puffy Alcoholic Noses like our friend here, Mr. Charles Bukowski (Imagine, if you will, Brian Dennehy with Bukowski’s Nose).

If I Could Be Who You Wanted

Did I mention he came in late too?

Yep, almost every day.

He was supposed to be in by 8:00 am, after all, he was the “Boss,” but that didn’t stop him from Meandering in at 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, hell, sometimes even 11:30.

And his lunch breaks.

“I’m going to Lunch,”

Leave time-12:00 pm.

Return time-3:30 pm. (If he returned).

“Hmmm, I wonder what J was doing?”

Whatever he was doing, didn’t pay off, and not long after I left, Old J Man had his Fat Ass Demoted.

Funny how Companies suddenly get all Conscientious, once they start Losing Money.

Speaking of Zombies-

J. Krishnamurti compared the way most people live to Teeth Brushing.

Like the Real Thing

If you’ve never read J. Krishnamurti-


He’ll piss you off, and Lower your Self-Esteem.

But his image of People Mindlessly Going Through Life is, Pretty Fucking Accurate.

Murt maintains that the Mind is a Prison-

It knows nothing other than the Already Known, and is therefore incapable of Experiencing Life in any True Sense of the Word.

Everything is Filtered Through the Past.

According to J.K., Most People spend their Entire Lives Immersed in Their Thoughts/Feelings, and because Thoughts/Feelings are Intangible, and Perpetually in Motion, they have No Solid Connections to the World, and more importantly, to Themselves.

In the Fake Plastic Earth

This is why the world is the way it Is.

I recognize that may seem Abstract. After all, our Thoughts/Feelings are what direct us, and even shape us, but you Must Look Beyond the Superficial.

For example, Our Political Leanings are not Who We Are. They are merely a Tangible Expression of Who We Are.

But many People Define themselves based on their Politics.

“I’m Pro-Choice, therefore I support, and respect Women.”

But is that Necessarily True?

Only “Pro-Life” men Rape, Kill, Neglect, Use, and Abuse Women?

Being “Pro-Choice” does not mean a person Respects Women, yet we often come to that conclusion about not only ourselves, but others as well.

We are defining Ourselves/Others based on a Thought/Feeling, but we are Far More than Thoughts/Feelings.

In fact, One could Easily Argue, and I’m One, that if we truly “Respected Women,” we’d work toward a day when Abortions were no longer Necessary/Needed/Considered.

Arguing over whether it should be Legal or Not, is Merely a Distraction, and in the end, Accomplishes Nothing.

I Could Blow Through the Ceiling

I am the Epitome of the Pathological Thinker. My mind is Forever in Motion, and I imagine if Opiates didn’t make me Nauseous, I’d be taking Vicodin by the handful to slow the Damn thing down.

But they do, so, I don’t, and it doesn’t.

I Think (See?) this is why I Was/Am drawn to Krishnamurti, and his Philosophy (He’d say it’s not a Philosophy at all. It simply, Is).

Although, I do not consider him to be my Personal Guru or necessarily Follow His Teachings, I do believe there is a Great Deal of Truth, and Logic in His Words.

My Fake Plastic Love

When you look at the World in which we all live, from the Insane to the Mundane, there is a Thread that connects the Majority of our actions.

Above all else, the Human Mind Desires the One Thing it Cannot Have-


And like a Spider, it grabs onto everything within Reach.

In Dave’s post, the discussion centered around, “Why are People the way they are? Are they Stupid? Lazy? Both?”

Personally, I believe “People are the way they are” because the Mind is intentionally Lazy, and because People are Terrified.

American Culture Avoids, in such a Profound Way, the only True Connection we all Share-


We are Petrified by the Idea of Death, and the Impermanence of Life. So much so, we are Willing, even Happy, to live our Lives Encased in Banality because it creates the Illusion of Immortality.

“I always watch such, and such at 8:oo pm, and I always will.”

Living in a world of Incessant Distraction, and Routine allows the Mind to Ignore the Fact that it is Disintegrating.

By “Brushing Our Teeth” through Life, we give ourselves Comfort that What Is, will Always Be.

Now that I think about it-

I hate that Mother Fucker J. Krishnamurti.

But Gravity Always Wins

*Trolling Update- I allowed My Gracious (Compliant) Host to have the Last Word.

His Coup de grâce?

“And that is exactly what my concern is with Rabid Marxists: to stir up trouble to get rid of blogs like ours so they can say they accomplished something!.”

Touché, Douché.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment with my Psychic.

She’s finally tracked down Chairman Mao.

~ by fairlane on April 9, 2008.

50 Responses to “A Green Plastic Watering Can”

  1. Personally, I hate shaving and I hate brushing anyone’s teeth but my own…which would explain both the roughness (sorry dear) and the smell (oh…sorry again again darling). My poor wife. Never liked flossing either.

