Jesus Lizard- Wheelchair Epidemic & Scratch Acid- Lay Screaming

Wheelchair Epidemic

Lay Screaming

This goes out to my friends at Hell’s Leading Daily Newspaper. They just hired on our expatriate pal Kelso.

Here’s to Ya-

Let’s make her into a Martyr


~ by fairlane on April 11, 2008.

5 Responses to “Jesus Lizard- Wheelchair Epidemic & Scratch Acid- Lay Screaming”

  1. I have no speakers at this terminal (damn you society that requires me to work) but I DO remember this quite odd fellow who used to work here years ago a few times a week and 90% of the time wore a Jesus Lizard t-shirt. You’re welcome for the pointless anecdote.

  2. I love Jesus Lizard. I have a friend in the band Jazzus Lizard.

    I need to listen to some Scratch Acid… when I am a big enough girl to have YouTube, which means, when I’m off work.

  3. I’m unwilling to listen to anything but the inside of my own head today, so this is a completely gratuitous comment. Just wanted to let you know I’m skulking around waiting for Scarlet to show up.

  4. Fairlane, tell UT how to get her picture to show up. She thinks I’m getting preferential treatment around here. 😉

  5. Hey you guys made me dance! this really is a Super Team.

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