Give up politics and live happily ever after in Disney Land

Johnny Wingnut

Like most Americans, I’m sick…tired….and just generally fed up with how things have been going lately in this country. More than that, I’m apoplectic over my apparent powerlessness to do anything about it.

First, there’s the federal government. Hopelessly bloated, even for the likes of Barack Obama. There isn’t enough hope in that man’s heart to give the federal government what it so desperately needs: intensive liposuction coupled with stomach stapling. If anything, he plans on continuing the trend of expanding government bureaucracy to invade every nook and cranny of our lives. That is his hope, an elitist ideology from the far left implemented on every level imaginable, and I suspect many liberals don’t even know what he means when he bandies about lofty terms without clarification.

That is the point, however. What a political leader’s rhetoric means is really irrelevant nowadays. Rather, the important thing is that you think you know what that leader means when he/she speaks of “hope” and “change.” Or maybe the libs really are paying attention. After all, the hope of neo-liberals is bigger government and that is really what will be changing: the size of federal government. The thinking seems to be, spend all you want, the American people will make more.

The neocons aren’t faring much better in the government spending department, either. Under Bush Jr. federal spending has ballooned to epic proportions. But McCain will also do his worst should he get elected. At least he acts like he’s got some moral fiber underneath all that gabardine, while Obama has the moral center of peanut…a really sharp dressed, smooth talking, and inspirational, hope filled peanut. Still, there might be worse things than having a high brow legume for president.

There’s the energy crunch driving inflation along with our trade deficit and yes, more big government “bail outs” which are, frankly, a joke. More on that in minute.

There’s the ever shrinking dollar and the loss of our self sufficiency.

To paraphrase, Bernard Goldberg, there’s the fact that on the left are loonies a plenty and on the right are gutless wonders. The former, going after Obama with all the zeal of drunken prom dates who’ve been hijacked to a frat party. The latter resorting to political scalping for the sake of the power grab and selling out the ideals which gave birth to the Republican Party in the first place.

Ironically, I’ve come to hate the party I belong to almost as much as the liberals do. A lot of that angst is because true conservatives aren’t even supported by the party which allegedly spawned conservative ideals. Instead, the party has gone “Topsy” turvy…almost… and is now more neo-liberal than ever when it comes to spending. Maybe that’s why classical conservativism has become anathema to the GOP. When the most classically conservative candidates can’t even get the support of their own party, you know it’s time to call it a day. Many conservatives are doing just that. They’re giving up, disengaging, heading for the hills. They can no longer stomach betrayal at the hands of the once Grand Ol’ Party. Yet, the party can’t seem to figure out where the conservative base has gone…or maybe they just don’t care. The fact is, only the very desperate or the very naive are supporting them now. That explains why they’ve become so “neocon with a dash of squishy moderate” lately. They need that soft squishy center now that classical conservatives have left the party in disgust. This arrangement suits them just fine, as long as they have warm bodies at the ballot box to ensure they stay in power. To quote my long time friend and fellow writer, Danny Johnson, “I press onward…” but only just barely.

There’s the fact that more and more Americans (neocon and liberal/moderate/progressive…uh, whatever the hell they’re calling themselves these days) are embracing the neoliberal concept of messiah. In this case, the chosen one is none other than Uncle Sam himself. Of course, when he manages to hit the nail on his thumb with the next failed government intervention, liberals will be the first in line to throw rocks through the “oral” office windows and purge on the White House lawn, provided there’s a Republican president at home. If not, then I’m sure they’ll find some other “conservative” to blame. Maybe it’ll be a legislator, or a conservative media outlet like Fox News. Maybe it’ll be those hicks in small towns whose bitterness has turned to guns, religion, and popcorn chicken. But the one thing you can count on is that liberals won’t shoulder one bit of blame for the policies they’ve screamed, pleaded, and begged for…policies like universal health care, foreclosure bail outs, corporate farm bail outs, economic (political) stimulus packages, minimum wage increases (another political stimulus package), open borders, free trade, and any other legislation they can dream up to expand social spending, buy votes, line their own pockets, and generally do away with personal responsibility. Neocons will be standing by with the holy water to give their blessing on all this, I’m sure. At least they have so far. Whatever it takes, you know. ‘Cause there’s just not enough love in the world and big government really is the answer.

One more thing, there’s the stupid, idiotic, sophomoronic media which no longer knows the difference between opinion writing and news writing. Just one tier below them we have the even “more stupider,” (for the biblically astute, write that as “foolish”) Kool-Aid drinkers who believe every word merely because it’s in print…or merely because it happens to match the preconceived notions of their neighbor who they get their information from. Mostly, they just toe the party line because they don’t know any better.