    Your right about Murti as well. His writing drives me wingnuts. He was a walking, talking, contradiction. He wrote that it was a terrible evil to make judgments yet could never realize that his own analysis was just that. He constantly made judgments. He warred against the mind, as well. Yet it was through the mind that his ideas came and with the mind that we are to apprehend them. I think he was an ultramaroon. But I think you’re tops, fairlane. You know that. If ever I’m in a firefight, I want you covering my back, bro.

  2. My frustration is, he made it sound so easy, but of course it’s not. He didn’t grow up in ‘Merica.

    I guess I think of it as Truth.

    For example, the truth is you love your wife, but on certain days you think/feel otherwise. Thoughts/Feelings are transient, Truth (Who you are) is not.

    And he’s also referring to the incessant white noise going on in our minds, which, as you so eloquently put the other night, prevents us from being in the Moment.

    That, ultimately, is what he was talking about. Not letting your mind control you because if you do, you miss out on your life. The Here, and Now.

    But the majority of the time, we grab onto our thoughts/feelings.

    Now that I think about it, you totally agree with him.

    If contradiction were enough to turn you away, how could you have faith in the Bible?

  3. Fairlane, before I read the post, I just want to ask what happened to the comments of the guy that left the stupid comments about rape being some sort of natural thing. While I agree he’s an idiot, I have nto read his comments and would have liked to. I think it is important for people to see how many dangerous ideas there are out there about all sorts of stuff. Were they deleted? If not where are they? Oh, yeah… I’d like to see the death threat, too… 😐

  4. Okay I read it.

    I hate to beat a dead horse, but if people are purposefully dumb, and latch on to abstracts that encourage them to remain dumb and racist and sexist, etc. etc., why do you think that people aren’t controllable? Don’t you think that the thinking wingnuts like Karl Rove have figured out how to target their message to stupid bumpkin racists so that they will just accept whatever they’re fed? I do. That’s why I think that they’re already under control. And they like it.

    Shit, I have my own lazy ideas, but I’m starting to recognize them, and I hope that I’m beginning to learn to question not only what people are telling me (even people I trust) but my own motivations. That is scary. If you can’t even trust your own brain, what the hell can you trust? I actually end up taking comfort from the very fact that I am wondering if what I’m thinking and acting on is the correct thing. Because nothing scares me more than person without doubts.

    I think those are called fanatics.

  5. //“You’re right, people are just Fucking Dumb. “//

    But as a compassionate human you should qualify the statement as most people ore moderately stupid, some are really dumb and there are some that are really Fucking dumb. (most of those work in my office)

    I guess I would like to disagree with a different premise..

    //American Culture Avoids, in such a Profound Way, the only True Connection we all Share-


    I think Americans truly avoid love. The connection we all crave.

    To be loved, truly, unconditionaly, completely, deeply, passionately……and we fear that we can’t love that way or that we will never be loved that way. So we avoid it.

    Oh, shit, I guess that makes you right!
    Avoiding love because we fear we will not have it….is really Fucking Dumb.

    We are all the poorer.

  6. The world is full of mouth breathing idiots, some are worse than others. The best way to deal with them, IMO, is not to try to educate them, obviously they are too stupid to grasp onto any concept that might be intelligent. A simple question like, “So, when did you have that lobotomy?” or I show my compassionate side, “I’m so sorry to hear the doctor gave your mom those experimental drugs that cause fetal brain damage when she was pregnant with you, did she sue the doctor so you could go to special schools?”

  7. Cowboy- The death threats were a result of two of our very passionate friends going at it. They weren’t really “Death Threats,” but things got pretty heated. I deleted them.

    The Rape Apologist is Here.

    I never said people were not controllable. We simply disagree on who’s controlling them.

    You think they are controlled by others, I maintain no one can control us, unless we allow them.

    Kind of like a domesticated dog. Some dogs flat out refuse to “Roll over,” while most are more than willing to do their Master’s bidding, but every now, and again, even trained dogs bite the hand that feeds them.

    Rove is not controlling people, as much as he’s exploiting their fears. Fear is the most powerful emotion. It even trumps Love.

    But in a way you’re correct. People do like Control. Being controlled gives people a feeling of comfort, security, which is related to the idea of permanence, and the mind is Lazy.

    Look at American culture. We are obsessed with being “Safe.” the obvious implication of “Safety” is, our chances of dying are reduced.

    The Human Mind rebels against the idea that it is Mortal.

    You can trust yourself, your thoughts/feelings are not You. They are simply a result of your experiences, which is why J.K. says everything we do the mind filters through the past because 1) That’s what it knows, and 2) It makes life more predictable.

    Predictability, again, implies stability.

    okjimm- The idea of people fearing love is an ongoing discussion I have with one of my therapist friends.

    The cliche is, “People fear intimacy.” However, in my experience, people don’t necessarily fear intimacy, if that were true, people wouldn’t engage in relationships.

    The fear is, they will lose the intimacy they have because, once more, we want things to last forever, and if we get what we want, what happens when/if it goes away?

