Jeremiah’s Rights

Barry Max

I was going to post about justice.

If you read my last post you know I planned on exposing some of the common practices of a deadly efficient criminal justice system, a growing system that relies on black and brown men. A system that does not give the benefit of the doubt to anyone caught in its web.

Anyone poor or black.

After watching and listening to the Rev Jeremiah Wright in front of the press club I had to stop and take note…it’s not just the justice system.

It is a multi pronged pitchfork that is sharpened by the media, prosecutors and well intentioned supporters of the aforementioned.

You and me.

The peanut gallery sitting on the sidelines in blind support.

After all, they are the experts. And we trust the experts right?

We often minimize or ignore the suffering of Americans who have never enjoyed all the benefits of citizenship. We use specific statistical data to clarify our differences, point out discrepencies and to form opinions; we come to conclusions about ourselves and each other.

We come to expect a type of behavior based on statistics, encompassing a multitude of variables most of us do not even know exist to determine the next logical course of action.

Example: Black family moves next door…logical course of action?

I hope you thought bake a cake and invite them over for dinner.


The press club invited Rev Wright with one purpose…wreck Barack Obama.

He had the opportunity to fully answer the press club’s anonymous queries. Most of them written with divisive language and with manipulative aplomb. I assume they were ‘consensus questions’ pored over and agreed upon by the journalists in the room.

“Rev Wright how do you feel about the division between the Black and white church”?

Without assuming there is even a division Wright eloquently referenced the underground railroad and the role white christians played in bringing many slaves to freedom, He shared the historical role white christians played in formally educating black people when it was considered treasonous.

In fact withouth the rabid support of white christians abolition would have never happened; slavery was good for business in the north and south.

Fisk, Spellman, Morehouse and Howard.According to Wright, white christians made that happen. There is no division, no ongoing dispute. Chances are, I will not catch a beatdown in a white church.

A White Christian Church.

I could easily play to the cheap seats and drop some ‘oneness under God’ stuff. But we all know how quickly Christian sensibilities can be lost in the face of pride, greed, fear or lust; in the face of being human, in the face of reality.

The reality?

Division is what makes our elite class of monarchs so strong. Even the appearance of division works we do not have to actively be in conflict for the perception to take hold.

The assumption of division, so cleverly inserted into the rev Wright question, reminded of my days as a boiler room con er’salesman.


Contrary to popular opinion there are many examples of racial harmony. The assumption that we are divided is false. In many cases a good relationship is ruined by the media rhetoric. A well meaning white person who is worried about these issues starts asking their black colleagues, friends, strangers…the awkwardness takes hold.

“I didn’t know you felt that way”

Division accomplished.

How does a father and son get to be President in the same twenty years?

I understand how monarchy works, I thought we were…

(I am not writing a book today)

A great example of the media’s role would be the common practice of sensationalizing black crime. Last year a kid here, in Utica N.Y., recorded a sex act on his cell phone at school.

This made the evening news.

I know the kid. A typical overgrown, softspoken and apparently oversexed teenager. The young woman involved shared their enthusiasm( I know I am straddling some sort of line here ). In other words there was nothing forced or any type of sexual abuse, it simply made the digital rounds until a teacher caught wind of it.

Before I go any further I want to remind the readers over 35 if we had the same technology in our highschool days we would have a lot less people enjoying the fruits of their own ‘wonder years’. They would be in mom’s basement licking er’ soothing ancient wounds.

So this kid gets plastered all over the paper, evening news and he is essentially a wreck. To him… his life is over. He is an accident nearing completion.

It is sad.

The girl? She enjoys legendary status among the techno-savvy thug crowd.

I will not condone his behavior or even offer an explanation. But I will tell you a white girl got caught sucking dick( yes the suckee was white too) in class, thats right in homeroom and it did not even make the police blotter.

Just ‘kids being kids’ but the black one will have a felony and no diploma the others will quietly continue their rough journey through highschool on to college and into porn.

I do not know why I chose that example I can think of a few more that are way more appropriate. But I forgot I’m goin to Jonestown. Filth factor sells

Heres another one. 18 yr old Darnell Howard recieved six years for spitting on and hitting a cop in Sept 07′. Earlier that same year in March eight Police officers were sent to the hospital; the proud recipients of a St Patrick’s day beatdown. There was a concussion and some broken bones…everyone single one of the perpetrators was aquitted. Not one went to the hospital or jail.

“Hey the guys were a little drunk …things got outta hand… they’re good guys”

I’m not mad at em’ I’m a bit envious. I’m sure if any local cops read this they will be pissed at my beatdown envy but they need to remember.

I didn’t do it.

Save your anger for the ‘good guys’ that administered the beatdown.

Yeah right.

It gets better but I have to hold onto some of this I can’t show all my cards…now can I?

