Scarlet Blue’s Mystery Guest

Can you guess the identity of my mystery guest?

“Me luv you long time.”

Do you think my mystery guest is

A. Osama Bin Laden

B. His sister

C. Chuck Norris

D. The herpes virus at 10,000 X magnification

The winner will take home a lifetime supply of herpes!


~ by Scarlet Blue on April 26, 2008.

24 Responses to “Scarlet Blue’s Mystery Guest”

  1. I’ve seen that scarf at Scarlet’s house. I’m guessing the mystery woman is none other than Ms Scarlet herself. I already have herpes, doesn’t everyone? Isn’t there another prize? Like dandruff, or a pimple in the nose?

  2. I’m guessing it’s our Beloved Leader himself. That scarf becomes you, Emperor.

  3. Well, it’s Susan’s scarf…….I agree with Suzi. It’s OBL’s younger sister Fatima. I hear she has herpes.

  4. Uh………..Ok, I’m gonna sit this one out….

  5. Hmmmmmmmm – it looks like a young, outspoken, irreverent, artistic, kool-aid loving, good dad of a wild man – whatever you do, don’t let him get away with the scarf!

  6. I just have one thing to say…

  7. Come to think of it, that’s no French manicure.

  8. I’m kinda disappointed. I was expecting 11″ hands.

  9. Oh, wow, shit&stuff…..this is more fun that the sunday papers (ana I ran outta papers, hadda use the pipe this morning) or going to church!!!

    Gees, guessing games! Ah, oh wow, doan tell me!!!!

    It’s not Bubba, ’cause I just left his house and he was there and not here……

    nopppers,,,,it’s not Osama. that would be too easy.

    I know!!! I know! It is the God of Lost Punctuation!!!

    no, no ah…..ah…..Ben Sweeney’s second cousin, twice removed and once let back in, George! Ya, that’s him. Lives outside a Chippewa Falls in that beat-up old Airstream…..Shit! I would know those fingers anywheres!

  10. Those fingers do say “Drink up, Bitches.”

    Come to think of it, I did notice an incoming link from the Jonestown wordpress acct. coming from Scarlet’s city. Hmmmm.

    (Did ya’ll know Fairlane was so cute? I knew his mind was, but…, sigh.)

  11. I don’t care who it is, just don’t let him start dancing the 7 veils.



  12. he seems very agressive….. and strangely flamboyant……


  13. Ruth Buzzi?

    Squeeky Fromme?

    Cynthia A-Rod?

  14. What? Are you too busy having emperorated sex to get back to us?

    (I hope so….)

  15. Heh. ‘Emperorated sex.’

    My new name for fairlane is “Emperor Freak Fingers” – it could mean a variety of things.

  16. No herpes for me, thanks.

  17. You think my fingers are long…you should see my tongue.

    Assuming that’s me, of course.

  18. Those fingers are amazing.
    Them being long and narrow,
    the nose doesn’t get stretched out
    like it might have,
    although I can’t say that
    with authority, since the
    nose is (perhaps for a reason)

  19. Cool…internet pimpin!!!!

  20. Jackson Pollack — the scarf is so artistically him

  21. Bush playing Islamic Fundamentalist Peekaboo with Condi.

    Or fairlane playing Bush playing Islamic Fundamentalist Peekaboo with Condi, played by SWB.

  22. It is the daughter of my sister in New Orleans … ok, that will be Bin Ladens daughter in disguise

  23. UT, that is the World Famous World’s Ugliest Scarf

    DCup, you were close!

    G, no way he’s getting away with the scarf.

    Susan, I know you recognized the scarf.

    Anita, I think they shrank in the dryer.

    OKJimm, Ben Sweeney’s cousin wearing MY scarf?

    Freida, was it the fingers or the eyes?

    Tengrain, I am SO stealing that.

    Ghost Dansing, very observant of you. I think you’re right on both counts.

    Christopher, wouldn’t Ruth Buzzi have a hairnet?

    Freida, the Emp is saving himself for you, I think.

    PoP, so don’t send the package?

    Seraphine, sadly, the nose has been eaten away by leprosy.

    DBD, with a headscarf on?

    That’s a good guess, DCAP, but no.

    RG, I’m offended you would think I would play Condi.

    Zee, maybe your sister is Bin Laden in disguise?

  24. I have no clue but they appear to be excited that they are #1.

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