    This prevents people from completely engaging, and many times they will sabotage relationships, as a way of having some control over the “inevitable,” which is, other people, one way or another, leave.

    ME- LOL.

  8. I think Lemmy sang a song once about the search for intimacy, The Chase Is Better Than the Catch. No, that was about fucking. I think we fear that whatever we do find can never match our ideal, so we either continue searching or settle, making up the difference in our mind as we traverse those emotions and feelings.

    I don’t know how the fuck I ended up on love when I had planned on commenting on the stupidity of the wingnut psyche. Oh well, wingnuts? You’re all stupid. And I even shook the hand of a Muslim today! I have jihad cooties! Allah!

  9. //The idea of people fearing love is an ongoing discussion I have with one of my therapist friends…….//

    OK. I buy that explanation. Also sounds like some decent discussions.

    So If I don’t fear death, and I don’t fear intimacy…..

    ….all I have to fear, really, is flat-beer and spiders! I guess I am OK.

  10. I read Krishnamurti’s life story a couple of years ago and although he wasn’t raised in America he was raised by some very strange people including Annie Besant of the Theosophist Movement. As a young child he was chosen to be the next great spiritual leader for our planet and he suffered greatly trying to live up to the role that had been ordained for him. He did reach an awakening, one that nearly killed him, while living in California. My impression was that although he definitely did attain a very high level of understanding of the human condition it didn’t bring him peace and equanimity – or maybe he became an irritated Buddha. Nevertheless, I keep several of his books close by and if you don’t mind I’ll paraphrase something he wrote about happiness:

    ‘We are satisfied with superficialities: with having a car or a secure position, with feeling a little emotion over some futile thing, like a boy who is happy flying a kite in a strong wind and a few minutes later is in tears.
    Do you ever let your mind wander, not about petty things, but expansively, widely, deeply and therby explore, discover? Do you know what is happening in the world? What is happening is a projection of what is happening inside each one of us; what we are, the world is. Most of us are in turmoil, we are acquisitive, possesive, we are jealous and condemn people; and that is exactly what is happening in the world, only more dramatically, ruthlessly. It is only when you spend some time every day earnestly thinking about these matters that there is a possibility of bringing about a total revolution and creating a new world.’

    Sorry for the length, fairlane, and posting something I’m sure you’re familiar with as well but I thought a taste of him might be interesting.

  11. “In fact, One could Easily Argue, and I’m One, that if we truly “Respected Women,” we’d work toward a day when Abortions were no longer Necessary/Needed/Considered.

    Arguing over whether it should be Legal or Not, is Merely a Distraction, and in the end, Accomplishes Nothing.”

    which is why I believe that abortion should be legal as long as females as a group are targeted for sexual violence which can result in pregnancy.

    I believe we have the power to control ourselves but also that we are influenced, more than we care to believe, by our culture. it’s not an either/or although we want it to be. I think as we get older we have more power over ourselves but that children are molded and much more outer directed and therefore can be harmed by social forces outside of themselves.

  12. I forgot my comment because now I’m laughing at Randal G. Allah!

    “…which is why I believe that abortion shoudl be legal as long as females as a group are targeted for sexual violence which can result in pregnancy….”

    I’ll have to remember that and use it.

  13. Oh, but your post was lovely, dahling Emperor, and chawming.

  14. Were you not born? (We all share that as well. As as mother, I’m just sayin’, don’t be forgettin.’)

    I have had a few experiences in my life (and not all under the influence of drugs) in which I felt as though I experienced reality a bit more directly than I ordinarily do, and while yes, I’d like to cultivate that (which is hardish to do in a rat-race culture,) I found it all too easy to see the mundane as meaningless when I was focused on that, and that seemed contradictory to some other goals of mine, like being continually frustrated with the ways in which the world does not accommodate my every desire and my continually satisfy me in ecstatic bliss. This fucking Kool-Ais is broken, damnit!

  15. American Culture Avoids, in such a Profound Way, the only True Connection we all Share-


    We are Petrified by the Idea of Death, and the Impermanence of Life. So much so, we are Willing, even Happy, to live our Lives Encased in Banality because it creates the Illusion of Immortality.

    just what I want — to be Britney Spears forever.

    why do you think there is such apathy towards this war many claim they dont like — because a lot of people in the back of their minds are happy we are getting rid of the big scary evil people who will kill us

    people are stupid and dumb
    americans are even worse, they have hubris and arrogance on top of that.

  16. I don’t know why i do have the shit I do.
    Life is a contradiction, a mysterious event that completely baffles me.
    Is Murt related to Deepak Chopra?

  17. At some time, someone is going to exit the front door of his house in his super-duper gated community, step back and realize that he built his own prison. Oh well, at least the lawns are uniformly green. There’s that.