The thing that gets to me is the biased one sided coverage this stuff gets. The favorable and almost apologetic language when the people involved are white. I hear a lot of stuff like ‘unforeseen tragedy’, ‘they have a lot going for them’,’ a bright future’ ‘respect for their privacy’ and ‘time to heal’. When they are black I hear ‘sentencing date’, and ‘alleged alibi’ and ‘supposed defense strategy’.

I have seen an unprecedented( at least i never heard of three mistrials or even two) three mistrials attempts until the guy was finally convicted on hearsay!!!

For the D.A. the third time was the charm.

All the witnesses were totally unreliable and I honestly do not know what I would have done as a prosecutor on that one. It was tough because the guy was up to no good and the prosecution had a very weak case. The D.A. got lucky to get a conviction without that case making some sort of legal journal for bad case management with desired results.

The hapless black defense attorney did not know what hit him. All he could say was “we have heard this testimony three times from this same person and now we are accepting the third version of ‘truth’ she has so graciously shared”. If his client had money or he has a crisis of conscience he could win in a higher court… easily. But I am sure he left Utica with a little less pride in our system and his place in it.

That is why they make the big bucks.

But does it always have to be at our, black peoples, expense. When will the scales of justice weigh everyone’s conscience.


Everyone uses them at pretty much equal rates but only brown and black people got to jail.

If drugs were ever decriminalized they would not have a reason to lock us(black folks) up unless it was illegal to be black…believe it or not it used to be.

Back to Darnell Howard. He gets six years.

Around the time of his sentencing in early APRIL three suburban kids were awaiting sentencing for beating another kid to death with an eightball(not coke you addicts)in a sock. So far one white kid got time served 2/3rd of a year, they claimed it was accidental. There we go with the benefit of the doubt thingy.

My new name for it is the ‘white’ race card.

Now available in black, yellow and brown…

act now you can only use it once.

~ by barrymax on May 1, 2008.

11 Responses to “Jeremiah’s Rights”

  1. Divide and conquer, that’s their mantra. After the Sean Bell verdict came down, there was an AP write up at Yahoo news. He was shot near a ‘seedy strip joint.’ I have no idea if this club was and is ‘seedy’ but I can’t imagine if that had been a white dude, that it would’ve been explained that he had been shot outside a place so seedy. Reinforcement of stereotypes, helping to divide and conquer.

  2. Dave – this is powerful stuff and you are dead on with regards to the double-standard. There is always something breaking out between cops and firemen on St. Paddy’s Day in NYC because they don’t like other. That both groups are mostly white is irrelevant because it always seems to boil down to a boys-will-be-boys mentality. “Ha ha…we’re we just rough housing,” is the typical refrain. Not so for the black community, which you have covered so eloquently.

    As for Randal’s point, I know the area where that club is located and it’s no more seedier than any place where strip clubs are located. It’s in Jamaica, Queens near the major Long Island Railroad hub – Jamaica Station, through which thousands of whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. pass daily. However, it’s not a place whites are found to congregate at the hour of the Bell shooting. This all begs the question of why the cops were there in the first place. It’s because there’s an underlying notion that crime is highest in black neighborhoods, which is likely self-fulfilling; when you flood any neighborhood with a police task force looking for a specific crime, you will see a rise in arrests for those crimes. Around here, there is not one black neighborhood that is immune from police task force scrutiny. We already know that white neighborhoods are not immune to the crimes of prostitution or drug dealing — they just don’t get that extra “special” police attention.

  3. No better example could be offered of media corruption than the Wright story. It was manufactured by the media and then kept alive by the media. The real message is: black man too uppity. That’s all it is.
    During a period of illegal war, eradication of liberty, promotion of torture, looting of the national wealth by corporate pirates, and so many lies and scandals it’s impossible to even keep count, I’m supposed to give a shit about the pastor of a church that one of the candidates attended. An entire city was ruined and the people there–many of them black–abandoned and uprooted (and it’s still going on!) and I’m supposed to care about this story.
    I don’t care. And I sincerely hope that most of the people in this country don’t. The election then can become a demonstration of how revolting, out of touch, implicitly racist, and yes, incredibly elitist our mainstream media is.
    Meanwhile, cops can shoot an unarmed black man fifty times and get off scot free. God damn America.

  4. I’m coming down from a dose of versed, so I may not be very lucid, but I want to thank you for this reminder–as if we need one–of the racism in our “justice system. One more reason for a black Potus. I keep giving Obama’s campaign my lemon money. It doesn’t add up to much, but I’m consistent. I invite you all to join me. Don’t just blog about your support–put your money where your mouth is.

  5. Let’s be honest about Wright, and Obama.

    America ain’t electin’ no Negro. Plain and fucking simple.

    I predicted months ago that the race issue would be his death knell, and sure as shit, here we are.

    What Wright said was absolutely Fucking Truth!

    Anyone with a brain knows it, but “Patriotism” wins the day. Let’s all pretend, instead, this country actually does give a shit about its citizenry, and that the divisiveness is not, in fact, the fault of the people running this asylum, but the fault of a few unruly malcontents who refuse to take their meds.

