fairlane’s poetry corner Part XVII

Cocteau Twins

Blue Bell Knoll

Ode to a ban chod

You fuck your sister
it’s true
In fact, no one fucks their sister

quite like you

Ned Beatty’s Colon Exam

That cold, indifferent hand

“You gotta purty mouth, boy”

(Mom said there’d be days like this)

Now, bend over, and squeal

Good Old Kentuck

Here in Kentuck
We don’t have much
Why many of us are even missing our Teeth

We hate Dixie Chicks, and
Elitist “City Pricks”

But dern tootin’ iffin’ we’s don’t luv us sum Toby Keith

For that Jug Butted Fat Ass with Whom I used to Work

I once knew a girl from Nantucket
Her ass was shaped just like a Bucket

I was going to write more
But this poem is a bore

Eh, Fuck It

Ode to a Childhood

Little Miss Muffet sat on a…Tuffet?

What in the Fuck is a Tuffet?

Pondering Cal Thomas

You write about “queers”
Quite a lot I must say

And it does cause one to wonder

For the Memory Impaired

Riddley, Riddley Ree

I see things

No one else can see

For the Children

Somewhere, over my Rainbows
Care Bears fly

An Oldie, but Goodie

Four whores, and seven stints ago…

And So It Goes

Searching for signs among the torn soil, and debris
A funnel of light-Peering through the clouds-
Finds a Sparrow atop a large Cattail
Sharply singing out the all clear

The Earth takes a deep breath
Bubbling the large pools covering
Its skin


A cluster of Lilies stand tall, and stretch out
Their necks

Soon, the valley will fill with song in tribute-
To both the living and dead
Who are
One and all
by the precarious
The Universe has with Itself


~ by fairlane on May 9, 2008.

25 Responses to “fairlane’s poetry corner Part XVII”

  1. This is so raw! The Vonnegut ode is my favorite.

  2. wow! Who are you? Are those pictures on the right, yours? I think I have seen them on Flickr.com, have I not? If I am not mistaken, there are lots of dolls and what not, also? Wow… you are an interesting person!

  3. “by the precarious
    The Universe has with Itself”

    Cool line.

    I’m a limerick fan, too.

  4. Oh, the last one was beautiful, but concerning the rest… when is the children’s book due to come out?

  5. There once was a boy from Kentucky

    Well, I can only think of one thing to rhyme with Kentucky.

    Me love you long time….

  6. fairlane writes poetry? Who says?

  7. if a comment was test
    I flunked
    i would type something else
    eh’ fuck it

  8. If it doesn’t have “Nantucket” in it, it is not a poem.



  9. What the hell are you smoking these days, fairlane?

  10. Sparty- You think this is raw, you should see the ones I kept on the back burner.

    Polisny- The dolls are mine, as are the pictures. In fact, naked Ken is the one typing this comment.

    Empress- I’m not really a big fan of limericks. I’m feeling lazy and disinterested lately.

    But thanks.

    Freida- The children’s book, along with my book of poems, is due in stores March 97, 65047.

    Empress- Lucky, Mucky, Pucky, Schmucky, Plucky, Trucky, Clucky, Hunky, Bunky?

    Utah- Not me.

    DBD- I was going to respond, but eh…

    Ten- Now you’re a man who knows his poetry.

    ME- Honestly?

    I’m bored, bored, and bored.

    I’m either going on hiatus soon, or Jonestown is headed the way of the dinosaur.

    If you forced me to answer right now, I’d say I’m leaning toward the latter.


  12. This is because of the Cal Thomas picture, isn’t it. You’ll reconsider in the morning. That sucker scared the hell out of me, too.

  13. What will it take to convince you to stay?

  14. Clutching the same piece of bracken as the stream of consciousness sluices through the rapids it’s nice to catch enough breath to say, ‘hello’.

    I saw the Cocteau Twins wave and slip away.

  15. no way Fairlane, you are NOT closing this thing down. sheesh. i’m away for a week or two and look what happens! all hell breaks loose and you’re shuttin’ down the barn door. this is very upsetting. seriously.


  16. Nope, not gonna happen.

    Fairlane, you have too many opinions and a great mouth for sayin’ them. You’re not going away.



  17. I appreciate the love. I really do, but I am getting tired. I’m tired of politics, I’m tired of being lectured to by fools, and, to be honest, I should be getting paid for writing, and, more importantly, I want to get paid for writing.

    I’m currently working on another venue.

    Obviously, I wouldn’t delete Jonestown, it took too much work, and I like what we have going here. However, it is possible that I will eventually pass it on to someone else.

  18. //I am getting tired. I’m tired of politics, I’m tired of being lectured by fools…///

    Boy and Howdy…I understand …..

    //Jonestown is headed the way of the dinosaur.//

    No. The mass media, conventional media…our old, worn, trite, traditional forms of delivering news, information and discussion is as dead as the dinosaur. Jonestown is of the new ilk rising from the primordial ooze, birthed by a need that can no longer be satisfied in a conventional manner. You may leave (but I think ya got a Jonestown jones) and the name may change…and the participants may change….but this is the cusp of the New Merica, a new way of creating Union…of inspiring hope…building dreams…holding together.

    I arrived here late. I hope to stay late.

    Be Bored. Be Tired. Take a walk. Take your shoes off. Lemmee git ya a beer.

    Be Back.

  19. You gotta love that OKJimm.

  20. Figured it was about money. Now I don’t believe in nothin’ anymore. I’m going to law school!

  21. It’s not just the money. It’s the sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll.

  22. Who’s getting all the sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll???

  23. Ya, what SWB said….. and why aren’t they sharing more…

  24. hi

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