  18. Yeah, you got me on the Thumper question, fairlane. It’s as I say, we believe exactly what we want to. But there is a real difference between a paradox and a contradiction. There’s also a difference between a mystery and a contradiction. I suppose when it comes to matters of monogrammed black bound leather and onion skin paper, I retreat to paradox and mystery. That’s my place of safety you know. Then I can stand back and poke holes with impunity. It’s a wingnut’s prerogative. It also acts as a sleep aid…’cause it makes me feel superior..lol:) OKay, then; enough fun-n-games for now, homeslice.
    I’ll holler atcha later.

  19. Krishnamurti I always liked, and Henry Miller felt that way too. Not your run-of-the-mill sacrifice your money to me teacher, but an independent and thus welcome.
    Not much I can say about fairlane’s post. Just entertaining as hell.

  20. Randal– You are absolutely correct Chumly.

    One of my friends, from Finland, said, “Americans live in a fantasy world. You actually believe life will turn out like it does in the movies. Your arrogance really pisses the rest of the world off.”

    Idealizing doesn’t just hurt the Idealizer, it affects the person who’s being Idealized as well. They are put in an impossible situation where they can never meet your expectations.

    Scarlet, and I were recently discussing that very issue.

    okjimm– Don’t forget ticks, terrorists, bird flu, killer bees, Mexicans, queers, commies, secularists, homeless people, welfare mothers, Chuck Norris, and HPV.

    Susan– I really do think he was a profound man, and much of what he said really resonated with me. Unfortunately, as of yet, I have found nothing, other than opiates, that will calm my mind down enough to where I can even consider practicing what he preached.

    Adderall helps me focus better, but even as I’m writing this sentence I’m thinking about when I’ll be finished so I can do something else.

    – That’s unavoidable, regardless of the society in which you live. Chimpanzees are influenced by other Chimps.

    The overwhelming majority of abortions have nothing to do with rape, and/or incest. The overwhelming majority of abortions are a result of two consenting adults having sex.

    If you can put a dick in your vagina, or put your dick in a vagina, then you should know there are potential “Risks” involved.

    One of those risks is, having a baby.

    That’s how I got Bella, and I’m assuming that’s how you had your children. It’s fairly common knowledge.

    Someone with whom I used to be very close had an abortion, and she asked me to go with her. By the end of the day, I was ready to punch every mother fucker there- the “Liberal” escorts who commented on my Ramones shirt like we were going to a fucking concert, and the “Christians” standing outside calling my friend a “Whore,” and telling her she was going to “Burn in Hell.”

    Actually, I did hit one of them.

    She was never the same, and it makes me fucking ill how politicized this is issue has become. It’s not just a “Choice.” It’s far more.

    It also bothers me how the Left has incorporated rape, and incest into their talking points. That is rare. And the Wingnuts standing on the side of the road with pictures of aborted fetuses are Fools who know nothing about “God’s Love.”

    Neither the Left nor the Right ever address the real issue.

    We live in a country where millions of people are lost, and because they are lost they are willing to do damn near anything to feel connected. Having meaningless sex with people they don’t know, or don’t want to be with is a fine example.

    The fact that there are so many abortions in this country is a Fucking Disgrace, and only furthers my belief that American society is Hell Bent on the complete, and utter annihilation of the Human Being.

    Okay, I’m climbing down from my soapbox now.

    Scarlet– Thank you Empress.

    Your hair looks especially nice today.

    Frieda– Birth isn’t really a shared experience. We were unaware of our birth, but we are most assuredly aware, no matter how many drugs we take, of our pending death.

    That was my bitch about K Man. He didn’t grow up in this Rat Race. His culture is much more conducive to the search for “Inner Peace.”

    – You, like me, are an eternal optimist.

    If only, there were a few more of us to go around.

    Dave– They’re similar in some ways, but Murt did not consider himself to be a “Guru,” or a “Teacher.” He believed everyone could be just like him if they chose to do so.

    He also wasn’t big on institutions, in fact, Murt was made leader of the Order of the Star, an organization in the East proclaiming the coming of the “World Teacher,” and the first thing he did was, dissolve the organization. His reasoning was that people cannot find their own path by following someone else’s. He was fond of saying, I can only “Point to the door.” He didn’t want followers, and I imagine this is why Johnny says he’s “Contradictory.”

    But you have to look beyond the literal. Of course he had something to teach. What he worried about was, “Gurus” often become larger, or at least as large, as what they’re teaching, and because of this, people end up following the person, not the teachings.

    “To Be Human,” and “Total Freedom” are two excellent books. One is a series of talks, essays by Murt, and the other is a question, and answer session he had with some students in India.

    – I’m sure that is already happening. There an awful lot of rich alcoholics.

    They’re trying to forget something.

    – It’s all good. I was just giving you shit.

    I told you, you are a rare Wingnut indeed.

    Dash– Have you ever read “Air Conditioned Nightmare?”

    If not, do so, it’s excellent. I love Henry Miller, but I’m not going to marry him.

    And I’m glad you enjoyed. I look forward to your next work.

