Die, Die My Darling


~ by fairlane on May 20, 2008.

8 Responses to “Die, Die My Darling”

  1. rocky horror

  2. clearly, you are mad at someone.

  3. So cool! I have not thought about the Misfits for years. I wonder if they ever settled down and started going to PTA meetings.



  4. I must be getting old, I had to turn it down. Okay okay I’m a party pooper. Old fart. Goodnight you guys. christ.

  5. Well hot damnation, that’s another band we both dig. Perhaps the long national nightmare of the punker-metalhead divide is a relic of the past.

  6. What the fuck! I am old and slightly hard of hearing, but still are they saying anything? I keep hoping someone’s going to do a youtube piece about Hillary the vampire bitch who can’t be stopped and even after the inauguration of Barack will still be running against him until somebody puts a stake in her hard little heart. when I first saw this I thought this would be it, but alas I am too old and don’t fucking get it.

  7. fairlane rocks.

  8. Ghost- Ah, the good old days when horror movies had drag queens.

    Glenn would be proud.

    Anita- How’d you guess?

    Ten- That would be interesting.

    Maggie- That’s the problem, you turned it down. It only makes sense at max volume.

    Randal- Let’s not get all Obama with the “Hope, Unity, and Care Bears.”

    It’s a step.

    Utah- There’s nothing really to get, other than he wants his Darling to DIE!

    Anita- Right back at ya’ sister.

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