As I said in my opener, I’m tired folks. Tired of politics: politics in big government, small government, companies, organizations of every stripe..and dare I say it? Politics in the church. I’m tired of lunacy, tired of foolishness, tired of dishonesty, tired of adults acting like children, tired of a world and a country gone absolutely barking mad. I think if I don’t unplug for a while I may just join them. I’ve had it up to HERE with how the country is run and with foolish young people who’ll vote for anyone who speaks well and promises them the moon. I’ve also had it with liberal Dems and neocon Republicans who are so arrogant, they think they can do whatever they damn well please once they get elected. Guess what? They do, and I’m tired of that too. Mostly, I’m just tired of feeling powerless to do anything about it.

So, I’m taking a long vacation to Disney Land and I don’t know if I’m ever coming back. Don’t call and don’t write; I just want to be left alone so I can live my life in relative peace. Maybe next week if I’m feeling better I’ll write about something soft, fluffy, and inspiring…Naaaaah…that would only give aid and comfort to the enemy.

I think I’ll just give up politics altogether and live happily ever after in the land of Disney. If Al Gore and Bill Clinton can do it, so can I. While I’m there, I’ll do something constructive like invent some kind of eco-nazi crisis to drive the greens into a panic. That way, I can control world leaders and drive up the price of my stock or, perhaps, something less ambitious, like coming up with a new definition for the word “is.”


~ by johnnywingnut on May 11, 2008.

17 Responses to “Give up politics and live happily ever after in Disney Land”

  1. JW

    you make some excellent points. Donald Duck would do a better job

    there are no republican, democrats, liberals, conservatives, neocons, socialists — there are politicians who will do ANYTHING to stay in power. our govt long ago got out of the govt business — and into the social experimentation business. religion is the driving factor in american political life. the major by far. WTF is that? didnt the constitution separate church and state — not anymore.

    both the left and the right have it wrong – underneath all the good words and philosophy to help — is just more power grabs.

    but here i will diverge-
    ut the one thing you can count on is that liberals won’t shoulder one bit of blame for the policies they’ve screamed, pleaded, and begged for…policies like universal health care, foreclosure bail outs, corporate farm bail outs, economic (political) stimulus packages, minimum wage increases (another political stimulus package), open borders, free trade, and any other legislation they can dream up to expand social spending, buy votes, line their own pockets, and generally do away with personal responsibility.

    blame the liberals — they are guilty are all the above (and i dont necessarily think all those things are bad)

    but you also have to blame the republicans and the right — they voted in Medicard D, are pushing CAFTA, gave bailouts of companies like Bear Stearns.

    there is equal guilt to go around.

    and the media — what friggin media — the media is one giant Entertainment Tonite show with the primary goal of hawking crap for americans to buy. Tweety? Hannity? — they are just Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper on a different subject. the media doesnt care a thing about improving and exposing — they just care about more revenue from commercials.

    i am tired of it all too — problem is there arent enough seats on Space Mountain to take in all the tired folks

  2. There was a time when both parties had conservative, moderate, and liberal wings. Now, they’ve both been hijacked by extremists. You talk about the squishy center. Thank god for it, or we’d all be FVCKED.I think I’m still with Ovid on this one. Zeal needs to be tempered. Democracy depends upon the loyal opposition. The problem is we don’t have “opposition” any more but antagonism and outright hatred.

    I agree with DCAP, that they’re all POLITICIANS. They don’t give a rat’s ass about anything but their own power, and I am sick to death of them, too. Hates ’em, precioussssss.

  3. I have said before on this blog that I once defined myself as a moderate. However, I got pushed to the left side of that during the Reagan years. The rise of the Christian fundamentalists in the Republican party really alienated me from that party entirely with their school prayer and their creationism and trying to shove it all down my throat like a big effing grapefruit. No thanks. I know a better place where that grapefruit can go.

    Now I find myself thinking again that the only people who really value freedom are in the center. Clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right, and both have their agendas, and I just want some peace.

    But it’s a good post, JW. I just got hung up in the middle there.

  4. Personal responsibility? What a load! I’ve never met anyone who was personally responsible for jack. Show me a spouter of the mantra personal responsibility, and I’ll show you a scion of aristocracy.

    We’re a freaking herd animal. Everything is about the herd, or haven’ you heard? Mooo!