  21. Wow, so much to think about. Having grown up with a world class alcoholic father, I can tell you that sort of childhood sticks with you for a long long time. You learn not to trust, not to feel secure and above all you grow up wondering what love is all about.

    It wasn’t until my father died (drank himself to death) that I felt safe.

  22. //Okay, I’m climbing down from my soapbox now.//

    Well, if you ever need a new soapbox, lemmee know! I mean, I thought it was a really good post, and all, but the reply was very right on. Wowsers&stuff! Seriously….what size soapbox do you wear? I will go to Soap-Boxes R-Us and getcha one anytime!

  23. Barrymax: Is the PGA golfer Daniel Chopra related to Deepak Chopra? That’s my question.

    I’m not in a real hurry to visit any Wingnut sites too soon. I’m not even Catholic but I’ve given up arguing for Lent.

    I will say that my accounting teacher of many years ago would be thrilled that my introduction of the concept of “goodwill” on a balance-sheet led to all the mayhem (the other stuff, not the misogyny) over here, though.

    I had forgotten that capitalism is no longer the order of the day in the US and that President Bush has done an exquisite job of turning it into a Maoist dictatorship. Well, I’ll go along with Dash’s post and say Stalinist dictatorship.

    I’d really like to go over to the Wingnut blogs and spend my afternoon arguing THAT point, but they’re playing round 1 of the Masters and I’d prefer to relax and watch golf.

  24. Fascinating post. I agree, I think people are doing their best to avoid death. There’s a great poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay that kind of deals with this, except it’s about how we use materialism to avoid death.


    This I do, being mad:
    Gather baubles about me,
    Sit in a circle of toys, and all the time
    Death beating the door in.

    White jade and an orange pitcher,
    Hindu idol, Chinese god, —
    Maybe next year, when I’m richer—
    Carved beads and a lotus pod. . . .

    And all this time
    Death beating the door in.”

  25. Yeah, fairlane, but rape and incest play well in the midwest as an argument for access to legal abortions, even among many who are adamantly opposed to abortion in general.

  26. Oh Fairlane, you never disappoint. Always clear – in your own fairlane-ish clear way, disturbing – in a totally good way and so fucking on target.

    There are so many compelling reasons to be cynical, I am just never sure why I never get there. But then again, neither do you, no matter what you say.

  27. Hello, Fairlane.
    A few scattered points here.

    About 1% of all abortions are due to rape. About 0.5% are due to incest.

    The Bible is not the same as God. It is nothing more than a road map. If I were to draw out 7 different road maps to Durango for you, and all of them were flawed, that would in no way cause Durango to cease to exist.

    From the quote that Susan left, I think this guy is a crackpot.
    He is lost on big issues without realizing that each one of us is a big issue.
    If you want to see the big picture, open up to wherever you’re at. Contemplating the world and envisioning yourself as part of a great sweeping movement is futile and narcissistic.
    The big picture happens wherever you set your feet.

    And that’s the illusion of mind. Mind is a tool, like any other.
    Insert Maslow.

    Being is a different matter. I think you could learn more about being from surfing or hunting, riding a motorcycle really fast, jumping from the top of one building to another, etc.

    The smartest man I ever met was an old beach bum. He lived on the street. He was a genius.

    The purpose of humans in this world is to affirm their humanity, or to lose it. Too many have lost it without any hope of its return.
    There are men and there are animals. And sometimes both share the same form.

    Our positivist science, with its foolhardy reliance on empirical evidence of the five senses, is itself an illusion.
    We have the ability to measure vital signs, but no manner of monitoring vitality. But we know it when we come near.
    That part of us will never leave.

  28. Birth is a shared experience of mothers (who are not anesthetized – and I understand there are life-saving times that should occur….)

  29. Scarlet- I understand why they do it, but my point is, keeping abortion legal or making it illegal is not a solution.

    It’s simply status quo.

    As I said, neither party ever addresses the real questions, “Why are so many people having unprotected sex, why are so many people having abortions, why are Americans so Fucked Up?”

    It’s equivalent to the “War on Drugs.” Why do so many Americans abuse drugs/alcohol?

    Instead, we focus on treatment, and punishment. Both are after the fact, and by then the success rate is extraordinarily low.

    Other than cases of rape, and incest, I have a difficult time seeing this as a “Women’s Rights Issue.”

    It seems to be more of a, “I should be able to do whatever I want, regardless of the consequences” issue.

    Hitching the abortion issue with Poverty, lack of education, etc. is disingenuous.

    I worked for many years with the “Poor,” and I don’t ever remember having any “Liberal” activists coming to us offering help, or protesting when the “Liberal” demi-god Bill Clinton slashed our budget every single year.

    We never face the real issue- Something is wrong with American society, the way we live, view ourselves, and each other.

    Instead we focus on these divisive issues, and there’s never a Solution.

    If that makes me “sexist” or “anti-woman,” then Fuck It, take off your shoes, and get in the Goddamn kitchen.

    I believe women are equals, which is why I have no problem standing up to them when I think they’re wrong.

