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Welcome to Jonestown friends of Scarlet W. Blue


~ by fairlane on May 3, 2008.

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  1. Ok. I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning this, but as long as the subject is egg rolls, ah, blog rolls……articles such as ‘the’ are not considered alphabetically. (it’s already a three beer afternoon) & and my grammar is totally dictated by alcohol consumption….. but ‘The’ Invisible Woman sould be listed under ‘I’ ,not T. etc. etc. The Divine Democrat under ‘D’ really doesn’t matter that much. I just thought I would

    A. Piss you off
    B. Make you grin
    C. Get you to change your Sponge Bob underwear
    D. Wash your feet
    E. Buy me a beer

    E is not likely, C&D are not my problem. A would be regrettable.

    ” Ok, Vanna, how many ‘B’s’ do we have?

  2. If you’re referring to “A Big Doozie,” there’s a reason I had her listed up there, but I can’t remember what it was. She’s special, though, so I don’t make her conform to any rules. But if you look at the blog roll on my site, you can see I follow the rule to which you are referring. There are two examples of this on my actual blogroll, both done correctly. (fairlane publishes an abridged version of the blogrolls.)

    I have noticed a tendency among bloggers to include articles in alphabetizing. My guess is this is because the programs that sort these lists for you automatically don’t take the articles into consideration? So, it’s really easier to just let the software do the work? I know I have to organize mine specifically “by hand” and it’s no fun, especially if you’re retarded like me and have the attention span of a gnat.

    So, this may be another case in which you see technology affecting the conventions of language. Interesting, no? Somebody should do a post on that. Somebody besides me, that is.

  3. I tried to alpha-sort mine, but WordPress vetoed it.



  4. Ahhhh….a good observation! I am so ‘not into computers’. And I am forced to learn more everyday. For years I thought ‘software’ just meant ‘pre-washed’ blue jeans. And, please, I really would like to comment on how articulate I find everyone at Jonestown, your blog yadda, to be. Informative as well. All rather reminiscent of the ‘underground’ press in the late 60’s & 70’s (so I have given away my age) The alphabet thing was just nuance that made it difficult for me to find different blogs.

    //technology affecting the conventions of language// Yes! Well Put! It was a discussion of sorts that I had this morning, coffee, pre-beer, and, while it was agreed that there is a younger generation that has reduced language to a series of acronym utterances….and a guttural spew of trite expressions, there are also a marvelous band of people who have taken the delivery of communication to a level quite equal to man landing on the moon. It’s impact on mass media, I argued, may well be precedent of a death knoll for mass media. Of course it was pointed out that the stupid still crawl amongst us, quite evidenced by “American Idol” and such shit, and the mass media is no more likely to go ‘away’ than a cure for ingrown toenails will be found, nor are either required for civilization to advance, hence we should put our hopes not in individuals who are content to re-invent the wheel, but rather in brave souls who question the need for the wheel as a conveyance for thoughts, hopes, dreams and wishes.

    Aw, shit&stuff, I have surpassed my capabilities to type and drink. Hence I must stop typing.

    Listen, I appreciate the education on software&stuff. Try a ‘Dogfish Head IPA’. Good body and a nice, very nice, hop finish. Great with a pizza.

  5. OKJimm, WHY do you not have a blog??? You really should.

  6. Is my blog not mentioned because fairlane and I have a rivalry thing going, or am I just out of favor? Did I miss something while I was languishing with a hole in my heart? What the fuck? Fairlane do we have to arm wrestle for Scarlet’s affection and attention? At least I’m still in good company since you also did not mention several other fine bloggers. Is it because PT and I got in a knife fight over Scarlet’s short story?

  7. I know he leaves out the ones that are on his blogroll, UT. He only lists ones that aren’t listed here at Jonestown.

  8. Christ, I’m doing this to give props to the other writer’s blogs, and all people do is bitch.

    Okjimm- How about when you get a blog, I list it under “P,” for Passive Aggressive?

  9. Butter-Scotch footed boy. I believe Aggressive-Passive may be more appropriate. Or, as Boy-Bubba describes, “Dad,Old- Homeless-Street-Poet-Old Guy. That leaves D,O,H,S,P, O&
    G available. Pick ’em.

  10. Dear Ms Scarlet Witch….I believe that you have complimented me. Thank you. As it were, though, that as recently as ten months ago I thought that a blog as a castrated canine that needed less frequent walking….I am technologically challenged and am not capable of sustaining a blog and must rely on the indulgence of such kind folks as yourself and Fairlane to tolerate my inane comments. ( Hey&Howdy, great store in my neighborhood, ‘Inanities-R-Us’, love their fucking clearance sales) I gotta split. Broke up with last girl-friend and have date with new friend for gallery opening in an hour. Based on last weekend and that her feet smell like rancid chocolate , I am anticipating a “two-and-done” but ya never know. Kisses&hugs&well-wishes&shit.

  11. I ordered a steamed blogroll once at a Chinese restaurant. It was soft on the outside and crunchy on the inside.. mm mm. Then I noticed all the little legs and antennae sticking out and wasn’t very hungry anymore. The warm beer and good company made up for it though.

  12. fairlane — who’d a thunk listing blogs would open this can of worms?

    and susan — were you hungry for more blogs an hour later

  13. susan- Blogrolls are better with Duck Sauce.

    I don’t know what that means, but that’s what the voices are telling me.

    DCap- Every single time.

    The truth is, blogging is getting old, and my patience/interest is waning. I’m close to wrapping things up.

    Jonestown has almost reached the point of being self-sustaining, and with the Olympics approaching, I’ll be passing along the torch soon.

    By the way, I emailed you about a possibility for the future. When you get the chance, let me know what you think.

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