    Instead, let’s all listen to Hillary’s Faux Outrage over the immorality of Wright’s words. Of course, we are required to suspend reality, and forget she goes home every night to a man who shamelessly humiliated her in an attempt to save himself, and his “Image.”

    Wright’s comments, more than likely, destroyed Obama’s chances. Not just because it feeds into the Wingnut’s desire to inject fear of the “Unknown Brother” into the campaign, but because it also gives many racist “Liberals” an excuse.

    I dislike Obama very much because I think he’s full of shit, but this Wright “Controversy” almost makes me want to support him.

  6. Fairlane: I agree with you absolutely about Wright. I don’t agree with you about Obama’s chances of being elected. If he gets by Clinton, he’s probably a small underdog to McCain. I’m not sure that he can get by Clinton (or Gore), though. I’d say roughly that the break-even price is 5-2 against.

    Given the alternative of McCain, Obama or Clinton are fine but Obama showed me nothing at all in the way he responded this time. The problem is that neither Clinton nor Obama are addressing Barry Max’s valid complaints here. Quite the contrary. They like the criminal justice system just the way it is.

    All I know is that I like my President, Martin Torrijos. The maximum sentence is 15 years. They don’t incarcerate juveniles with adults and non-violent crime rarely results in custodial sentences unless it’s pretty egregious. Moreover, I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Bush kiss his ass looking for a trade deal and then Torrijos tells Bush to get lost.

    That’s more than Clinton, Obama, Pelosi or Reid have ever done to Bush.

    Nothing particularly “historical” about Torrijos. He’s got dark skin but he’s a wealthy, well-educated guy whose views are kind of center-left and his father was president 25 years ago.

  7. Holy shit fairlane…holy shit.

  8. Randal_ That is exactly what i am talking about. The specific use of language. The image and stereotypes must be upheld. It is almost a journalistic tradition. an unwritten one. Strip Club says it all and, from what i was taught adding colorful descriptions like ‘seedy’ was innappropriate. I do it when I write and I expect a lot of stuff to get cut by my editor, but it doesn’t. Tabloid journalism is now the norm.

    Spartacus- You are soo right. In my neck of the woods there is one particular neighborhood that is always under scrutiny. Despite the murders in other municipalities despite the abundance of drugs throughout the area, this particular area that is 50% black is the eyesore of Mohawk Valley. People around here are quick to say it is not about race but it clearly is. A cop got killed last year and the first reaction was “THE BLACKS DID IT”.The cursory investigation was focused on who , black people. our neighborhood was under seige. Single mothers getting their doors kicked in in the middle of the night because some romantic rival took advantage of our law enforcements zeal and used them as a nightstick.
    A black guy didn’t do it.But guess what they plan on erecting a memorial in his honor. now guess where the memorial will be.
    Dash – Right on the head . we are in the midst of the biggest mindfuck known to man. i don’t even trust NPR. They were all over the wright story from the beginning. they have also done a great job of constantly making race the primary issue in this campaign. They can easily rise above the lame conversation and ask some real questions. All journalists can. all editors can. but we have been indoctrinated to ignore the substance. There are so many stories with pertinent info that just can’t be printed. the lie would be exposed and journalist would start getting killed. It happens in other corrupt societies why not here? Sometimes i feel like a cheap product salesman, that is the future of journalism. Journalist will be held in the same regard as lawyers and car salesman.
    Savage- I am glad you support Obama. His rise is a positive for America but it also a bit disturbing. I honestly like the faxt he is black that is wondrful that he can speak in front of a room of white people and not plead for his life…we have come a long way. However that does make him trustworthy. He is an illusion a great idea. Hillary…a nightmare…very real.
    Fairlane- holy shit… it is not over yet. The fact that it seems over with Obama still commanding a significant lead is the result of good work of journalist all over the country. remember when hillary had the audacity to suggest Obama could in fact be her vice president? she was further behind then than she is now. No my friend Obama is not dead yet but our media elite wishes he was.

  9. Kelso- do use a calculator or some high tech mathematical formula

  10. Good post, Barry Max.

    What fairlane said.

  11. What frosts my Brooklyn Jew ass is everytime I hear someone make a clear case about discrimination or the genocide being perpetrated on the black man in America through incarceration for profit as Barry Max has so eloquently done you hear some asshat on Hannity or O’Reilly calling black people victims because they speak truth to power.

    I had to check out to get out of the US but I’m telling you folks the place is not worth a flying fuck these days. The nice shit being worth the hassle curve is getting close to flat line these days. Pretty soon it will be necessary for Big Sammy to make drugs free to his Middle Class white servants les they start rioting because WalMart has empty shelves 1 day a week. When that happens de facto it will be illegal to be black even if de jure it ain’t.

    it’s a silly scenario but we’ve got people down here table topping the next great genocide being that of minorities in the US as the Boomers want their pound of flesh in the 2030s. Whitey is cruel but a return to slavery? But I can hear Mr Charlie now, “Fuck world opinion, I want my Maypo!”

    Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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