    Fran- I don’t understand why being honest is considered “Cynical.”

    Denying reality seems far more cynical to me.

    PT- He’s not saying we should focus on the big issues. Many of his talks are question, and answer sessions.

    People will ask him, “What can we do about war? What can we do about poverty?” etc.

    His point is, there’s nothing you can do en masse. The way you change the world is by changing yourself, and if everyone did that, focused on what they control, then the world’s problems would improve.

    Freida- I’m not understanding your point. Not all women are mothers, and obviously all humans are not women.

  30. I believe we are united in the experience of having been born in addition to your saying that the inevitability of death is an experience which we all share. You don’t have to agree. If awareness of it is the criterion, all who die are not conscious they are doing so, as you say we are not of having been born. I suppose within this requirement, birth will have to be delegated to being a shared experience of women (who are mothers.) There is no point in my saying that, really. Do I have to have one?

  31. The reality of Death implies Birth.

    But I don’t see Birth having much impact on the function/dysfunction of our society.

  32. I just disagree, and may or may not want to go into it too much more here, but understand you feel that way. Thank you for responding and I appreciate that you communicate to the depth that you do, to get to the bottom of ideas. I don’t want to be evasive, so perhaps it will come up again later or I’ll revisit this later, expounding on or articulating my thoughts.

  33. The kitchen: that’s where the beer is, no?

  34. When two people make the mistake, as you point out, it’s still usually the woman who has to deal with it, so in that way it really is a women’s rights issue. You’re the exception, fairlane. You know single parenthood often means single motherhood, and that often means poverty, etc. I long for that world you indicate. Like everyone else, I’m stuck in this one.

    I have been thinking of a post about abortion of my own, based on an experience I had with a student of mine. She was a grown woman with two sons, and she had had an abortion as a teenager. Although she in no way wants to take that right away from anyone and believes she did the right thing, she suffered terribly from that decision and never really got over it. She wrote a paper for her psychology class about the need to give women who’ve had abortions follow-up care because it’s a painful experience. They ripped her a new asshole in that class, claiming she was anti-abortion and such views would jeopardize abortion rights and give the pro-lifers ammunition. She came to me in tears after that. No one would listen to her. I thought her paper was perfectly clear. She did it, she wished she could go back and not become pregnant, but such wishing did no good, so then she did what she thought was best, and it turned out that was more painful than society led her to believe. Although she thinks she made the right decision at the time, she suffers, but society, especially liberal females, want her to suffere in silence. Conservatives want her to suffer, period.

    We are so fucked up. I hate it. And it’s only 2:30 in the afternoon, and I have to teach a night class, so getting drunk right this minute is out of the question.

  35. Must avoid kitchen.

  36. This was influenced by you and Suzi Riot. Thanks Fairlane.

  37. Hello, Fairlane.
    I forgot to say that having a degree doesn’t make one an engineer.
    It’s the state licensing board that makes one an engineer, and they assign you a number to say that you are an engineer.
    The disciplines of the school are civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. That’s it.
    So maybe a professional engineer would engineer professionals?

    Acc ording to the information I’ve seen (and I had to look it up after comments that I got), 54% of abortions are due to failed birth control methods.
    So why is faulty birth control not seen as anti-female?
    Doesn’t the FDA have some administrative oversight in this matter?
    But really though, inconsistent use plays more of a role than any other factor in the ineffectiveness of those methods.

    The inability of the American public to resolve the abortion debate will assure that we will not receive universal health care.

  38. //We never face the real issue- Something is wrong with American society, the way we live, view ourselves, and each other.//

    //The kitchen: that’s where the beer is, no?//

    oh, shit&whiskers!! It was an incredibly bad friday for me.

    You guys are a happy hour unto itself!!!!

    Tanks and stuff. I will buy you both a beer! ( and drink them for you, too!)

    be good.

  39. So far as women’s rights, abortion and PT’s comment about the nation’s inability to come to terms with the issue insofar as ever allowing universal health care I read an article today where this paragraph really stood out for me:

    “Obedience is the most necessary ingredient to be required from the child,” writes Reverend Jack Hyles, late pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana and author of 49 books and pamphlets. “This is especially true for a girl, for she must be obedient all her life. The boy who is obedient to his mother and father will some day become the head of a home; not so for the girl. Whereas the boy is being trained to be a leader, the girl is being trained to be a follower.” It’s an unashamed, old-fashioned vision of oppression updated in The Natural Family: A Manifesto. “We do believe wholeheartedly in women’s rights,” write Carlson and Mero. “Above all, we believe in rights that recognize women’s unique gifts of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.”

    This is the voice of the Christian Right (also known as Wingnut Central) talking and it’s a pretty revolting message. Nevertheless, it’s pretty obvious there’s evidence of a certain truth to what was said.

