You’re Once, Twice, Three Times a Blogroll (Part II)

As promised, here’s the blogroll of one of our Super Team Members.

In this case, we have the Esteemed Dashiell (Damn Dash, you think you could add a few more Fucking Blogs?)

Feel free to peruse at your Leisure.


~ by fairlane on April 13, 2008.

7 Responses to “You’re Once, Twice, Three Times a Blogroll (Part II)”

  1. My goodness, that’s a mightly long list there. Here’s my question to all you good bloggers: how do make the time to BOTH write great blogs AND visit all your blogospherian friends? I’m jealous, to be honest.

    Although, I’m given some comfort by a new book I’m reading, “Attention Deficit Disorder — The Unfocused Mind in Children and Adults.” I believe this book has answered for me some of the KEY issues of my life. Hopefully there will be an answer at the end … a way to resolve it so to speak.

    Anyway, sorry to babble.

    Keep up the good work all youse guys.

  2. I’ve got some Suzi Riot and PoliTits on there too, I’m sure of it. But maybe Fairlane figured they’ve already got themselves on the right column of this blog.

  3. Dash- I’m trying to only link to blogs not already on our roll.

  4. Heh. The title made me laugh.

    Anita, I have all of the blogs I read in my Google Reader. I find having it all organized and in one place allows me to keep up with most of them.

  5. I actually got dizzy scrolling down that list.

  6. I’m glad to see that one of your readers made it down to the S’s today.

    Whoever you are, I admire your tenacity.

  7. When are you going to list mine, Fairlane ? ( Hey – the file, of course )

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