  5. You forgot this in your quote D.C.:

    “Neocons will be standing by with the holy water to give their blessing on all this, I’m sure. At least they have so far. Whatever it takes, you know. ‘Cause there’s just not enough love in the world and big government really is the answer.”

    scarletblue: I didn’t intend any incivility, but I really am a wingnut, you know, and a passionate one at that. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I am one of those , Zionist, right of center, school prayer, Warren Court be damned, strict constitutional constructionist, nut roots. That means anyone who doesn’t fall into those categories is fair game, even “moderates” like yourself (Sorry). But I do appreciate both the tone and content of your comments. When you write from your heart, you run the risk of coming off like an over nuclear reactor, which isn’t hard to do, since I am one. My wife will readily attest to that fact:)

    As an aside, an interesting statistic from Pew shows that the majority of Americans who classify themselves as moderate (or progressive) are actually liberal in their world view. That’s kind of interesting because the numbers indicate a whole bunch of folks out there are liberal and don’t even know it. You can draw your own conclusions from there on how that scenario will play itself out should those conditions hold.

    Anyway, I’m in a very low place right now with the country in general and politics in particular. There isn’t a party on the planet which represents me. There’s no political entity I can relate to. I’m ready to quit. I’ve been blogging on politics for about four years, now, and I’m pretty much spent. It may be time to quit blogging and start living.

    Jacob K: I have both seen and “heard,” my friend. Approximately 80 percent of the bovine electorate (40 percent from each major party) vote the party line irrespective of the “values” of the candidates themselves. That eighty percent (with the help of the media and political machine) decide the candidates the rest of us get. Then the 20 percent who are actually able to reason beyond the cattle prod decide the outcome of the election. Ironically, the 20 percent group almost never gets the candidate it wants. Instead, they are relegated to tie-breaker status, voting for the candidate they dislike the least.

    This is why I hate politics and have extremely harsh feelings toward the 80 percent.

  6. D.C.: Yes, the establishment clause clearly demonstrates that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

    However, the clause has been pushed to the extreme in that the free exercise of speech has been impinged upon and therein lies the problem. It would appear only secular fundis have a right to express themselves in the culture. Saying “God” at a high school graduation or displaying religious symbols on a courthouse lawn isn’t the same as Congress establishing a law, nor does it recognize freedom of religion. In fact it is the antithesis of freedom of religion.

    Moreover, those with a philosophical theist worldview will, of course, push a political agenda favoring that worldview, just as those who are openly hostile to such a philosophy will openly push theirs in the political arena. There’s no difference here, only a battle of wills between fundamentally opposed views. To pretend otherwise is dangerous. The reality is, no matter what your orientation, we all want our values legislated and we prove that every time we go to the ballot box.

    Anyhoot, the real problem isn’t what Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptists in reassuring them that the federal government wasn’t going to establish a national religion like the Church of England; the problem is how secular fundamentalists have bastardized the First Amendment and how religious fundis have overreacted in their response to that bastardization.

    If voluntary prayer in school, or the Ten Commandments being displayed was a problem for our allegedly atheist, agnostic, and deist forefathers, then why in blazes were these things constitutional for 200 consecutive years before the Warren Court found justification to remove them? This question was asked in a case appealing these decisions where it was clearly established the founders not only didn’t have a problem with religious freedom, but actually participated in various religious activities like prayer, for example, in the aforementioned contexts. The court’s response was that the founding fathers didn’t understand the constitution. Yes…and maybe Pablo Picasso didn’t understand cubism.

    The answer here, to borrow from scarlet, is “moderation.” Reasonable people need to take this thing back from both religious and secular fundis. One wants a government sanctioned theocracy the other wants all religious expression expurgated.

  7. Johnny- The 10 Commandments is most assuredly an “Establishment.”

    The first three commandments-

    1) No other Gods but the “Christian/Jewish” God, but they really mean Christian

    2) Do not say “Goddammit”

    3) Go to church on Sunday (The Christian Sabbath)

    The first three commandments have nothing to do with a “shared or common” morality, nor do they have anything to do with secular laws.

    They are, religious laws.

    Also, back in the day, only white, adult males had rights. Women, children, and all racial minorities were either second class citizens or considered subhuman. What they felt, said, experienced, believed was, irrelevant.

    If a Hindu said, “Hey, I’m not liking the 10 Commandments in front of the court house,” they’d probably get a cap in the ass.

  8. If we have prayer in school, I will insist only upon Catholic prayers because those are cool, esp. the Hail, Mary. I only want to pray to a woman because men never listen, anyway.

  9. Tired.
    //I’m tired of lunacy, tired of foolishness, tired of dishonesty//
    I’m tired, too. I cannot ‘Do’ politics anymore. I am more concerned with Math problems that tire me out.

    If Max needs $150 for a film lab and sister Bug needs an extra $75 for a ceramics lab, how many days does Dad eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch if Skippy is $2.49 for a lb & jar and generic grape jelly can be bought for $1.19?

    I am very tired of that Math.