    It’s usually very young women who become pregnant by accident since they’re emotionally labile and rampantly fertile from the minute puberty strikes. Historically, women have been married off young for this reason alone and not just in this society. Modern birth control allows women the freedom to put off pregnancy until they feel ready to cope with raising children but without sympathetic doctors to prescribe the necessary medication or understanding parents who will allow the girls to consult that doctor, it is a very difficult thing to get. Just like boys think they can ride fast motorcycles without ever bumping into a tree or go off to war and not get their legs shot off, girls will have sex without realizing they can be impregnated the first time their panties are removed. Yes, girls can ride motorcycles and go to war too with the same potential results but in spite of the silly evidence Oprah brought to the confusion of ustv, boys don’t get pregnant. When abortion was completely illegal, not so long ago, many women died rather than face the shame of unmarried pregnancy. They didn’t necessarily intend to die but you can lose a lot of blood fast from ruptured uterine arteries.

    I know I’m preaching to the choir here and it’s a very complex issue but what I’m getting around to in this one inch of space I can see on the screen is that Scarlet’s right. Essentially, abortion is the worst kind of birth control but until we have a nationally mature understanding of human nature we must allow women to choose. The problem in this country is that they’re screwed no matter the choice: abortion and you suffer emotionally; give birth and you have a kid to raise and no help. Yes, I know you have your daughter to raise (a beauty) and that there are a number of single fathers but you are still the exception and not the rule.

    I’d like to write a bit more about Krishnamurti and your thoughts on death but I’ve meandered enough already. Your post and the comment it engendered were, as always, excellent.

  40. I don’t know how this turned into a thread about abortion.

    To Krishnamurti:
    My objections could be summarized in Spinoza’a definition of “finite of its own kind:”
    That thing is called “finite of its own kind” which can be limited by another thing of its own nature. For example, a body is called finite because we always conceive another which is greater. So a thought is limited by another thought; but a body is not limited by a thought, nor a thought by a body.

    That is, contemplation can never lead to being. The best that it can hope to do is to still that white noise to allow some dim being to poke through.
    Being is enhanced by doing, as doing is the process of being.

    Back to abortion:
    In my research, I found that several nations where abortion is illegal where emergency contraception is still available.

    Focus on exceptions for the health of the mother are well-placed, but too often exceptions for the viability of multiples are ignored.

    Roughly 1/6 of Americans feel that abortion should be illegal. About the same number feel that it should be legal in all circumstances. About 2/3 of Americans believe that abortion should be legal with some restrictions.

    Susan gave a fine example of the justifications for illegality, though the inclusion of breastfeeding as a right baffles me.
    The other side has an argument which I, personally, find to be both foolish and dangerous (especially so with someone like Justice Kennedy making determinations as to exactly what our due process rights entail). Not to mention trying to carve out exceptions where the kidnapping of children might be acceptable.

    But, for the most part, people really aren’t so ideologically driven. For the most part, people want to be fair.

    Abortion is currently legal in the US up until the 23rd week.
    In Britain, it is until the 24th week, and it will likely soon become the 20th week.
    There are no such restrictions in Canada, though this is not a popular position. Gallup conducted a poll of Canadians in 2001 indicate that only 32% agree with this position.
    A Gallup poll from 2003 showed that only 10% of Americans believed that third trimester abortions should be legal.

    Personally, I don’t want to make any judgments, other than to say that the extremes of either side are effectively preventing the progress of society as a whole.

    Back to breastfeeding:
    That is another debate in itself, as to whether breastfeeding should be allowed in public or if accommodations should be made for a separate space.
    I’m of the mind that, for all the healthiness and wholesome goodliness of it, I just really don’t care to look at it.
    It’s healthy for me when my bowels move regularly, but I’m not inclined to take a peek when they do, nor would I wish to expose others to that sight.

  41. PoP– Sorry, I got a little distracted.

    I think most of us grow up wondering what “Love” is, and maybe the majority never figure it out.

    okjimm– I wear a Medium Soap Box, and no pastel colors.


    Kelso– You don’t need to visit the Wingnuts. You have one visiting you in NS.

    – Great poem.

    – I yam what I yam, and I yam not eating a can of Spinach.

    Freida– You’re welcome.

    Scarlet– It is far more than a “Choice,” it, unless you’re a Sociopath, is a life altering experience.

    I know there are a lot of deadbeat fathers, and those assholes should be punished, but we’re not all assholes.

    Well, I’m an asshole, but I’d never desert my Isabella.

    When you’re Empress, you’ll have a servant whose only responsibility will be ale retrieval.

    – Even though you’re Catholic, you’re good people.

    PT– Actually, it depends on from where you got your Engineering degree. If the program is accredited, you are an Engineer.

    For example, at the University of Louisville’s “Speed Engineering School” (One of the best in the nation), their Master’s program is accredited, but their Bachelor program is not (Schools are only allowed to have one of their programs accredited. The University of Kentucky’s Bachelor program is accredited).

    A “Professional Engineer” is equivalent to an LCSW (Licensed Certified Social Worker). If you have a Master’s in Social Worker, you are a Social Worker, but to get your LCSW, you must go through Supervision under someone who is already a LCSW, complete certain courses, and then take a test to be certified.