    I am also tired of Media whose ability to report information and the speed with which they can delivery it has vastly outstripped their ability to discern information from News.

    I am tired with the callousness, disdain and general apathy with which we treat each other.

    And then…..sometimes…if you look, listen, smell…you can find rejuvenation.

    Last winter, after a good snowfall, I came upon a elderly women who hopelessly mired her car in a snowbank. I pulled over and was going to help, but before I could get out of my car, a carfull of teenagers,burly, all bedecked in hip-hop clothing had pulled up behind her, rap music blaring from the speakers. Like a well ordered team they waded into the snowbank, two on each
    side, two on the rear. They had her out in less than two minutes.
    And they stood in the street for about an additional 10 seconds cheering and raising their fists and dancing before they got back in their car and left.

    I was a little less tired.

  10. The Warren Court also struck down the “separate but equal doctrine,” among other things.

  11. scarlet: obviously not every decision they came up with was flaky…thank God, er…uh, I mean Mother Mary:)

    fairlane: You already know what I’m going to say, homey, as we’ve covered this ground before, but I’ll go ahead and respond.

    To repeat, in order for there to be an establishment, Congress must make a law or laws setting up an establishment of religion. A display of the Ten Commandments in a class room, or anywhere else for that matter, doesn’t establish Christianity or Judaism as the state religion. In order for that to happen, laws would have to be enacted, which make Christianity (or Judaism if you prefer) compulsory. That wasn’t the case when the Warren court overstepped both individual rights and state’s rights in their landmark decision. To date no such laws exist. Had that been the case, most of us, including yours truly, would have been hauled off to the clink for skipping church on Sunday (or Saturday if you’re a Jew), working on the Sabbath, putting money, sex, power, material objects, and self first, and for taking God’s name in vain. BTW, most people in general and Christians in particular have no idea what that last command means. But that’s another post, my friend.

    Hope you are well and am looking forward to the potential new project.

  12. I’m a liberal. Far left liberal I should say, Liberal with a capital L. Always have been. I believe the filthy rich should get poorer, and the very poor should get a helping hand. This, I believe is the opposite of what the neo-cons believe. I believe our military should only wade in where exterminations are happening, or where a government like the one formerly called Burma is refusing to help it’s citizens recover from a natural disaster. I think Israel is quite capable of taking care of it’s own self, having “nukular” weapons and all the mighty munitions we have given/sold them for just this purpose. I believe the Palestinians should be compensated for the loss of their homes, lands… Should I go on? Probably not, since I’m pretty sure you think I’m a nut case and whatever I say will fall on deaf ears.

  13. You may go on, Utah. Such a terse comment isn’t enough for me to make the “certifiable” call. I’ll need more information, such as why you believe what you believe. Beyond that, I just think that most of those conclusions are wrong, your mental state not withstanding. Also, if you’ve visited here before, you must know that this is a truly open forum (provided you’re not calling for genocide or some other such nonsense), where you can just be you without having to worry about the petty stuff. So, have at it man. I’ll take your answer off the air. See you.

  14. Tired? I was tired when Reagan got elected. I got a second wind now.
    Can you smell it?
    Apple Pie and Fried Chicken…change.
    A departure from the beaten path.
    True Conservatives? My grandmother is a true conservative , she has more in common with Newt Gingrich than he’ll ever admit. Just like the suburban white kid who embraces Obama’s ‘rhetoric’.
    Isn’t that what it is all about?
    People who are so frustrated that they don’t want to vote finally know how it feels(to be on the outside), drop the pettyness buck up and latch on…to something.
    McCain perhaps?

  15. Johnny- It’s “establishment” by default.

    Displaying them in buildings that are paid for by public money, implies the tax payers, and the state endorse that particular religion.

    It’s a loophole, and you know it.

    There’s no reason to hang the 10 Commandments in a classroom or to display them in front of a court house other than to endorse the Christian religion.

    Do they tell children, “Uh, ignore the first three rules?” Of course not. The implication is, follow these laws, they are “God’s Laws. They are our laws.”

  16. That’s why everybody is/was getting thrown in the flipping hoosgow for violating the first three commandments. It’s those damned establishment implications. (much hand wringing) Oh the inhumanity…(more hand wringing). Ah fuck it!

  17. I’m not sure how to take that comment. Are you being facetious, here or what, corporal? I’m going to assume you’re in my camp on this one and agree that an implication isn’t the same as Congress making a law. Also, if you bothered to read my earlier comments, you’d know that student initiated voluntary prayer and the Ten Commandments (the basis for our civil law in this country) was constitutional for some two centuries before the liberal courts found an implication of their own…in the establishment clause.

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