    The same is true for an Engineer to become a “Professional Engineer.”

    It takes several years.

    okjimm– Scarlet, and I play off one another very well.

    We’re Kindred Spirits.

    – Everything you said points to a much larger issue, and abortion is only a very small piece.

    The Left, and the Right use the abortion to divide and conquer, and as I pointed out, neither side ever presents a solution.

    Illegal vs. Legal is not a solution. It’s a gimmick that reduces the magnitude of our society’s ills to black, and white.

    I think, ultimately, it’s the Left that disturbs me more because they claim to be on the side of women. Yet, as you pointed out, it is mostly poor women who end up getting abortions, but most of the women who come out “Pro-choice,” are middle aged, educated, middle to upper class, white women.

    Latinos/Latinas, blacks, and other racial minorities who are disproportionately poor, tend to be far more conservative when it comes to the abortion issue.

    One could argue, abortion is a tacit form of genocide or at least population control.

    – Liberality grabbed onto the paragraph on abortion, and away we all went.

    It’s good because now I don’t have to write a post about it.

    You need to read Krishnamurti because you’re making assumptions about his teachings, and it’s far too complicated, yet, oh so simple, for me to explain.

    I will say, “Contemplation” is necessary before one can truly “Do” because without it, the majority of our “Doings” are based on the acquisitiveness of our hearts, and minds.

    I don’t know if I’d compare breast feeding to taking a shit.

    Personally, I like a nice nipple, I’m not too keen on hairy asses.

  42. //okjimm- Scarlet, and I play off one another very well.

    We’re Kindred Spirits//

    …and so is a well brewed Porter and nice aged Swiss cheese. 😉

    yes….I am starting to understand. Understanding kinda scares me…… thank goodness for beer.

    // Essentially, abortion is the worst kind of birth control but until we have a nationally mature understanding of human nature we must allow women to choose.//

    Essentially I agree with Susan, too. What really pisses me off is the adamant, no exception ‘Pro-life’ adherents are also some of the most strident anti-welfare folks. And usually are also against programs of sex education in schools. Which I think supports Susan’s point as well.

  43. I apologize ,fairlane, for taking your original post even further off-topic by continuing the abortion discussionbut I’d read this article by Jeremy Smith from Public Eye in connection with a few news articles about the Warren Jeff’s commune that was busted in Texas this past week. Each of the adult males there supposedly have fathered dozens of children. The very idea that these people feel they can make a damn good try at populating the world with good christians would be laughable if if weren’t so heartbreakingly sad.. and wrong.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read what I had to say last night and leaving your own thoughtful comment. Thanks as well to PT – while I’m glad that abortion remains a legal option the problem of access remains the same as fairlane mentioned. Yes, okjimm, that was my point exactly. There are a number of reasonable concerns devolving from sexual activity among people who are still essentially children – pregnancy, depression and disease among them. But in a more egalitarian society (check out some of the northern European customs) kids are much more likely to develope a higher regard for themselves and others. Sex is treated by the society at large as something that will occur among young people but it’s given in a realistic context. ‘Yes, if you want to go and stay with your boyfriend don’t forget to take your birth control and remember you both have a school project due on Monday’. Compare that to, ‘If I find that little sonofabitch I’m gonna fuckin kill him!’

    Anyway, that’s enough from me. Thanks again and see you all around.

  44. Hmpff.. I just had a reply get disappeared. Now I have other things to take care of this afternoon so I won’t attempt a rewrite.
    Thanks fairlane for putting up with the diversion.
    and to PT and okjimm

  45. Did PT really compare breastfeeding to bowel movements? No effing way! I nursed my babies (oh, suck it up, you big effing babies. Ha! A pun!), and you would NEVER have known I was doing it. I was very subtle about it. But, I think that it is discouraging that a society that tolerates hip-hugger jeans and cleavage hanging out would discourage something as natural and healthy to mother and child as nursing. DAMN YOU, AMERICANS!! PT, are you SERIOUS????

  46. Okay, PT. I’d decided to tacitly ignore that comment about breastfeeding but I’m with Scarlet on this. You aren’t serious, are you?

  47. No.
    I though it was ridiculous enough of a statement for that to be obvious.

    But really, I don’t care to be around the breastfeeding, no matter how wonderful it is.
    I’m thinking that there are a lot of wonderful things that should not be shared in public spaces.

  48. Twenty-first Century, meet PT. PT, meet Twenty-first Century. Shake hands. 😉

  49. Dude, have I ever told you how much I love it when you ramble. Fuck what a treat it would be to be a fly on the wall in your room/cubicle/corner of the library where you come up with this flow. Have you ever considered a career in rap music? I regress (h/t to Scarlet). I’ll be back to work soon boss, and I’ll be sure to show up sober.

  50. […] Fairlane goes trolling the wingnuts: […]

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